Title: Bithc
By: nancy
Pairing: Danny/Mac
Warnings: extreme D/s, non-con, humiliation, urine, rough sex, multi-partners
Rating: AO
Summary: Mac takes Danny as his bitch.

Danny couldn’t believe the words he’d just heard and stared at Mac in shock. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Mac replied calmly, leaning back in his chair.

Of all the outcomes to the shooting and subsequent IA investigation, Danny hadn’t expected this one. Getting taken off the promotion grid was dreaded, but fully expected. Being given shit cases for the next six months, was in the same category. Processing trace for the next year, almost guaranteed. But this...no fucking way. Danny cleared his throat and said weakly, “Ha-ha, Mac, real funny. Um...seriously. Am I off the promotion grid, or what?”

“Permanently, if you don’t drop your pants and bend over my desk within the next sixty seconds.”

A sliver of fear ran through him at the steady gaze that met his own and Danny just gaped at him, unable to say anything at first. “Mac, come on.”

“Forty seconds.”

“But, you’re not even, even gay!”

“Thirty seconds.”

Danny knew that expression as well as the back of his hand. It was stone-cold and meant that Mac was dead serious about whatever he was talking about. In this case, Danny basically becoming his bitch. Upping the pleading, Danny exclaimed, “Mac, I’m not that way! I, I don’t know what made you think...but I’m not! I can’t, can’t do that!”

“Fifteen seconds.”

Was his career worth his ass? Was bending over for Mac less of a trial than being fired and on every cop’s shit list for the rest of his life?

“Time’s up. Get out of my office and clean out your locker,” Mac ordered, turning his attention to his computer.

Danny didn’t move, rooted to the spot.

Cold blue eyes switched back to him as Mac questioned, “Should I call building security and have you removed?”

“Mac, please,” Danny whispered.

Dismissive, Mac informed him, “You have one option to stay, Messer, and being clothed from the waist down isn’t part of it.”

“I’ll go to IA, tell them all about this, it’s harassment!” Danny exclaimed, desperate.

Mac laughed and again leaned back in his chair, clearly amused by the suggestion. “Go ahead. I’d love to see who they’d believe.”

Danny’s world crumbled at that. Mac had always been the one he’d looked up to, the one he’d wanted to be like, and now to find out what lurked beneath the surface... “I can’t, Mac.”

“My name is Detective Taylor,” Mac stated coldly. “And I’m calling security to have you removed.”

It wasn’t until he watched the other man dial the number, one that they all had memorized, and heard Mac say, “This is Detective Taylor,” that Danny acted. His hands reached jerkily for his belt, unbuckling it as he walked forward to get Mac’s attention.

A single eyebrow lifted as Mac took in the button being undone and then the zipper going down. A faint smile surfaced as he finished, “I was calling to check on those reports that Gallagher said he’d have for me today. Really? No, that’s no problem. Tomorrow’s fine. Thanks.”

Thankful that the office blinds were pulled, even though he now knew why, Danny let his pants drop to the floor and waited anxiously as Mac watched him.

“Boxers too, Messer.”

Shaking slightly, Danny pushed them down as well, hands instinctively moving forward to hide himself from the sharp gaze. He’d never felt more vulnerable in his entire life, and that included when he’d gotten the snot kicked out of him from the Tanglewood boys on finding out that Danny had meant what he said and wasn’t going to join the gang.

Mac stood and walked over him, the hunter in him fully evident as he moved gracefully to close the distance. “Hands to your side.”

Danny twitched slightly, but did as he was ordered.

Gazing down at him, Mac’s lip curled slightly as he said, “Adequate, but barely. I hope you’re a grower, Messer, or there’ve been a lot more disappointed ladies in your past than you let on.”

Danny felt himself shrink in more ways than one at the cold assessment.

“Not that it matters, since you won’t be using that any time soon,” Mac informed him.

He was pushed forward and Danny stumbled, tripping on his own pants to land hard over the desk. Fighting against the need to push himself back up, Danny just stayed put, waiting to see what Mac did next.

“Spread your legs, Messer.”

Not sure whether to be grateful that Mac kept calling him by his last name or not, Danny did as he was told once more and shifted his legs apart.

“Something I’ve noticed about you, is just how quick you’ve always been to obey me,” Mac continued in that insanely smooth tone of voice. “You make a good show with everyone else, but all I have to do is ignore you, or look disappointed, and you put your tail between your legs and slink away. Or you work twice as hard to get back in my good graces. I’m sick of it. Sick of your needy behavior. Sick of you following me around like a damn puppy. I’m sick of covering for you and pretending that you’re actually good at your job, when you’re a hack.”

Each word cut deeper than Danny could ever have believed and he gasped in an effort to keep the tears from spilling forth.

Fingers twisted painfully in his hair and Mac yanked his head back and hissed, “I figure that since you act like a bitch, I might as well make you one. You brought this on yourself, Messer, you just remember that.”

The painful slap to his ass took Danny completely by surprise and he yelped.

Mac huffed in dark amusement. “You even sound like a bitch. So tell me, Messer. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...”

Shaking his head in denial, Danny protested, “No, Mac, it’s not, I’m not like that, I’m not!”

Rough hands squeezed at his ass and Mac countered, “But you are, Messer, you just didn’t know it until now. What kind of man would let himself be used like this? What kind of man would drop their pants and bend over for someone else just to keep his job? None that I know. Flack would’ve knocked me out cold and Hawkes probably would’ve spit in my face and walked away. Hell. Aiden would’ve used the nearest scalpel to rearrange my anatomy. Not you, though. Tell me what that says about you. Tell yourself.”

Danny’s breath hitched as the words slid into his mind and slithered down deep. There was another slap and he bit his lip rather than cry out again.

“As to you not being gay? I’m sure you’re not,” Mac continued easily. He leaned forward and finished hotly against Danny’s ear, “That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it, because you will. Trust me on that.”

Shaking his head earned him another slap, harder this time, and Danny bit his lip again.

Mac pressed against his ass and a hefty erection pushing along Danny’s crack, even through two lengths of fabric, as the other man hissed, “You don’t ever deny me again, Messer. Not in word, or deed, or I make sure that you can’t get work in law enforcement anywhere. And don’t think that I can’t do it, either.”

Danny believed him and whimpered in a mix of fear and dread as Mac ground his hard-on against his ass. Unexpectedly, Mac pulled back and Danny breathed easier for a few seconds...until he heard the zipper being undone behind him. It brought home the reality of the situation and he panicked, pushing up to get away. Mac shoved him down hard enough that his forehead smacked into the desk. He was too dazed to fight when cuffs snapped around his wrists, stretching him over the desk and locking him in place. Something smooth and round was forced into his mouth and he gagged a few times before getting himself under control, breathing shallowly through his nose.

“Getting rid of that gag reflex is going to be a lot of fun,” Mac observed in something like evil anticipation. “I’ll have to bring in help for that, since repetition is the key to making something a habit. I know that Hawkes is hung good and having him fuck your throat would be just the thing. Of course, I’d have to figure out if he would be up for that sort of thing, but I think he would be. I damn sure know that Flack is, especially if you’re the bitch in question who needs training.”

Wanting to shake his head again, Danny didn’t dare, not sure what it would earn him.

“But right now, it’s time to get down to business.”

The words didn’t really make sense to him until something cold dribbled down his ass, over his hole and he jerked in shock. Before he could get used to it, one of Mac’s fingers pushed slowly inside him. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t real comfortable either, and the mere fact that it was happening was enough to send Danny’s mind skittering in another direction.

Mac didn’t do anything but leave the finger there for a long moment, and then said, “So you weren’t lying when you said you hadn’t done this before. With you, it’s hard to tell these days, you’ve gotten so good at lying. Not to me, but still.”

There was a slow, twisting motion in first one direction, and then back the other way. It wasn’t the in-out movement that he’d been expecting and Danny slowly let out a breath, glad that he’d remembered to take his antihistamine at lunch.

“I told you, Danny, you’re going to enjoy this,” Mac said quietly.

Again, Danny wanted to shake his head. He wanted to scream that he didn’t want any part of this, and that there was no fucking way he would enjoy it, no matter what Mac did. He wasn’t gay and he didn’t even have any leanings that way.

“Did you know that I’ve seen you looking at Flack when you weren’t even aware that you were doing so?”

Danny was startled by the observation and tried to look at Mac over his shoulder, but the angle was too awkward. So instead, he faced forward again and made a questioning noise, hoping that Mac would get the picture.

Mac chuckled, his finger continuing to move, and confirmed, “I did. It’s one of those looks people get when they’re wondering how the other person is in bed. I’ve seen you looking at me like that, too, which is what gave me the idea in the first place. After thirty-two years, you finally gave yourself permission to wonder what it would be like to get fucked, even if only subconsciously. Isn’t that right, Messer?”

Damned if I do, Danny thought in despair, knowing that he had to nod unless he wanted something bad to happen. So he did and tried to ignore the way Mac’s finger started to piston in and out of him. More lube drizzled along his ass and Danny gasped when a second finger pushed in beside the first. The original see-saw movement started up again and Danny swallowed at the uncomfortable feeling.

“I knew you’d take to this like a duck to water,” Mac murmured, fingers twisting around. “I can’t wait to be buried inside you.”

Danny shuddered at the thought, but not in pleasure. He’d caught sight of Mac a few times and even soft, the man was more than respectably endowed. Then he froze, realizing what he’d just thought. Horrified, Danny wondered if what Mac had been saying all along wasn’t true after all. But he shook his head at himself, careful to show as little outward sign of his distress as possible, and thought, No fucking way! I don’t do guys, don’t want guys to do me, I’m only into women!

“What’s the matter, Danny? Enjoying this a little more than you expected? Honest answer now, not what you think I want to hear.”

Which was probably a trap, but Danny shook his head anyhow.

“Is that so? Well. I’ll have to fix that, then.”

The in-out movement began with both fingers and Mac quirked the longer finger up, sending a bolt of pleasure through Danny. He jerked in response and moaned when it was repeated again and again, making his head swim with a need that he’d never, ever fucking felt before in his whole God damned life. And then it stopped and he panted harshly through his nose, stomach tight, ass tight around the fingers in it, and energy still sizzling through him.

“There. That’s better.”

