Title: All Night Thing
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Greg Sanders/Don Flack
Fandom: CSI: Vegas/CSI: NY
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Set pre-CSI: Vegas when Greg is still living in NYC.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Greg Sanders or Don Flack, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Don couldn't take his eyes off of Greg's face; the young man didn't look at all the way that Don had thought he would look. He'd expected a look of fear, or even a quicksilver flash of pain across those beautiful features, but thee was nothing of the sort.

Of course he wasn't in pain, Don thought, giving himself a mental shake. He had said that this wasn't new to him; he might not have had a man's cock inside him before, but it was fairly obvious that he was used to having two fingers penetrating his body.

How much was he used to? Don thought, pushing his fingers deeper inside the welcoming warmth of Greg's body. That dildo wasn't very thick; if that was all that Greg had taken before, then he would have to be sure to move slowly and carefully, one step at a time.

Greg arched his back again, another soft groan leaving his lips. His eyes were closed, his lips parted, a pink flush in his cheeks; Don thought he'd never seen anyone look so utterly desirable before in his life. He almost wanted to throw caution to the winds and simply take Greg.

What the hell was he thinking? He chastised himself mentally, wishing that the thought had never crossed his mind. Of course he wasn't going to do that; it would hurt Greg, and that was the last thing he wanted to do. He wanted this to be good for both of them.

And it would be. Slowly, carefully, he eased a third finger inside the young man, stilling the movement of his hand when Greg whimpered softly. He could feel those inner muscles tighten around his fingers; maybe he was moving too quickly, doing too much too soon.

"Too much, baby?" he whispered, wondering why he was being so careful with Greg. With anyone else, he probably wouldn't even be here. He wouldn't have wanted to be the first. But Greg was different; there was something about him that made Don feel protective.

Greg shook his head, taking a deep breath. "No, it's okay," he gasped, his hips flexing slightly. "Don't stop, please." His long, slender fingers were already clutching at the sheets; Don was sure that he'd rip them to shreds before the night was over.

"Oh, I won't stop," Don breathed, pushing his fingers further into Greg's body. He was stroking them across the young man's prostate now; Greg's soft moans were gratifying to hear. At least he knew that he was giving pleasure, not pain.

But it was time for things to go further than this; he wanted Greg too badly to keep holding himself back. And the sooner that they got past the momentary pain of a first penetration, the sooner that Greg would feel even more pleasure than he was experiencing now.

A few more gentle strokes of his fingertips across Greg's prostate, and he was sliding his fingers out of the young man and stroking his own cock, wanting to make sure that he could make the penetration as quick and as painless as possible.

He was already kneeling between Greg's spread thighs; slowly, he slid his hands under the young man's bottom, lifting his hips. Greg spread his legs wider, his breath coming faster as he looked up at Don, those incredible dark eyes wide with a mixture of fear and desire.

He'd hardly played with Greg's body, Don thought with a stab of guilt. What kind of lover was he, to only focus on Greg's genitals instead of making love to his entire body? Moving his hands up over the young man's narrow hips, he pulled Greg into his arms, molding that thin body to his own.

Greg gasped softly, his head falling back, his eyes closing. Don let one hand move up his back, the other curving around one firm, rounded ass cheek. Greg had the most incredible body he'd ever seen; he could make love to this gorgeous young man all night.

Bowing his head, he nibbled gently at one small, taut nipple, swirling his tongue around the hardened nub of flesh before moving to the other. Within moments, Greg was squirming and gasping in his arms; Don couldn't help smiling to himself.

He'd somehow known that Greg's nipples would be an extremely sensitive erogenous zone for him; what was it about this young man that made him feel as though they were somehow connected? He'd never been able to read any other lover so easily.

Easing Greg back against the pillows, Don began to work his way down the young man's body with his lips and tongue, though he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold himself back much longer. He wanted Greg too much not to give in and take him.

He wanted to taste Greg, but that would have to wait until later. He needed to be inside that young body, to make Greg his own. And judging from Greg's reactions, he wanted Don as much as Don wanted him. There could be no doubt of that.

