Title: Beginnings
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don/Adam
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just visiting friends!
Summary: This tells how Don and Adam got together in my world...

Don sat in the dark looking at the street below him. His mind was not on the traffic on the street or the people walking by, but on a certain lab tech named Adam Ross.

In the beginning, Don hadn't paid much attention to Adam when they were first introduced. He was polite and shook Adam's hand, but quickly dismissed him from his thoughts since he was working a case at the time. As time passed however, Don had to consult Adam on certain aspects of various cases he was working, and was amazed at the lab tech's knowledge and skill at obtaining clues from evidence.

When the gang would all meet up for drinks after work, Don found himself watching for Adam. Don was impressed with the fact that as smart as Adam was, he didn't act like he was stuck-up, or better than anybody else. He just acted like a regular guy. A little shy maybe, but he always joined the conversation.

Don did not want to admit it at first, but he found himself thinking of Adam at odd times. Nothing major, just wondering was his new pal was doing. He wasn't bothered at first because he'd had the same thought about other people he knew.

One Saturday after one of his and Danny's basketball games, Don asked Danny what he knew about Adam. Danny told him that Adam was from Arizona, that he held at least two degrees, he was single, and though he seemed like he was a bit shy , he got along well with everybody at the lab. Danny wanted to know why Don was asking, but Don side-stepped the question by saying he was just curious.

After that, Don found himself watching for Adam when he went to the lab to speak with Mac or the CSIs about cases.

One Sunday morning, Don stopped at one of his favorite delis for bagels and juice, and ran into Adam on the sidewalk. He smiled and asked what brought him there. Adam confessed a weakness for the delis' frosted cinnamon doughnuts. When Adam back out with his food, he told Don that he was headed to Strawberry Fields and told him that he was welcome to come if he wanted.

They made their way to the park to Strawberry Fields and set about having their breakfast. While they ate they talked about many things; work, things they did outside work, and other stuff. Don did a lot of the talking but Adam held his own, and soon the guys were talking like they were old friends.

After they fininshed eating, Adam gathered his things and told Don that he needed to be going. Don asked him what his plans were for the day, and Adam said that he had things he needed to do at home. Adam thanked Don for keeping him company and set off for home.

The next day Don headed over to the lab to speak with Stella on a case. Stella was out, and while waiting for her to come back, Don made his way to Adam's lab. When he knocked on the door, Adam looked up with an irritated look on his face. When he saw who was knocking, he broke into a big smile.

They talked for a few minutes until Stella showed up. After Don and Stella left, Adam couldn't help but smile. Don seemed to have a knack for showing up every time Adam thought of him. Adam also noticed that every time he saw the dark-haired detective, his heart beat a little bit faster. Adam had a very good idea why!

Don was sitting in front of the TV watching ice hockey, but his thoughts were on Adam. It seemed that Adam was on his mind a lot, and Don wasn't quite sure why. He knew he was interested in Adam , but he wasn't sure how much. Don soon gave up trying to watch the game and went to take a shower. As he was getting ready for bed, he wondered if Adam was doing the same.

A few days later Don stopped by the lab. He couldn't stop thinking about Adam, and he wanted to ask Adam about having drinks with him after work. Not exactly a date, just a chance to spend time with the lab tech. Don found Adam and told him why he stopped by. Adam said that he would meet him, and suggested a bar that was right around the corner from his apartment building. Don was familiar with the place and they agreed to meet around 7p.m.

Don got to the bar a bit early and picked out a quiet table where he and Adam could talk. When Adam arrived, Don waved to him and he made his way to the table and sat down. During their conversation, the subject of relationships came up. Don asked if Adam was seeing anyone, and Adam said that although he wasn’t seeing anyone at the time, there was someone he had his eye on. Adam then asked Don if he was seeing anyone, and Don stated that he was not. Both Adam and Don filed this information away for future reference.

When it was time to leave, Don offered to walk Adam back to his building. As they made their way down the block, Adam told Don that he had had a really good time, and that maybe they could do it again. Don quickly agreed and told Adam that he would get in touch soon. Adam went inside, and Don walked back to the corner to catch a cab. On the ride home, Don thought about his evening with Adam. Based on what he had learned, he thought he just might have a chance with Adam.