Mac’s voice was both warm and mocking, sending a different kind of shiver through him because it wasn’t the Mac he’d thought he’d known. All this time, he’d caught sight of the darkness in the other man, but never truly thought about what form of expression Mac used to excise it. Now he knew and he couldn’t help the fear that hit him. This was a man who could break him in two, a man with military training and control, and a mind that was astonishingly brilliant. The combination was unbeatable and, forced to confront himself in the midst of the darkness, attractive.

“Now that looks like a pleasant thought, whatever it was,” Mac murmured, a third finger pushing slowly inside Danny.

Danny turned his head so that he couldn’t see anything, so that the desk was the only thing in front of his eyes and he’d go cross-eyed trying to look at it.

Bending over him, Mac startled him by licking along his throat, just up under his ear to tickle the shell of his earlobe. “Did I mention that you’re going to enjoy this?”

A shudder ran through him at the hot reiteration and Danny couldn’t pretend that it was all dread and fear this time. His cock, trapped by the desk, had responded to the manipulation of his prostate and did so even more as one of his hot spots was ruthlessly exploited by Mac’s mouth.

The fingers withdrew and the tip of the tube pushed against his ass, lube squeezed directly inside him, warning him as to what had to be next. He couldn’t help struggling when he felt the head of Mac’s cock at his hole, fighting to get free of the cuffs that held him far too securely in place. Between that and Mac’s body weight and leverage, he wasn’t going anywhere. Danny could only cry out in pain as the thick cock breached his ass in one fast, hard push. He collapsed weakly against the desk when the deed was done, breath hitching in useless sobs as he was raped by the one man he’d trusted.

Mac groaned in pleasure when he came to a full stop inside Danny, and then stayed where he was, as if to savor the violation since it would only happen once. Virginity didn’t grow back, after all. Nuzzling at Danny’s throat, Mac groaned and said, “So tight, Danny, you feel so good. Gonna make you feel just as good, I swear, you’re going to beg me to fuck you.”

The tears that leaked from Danny’s tightly shut eyes said otherwise, but since Mac couldn’t see that, he didn’t worry about being punished for ‘denying’ the other man. A hand reached down and closed around his limp dick, the pain and anguish having completely softened Danny.

Mmm...soft, just like a woman, Danny,” Mac whispered against his ear. “Just like a bitch. My bitch, and you’re going to know exactly who owns you, even if you can only wear my collar where people can’t see it.”

Danny had just wrapped his mind around the word collar, when Mac started moving, completely distracting him from the concept. It hurt bad enough that Danny bit down on the gag, moaning with the pain as he was taken in a way he’d never thought to be taken. Even with the lube and preparation, it hurt and Danny struggled to get control of himself. Somewhere, Mac was still inside the man fucking him, because if he wasn’t, there wouldn’t’ve been any lube or prep. Mac wouldn’t be trying so hard to make him want it.

Mac thrust hard, but slow, fucking him with that infamous Marine control firmly in place. As much as Danny prayed that the whole thing would be over fast, he knew it wouldn’t. Mac would draw this out until he’d gotten whatever it was that he wanted, aside from the obvious. The other man was anything but obvious, and Danny knew there was more to this than just his ass.

Strong fingers gripped his ass, alternating between massaging the cheeks in a sure motion and then just holding them. Mac continued to lick and suck at the hollow of Danny’s throat, the one spot designed to get him hard. And then he saw stars when Mac rubbed over his prostate on a particularly deep thrust.

“That’s it, that’s it, Danny, take it, take my cock,” Mac urged, soft and low. “Feels good, doesn’t it? You’re getting hard for me, I can feel it. I knew you’d want this, knew you’d be eager to take it once I got you bent over for me.”

Danny moaned in despair and need as Mac continued to pound into him, scraping over that spot and causing him to jerk in pleasure, it was too much for him to deny to anyone, least of all himself, that he didn’t want it anymore. His body thrummed tight and hard, his legs shifting further apart to give Mac more room to work, to go deeper. He thumped his head against the desk a few times, hating himself for giving in, but unable not to.

Mac’s hand pushed unexpectedly between his head and the unforgiving metal of the desk. “Don’t, Danny, it’s okay. It’s just your nature, to be someone’s bitch, even if you didn’t know. But I’m here now, and I know you, I know all of you, Danny, and I’m going to make sure you get exactly what you need, even when you don’t know you need it.”

The fucking sped up a little as Mac’s hand stroked Danny’s cock, milking the precome in a fierce, twisting movement that stole what little breath Danny had left. He moaned, slumping against the desk completely, his strength gone as his body tightened ever closer to orgasm, unable to fight any more.

“Yes, Danny! That’s it!” Mac exclaimed in triumph, driving into him harder and faster, balls slapping against Danny’s ass.

Orgasm ripped through him without warning and he jerked violently in Mac’s grip, biting hard into the gag, ass clamping down on the cock that continued to drill ever-deeper into him. There were a few more, almost savage, thrusts as Mac humped into him before coming. Through the haze of his own release, Danny silently wailed his surrender and grief, feeling the wet heat coat him from the inside. Mac was in him, all the way to his gut it felt like, and Danny was helpless to do anything about it.

A traitorous thought whispered... you don’t want to do anything about it...as Danny felt the last of his grip on his stolen masculinity slip and fall away. He cried then, silent tears that felt torn from deep inside.

Mac undulated lazily within him, his breathing slowing from harsh panting back to normal. It seemed forever that the semi-softened cock remained within him, but at last the other man pulled carefully free and Mac ordered, “Don’t move.”

Where am I going to go? Danny wondered silently, wrists aching from where he’d pulled too hard on the cuffs.

He flinched when something cool and firm, coated with a cold cream of some sort, pushed into his ass, not as big as Mac, but big enough, whatever it was. When the thing came to a stop at a flattish base, he squirmed on realizing that it was a plug.

“Much better,” Mac observed with satisfaction. “Now my come will stay where it belongs and you’ll be nicely reminded of me even when I’m not there.”

Danny started when a warm, damp cloth cleaned between his ass and again when a soft kiss was pressed against the dimple above his ass. It was something of a surprise, the after-care that Mac bestowed on him. The cuffs were removed next, but Danny didn’t move, unsure of what would happen next. Lastly was the gag, which Danny had to forcibly relax his mouth to release, his teeth having dug into the rubber at some point.

“You did a number on this,” Mac observed, sounding just exactly like normal. “We’ll have to get you another one. Come on, Danny, stand up for me.”

Danny grimaced as he pushed off the desk onto his feet. His ass throbbed hot and painful, and a bruise was beginning to form along his abs where the metal had cut into him. Unable to meet Mac’s gaze, Danny stared at the floor.

Mac cupped the back of his neck and drew him in close, kissing him for the first time. For a few seconds, Danny didn’t respond, the feel of another man’s mouth on his alien and unwelcome. Mac’s hand tightened on his neck, though, and his lips opened, letting in Mac’s tongue. Closing his eyes so as not to go cross-eyed, Danny was surprised to find himself melting slowly into the sure, knowing kiss and exploring tongue. If he didn’t think about how it had happened, he could believe the kiss meant that Mac cared about him, which caused him to sigh and open further to the hungry, dominating kiss.

When it finally ended, he felt dazed and sluggish and had absolutely no resistance to being pulled into Mac’s embrace. He just leaned completely on the other man, head resting on Mac’s shoulder while his...what? Lover? Boss? Owner? Friend wasn’t on the list any more, Danny knew that without being told. Whatever Mac was, he rubbed a hand up and down the length of Danny’s spine and he couldn’t help but sigh in contentment at the comforting caress.

“As much as I’m enjoying this, you need to get dressed and go home,” Mac said at last.

Which was when Danny noticed that Mac had already done up his own pants and put his clothes to rights, while Danny was still naked from the waist down. He flushed in embarrassment and pulled free, bending down to grab his boxers and pants, pulling them up into place. The plug felt abnormal and rubbed against his prostate, causing him to gasp in shamed pleasure as he zipped up. By the time he was done, Mac was again seated behind his desk and staring at him with those unreadable blue eyes.

“Here are the rules,” Mac began. His voice brooked no dispute as he continued with, “You belong to me. You have no rights, except the ones I give you. If I tell you to drop trou and bend over in Times Square, you do so without hesitation. If you disobey me in any fashion, I guarantee that you won’t like the punishment. Don’t ever forget your place, which is my bitch, and things will go just fine. This is my security code and extra keys. Go home, which is now my apartment, strip and wait for me in the bedroom, kneeling beside the bed. Don’t take a shower, don’t remove the plug, just kneel and wait.”

Danny flushed hotly in mingled shame, embarrassment, and anticipation, accepting the keys and paper Mac slid across the desk. He headed for the door only to pause there when Mac called his name, and turn back around.

“If I don’t find you waiting for me when I get home, I will hunt you down like the bitch you are and you will never see the light of day again,” Mac informed him flatly. “I don’t let go of what’s mine. Ever.”

Nodding nervously, believing Mac’s words without any trouble, Danny hurried from the office only to run smack into Stella a short ways down the hall.

She laughed and released him once they could both stand without falling. “Easy there, tiger. Uh oh. I know that look. Mac ream you a new one over the IA results?”

Danny flushed, coughing a little as the plug felt even larger inside him and he muttered, “Something like that.”

“Well, you go on home and take a long, hot shower. Clear your head,” she ordered, smiling kindly. “I’m sure Mac will get over it.”

“Yeah, sure he will. Night, Stella,” Danny agreed, inwardly cringing at the thought of just how Mac would get over it.

He walked slowly down the hall to the elevators and, on impulse, looked back at Mac’s office while he waited. Mac stood there in the doorway, chatting with Stella as though the last forty minutes had never happened. But then his head canted slightly and, even from that distance, Danny absolutely knew it was a warning. He flushed again and turned quickly to get into the elevator. The last thing he wanted was to tick off Mac.

Mind whirling from everything that had happened, Danny stepped into the coolness of a New York night and flagged down a cab. He looked at the slip of paper in his hand that, fortunately, also contained an exact address since Danny only knew that Mac lived somewhere in Manhattan. It occurred to him then, that Mac had been planning this. He’d had everything ready for just the right moment to spring the trap. He’d had the keys made, the security code and address already written up and waiting, he’d even had the extra cuffs ready to go at a moment’s notice.

A chill ran through him that had nothing to do with the breeze that ruffled his hair as he wondered just how long Mac had been waiting to do this to him. A cab pulled up, abruptly interrupting his thoughts, and Danny climbed inside, groaning faintly as the plug pushed even deeper into him and nudged his prostate in a wicked way. No way was he going to disobey, no matter what that made him. He wasn’t going to test Mac’s promise to hunt him down, not a chance. He would do what he was told.