Slowly, gently, Don pushed Greg's legs up a little, moving one hand between his thighs and circling one finger around his entrance. Greg was ready; he was sure of it. And he coudln't wait any longer himself. He had to have Greg -- now, if not sooner.

He shifted his position until the head of his cock was pressing against the young man's entrance; Greg whimpered again, the sound soft in the quiet room, and for just a omoment, Don wondered if he was doing this too soon, or if Greg needed more preparation.

No. This was the right time; they were both ready, both needing what he could give them. Closing his eyes and sending up a prayer that he wouldn't hurt Greg any more than was necessary, Don thrust his hips forward, penetrating Greg in one smooth, quick movement.

Greg cried out, his muscles flexing, his body immediately tightening around the intrusion. Don wrapped his arms around the young man's slender waist, pulling Greg against him, murmuring into his ear. "Shhh, baby, it's okay .... it only hurts for a few seconds ...."

Greg's body was unbelievably tight and hot; Don was sure that he'd never been inside anyone who set his own body aflame in the way that Greg did. All he wanted to do was thrust, to take them both to the heights of pleasure as quickly as possible.

But he couldn't do that; it wouldn't be fair to Greg for his first time to be over too quickly. He had to draw this out, to make it last, to be sure that Greg received all the pleasure that it was possible to give him. He had to make sure that this would always be a good memory.

He could feel Greg's muscles starting to relax around him; now was the time to pull out slightly and then thrust back inside that willing body, to move slowly and gently, then to build up to a faster rhythm that would take both of them to the clouds.

Don took a deep breath before he thrust back into Greg; he hoped that he wasn't hurting the young man in any way. He couldn't tell whether he was or not from the expression on Greg's face; he looked as though he was caught somewhere between pain and ecstasy.

He began to build up a steady rhythm, until he was thrusting into Greg slowly and deeply, each of his movements answered by an upward thrust of Greg's hips. Greg was clinging to him, his thin arms wound around Don's neck, gasping with each thrust.

Don knew that he was dangerously close to the edge, but he didn't want to come before Greg did; again, that wouldn't be fair to the young man in his arms. He had to make this first time as good as it could be for Greg, leave him with good memories.

"Come for me, baby," he whispered, hoping that his words would coax Greg to the edge and beyond. "I want to see you come. I want to feel you around me and hear you scream my name." He didn't know where those words came from; it didn't feel as though he was saying them.

But they certainly served their purpose; within a few seconds and another thrust, he could feel Greg's body tightening around him. Greg cried out his name, his body spasming in Don's arms as he came in a warm, sticky rush between their bodies.

Another thrust, then another -- and he was coming, releasing inside Greg, his breathing harsh and loud in his own ears. He had to catch himself on his elbows to keep himself from collapsing onto Greg; gasping, he managed to roll over onto his side without pulling out of the younger man.

Greg's long, slender legs were wrapped around his waist, those thin arms still locked around his neck. He didn't want Greg to let go, strangely enough; usually, he didn't like to stay locked in a lover's embrace, but somehow, this felt different.

Reluctantly, he slowly pulled out of Greg; he didn't want the young man to experience any discomfort, and he knew that staying inside him too long might do that. He could luxuriate in the feel of having that young body wrapped him later; this was only the first time.

"I'm not going to ask if it was good for you, because I know it was," he whispered, raising a hand to stroke Greg's cheek. "I'm just wondering if you might be up for another go in a little while. If you'd rather, I can leave -- but I don't think either one of us really wants that."

"I want you to stay all night," Greg murmured, nuzzling Don's neck. "And I do want to go again -- if you're sure that you're up for it," he added with a mischievous smile. "Do you think you can handle having me twice in one night -- or making an all night thing out of this?"

"Baby, I could handle having you a dozen times every night," Don said, groaning softly as Greg's hands moved down his body. He had no doubt that they would definitely go at it again tonight -- and that they'd be doing the same for untold nights to come in the future.