What Don didn’t know was that he had a very good chance with Adam. As Adam got ready for bed, his thoughts were on Don and everything that had taken place so far. He had talked with his therapist about Don, and his feelings for the blue-eyed detective. His therapist advised to let things happen naturally, and not to force the issue, but Adam was ready to move forward.

Wanting to be with Don drove Adam to work harder on the issues he was dealing with in therapy. Adam wanted to be rid of all the old thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that haunted him. He wanted to be able to offer a life to Don that didn’t involve all of the crap from his past. He knew that now he had a reason to be successful in therapy, and he worked diligently and carefully.

A few days later Don came to the lab to speak with Mac regarding a suspect’s confession. He bumped into Adam in the hall and asked if he would meet him for lunch. Adam agreed, and they made plans to meet at the deli just around the corner from the lab. When Adam got back to his lab, he got nervous about meeting Don for lunch. He then told himself that there was nothing to be nervous about. After all, it was Don Flack he was lunching with!

Don arrived late and apologized to Adam. He had been busy after talking with Mac, and then had to re-file some paperwork on an old case. Adam told him that it was okay, and that he understood. Working at the crime lab had taught Adam to expect delays sometimes. When they finished eating, they made their way back to the lab. Before they went inside, Don asked Adam to have dinner with him. Adam agreed and Don told him that he would pick him up around 7:30 that evening.

Right before Adam left the lab for the day, Don called and cancelled their dinner plans. He explained that something had come up in a case and that he didn’t know how long he would be. He told him that he would call him the next day. Adam was very disappointed, but he didn’t let it show.

Don called promptly the next afternoon and asked Adam if they could re-schedule their dinner date. Adam agreed, and Don told him that he would pick him up at the time they had agreed upon the day before, and Adam told him he would be ready. When Don arrived to pick Adam up, he was surprised to find the lab tech waiting for him in the lobby of his apartment building. They caught a cab and made their way to the restaurant.

They had a very nice dinner and decided to walk in Central Park before they went to their respective apartments. They found themselves in Strawberry Fields and Don decided to go for broke.

He confessed to Adam that he had feelings for him, and told Adam that if he wasn’t interested, he would understand. Adam looked Don in the eye and told him that he had feelings for him also. Don was pleasantly surprised at Adam’s confession and told him so. Adam told him that he really shouldn’t be.

Adam went on to explain that he wanted to be with Don, but he felt that they should take it slow because he didn’t want to make some of the same mistakes he had made before. Don agreed with him wholeheartedly because, as he confessed to Adam, he had made mistakes too.

Adam looked away as tears came to his eyes. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Here was someone who thought the way he did, and this man really wanted to be with him. Don asked him what was wrong, and he said that nothing was wrong, in fact, just the opposite. Everything was going better than he expected.

Adam went on to say that he wanted this to work so much, and that he would do everything he could to keep Don from regretting wanting to be with him. Don took Adam in his arms and gave him a slow gentle kiss.

As they stood there in Strawberry Fields, Don and Adam knew after that first kiss that things would never be the same again. Don looked down at Adam and noticed the look of pure joy on the lab tech's face.

They made their way to the entrance of the park and Don hailed a cab. He gave the driver Adam's address and when they arrived, Don asked the cab driver to wait. Don didn't miss the look of disappointment that crossed Adam's face, and explained that they both had a lot to think about, and he told Adam he would call him the next day. Before Don got into the cab, he placed a chaste kiss on Adam's cheek and told him to get some sleep.

When Don got home he showered and got ready for bed. As he lay there waiting for sleep, he ran the night's events thru his mind. He was glad that he had taken the chance on telling Adam how he felt, and was very happy that Adam returned his feelings. Don's thoughts turned to the idea that he had finally found the one he was meant to be with. He wasn't exactly sure how he knew, but it felt so right. He could see he and Adam happy together and the idea pleased him. He knew that he and Adam had a lot to figure out, but he felt confident that they could come to terms with everything.