Which, he supposed, made him Mac’s bitch more than the fucking had.

Danny woke sore and sated, a strange combination for him. He’d done as he was told, waiting on his knees by the bed for the other man to get home. He hadn’t dared to do anything else, and being left alone with his thoughts had been worse than anything else so far. The second fucking had been hard and fast with no thought for Danny’s pleasure or need. Mac had gotten off using Danny as a convenient hole and then simply plugged him up and ordered him to sleep on the floor.

Which was partly why he was so sore; sleeping on a single blanket on the floor wasn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep. Twisting his back popped some of the vertebrae and he sighed in relief. He looked over at the bathroom and wondered if he was allowed to take a piss on waking up. Mac hadn’t said he couldn’t, but he hadn’t said he could and Danny didn’t want to tick him off first thing by doing something wrong.

“Get your ass up here,” Mac ordered through a yawn.

Startled, Danny didn’t wait to be told twice and scrambled up on the bed.

Stretching and yawning, Mac shifted until he was propped comfortably on the pillows and then said, “Ever give someone a blowjob?”

Danny’s eyes widened and he shook his head.

“Well, you’re going to now,” Mac informed him, pushing down the blankets. “Suck me off and swallow every drop.”

“Can I relieve myself first?” Danny asked hesitantly.

That evil grin from the day before appeared and Mac denied, “No. Get down there and get me off, bitch.”

Danny flushed, but settled himself on his stomach, looking at the semi-hard cock that rested on Mac’s thigh. He picked it up gingerly with his hand and scooted closer, not having a clue what to do with it.

“Take it in your mouth and suck on it,” Mac ordered, not unkindly. “It’s not that complicated.”

Closing his eyes, as if that would help, Danny took the shaft into his mouth and grimaced at the salt and come taste to it. Mac hadn’t cleaned off either time, so far as he could tell, but there was no help for that. He sucked awkwardly on the bell-end and slid his tongue down the side and around the shaft.

Mac sighed and murmured, “That’s a good, bitch. Go a little further down, get me wet.”

Danny did as he was told, going down on the ever-hardening shaft until his gag reflex kicked in and he had to pull back. But he had a range of motion now, and peeking through his lashes showed that Mac was definitely enjoying what he was doing. Danny wasn’t, but that didn’t really matter, so he concentrated on getting it over with as soon as possible. To that end, he hesitantly gripped the part of Mac’s cock that his mouth couldn’t cover and started jacking it. Maybe he could get Mac off faster that way.

Mac jerked at the extra stimulation, his cock pushing further than Danny could take, which started him coughing. He pulled off the shaft altogether to get himself under control, then gave Mac a fearful look.

“My fault,” Mac apologized. “Give it another try.”

Danny cleared his throat and went back to his former position, taking the cock more readily this time. It was so strange, the mix of old-Mac and new-Mac. It would just take time to figure out which was which and what set off the change. Relegating that mental discussion for another time, Danny concentrated on the dick in his mouth and started sucking on it again, using his hand to stroke the base and his tongue to lap at the tip. It wasn’t long before Mac groaned and precome started dribbling into Danny’s mouth. He swallowed, as ordered, and did his best not to grimace when he did.

Sinking deeper into the pillows, Mac’s feet pulled up so that his legs cradled Danny to either side. Unfortunately, this gave him the leverage to start thrusting into Danny’s mouth on his own, not waiting for Danny to go down on him. It was shallow, thankfully, so Danny didn’t think about it. At least not until Mac’s hand landed on his head, fingers lacing through his hair. Danny paused, but there was no move to push him down, and so continued the rhythm he’d gotten into.

The smell of Mac, his sweat and semen, the sheer masculinity as Danny blew him, all of it imprinted on his brain the longer it went on. As did the texture and thickness of the shaft on which he sucked. His jaw ached and he drooled an embarrassing amount, but all he really felt was a combination of pleasure at the needy, breathless moans that escaped Mac and discomfort as his bladder wanted to explode from a build-up of urine. He squirmed a little, trying not to move in such as way that would aggravate his problem, but wasn’t very successful.

And then, without warning, both of Mac’s hands gripped his head and shoved him all the way down on the cock. He jerked away automatically, but had no leverage to pull free. Mac, on the other hand, pinned him with a leg over the shoulder and the hands twisted in his hair, forcing him to take everything. His throat accepted the violation with a pained protest, the soft tissue pushed aside as Mac arched up and thrust rapidly before coming. Unable to breathe past the flesh lodged in his throat, tears streaked down Danny’s throat as he was held down.

His vision started to gray out and still Mac didn’t let him go. It wasn’t until he sagged against Mac, until he relaxed completely on the other man, that he was pulled off the slowly softening shaft. As his vision cleared and his senses returned, a burning humiliation also spread through him.

Mac chuckled and patted his head almost affectionately as he rolled nimbly to his feet. “Gone and messed the bed, huh? Not surprised. Most bitches can’t hold it when they get excited. Change the bed and then join me in the bathroom.”

It took Danny a few moments to collect his shattered emotions and climb out of bed. He stared at the damning stain of piss on the bedspread for a long time before moving to change the linen and assess the damage to the mattress.

*  *  *  *

Being with Mac was a series of firsts and, like most of them, Danny did not enjoy getting an enema. He’d damn sure balked at getting his balls shaved, but when Mac had questioned if he’d rather have them waxed, he’d given in without another word. A different plug was put in when he’d finished with his shower and cleaned off, this one smaller than the first for whatever reason. By the time they left the bathroom, Danny was a little startled that he didn’t look as different as he felt.

He was dressed in sinfully tight jeans that had him positive that those who knew what to look for, would see the plug planted firmly in his ass. The shirt was a tight t-shirt and he wore sandals that somehow made even his feet seem slutty, though he wasn’t sure how.

Following Mac out of the apartment, the other man dressed casually and in such a way so as to not draw attention to himself, Danny didn’t bother asking where they were going, even though he wanted to. They caught a cab, which had Danny’s face burning because the driver gave him a knowing, disgusted look, confirming his though that he looked like a boy-toy getting fucked on a regular basis.

Mac put his arm around Danny’s shoulder and leaned in to tell him softly, “It doesn’t matter what anyone but me thinks of you, Danny, and this pleases me, seeing you like this. You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

Danny nodded, still unable to banish the flush.

The cab dropped them off in front of a nondescript building with a single door in front and a simple wooden sign that read: Necessities. Danny stood behind Mac as the other man pressed the buzzer and looked into a security lens. The door opened only a few seconds later and Mac caught the handle before the lock could re-engage.

“Mr. Taylor! How wonderful to see you again!”

Danny looked towards the voice to find a slight, petite woman with soft blond curls striding their way. He almost groaned in embarrassment and shifted to hide partially behind Mac when she stopped in front of him. She was elegantly dressed and looked every bit the conservative type, which made his clothes seem all the more ridiculous and trashy.

“Catherine, I’m surprised to see you working,” Mac greeted warmly, shaking her hand.

“Oh I know, but I do like to get my hands dirty now and again. Must be that Puritan work ethic that won’t let me just cash checks and enjoy my life,” she replied, smiling. “And who is this? New toy?”

Mac moved sideways and snapped his fingers before deliberately pointing at the floor while looking into Danny’s eyes. There was no way that Danny could disobey, but heat burned his face as he dropped to his knees.

“How lovely,” she purred. “May I pet him?”

“Of course,” Mac agreed.

Danny stiffened when a delicate hand stroked over his hair and conversation started up like he wasn’t even there.

“I’m hoping you’ve got all of the basics in stock. This happened a little sooner than I anticipated, so I need just about everything.”

“Of course, of course. Come, let’s get him fitted for a collar, and then you can look through the kennels while it’s being made up.”

Shock ran through him at the words that were spoken over his head. Collar? Kennel? He jerked away from the hand that rested on his hair and scrambled for the door.

“Danny! Get back here, damn it!”

Mac caught him just as his hand reached the doorknob, an arm locking into place around his neck. Struggling for all he was worth, Danny managed to push them both into a bookshelf. He had just broken free when a small, booted foot landed squarely in his gut and sent him flying into the wall. As he was gasping for air, something metal latched around his throat, digging in and cutting further into his air supple.

It pulled him forward and he gasped and choked, instinctively crawling in the direction he was meant to go. When the tugging stopped, he collapsed to the floor, groaning in pain and pulling feebly at the thing around his neck. There was a little bit of give, now that there wasn’t any pressure, but not a lot, and it definitely wouldn’t come off.

“That should do it,” Catherine stated firmly.

“I’m sorry, Catherine, I thought I had the bitch trained better than that,” Mac said in a hard voice. “You can be sure I’ll punish her when I get home.”

Danny cowered on the floor, curled up in a ball and not wanting to see the cold expression on the other man’s face.

“It’s no trouble at all. We deal with unruly beasts here all the time, as you know. Let’s not let it ruin your shopping excursion.”

“No, of course not. But I will be buying that choke chain and leash from you, instead of the collar. It’s very effective.”


Danny whimpered and curled up tighter.

*  *  *  *

The choke chain and leash did, indeed, stay on. There were stranger sights in NYC, so Danny knew he didn’t stick out all that much, even though he felt like he did. The leash was wrapped firmly around Mac’s hand as he walked from the store, to the cab, to the apartment. Danny’s feet dragged a little, but not enough to invoke actual use of the choke chain; he definitely didn’t want a repeat of that little performance.

Mac brought him into the living room and ordered, “Strip.”

Danny stripped as fast as he could.


Danny knelt.

“You don’t move from that spot until I say so,” Mac ordered.

The cold look in his eyes was more than enough to make Danny nod emphatically.

Mac set the bag of whatever it was he’d bought at the store onto the coffee table, and then headed for the door just as the buzzer sounded. He didn’t dare even move an inch to look when he heard other men bringing in something large and unwieldy.

“Nice bitch. Can anyone have a go?”

Danny froze as he waited for Mac’s response, fear locking him into place as he silently willed Mac to say no.

“Not today,” Mac answered.

Relief surged through Danny and he sagged a little.

“Let me know if you put her on the block,” the unknown man said. “Here’s my card.”

Mac agreed, “I’ll give you a call,” and the door closed, leaving them alone again.

