Title: Trapped
By: zombie_girl
Pairing: JJ/Emily
Rating: PG (I guess)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even this laptop.
Any Notes: I apologize if this doesn't work right. I apologize for the lack of creativity on my part (it's really late and my muse is sleep-walking).
Archiving: I guess if you ask...


Stepping into the elevator and pushing the number of her floor, the brunette spun on her heels and faced the hall, seeing one of her fellow agents racing toward her, shouting: "Emily! Hold the door!" she called, and Emily readily slammed her hands on the elevator doors, waiting for JJ to catch up. The blonde panted as she stepped in the elevator.

"Hey, JJ," Emily said calmly, stuffing her hands into her pockets.

"Hey...Emily...Thanks for...Holding the door..." she heaved, holding her hand over her chest, clutching the files on about the new case close. "I can't believe I'm late for a briefing, I give the briefings, why are you late?"

"Just got the memo," Emily laughed as JJ leaned against the wall.

The elevator suddenly lurched and they both struggled to stay still.

"What the hell...?" Emily blurted as JJ was thrown against the other wall, and suddenly, the elevator stopped.

"...Oh my god..." she gasped. "No! We're going to be late!"

Emily held the handled rim and pushed the "Open Door" button. Nothing. "Dammit!" she muttered, banging the "Emergency" button on the elevator. Still nothing happened.

She looked over to a frantic and panicking JJ, her hands crammed on her chest, gripping her shirt. Emily just didn't want JJ to know she was claustrophobic. "Don't worry, JJ...We'll get outta here..." she sat down next to the press liaison, cradling her knees in her arms.

For hours, they sat in silence, with menial conversation between the two, waiting for someone to know they were gone and come look for them.

"This is horrible. I'm probably gonna get fired," JJ muttered at last.

"No, you won't. They'll realize it was the elevator and let it go..." she tried to reason with her friend.

"I have to get out of here," she said, standing shakily and leaning against the closed doors. Another lurch had JJ flying in the opposite direction, suddenly dropping into Emily's lap incredibly awkwardly.

Emily heard JJ utter a squeak as she shifted her position, but not being able to change the pink blush spread across her cute face, shuffling backward and hitting the opposite wall. "Uh...S-sorry, Emily, I..."

"No, it's fine, it was just...An accident," Emily whispered, but she didn't believe that herself. She knew it was always more than friendship she felt for the blonde, but wasn't sure of what the other woman felt of her.

"O-okay. Yeah...Right," she gasped. "You know, Em..."

"Em?" she echoed under her breath.

"I guess, if we don't get out of here too soon..."


"And we do end up trapped for a long time..."


"I mean..."

"JJ, just spit it out. If you're trying to say you would eat me like that last unsub did, then just say it. I won't be offended."

The other woman laughed nervously and scooted closer. "That's not what I was going to say..."

"Oh, 'cause, you know, I would probably..."

Another lurch from the elevator because JJ to lose her balance and fall once again into Emily's arms. Their faces were mere inches from each other; their noses were touching.

"Uh..." JJ gasped, but made no move to leave her position. "Em, I..."

With a creaking sound and a screeching movement, the elevator pulled itself to move to their floor, and the doors opened immediately, exposing the rest of the team.

Garcia gasped when she saw Emily and JJ sitting so close, and her friend exclaimed.

"Whoa! JJ!"

"Um, Agent Prentiss, Agent Jareau?"

"Emily!" Garcia hissed.

"...Garcia!" she growled back, her face flushed as JJ pushed herself up and shuffled to the door.

"What happened? The elevator crashed?" Morgan asked as he helped Emily up from the floor.

"Uh...Uh-huh..." Emily muttered absentmindedly, craning her head in the other direction to see JJ running away.



She looked back to see Garcia smiling serenely at her, and she couldn't help but blush.

"Did it happen?"

"...No. But I think it might." She put an arm around her shoulder and sighed. "Thanks again for pulling that rig. I wouldn't have been able to spend so much time with her without you tripping the elevator reel."

"No prob, sweetheart."