Title: Gift Giving
By: Paige
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Garcia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Morgan's thoughts during 'What Fresh Hell?' Spoilers for 'Blood Hungry' and 'What Fresh Hell?'.


I'll admit, I WAS jealous when Penelope said that Gideon had sent her flowers. Even though they were actually from Hotch and Gideon sent her an MP3 player, the thought of someone else sending my Goddess nice thank you gifts makes the green eyed monster start sniffing around.

I know that they were thanking her for not killing Gideon but dammit, Penelope is MY girl. I like being the one to surprise my goddess with little gifts like that. Jewelry or a new computer program for her birthday, flowers just because, hell one time, I brought her a kitten because I knew she gets lonely when I'm on the road working.

Gideon saw the look on my face when I found out about the MP3 player and asked me privately if I had a problem with it, I told him no. I know Gideon's not the least bit interested in Penelope and the feeling's mutual, so I don't worry about it. I know who's going to be holding Penelope when we get back to D.C. and it isn't going to be Jason Gideon, it's gonna be me. Though I'm gonna be sure to pick up a big bouquet of flowers on my way home.

The End