Danny didn’t move as Mac first rifled through the bag and then came closer. He kept his eyes on the floor and waited, wary, as Mac circled him silently. He’d heard the promise in Mac’s voice about loaning him out and couldn’t decide if it terrified him or aroused him or both.

“This was partly my fault,” Mac began, stopping right beside Danny. “I misjudged your acceptance of your new life and you reacted. I’m going to punish you because you disobeyed, but it won’t be as hard as if you’d defied me without care for the consequence. Hands and knees.”

Danny hurried to obey, turning over.

Mac pulled the plug from his ass but, before Danny could breathe a sigh of relief, something new replaced it. It was thicker than the plug, but not as thick as Mac, and harder, like solid plastic instead of silicone. He jumped in shock when it started vibrating, but a hand on his back calmed him. That hand slid down to his cock and began stroking it, milking it in firm, hard strokes. Mac’s other hand fucked the vibrator in and out of his hole.

It was impossible not to respond to that kind of stimulation and only minutes later that he was hard and moaning, pushing back on the thick plastic in his ass. The vibrator stopped moving, but it took a few seconds to realize that and Danny stopped his own movements with a flush of embarrassment.

“Such a slut,” Mac observed, sounding almost affectionate.

Something clicked around the base of his cock, snug but not too tight, and Danny groaned as he figured out that it was a cockring.

“That’s part of your punishment.”

Danny sighed and nodded.

“Come with me.”

Danny crawled after Mac, over to the couch, and he was tugged over the other man’s lap. He’d barely gotten into place, his cock trapped firmly between Mac’s thighs, when something sliced across his ass. He yelped in pain, struggling to get away, but Mac held him easily in place.

A ruler was brought into his line of sight and Mac told him, “This is the rest of your punishment. I was going to use a newspaper, but it won’t give me the kind of welt that I want to see. It’ll fade too quickly and you won’t remember that any disobedience will be punished accordingly. If you’d pulled that little stunt even after knowing what we were there for, I’d be using a whip, so be grateful.”

Whimpering, Danny nodded and gripped the sofa cushion as the ruler disappeared again. The next ten minutes were filled with such a fiery pain over his entire ass and upper thighs that Danny thought he would go insane from it. Even as a kid, he’d never gotten a spanking, so this was an entirely new sensation. He cried and begged, pleading to be let go, but Mac was relentless. When it finally stopped, he was sobbing unashamedly and unable to even get any words out.

“That’s it, that’s my good bitch,” Mac murmured, rubbing his hand over Danny’s back. “You did very well, taking your punishment like that. Come on, now, let’s get you settled for the night.”

Not even thinking, Danny slid to his knees and crawled after Mac into the bedroom. He quailed at the sight of a large kennel placed beside the bed, plushy pillow and water bowl inside.

Mac asked, “Do you have to relieve yourself?”

Even though he didn’t, Danny saw the lock on the mesh door and knew he’d better try. He nodded pitifully and got a nod in return. Permission received, he crawled to the bathroom and took a piss. He twisted around and saw that his ass and thighs were just as scalding hot red as they felt and groaned at the thought of how long it would take for the welts to go down. There were so many that they blended together. He sighed and washed his hands, then splashed some water on his face to clear his head a little before dropping back down on his knees and crawling out of the bathroom.

“Next time, leave the door open,” Mac ordered.

Danny nodded obediently and reluctantly climbed into the kennel. It was about five feet across and deep, and four feet tall, which meant he could sit upright without any trouble, and sleep curled in a fairly comfortable ball, just like a dog. The cushion was softer than he’d expected, and there was a largish pillow to rest his head on, which was a nice surprise as well. The door closed, startling him, and Danny looked out the mesh as Mac locked everything in place.

A pleased smile finally surfaced on Mac’s face as he contemplated the sight of Danny in the kennel. He nodded in satisfaction and commented, “Yes. That is exactly where you belong. Once I think you deserve it, I’ll let you sleep at the foot of my bed, but you have to earn that, understood, bitch?”

Danny nodded, forlorn, and sighed as he did his best to get comfortable for the night.

Two weeks later and Danny could barely remember what life had been like before becoming Mac’s bitch. He woke each morning to the sound of Mac opening the kennel door, crawled out of it and stretched, working out the kinks of sleeping in such a fashion. It wasn’t really uncomfortable, just not what he was used to and it was taking some time for his body to adjust. That taken care of, he would climb onto the bed and suck Mac’s cock until he came, or until he decided that he wanted to fuck Danny’s ass instead. Usually it was just a blowjob in the morning, though, the fucking was saved for when they got home at night and Mac could take his time.

Shower was next, and he’d learned quickly to wash Mac in the shower, and once that was done, he suffered through being fitted with whatever plug Mac was in the mood to put in him. If it was a Wednesday, he was given an enema, which had him squirming both times. Mac seemed to get off on watching him filled with the water and solution, seeing him fidget on the toilet seat, trying to keep everything inside and then flushing heavily during the release. It was embarrassing and a relief when he could let go...in so many different ways.

Breakfast was invariably a hurried affair and they were at the office at least a half-hour early every day, to Danny’s chagrin. He’d gone from sleeping as late as humanly possible, to living on military time and rising with the sun.

In the office itself, Danny worked pretty much the same way he always had. Mac assigned him to work most cases with him, but every so often, he and Aiden, or he and Stella, would work one together. Flack was his usual butterfly self, going to whichever case he damn well pleased, which irked Danny just as much as it always had. He knew, of course, that it didn’t work that way, but the other man had always seemed so...blasé...about working a case with Mac. It had to be a front, but Danny couldn’t find a chink in it.

Yo Danny, you got that trace done yet?”

“Speak of the devil,” Danny muttered, pencil breaking on the paper because he used too much force.

Flack’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Something wrong?”

Danny shook his head and answered, “Course not. What could be wrong? And yeah, I got your trace done. Hang on.”

He moved from the microscope he was working at to a couple of feet down, where he’d put the reports the database had spit out.

“You okay, Messer? You seem kinda out of it these days,” Flack observed.

Hating the knowing tone, feeling like the cop could see ‘bitch’ tattooed right on the back of his head, Danny shoved the papers at him and snapped, “I’m fine. Mind your God damned business.”


Danny flinched at Mac’s hard tone and instinctively folded his arms over his chest, turning a defensive look on the other man. “What?”

Mac eyed him for a second, then ordered coldly, “My office. Now.”

It was suddenly very hard to swallow and Danny’s eyes skittered to the floor as he high-tailed it passed Mac into the hall. He was sure the spanking was only bypassed because of the public setting. Reaching Mac’s office in record time, Danny hesitated about being kneeling when Mac got there. If he did and someone else walked in, they would wonder what the hell was going on. He settled for standing in front of the desk, like some kid in trouble at the principal’s office, which wasn’t all that far from the truth.

Though he was willing to bet he his ass would be a helluva lot more sore by the time his punishment was done.

The office door opened and closed a few minutes later and Danny swallowed nervously when Mac came up behind him and slapped him painfully on the ass. He didn’t dare move a muscle when the other man leaned in and hissed, “What you do, reflects on me. Flack works with us and you are to treat him with respect. If I ever catch you mouthing off like that to anyone who works here, and I mean anyone, I will bind you up six ways from Sunday and leave you hanging for a week!”

“I’m sorry, Master,” Danny whispered.

“Did I tell you to talk?”

Danny stayed silent.

“Since the punishment should fit the crime, I’m giving you to Flack to do with whatever he deems appropriate.”

A sick feeling settled in the pit of Danny’s stomach and he looked up at Mac, pleading silently for a reprieve.

“You can forget it,” Mac said shortly. He gripped Danny between the legs from behind and continued menacingly, “This body belongs to me and if I feel like loaning you out to the entire NYPD, you’ll bend over the nearest table and take every cock, in any hole, until I say otherwise.”

Danny ached to drop to his knees, to kiss Mac’s shoes, anything to show how sorry he was and stop Mac from giving him to Flack.

Mac transferred his grip to Danny’s chin and informed him, “It’s about time you learned that for real. Go home and wait in your kennel. You don’t deserve to work here after how you just behaved.”

Shaking a little, Danny turned and left the office, his eyes glued to the floor.

*  *  *  *

Several hours later, Danny was reduced to holding his cock in a futile attempt to not piss in his kennel. Mac had come home briefly to make sure he was there, naked, and locked in. If there was an emergency, like a fire, he could actually undo the lock on his own with a little switch. Needing to take a piss definitely didn’t qualify as an emergency, though, so he was stuck. He was stuck there until Mac came back and said he could pee. If Mac said he could pee.

Please let him let me pee, please, please, please! Danny silently pleaded.

He moaned with the urgency, feeling his bladder about to explode, and a little leaked out. Gritting his teeth didn’t help, unfortunately. Once that little bit escaped, the rest came whether he wanted it to, or not. Quickly shifting to face the corner, he had no choice but to let the rest go, breathing a sigh of relief when the pressure was gone.

The relief was short-lived, though, and he groaned in disgust at the resulting mess. Kneeling up, he moved as far away as possible and hugged his knees to his chest as he whimpered in distress. The door opened unexpectedly on him and he fell out backwards, looking up at Mac from the floor.

There was a strange, satisfied expression in place as Mac repeated, “I said it before, but I still don’t think you get the message. Your body belongs to me, right down to when you piss. Clean that up and wash off. I should make you lie in it to reinforce the lesson, but I might want to fuck you later. I haven’t decided if you deserve it yet, though.”

Scrambling to his knees, Danny finally got the chance to kiss Mac’s feet and was so happy that they were bare so he could do it. He could press his lips right on the toes and the slope of the top, going from one to the other until Mac ordered sternly, “That’s enough, bitch. Clean everything up and then come into the living room.”

Danny nodded obediently and turned to take care of the kennel. The cushion was soaked on one side, so he had to put it in the washer, which meant he might be sleeping on the hard plastic that night if it didn’t dry in time. Mac was real strict about bedtime when they weren’t working a case. Fortunately, his pillow had survived intact, so that would help a little. When he was done, Danny hurried to the bathroom and washed off, making sure he was clean.

He was about to dart out and sit at Mac’s feet in the living room when he stopped short, biting his lip. Grimacing to himself, Danny picked up the shaving cream and razor and proceeded to carefully shave himself all over; chest, balls, legs, and what he could reach of his ass, although thankfully there was never much there. Came in handy being a blond sometimes, despite the jokes. He knew it pleased Mac when he was smooth and he definitely wanted to please Mac. Not because he’d screwed up and was looking to change his Master’s mind; well, not just because.

