Title: Murder in Manhattan
By: Daisyangel
Pairing: JJ/Flack
Fandom: Criminal Minds/CSI: New York
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't claim, no money made here.
Summary: Written for the Smut Challenge group on facebook. This is the crossover challenge. My pairing is Flack and JJ, and my prompt is the BAU is called to help catch a serial killer in Manhattan.


"So how was your weekend?" Garcia asked as she Emily and JJ walked through the bullpen.

"Mine was nice, had a movie marathon and enjoyed some excellent wine," Emily answered.

"How about you, JJ?" Garcia questioned turning to the blonde.

"Mine was nice as well. I talked to Flack and we're making plans to see each other as soon as our schedules allow," the blonde replied with a soft smile.

"You and he are pretty serious, ey?" Morgan teased as he walked up to the three women.

"Maybe a little, we've managed to keep in touch since that case we had last year," she said.

"I hope he treats you well, you deserve it, JJ," Reid told his best friend as he gave her a kind smile.

"Thanks, Spence, that means a lot to me." Just then Rossi and Hotch walked across the catwalk and stopped at the railing.

"Uh oh, looks like that weekend with Flack will have to wait a bit longer," Emily commented glancing at the two bosses.

"My team, round table room, please," Hotch called out. Everyone grabbed their notetaking devices and headed for the conference room.


Manhattan has a serial killer in their midst. The New York Crime Lab is in charge of the investigation, but they are requesting the BAU's help," Hotch explained as he turned on the screen and images began scrolling across it.

"Are those handcuff's?" Morgan questioned.

"Yes they are, all three victims were brutally stabbed then after they were stabbed, they were handcuffed. The M.E's reports indicate they were handcuffed postmortem," JJ interjected after quickly reading the file she'd given to Hotch the day before as a possible case.

"All three victims were found in different parts of Central Park," Reid added.

"The Unsub definitely has a type, blonde, tall women," Rossi commented.

"Any signs of sexual assault?" Emily wondered.

"Yes all three women were raped before they died," Hotch told them.

"No defensive wounds, so they probably didn't fight back," Morgan mused as he looked at the crime scene photos.

"One victim a week in the last three weeks has been taken and killed , and another victim, Lealah Jaksin was taken this morning," Hotch informed the group. "Wheels up in 30," he said turning off the screen and exiting the room. Everyone filed out to get their go bags and prepare for a trip to the Big Apple. Walking out of the room, JJ pulled out her phone and dialed a number.


"Hey Flack it's me, looks like we're coming to Manhattan, see you soon."


A/n, written for the Smut Challenge group crossover challenge. My assigned show was Criminal Minds and my chosen show was CSI NY and my pairing is Flack/JJ and my prompt was the BAU is called to New York to catch a serial killer. Please RSB!