Meanwhile, Adam lay in bed tossing and turning, thinking of Don and how tonight had ended. He was happy that Don wanted him, but was terrified that somehow he would mess things up. He hated it when his insecurities flared up, but this was major! This was a life-changing event that he wanted more than anything, and he couldn't even string two compete thoughts together.

The next day Don called and asked Adam to lunch. Adam told him that lunch was a good idea, and asked him where he wanted to meet. He was a bit surprised when Don suggested that they meet at "their" table in Strawberry Fields. Adam agreed and Don said he would meet him there.

Adam began to get nervous again at the thought of what was coming, but decided that wanting to be with Don far out-weighed his insecurity. He reminded himself that this was a new beginning.

Don stopped at Clancy's Deli for picnic stuff and made his way to Central Park. After he spoke to Adam, don thought of nothing but Adam. Hearing Adam's voice on the phone had sent shivers down Don's spine, and he longed to hold the lab tech in his arms. He finished unpacking the picnic and looked up to see Adam making his way down the path.

The two men smiled at each other as Adam slid into Don's arms. After the brief embrace and a quick kiss, the two men sat down to begin their meal. As they ate, Don broached the reason for their meeting. Adam sat listening intently to Don as he began to outline their future together. When Don stopped to ask Adam's thoughts on something, Adam began to cry.

Adam hated himself for crying like a baby in front of Don, but he couldn't help it. Everything Don was saying sounded so good, and Adam knew that this was the man he had been looking for, but his insecurities were back. Adam tried to explain that while he really wanted what Don was offering, he was afraid that Don would eventually tire of him because of all of his insecurities.

Don took Adam into his arms and asked for an explanation. Even though Adam was embarrassed, he looked at Don and explained that he had only been in one other relationship, and it had ended badly. He went on to explain that he was afraid that Don would lose patience with him and leave him.

Don looked at Adam and told him that all couples had their ups and downs, and that it was just a part of life. He went on to say that he had faults too, and even though they might argue or disagree, there probably wasn't anything they couldn't they couldn't work through with  a little love and understanding. He went on to say that Adam was so important to him, and that he wanted to show Adam that it was okay to love and be loved.

The last part of what Don told Adam struck home. Adam had never felt loved or wanted in his entire life, and Don was offering those very things to him. Somehow, he knew that Don would make everything alright. He looked up at Don and told him that if he was willing to try, then Adam was too.

Don leaned in and kissed Adam deeply Adam responded in kind, and Don pulled back to ask Adam is he was sure. Adam said he was, and they began to gather their things. Don hailed a cab and gave the driver his address. When they arrived at his apartment, Don stopped outside the door and kissed Adam again.

Once inside, they were soon  too busy to concentrate on anything but the sensations they were giving each other. Don finally got his shirt off and began to fumble with Adam's while trying not to break contact with Adam's incredibly soft lips. They finally broke for air, and wasted no time removing the rest of their clothes. Once they were naked, Don led Adam down the hall to his bedroom.

As they collapsed onto the bed, Adam finally got a chance to take in Don's body fully. He was impressed with Don's furry chest and abs, but what really caught his attention was Don's erection! It was one of the largest Adam had ever seen, and he began to get a bit nervous as he thought of having sex with Don. Don sensed Adam's apprehension and told him that it would be okay. He said that there were other things they could do, and that they could concentrate on those things for now.

Adam relaxed and began enjoying himself again. Don placed many little kisses up and down Adam's chest and belly. He then began to work his way lower, and Adam felt pure bliss when Don took his cock into his mouth. Adam moved around and put himself into the famed "69" position so he could become acquainted with Don's member.

After a couple of false starts, Adam found his rhythm amd Don noticed that Adam sucked cock like a pro. It was unusual to find someone who could do what Adam was doing. Adam panicked when he felt his orgasm building and was very ashamed when he came before Don did. He kept blowing Don, and when Don finished, they collapsed in a tangle of arms and legs.