I really want to make him happy, Danny thought in a combination of horrified amazement. If he wants me to bend over for Flack, that’s what I’m gonna do. Well shit.

He stood there for a few seconds, getting a grip on himself and taking in the realization, and then ran a damp cloth over his skin to make sure he wasn’t sticky. Taking a breath, Danny looked at himself in the mirror and wondered briefly who the man staring back at him was, then went to his knees and crawled out to the living room. Kneeling on the floor in front of Mac, Danny waited anxiously to be noticed, but didn’t try to get his attention.

It was a few minutes before the television was turned off and Mac ordered, “Stand up.”

Danny hurriedly obeyed, meeting Mac’s gaze hopefully.

Mac’s mouth curved into a faint smile as he stood to walk over to Danny. He slid a finger down the center of Danny’s chest, murmuring, “I was wondering what took you so long. That’s the kind of initiative that gets rewarded, bitch.”

Danny smiled in relief.

“But not tonight,” Mac said firmly. “Tonight you’ll be punished for what you did at work, and then tomorrow, Flack gets you.”

Swallowing heavily, Danny nodded and opened his mouth, only to close it again.

“Go ahead. You can speak.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” Danny whispered. “I didn’t mean to do it, I was just...upset.”

Mac tugged him over to the sofa and then pulled Danny onto his lap. It was a little awkward at first, but they finally settled with Danny draped partially over Mac, with his ass on the cushion, and his head resting on Mac’s shoulder. “What upset you?”

Danny sighed and answered, “Flack did.”


“He’s always so...flippant about working with you.”

“So you were disrespectful to him, because he’s disrespectful to me?”

Danny nodded miserably.

Unexpectedly, Mac began to laugh. It was a warm, affectionate laugh, and he bit playfully at Danny’s shoulder as he said, “I don’t need, or want, for you to defend my honor, Danny, but thank you. It doesn’t excuse your actions, but at least now I understand it.”

“So, am I forgiven?” Danny asked hopefully.

Mac’s arms tightened around him and he said, “You’ll have a spanking and no dinner, but that’s all. This time. If you ever do that again...”

“I won’t!” Danny promised fervently.

With a nod, Mac praised, “Good girl. Come on. Into the bedroom and bend over the bed so we can get this over with.”

Danny scrambled off Mac’s lap and dropped to his knees, crawling to the bedroom as quickly as he could, hoping it wouldn’t be the ruler because that thing really hurt like a bastard. It had taken a good three days for the welts to fade away last time. Standing at the bed, he bent over it and waited for the punishment to start. Mac didn’t go anywhere to get anything else, he just came right up behind Danny and swatted him hard on the ass with his bare hand. Danny grunted in surprise. Mac hadn’t used his hands on him like this before, just the ruler. He’d gotten the occasional swat in passing, but not a real spanking, as it were.

“Fifteen altogether,” Mac informed him before continuing.

The slaps were evenly distributed and delivered with the exact same force each time. When Mac was done, Danny’s ass was warm, but not really hurting. And then Mac went right from punishment to reward, at least in Danny’s head, because he started nuzzling at Danny’s throat while his hand rubbed gentle circles over the heat of his ass. Shivering in reaction, Danny knew he was going to get fucked and it was going to be good. There was a fifty-fifty chance whenever Mac took him that the other man just wanted to get off and would leave him hanging and in mild pain at the end, but not this time, he could tell.

This time, Mac kissed his way down Danny’s spine, his hands continuously massaging his ass, squeezing and kneading the cheeks. Danny hissed in surprise when Mac’s tongue slid up his crack and then licked around the rim of his hole. A needy and embarrassed moan escaped him when Mac’s tongue pushed inside, licking him from the inside out. No woman had ever done anything like that to him before, and he couldn’t help spreading his legs and pushing back for more. The deeper Mac’s tongue went, the more urgent Danny felt, until he was resting completely on the mattress for support, his legs gone out from under him in response to the stimulation. When Mac pulled out, Danny whined in disappointment and craned his neck to look back to the other man.

Mac was flushed, eyes dark and narrowed as he stared down at Danny and quickly unzipped his pants, shoving them and his briefs down. His cock was full and hard, but he didn’t push immediately inside, instead covering Danny with his body and rubbing against him, cock sliding between Danny’s legs and against the back of his balls. “You want this, Danny? You want me to fill you up and make you come so hard you pass out?”

Nodding rapidly, Danny arched up, pushing his ass against Mac as provocatively as he knew how. The times Mac had been in the mood to make him come had been incredible and he definitely wanted to repeat the experience.

“Beg me, bitch,” Mac murmured in his ear. “Beg me and I’ll give you so much pleasure you can’t stand it.”

Groaning at the hot words, Danny at first couldn’t make his tongue work. All he could concentrate on was the heavy weight of the man on him and the cock that rubbed so close to where he wanted it to go. Finally connecting brain to mouth, he gasped, “Please, please fuck me, please make me come, need it so bad, Master, need to have you in me, please fuck me!”

He got his wish a few seconds later when Mac’s cock pushed inside him, stretching him in lieu of fingers, which almost never happened anyhow. Mac went maddeningly slow, millimeter by millimeter, until Danny was ready to scream in frustration, hands twisted in the bedspread.

Finally seated against Danny’s ass, Mac nuzzled at his neck again and asked, “Feel good, little one?”

Danny would have laughed at the nick-name, especially since he was only a couple inches shorter than Mac, if that, but he didn’t want to ruin the fragile balance now between them. Instead he nodded and answered, “So good, Master, so damn good, please, don’t stop?”

“I won’t,” Mac promised softly before starting to move.

Groaning in need as the fucking began in earnest, it felt like his entire focus was on the cock owning his ass. The rough glide of flesh into flesh, the slight slickness of precome helping the depth of penetration, the thrusts smooth and even, with just a little extra force at the deepest point. It was only a short time before Mac hit the ‘happy button,’ as Danny called it, and he cried out in pleasure.

“That’s it, bitch, you take my cock so good, such a good bitch, little one, feel so tight and perfect,” Mac praised, the words deep, each one almost a groan.

Danny’s head swam with the praise and the building pressure in his own cock, the need to come making itself known with a vengeance. He’d never been told he couldn’t come without permission, but then, he only got to come about half the time anyhow, so he warned, “Gonna come, Master, so close, so fuckin’ close!”

Mac ordered hoarsely, “Do it, come for me, bitch,” and savagely bit his shoulder.

Howling at the unexpected pain, which immediately sparked his orgasm, Danny jerked and shuddered against the bed, spilling copiously. The teeth stayed buried in his shoulder as Mac came seconds later, grinding down into him and filling him with seed as their bodies remained glued together. Panting, Danny lay on the bed, utterly wrecked and unable to move. He vaguely felt Mac licking at the bite mark and the sting was such to let him know skin had been broken, but he absolutely couldn’t find it in himself to care.

Mac manhandled him carefully onto the bed, never letting their bodies separate. Danny sighed in contentment when the blankets were pulled up and tucked around him, and then strong arms wrapped around his waist, holding him from behind. The cock lodged in his ass throbbed slowly as it deflated, the pulse a soothing rhythm that sent him gently into sleep.

*  *  *  *

Waking in Mac’s bed for the first time confused the hell out of Danny. He was held possessively in the other man’s arms, their legs tangled together, but his ass was empty, the cock having slipped from his body while they slept. And why that made him a little cranky, Danny tried not to think about.

Instead, he slowly and carefully shifted around so that he faced Mac, watching the other man sleep. His mouth was slack with a little bit of drool at the corner, and he looked...peaceful...something Danny couldn’t ever remember seeing on Mac’s face before. He knew, instinctively, that he’d been the one to put that look on Mac’s face. That before all this, Mac had been alone and probably very lonely, without anyone in his life since his wife.

Just like me, Danny mused silently. Only I never had a wife to have memories of.

There’d been girlfriends over the years, of course, but no one close enough to even think about marrying. No one to take home to his parents or introduce to his family. No one to keep the cold winter nights at bay for more than a few weeks at a time. That was all changed now, irrevocably, and Danny knew it. Despite the humiliation that was so hard to accept, Danny was happier than he could remember being in a long time. He not only belonged with someone, he belonged to someone, and that was even better than a normal life.

Stockholm much? Danny thought to himself with a wry grin. He knew that that was how it would appear to anyone else who observed his and Mac’s relationship. Maybe there was a little of that in the whole thing, but if Mac hadn’t forced him to realize all this...need...buried so deep inside him, Danny would still be alone and miserable. He snorted to himself and thought, Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like everything he does to me from here on out.

Mac sighed and shifted in his sleep, signaling that he was close to waking up, and Danny crept slowly down the man’s body. He pressed feather-light kisses to the sleep-warmed skin as he went, stopping when he came to the lax cock resting against Mac’s thigh. Blowjobs were still not his favorite thing in the world, maybe they never would be, but he was getting pretty good at them, if Mac’s responses were anything to go by.

And besides, he thought with a mental shrug. Doesn’t everyone do things they don’t really enjoy when they’re in a relationship?

Probably not to the extreme that he was going, but the analogy applied.

Licking the shaft clean in slow, deliberate strokes of his tongue, Danny worked all the way around the dick until it started to harden. Then he took it into his mouth and sucked on it, moving up and down until it was wet with his saliva. Mac groaned, a fingers lacing through Danny’s hair and gripping tight, applying pressure and direction, which Danny willingly followed. Mac’s hips began thrusting and his fingers tightened, the silent signal for Danny to take a breath, which he did. His throat protested being invaded by Mac’s dick, but it wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last time. Danny did his best to relax around the cock, even as he swallowed and tried not to choke on the flesh.

Mac groaned and came at last, just as Danny’s vision started to gray around the edges, spilling down Danny’s throat while the soft tissue worked around him. He let go of Danny’s hair and Danny pulled off, gasping for air and coughing, still swallowing with the sensation of Mac’s dick down his throat.

Stretching and yawning, Mac smiled at him and commented, “Maybe I should let you sleep on the bed more often, if that’s my wake up call. Come here, bitch.”

Danny crawled up and stretched out beside Mac, pulled into his arms for a deep, devouring kiss that left him breathless once more.

Then Mac slapped him sharply on the ass and said, “Get the shower going.”

