Title: March 31
By: Dr FooFoo
Rating: PG13
Fandom: CSI: Miami/CSI: NY crossover
Pairing: Danny/Ryan
Warnings: none
Notes: One of my nightly Danny/Ryan characterizations. Yep.

Ryan's brushing his teeth in the washroom when he hears the front door close, and he knows it must be Danny, because Aiden left a note saying she was going to be out with Flack all night. Besides, only Danny would make that much noise coming home at one in the morning, and there's the familiar clatter of a crime scene kit being set down on the linoleum floor. The big, clonky footsteps across the kitchen floor help, too.

Ryan smiles and spits out his toothpaste into the sink, then slinks down the hall towards the bedroom. He can hear shuffling from inside the room and he grins mischievously, skulking in to stand behind Danny in the darkness. If Danny notices him, he doesn't show it, except for exhaling a short, quick breath, and mumbling something incoherent.

"Hey..." Ryan says, voice low and somewhat huskier than usual, and he wonders how Danny does this to him. He reaches out a hand to lightly touch the small of Danny's back anyway, through his trenchcoat, and Danny shrugs it off as if on command, tossing it over a nearby chair and turning around to press up against Ryan face-on. He smells... Italian, is the only word Ryan can think of to describe it, and with a hint of chemicals from the lab.

"Mm.." Danny murmurs, and shoves his face into Ryan's neck, nibbling gently. He's mumbling something else, but Ryan's can't quite make out the words, so he settles with shifting slowly from foot to foot and taking off Danny's shirt, one button at a time. His belt comes next, and as Ryan's unzipping Danny's pants, he can feel hands on his own chest, tugging at buttons and clawing at his skin. He shivers and tugs down on Danny's pants, and even has a moment to wonder about exactly when they got so serious.

It doesn't matter, though, because Danny's stepping backwards towards the bed, and Ryan has to work to not trip over his own pants and collapse onto the floor. Luckily, that doesn't happen, and they both make it safely to the bed, but Danny's still half-asleep, and Ryan doesn't know if he's going to make it past the making out stage once they get to the soft squishiness of the bed.

Apparently not, because as soon as the backs of Danny's knees hit the mattress, he flops backwards, Ryan on top of him, and closes his eyes. Ryan smirks a little and nuzzles into his shoulder, but the only response he gets is a hand on his ass and then Danny's out like a light.