Don asked Adam if he was alright, and Adam shyly said that he was. Don laughed and told him not to worry about what had happened because he understood. Adam was reileved to hear that because that meant that he didn't make too big of a mistake. Adam asked if he could take a shower. Don showed him where everything was and closed the door to give Adam some privacy.

When Adam finished his shower, he toweled off, and when he went back into Don's bedroom, he got a big surprise.....

Adam stood transfixed at the sight that greeted him when he returned to Don's bedroom after his shower. Candles of every shape and size covered every surface, giving the room a golden, muted glow, and the aroma of spiced incense filled the air. But what had Adam's attention was Don. The blue-eyed detective lay sprawled on the bed, lazily stroking his huge erection, an almost predatory look in his eyes.

Adam's knees went weak immediately and he dropped his towel. He knew there was no way in hell he would be able to hide his obvious arousal so he didn't even bother to try. As he made his way to the bed, Don reached out his hand and pulled him close. The two men began to explore each other hungrily, and Adam couldn't seem to get enough.

Don reached over to the bedside table and got a tube of lube and a condom. Adam realized what was coming, and told Don to let him take care of things. Don lay down and let Adam take control. Adam opened the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. Then he reached behind and began to prepare himself for Don. He unrolled the condom onto Don and straddled him so he could begin his descent.

Pleasure mixed with a most beautiful type of pain coursed through Adam as he impaled himself. Don could feel Adam's tightness wrap around him like a glove, the velvet warmth nearly taking over the edge. The two soon found a rhythm that pleased them, and began to fuck for real. Don held Adam by the hips and began to power-stroke into Adam's ass while Adam held on for the ride. Soon Don Adam that he was getting close, and Adam confirmed that he was, too.

As their climaxes neared, the two men looked deeply into each other eyes. Don came first with a hoarse shout, and Adam followed a spilt second later calling Don's name. They collapsed in a tangled heap, sweaty, tired, yet satisfied. The last thing Adam was aware of was Don whispering in his ear as he drifted off the sleep.

When Don woke up he found himself alone in the bed. He found that strange because he distinctly remembered making love to Adam. Then the smell of food cooking hit him, and he found himself following the smells to the kitchen. He found Adam dressed in a pair of his old sweats and one of his t-shirts, which was too big, leaning on the counter chopping salad greens.

The two looked at each other and smiled. Don walked over and kissed Adam deeply and held him tight. Adam loved the sense of security Don gave him, and he felt the love radiating from Don. THe funny thing was that he'd never felt this way before, but that didn't scare him. He knew he must've done something right, because Don Flack was standing there simply loving him.

After the meal was over, Don told Adam that he wanted to talk. This statement caused fear in Adam because he just knew Don was getting ready to kick him out. He couldn't think of anything he'd done, and braced himself for the worst.

Don explained that he wanted to know how Adam wanted to handle their situation. He wanted to know if Adam wanted to keep things under wraps, or if he wanted his co-workers to know. Don explained that although he had no problems with people knowing about them, he thought it was only fair that Adam have some say in the matter.

Adam gave it some thought, and then told Don that it didn't matter to him who knew. He was happy, and what other people thought didn't matter. Don bent down and kissed Adam lightly. Adam deepened the kiss, and when they broke apart, Don had a slightly silly grin on his face. When Adam asked what Don was grinning about, Don explained that he was smiling because he was happy that Adam was there with him.

When the real world couldn't be held at bay any longer, Adam caught a cab back to his apartment to get some clothes for work and went back to Don's place. Don gave Adam a spare key, and they made arrangement to have things put in storage that Adam didn't want to bring to Don's.

The day Adam went back to work, Don had made coffee, and when Adam went to get a cup, he found a note from Don on the kitchen table.

"Babe, didn't want to wake you, so I left this instead. Just wanted you to know that I'll be thinking of you, and that I love you so much. Have a good day, and I'll see you tonight."    Love, Donnie

Adam sat down at the table with tears in his eyes. He said a silent prayer thanking God for letting him find Don Flack, and for being able to know what it was like to be truly loved and cared for. He knew that he was going to hold onto this with every fiber in his being, and he was going to do his level best to make Don as happy as Don had made him.