Rolling out of bed, Danny crawled over to the bathroom and proceeded to get the water to the temperature that Mac liked. The morning routine took over from there, and before he knew it, it was time to go. The nervousness about what Flack might do to him, and when, increased the closer they got to work. Once there, he jumped when Mac touched his arm and grimaced slightly at Mac’s amused expression. “So, what do I do?”

“Go to work,” Mac told him. “I’ll call you to my office when it’s time.”

Danny nodded and headed off to the lab to pick up where he’d left off when Mac had sent him home the day before.

*  *  *  *

It was before lunch, fortunately, because Danny wasn’t sure that he could take eating anything with the uncertainty hanging over him. Mac called him to his office and Danny just knew what was going to happen when he got there. Closing the door behind him, he didn’t even have to look around with Flack sprawled in the chair in front of Mac’s desk, looking like some lanky predator about to devour him whole.

“Draw the blinds, bitch,” Mac ordered easily from his place behind the desk.

Danny swallowed nervously, but did as he was told and pulled all the blinds shut. Not needing the order, he locked the door and began stripping when that was done.

Flack’s eyes didn’t leave Danny’s body as he observed, “He’s not half-bad, Mac. I can almost see why you’d put up with that mouth of his.”

Flushing in embarrassment, Danny placed his pants on the bookshelf with his other clothes and shoes, and returned to the center of the room.

“Oh, there’s a definite reason to put up with it. More than one, in fact,” Mac replied dryly. “Danny, show him what you can do with that mouth of yours.”

Danny dropped his eyes to the floor and then knelt, crawling over to Flack in the chair. He undid the cop’s pants and slowly pulled out the half-hard cock waiting beneath the briefs, stroking it a few times. When Flack shifted restlessly, Danny bent forward and took the shaft into his mouth, lightly sucking on the head while his tongue licked and swirled around it.

“Oh yeah, that’s good,” Flack agreed gutturally.

Things went on like that for several minutes, even though Flack was hard in short order and Danny felt silent gasps of breath and faint shaking through the man’s body. He went down on the warm, hard dick until his throat closed around the head and then went down even further until his nose was buried in Flack’s pubes.

Finally, Flack ordered harshly, “Enough, stop.”

Danny immediately pulled off the cock, licking at his lips for only a second before Flack grabbed him by the back of the neck and yanked him into a devouring kiss. He gasped in surprise, not having expected such an intimate contact despite the circumstances, and the cop took that opportunity to push his tongue into Danny’s mouth to map the interior. The kiss was a lot more aggressive than Mac’s, rougher somehow, though Mac was rarely gentle even in his kisses.

When Flack broke it off, he commanded, “Bend over the desk.”

Danny was shaky when he got to his feet and stumbled to the desk, falling over it more than anything planned.

Strong hands gripped his ass, pulling it apart and then massaging it just before Flack pulled the plug from Danny and muttered, “Gonna enjoy this.”

It was impossible to figure out who he meant, and Danny didn’t even try. Mac was suddenly in his field of vision, though where he’d been during the blowjob, Danny didn’t know. All he knew were the hands on his ass and the teasing of Flack’s cock over his hole, the glide of the long cock along the cleft. He gasped in surprise when it finally pushed inside, the burn of entry as the cop bottomed out enough to provoke tears.

“Christ, Mac, he’s so tight. Don’t you ever fuck him?” Flack questioned, staying perfectly still inside Danny.

Mac chuckled and answered, “Every chance I get.”

Danny looked down at the desk, embarrassment mixing hotly with the need and shame coursing through him as Flack began fucking him. Despite the painful, too-fast penetration, Danny was ashamed to realize that it felt good and he wanted it. The way Flack’s arm held tight around his waist, the movement of his cock in and out of Danny’s hole, the harsh breathing against his throat all combined into pleasure in very short order. Moaning on a particularly hard thrust, Danny spread his legs and pushed back into the fucking.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, slut, you take it so good,” Flack panted, going harder and faster.

Mac’s hand cupped Danny’s chin and lifted it so that they’re eyes met. There was no way to pretend that he was doing this on his own with Flack. Not with the dark eyes on his, filled with lust. Not with the hand that so lightly held his chin, thumb stroking over his cheek. His mind split between the barely-there sensation of Mac’s thumb, and Flack pounding into his ass. Danny overloaded, coming hard enough that his eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in a silent scream of release.

He collapsed to the desk, limp and unable to move as Flack hissed and cursed, grinding down into him as he came seconds later. The wet heat filled him in several long spurts, but Danny was drifting in contentment on a cloud of satiation.

“Damn. Mac. No wonder there’s been a spring in your step lately,” Flack teased a few minutes later. He slapped Danny’s ass playfully and continued, “This was just what I needed, thanks. I gotta get back to work, though. I’ll see you around.”

Danny moaned weakly in protest when the plug was pushed back into his hole, but didn’t try and fight it. A damp cloth cleaned his thighs of the semen that had escaped and then Mac pulled him upright, into his arms for a long, devastating kiss. Danny melted into it, gripping at the other man’s suit coat and rubbing against him like a bitch in heat, wanting to bend over again if it meant Mac would take him.

Ending the kiss, Mac stared into his eyes with an intensity that scared Danny more than a little. Then came the words that he’d been wanting and dreading, all this time.

“I’m never letting you go now, Danny. Never.”

Danny’s eyes closed to savor the words as the collar was figuratively bolted around his neck for good.

Ever since Mac had told him there would be a surprise for him that night, a reward for both good behavior and good work, Danny had practically been bouncing in anticipation. It was like being back in school on the last day before summer break; all the kids knew something great was going to happen, even if they weren’t sure what it would entail. Aiden had felt his forehead to make sure he wasn’t sick when he told her he couldn’t make the game that night and he’d brushed her aside, laughing.

Finally, though, it was quitting time and no urgent cases had turned up to derail whatever plans Mac had waiting for him. Danny knew better than to ask on the ride home, even though he was dying to do so.

“You look like you’re going to vibrate clear out of the car,” Mac observed, amusement lacing his voice. “Relax, Danny.”

Danny took a breath, giving Mac a rueful grin as he admitted, “I never get surprises, so this is a new thing for me.”

Mac shot him a brief, curious look. “Christmas and birthdays usually hold a few surprises.”

“Nah. Not since I was a kid,” Danny told him. “Once I was out the door, it was a card with fifty bucks in it, every year, Christmas or birthday.”


Seeing that troubled expression on Mac’s face had definitely not been his intention. Danny hastily assured him, “It’s cool, Mac, honest. I’m just real excited about whatever you’ve got planned.”

Mac smiled at that and reached over to scratch his nails over Danny’s scalp, sending a shiver through him. Things had been real good between them since his little ‘punishment’ session with Flack. He only slept in the kennel a couple of nights a week now, spending most of them on the bed, curled happily around Mac’s feet. He even had a better working relationship with Flack, which seemed really weird to him, but Danny wasn’t about to question it.

It didn’t take too long to get home, thanks to little traffic, and Danny automatically stripped once the door was shut and locked.

“Stay put,” Mac ordered.

Danny went to his knees beside the sofa and waited, as he’d been told, but strained to hear what Mac was up to in the other room. He heard the tub running and sent a brief prayer skyward that the evening’s activities didn’t involve an enema, though he wouldn’t dream of protesting even if it did. He bounced lightly on his heels, impatient to find out what was going on.

It seemed ages before Mac finally called, “Danny! Come!”

He instantly scrambled forward, hurriedly crawling into the bedroom where he stopped to stare in amazement at the ruby red candles lit on the dresser and the soft light that permeated the room from a source he couldn’t identify. Mac had sure never been a romantic before then.

“In here, Danny.”

Dragging himself from the unusual sight, Danny continued crawling to the bathroom. Further amazement ran through him when he discovered a completely nude Mac leaning against the bathroom sink, waiting for him. In the month or so that they’d been together, Danny rarely saw his Master naked, even in bed. Mac didn’t sleep in the nude, much to Danny’s annoyance, and he sure as hell didn’t go around in anything less than sweats and t-shirt in the apartment.

The bathroom was lit only by candles on the sink and shelves, the flickering light giving Mac an almost ethereal nature. Not like an angel, not with that glint in his eyes; more like one of the old Pagan Gods who thrived on sex and challenge.

Stopping at Mac’s feet, Danny didn’t question his instinct to bend down and kiss his Master’s feet in two reverent kisses.

Mac chuckled warmly and praised, “Good bitch. Now, get in the tub.”

Danny didn’t question him. He simply climbed into the large tub and slid into the hot water, groaning in pleasure and pain as it bit into his skin. It had been a long time since he’d had a bath, couldn’t even remember the last time clearly, just a vague memory of being in a tub with a woman who had fairly impressive breasts. 

“Feel good?” Mac asked, sitting on the floor outside the tub.

Nodding, Danny replied, “It’s great, Master, thank you.”

“Lie back and get comfortable,” Mac instructed softly. “Just close your eyes and relax for me.”

Danny did as he was told, first submerging all the way and just letting the water wash over him. He’d forgotten how good it felt, being under like that, hearing the loudness of his own heart. He didn’t stay down too long, not wanting to irritate or worry Mac, and wiped the excess water from his face and hair.

Mac grinned at him. “Better?”

“Definitely,” Danny agreed, echoing the grin.

Leaning against the bath pillow, something he’d always considered way too girly to own, Danny had to admit it made taking a bath a lot nicer. As did the relaxing scents in the air and soft, barely there sounds of the ocean coming from some unknown speaker. He jumped a little when Mac’s hand rested on his abs, but then relaxed again as it started a soothing, circular motion.

“That’s it, Danny, just relax for me. Let me take care of you for the night,” Mac murmured, his hand joined by a washcloth.

He didn’t know how long it went on, Mac washing him like he was some kind of precious thing, but Danny didn’t want it to end.

Shortly after strong hands rubbed his feet, the cloth sliding between his toes, Mac ordered, “Lean forward.”

Danny did so, and was treated to a quasi-massage as Mac washed his back.

“Okay, dunk again, I want to wash your hair.”

At that, Danny’s eyes opened and he repeated, “You want to wash my hair?”

Mac nodded. “Trust me.”

Even though he thought it was kind of weird, there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t let Mac do to him. If the other man wanted to wash his hair, that was what he got to do. Mentally shrugging, Danny sank beneath the water for a few seconds, then sat back up, wiping the water away again. To his surprise, Mac climbed into the tub then, sitting behind him so that Danny rested his back against Mac’s chest.

“Scoot down a little.”

Danny did so and was soon moaning in pleasure as Mac gave him a scalp massage as he washed Danny’s hair. All his reservations about Mac’s behavior fled swiftly under his ministrations, shivers and goosebumps running over him.

Mac chuckled and observed, “I gather no one’s ever done this for you before.”

“Nope. ‘S’nice, real nice,” Danny answered lazily.

“Claire used to do this for me, when things got really stressed at work,” Mac murmured. “I remember it was the only thing that would do it, after a couple of years. She always said that there was nothing wrong in the world that a scalp massage wouldn’t cure. That and tea, but I preferred the massage.”

Danny was more shocked by the personal revelation than anything Mac had so far done to, or with, him. There was an undertone of humor to the bittersweet revelation. Danny had no idea what to do, but captured Mac’s hand and kissed the palm, regardless of its soapy taste.

Mac leaned forward a bit to kiss his cheek and say softly, “Thanks.”

The scalp massage went on a while longer, then Mac used a cup to rinse the suds from Danny’s head.

When he sighed in disappointment, Mac chuckled and informed him, “We’re not done yet. Come on back here, bitch.”

Danny rested against Mac’s chest and grinned when his Master’s hand wrapped around his cock. “Knew you forgot something.”

“You back-talking me?” Mac asked mildly, squeezing.

Gasping, Danny hurriedly shook his head and exclaimed, “Of course not, Master!”

Mac nipped sharply at his earlobe and changed the squeeze into a stroke, causing Danny to groan and sink completely against him. He floated on clouds of sensation as Mac somehow made a simple handjob into lovemaking, the first time that it wasn’t just about sex and domination for them. It felt so good, that Danny came before he even realized the orgasm was upon him. Mac milked the last of his semen, coaxing more from him until he was whining at the near-unpleasant touch on sensitized flesh.

Nuzzling at his throat, Mac whispered, “Mine forever, Danny, and I take care of what’s mine, never forget that.”

Danny sighed in deep contentment, nodding happily at the words.

By the time Mac coaxed him from the tub, the water was bordering on cold and unpleasant, despite the second refill of hot water. His skin was wrinkled and Danny was almost falling asleep on his feet, he was so relaxed. Mac dried him off and sent him to bed so that he could clean up properly.

Always a Marine, Danny thought in sleepy amusement.

He’d just drifted into a light snooze when Mac climbed onto the bed and urged him to the pillows. Barely cognizant of his surroundings, Danny nonetheless protested with a mumbled, “You sure, Master?”

“For tonight,” Mac assured him. “Tonight’s for you, remember?”

Taking Mac at his word, Danny curled up over Mac’s chest and heaved another contented sigh when his Master’s arm wrapped around his waist. Before he got too comfortable, though, a lubed plug slid into his ass.

“And that’s for me.”

He grinned at his Master’s lazily possessive tone and closed his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.

Danny was miserable. He’d been miserable since Mac had gone to London with Peyton, leaving him at the hospital with Adam. If anyone had asked him his greatest wish while being Mac’s bitch, it would’ve been for everything to stop and go back to normal, how it had been before that fateful day he’d pissed Mac off enough to take him as his bitch. He hadn’t consciously thought about that vague desire during that time; Mac’s personality was so forceful and intense that Danny had had enough to deal with, without adding useless daydreams to the mix.

Only, they hadn’t turned out to be useless daydreams after all. Danny had expected Mac to show up at the hospital. He’d expected Mac to show up, drag him home, fuck him stupid, and make him feel safe again. It hadn’t happened. He’d waited at the hospital while the docs had taken care of Adam and then waited longer for added measure, unsure what could be keeping Mac. Finally, he’d called the other’s cell only for it to go to voicemail. That had prompted a visceral fear that something had happened to Mac and he’d called Flack only to be told that Mac was on a plane to London with Peyton.

The pity in Don’s voice had been enough for Danny to whisper a thanks and hang up before the cop could say anything else. So he’d gone back to his old apartment, which he hadn’t seen in months except to pick up mail, and spent that night roaming around it, unable to get calm. He’d finally fallen asleep on the floor beside the bed, pretending he was at Mac’s and in trouble, not allowed to sleep with his master.

Taking up with Lindsay had been a mistake of unbelievable proportions, but Danny hadn’t been able to stop himself. The occasional fuck from Don hadn’t come anywhere close to filling the void and even though Don had offered to be more, Danny knew it wouldn’t work. That Don had offered, instead of just taking, was the biggest clue. So he’d gone after Lindsay instead, going for a complete one-eighty change that just made him more miserable, though he tried to hide it.

Work went on as it always had, but then, work was like that. There was always another dead body, always another grieving loved one, always another mystery to solve. In a way, it was a blessing for him that they got a crime wave. It kept him from thinking and he left the lab only when Stella or Flack ordered him, or when Lindsay dragged him from it physically.

So now he just existed, waiting for the other shoe to drop on his miserable life. Maybe his family could show up to taunt him or Sonny could get free and put a bullet in him, just for kicks.

“Danny? You okay?”

Starting a bit at Lindsay’s gentle question, Danny forced a smile for her and nodded. “Sorry. Just thinkin.’”

She wrapped her arms around him from behind, resting her chin on his shoulder as she asked, “What about?”

Wishing Mac were here to tell me what to do, or pass me out as a fuck-toy to some construction workers, or make me piss my pants, or him and Flack to double-team me, or… Danny savagely cut off the thoughts and answered, “Not much. Hey, you want to catch a movie tonight?”

“I can’t,” she said regretfully. “Stella asked me to stay an extra shift.”

Which he’d known. It was why he’d asked in the first place, to seem proactive. He sighed, though, and said, “That woman has it in for us.”

Lindsay chuckled and kissed his cheek. “Sorry, Danny. Why don’t you just go home and get some sleep. You seem ready to drop.”

“Yeah, maybe I will,” Danny agreed.

She kissed him again and then left the locker room.

Danny finished changing and then grabbed his gear and left, too. He went home to his pathetically empty apartment, the apartment he used to love, and took a few sleeping pills to make sure he slept. Lindsay hadn’t been wrong, he knew. His sleeping patterns had sucked the last few months and it took three or four pills for him to get a solid eight hours of sleep. Danny hated how fuzzy he was the next morning, so he only took them on nights he didn’t have to go in the next day.

It still took forever to fall asleep, but it was on blankets he’d pilfered from Mac’s apartment, which made him feel better, even if they didn’t smell like the other man any more.

*  *  *  *

Danny woke fuzzy-headed and wet and freezing, which confused him more than the strong arms around his waist. Shaking his head against the spray of a shower, he spluttered a bit, rubbing at his eyes until he could see…Mac… Danny gaped at the other man, only belatedly taking in the pissed expression as he mumbled, You’re here.”

“You better fucking believe I’m here!” Mac snarled. “What did you take, Danny? How much?”

He had to concentrate before he remembered the second swallowing of sleeping pills when the first didn’t work for longer than a couple hours. “Just, um, OTC sleeping pills. Nothing major.”

“How many?” Mac insisted.

Danny shivered violently under the cold spray and answered, “Six? Seven?”

Mac cursed under his breath and turned him more directly under the spray. Danny tried to get away, but didn’t have the strength. He stayed there, freezing, until Mac finally deemed him awake enough to pull roughly out of the tub. Mac threw a towel at him and ordered, “Dry off and get your ass into the living room. Do not go back to sleep or I will beat you so bad you’ll need the ER for a different reason altogether.”

Danny swallowed heavily, believing him.

Mac grabbed a towel for himself and stormed out of the small room.

Danny took a few minutes to slowly dry himself off, befuddled more by Mac’s startling appearance than the lingering effects of the sleeping pills. He honestly hadn’t expected the other man to return. Danny was almost warm when he finished drying off, but not quite, so he pulled on sweats and a t-shirt before going into the living room.

“What are you doing dressed?” Mac demanded. “Strip.”

Something inside rebelled, though, and Danny exclaimed, “No! I’m freezin’ my ass off because you dunked me in a cold shower instead of just letting me wake up like usual! I’m cold, so I’m not gettin’ undressed!”

Mac glared at him and stated, “Either you undress right now, or I’ll do it for you.’

Danny’s arms crossed over his chest as he defied, “Go ahead and try!”

Mac moved for him, then drew up short, taking a breath. His hands clenched into fists while he visibly took hold of himself, rolling his shoulders and shaking out his hands. He finally said, “All right. Stay dressed until you warm up, but we need to talk.”

“You got no right to even be here,” Danny snapped. “You said forever, Mac, but you lied. You left me without so much as a ‘see ya,’ and never once looked back. You took off with Peyton. I was waitin’ at that ER for a couple hours before I found out from Flack that you just went off to London. You got no rights to me, not anymore. And if you want to blackball me, then fuckin’ do it, okay? I don’t fuckin’ care anymore.”

After staring at him for a long few minutes, Mac asked steadily, “Any other complaints? Now’s the time to tell me.”

Everything boiled over and Danny exclaimed, “Yeah, I got complaints! You sonuvabitch! You left me! You just fuckin’ left and now I gotta take fuckin’ pills to get more’n three hours of sleep at a time! I have to sleep on the God damned floor in order to get that much! I can’t be normal anymore. I have sex with a woman and I can barely get the job done! You do this to me and think I can just pick up like nothing ever happened? Where the fuck do you get off, Taylor? Huh? This is my life, not some game. Or, maybe it is a game to you, I don’t know, but I’m done playing, you got me? I’m done. Now, get out.”

Danny ran out of steam at the end, exhaustion and emotion dragging him down. He hugged himself, trying not to cry, trying to hold onto that fury and his pride but unable to do so. Mac walked over, but Danny refused to look at him, not even when both hands landed on his shoulders and squeezed. He flinched at the contact, but wouldn’t lift his head, staring at a nonexistent spot on the floor.

“You’re right,” Mac said softly, unexpectedly. “You’re right about all of it and I’m sorry, Danny. When I started this, when I took you as mine, it was because you needed it and I wanted it. You needed someone to keep in control of you and I wanted to do it. I took you and I showed you another way to live and you just, you fit. You fit more with me than I ever expected. And then Peyton happened and the hostage situation happened and life turned upside down in a matter of days and I checked out on you. I left the way I did because if I’d gone to that hospital, I would have had to face how much I needed you and I could do that. As much as I love Peyton, I haven’t let myself need someone since Claire.”

The words that Mac loved Peyton cut straight into Danny’s gut and he held himself tighter. “It didn’t happen in days, Mac. You and Peyton were together for months.”

“So you did know,” Mac murmured.

Danny nodded, remembering how Stella and Lindsay had been giggling together over the news. He hadn’t let on to Mac that he’d known, both because it had been an additional humiliation not being enough for Mac, and because he couldn’t bear the thought of Mac secretly keeping him but openly being with Peyton. At least he’d been able to pretend for a couple of months.

Mac sighed, rubbing his hand over Danny’s shoulder as he clarified, “I meant that Peyton asking me to move to London with her and the hostage situation happened within days. Hours, really, although that day lasted longer than any day has a right to. God, this is a mess.”

Danny told him, “Well, it’s not your mess. Not anymore. You should just go back to Peyton and have a life. I’ll handle my own.”

Mac’s hands tightened painfully on Danny at that and he demanded, “Like you did tonight? Taking seven sleeping pills? Danny, what were you thinking? If I hadn’t come by like I did, you could have died!”

Shaking him off, Danny retorted defensively, “I would have woken up around noon just fine, thanks a lot! It’s not the first time I’ve done it, Mac. I had to sleep somehow while you were gone.”

“It’s the last time you’re going to do it,” Mac informed him. “Never again, Danny, I don’t care if you think it’s fine, because it isn’t.”

Glaring, Danny snapped, “You can’t tell me what to do!”

And then suddenly, Mac grabbed him by the hair and threw him towards the sofa. Danny yelped in pain, sure that some hair had left his head, and landed heavily on it. Before he could regroup, Mac had him pinned down, a knee to his lower back, and yanked down his sweats. Mac’s hand came down as hard and merciless as it ever had, pain blossoming instantly on the tender skin that hadn’t had rough contact in months.

Danny squirmed and struggled, but it was futile. The spanking went on forever and sobs finally burst free as he clung to the cushions, the fire in his ass and upper thighs excruciating and yet so good, his dick getting harder the longer the beating continued. Without warning, Mac manhandled him up and over the back of the sofa and palmed his ass apart. Even though Danny knew it was coming, the blunt press of Mac’s cock shoving into his ass without preparation caused him to shout in pain.

Mac shoved a cloth of some kind into Danny’s mouth to dampen the sound. With his arms to both sides of Danny, he fucked hard and slow, branding him from the inside. Tears spilled unchecked and Danny sobbed openly as he spread his legs, desperate for the fucking to continue. He might only have this night with Mac, the other man would probably go back to Peyton, and Danny wanted all of it, as hard as he could take, so the bruises would remind him.

Pausing briefly to yank off Danny’s shirt, Mac bit and sucked at the bared flesh while his cock drilled into Danny’s hole. His fingers ruthlessly twisted Danny’s nipples, pinching and digging nails into them until it felt like his chest was as on fire as his ass and thighs. Danny’s dick pulsed with the need to come and he thrust back against the other man, aching for relief and feeling more alive than he had since Mac’s departure.

“That’s it, you fucking bitch, take my cock,” Mac growled against his ear. “Don’t you fucking come until I say you can or you’ll regret it. How’s it feel? I know you had someone do you while I was gone, at least a couple times. Who was it? Flack? Some random guy at a club? One of the unis? Did they fuck you in the dark? Make you suck them off in an alley? Beat your ass with a belt? No one could do you like me, though, could they, Danny?”

Danny shouted wordlessly through the gag when Mac’s hand grabbed his dick and squeezed and twisted almost as viciously as he had the nipples. Tears of need and loss and desperation flowed while he jerked back and forth, into the hand, back against the hard cock in his ass.

Mac came at last, stuttering into him and grinding down deep, pressing Danny against the back of the sofa as he spilled. Panting, Mac stayed where he was, wetness seeping back out of Danny’s hole even while they were glued together.

Begging through the fabric, Danny rubbed at the hand still holding too tight on his shaft.

“Oh no, bitch, you don’t get to come yet,” Mac said, low and wicked. “You don’t get to come for a long fucking time after the scare you gave me tonight.”

Mac pulled out roughly and gripped Danny by the hair again, yanking his head back. Those pale, fierce eyes stared into his with a kind of mania that had only ever showed on the toughest of cases.

“Get on your feet and bend properly over the sofa,” Mac ordered, standing.

Danny hastened to obey, not caring about the future, not right then.

When he was facedown over the back, Mac told him, “I’m going to give you a proper ass-beating now, bitch, and you’re going to thank me for it by sucking me off after. Then you’re going to make me breakfast and, if you’re lucky, I might let you eat. We’re going to shower, dress, and then close out your lease here so you have no hidey-hole in the future. We’ll stop by the office so I can say hello to everyone, and you’re going to service Flack while we’re there, just because I feel like watching it. Maybe Adam too, as an apology on my part for not stopping to see how he was in the hospital.

“Lastly, we’ll go home where I can whip you like you deserve for scaring me with those God damned pills and I’ll probably get creative in how I fuck you before I lock you in your cage. If you come at any point, unless I specifically say you can, expect punishment. I also don’t want to hear a single word out of you unless we’re at the office and someone speaks to you first. Am I understood?”

Danny instantly nodded.

“Good. Now, do you have any questions?”

Hesitating briefly, Danny pulled out the gag and whispered, “Is this…for how long?”

Mac stroked a hand from Danny’s shoulder to his sore ass before answering, slow and deliberate, “This is it, Danny. You’re mine and I’m yours for as long as we have in this world. God help you, I’m never letting you go now.”

The belt whistled through the air to crack against Danny’s already sore ass, making him cry out.

“Put that gag back in!”

Danny shoved it back in his mouth and waited for the next stroke, sighing deeply in a strange kind of relief. The blows were unevenly dealt, keeping him on edge, the leather slapping fire all over his thighs and ass for a timeless period. It took a few seconds to realize that Mac had stopped, he was so fuzzy from the high. Something icy dribbled onto his ass and thighs and he groaned in relief so intense that it bordered on pain.

Mac rubbed the lotion into him and then ordered gutturally, “On your knees, bitch.”

Moving as quickly as he could, which wasn’t fast at all, his body barely responding, Danny fell more than crawled, onto the floor. He knelt up to find Mac right there, his pants down and his cock out. Danny went down on it eagerly, the thickness violating his throat in a way he’d dreamed about since Mac had left. The taste and texture and everything was even better than he’d remembered somehow.

Then Mac made it perfect by grabbing the back of his head and forcing him down before he was ready. He moaned around the ache in his throat, the shaft pushing in until Mac’s balls slapped his chin. All he had to do was suck as best he could while Mac fucked his throat, hard and slow, barely letting him breathe. His own cock ached with neglect, balls tight and ready to come. It proved too much because when Mac came, so did Danny, vaguely hanging onto his sanity by a thread to keep from biting down accidentally.

Mac pulled out with a curse and gripped Danny’s chin hard enough to hurt as he lifted and snapped, “Clean that up!”

Danny bent down and proceeded to lick up his come from Mac’s shoes and the floor without being told. And then, when he was done, he kissed both shoes, resting his forehead on the floor between them.

“Get rid of your clothes and don’t let me catch you clothed at home again,” Mac commanded.

It just about killed to move, but Danny crawled to pick up the shirt and then crawled into the bedroom where he stripped the rest of the way and put them in the hamper. When he crawled back out, Mac sat on the sofa, watching television with his feet up.

“I want coffee, oatmeal, and fresh squeezed orange juice.”

Danny winced. “Master, I’m sorry, but I have no oranges.”

Shooting him a cold look, Mac observed, “You’re really adding to the list, aren’t you?”

Danny crawled to the kitchen and started the coffee and oatmeal. He should have just made the breakfast and waited for Mac to ask him where the juice was. Of course, he would still have been punished for not having them on hand in case Mac showed up, but it might not have been as bad as talking without permission. He brought the coffee and oatmeal out when they were done, setting them on the coffee table.

“Move the table aside.”

Danny obeyed without question and returned to his position.

“Get my food and coffee for me.”

He again obeyed, handing both items to Mac.

“Hands and knees.”

Even though he had no idea what the other man wanted, Danny did as he was told. Almost right away, Mac’s feet landed on his back, crossed at the ankles. His shoe heel rubbed into a welt, making Danny bite his lip to control the pain.

Mac took his time, each scrape of the spoon against the bowl slow and deliberate. He sipped at his coffee. He channel surfed. He ate some more and watched the news. Danny had slipped into a semi-trance state by the time Mac lifted his feet and ordered, “Take these to the kitchen and get dressed. We’re leaving in five minutes.”

Danny hastened to take the empty bowl and mug to the kitchen and then to the bedroom to get dressed. It was at least seven or eight minutes before he crawled to the door where Mac waited, looking at his watch.

“More black marks, you lazy slut. I bet you weren’t even trying,” Mac commented.

Danny opened his mouth to protest, but then shut it again. It wasn’t like he could argue without earning even more punishments. He stood once Mac opened the door and then closed and locked the door behind them. That they went to the leasing office right then and there shocked the hell out of him. Closing his lease cost him a pretty penny, but knowing he would be Mac’s completely at the end of the day made it worth it. He was also scared shitless, but had to trust that Mac wouldn’t let him down this time. They would have his stuff cleared out by the end of the month and then his permanent residence would be listed at Mac’s address.

Mac had promised outright, after all, and he hadn’t done that last time. There hadn’t even been any kind of verbal commitment of any kind last time. Hell, they hadn’t even technically been exclusive. This time would be different though, he could feel it in his bones.

The possessive hand Mac kept on the back of Danny’s neck the whole ride to the lab seemed to echo that. Danny passed the time in a strange kind of euphoria despite the literal pain in his ass.

*  *  *  *

Two intense scares in three months with both involving Danny had Mac wondering if he should have his heart checked. The first had been unavoidable, given Danny’s nature for attracting trouble, but the second…Mac mentally castigated himself for his action, knowing he’d driven the younger man into a near suicidal state, even if an accidental one. An overdose was an overdose. Dead was still dead. It didn’t matter whether it was on purpose, or not.

At first he’d seen Danny curled up on the blankets by the bed and smiled, watching him for a few minutes and just drinking in the sight of him. It had been because he’d been watching so closely that he’d noticed just how long the rise and fall of his chest had taken. When he’d checked Danny’s pulse and found it sluggish, panic had lit through him and he’d shaken Danny only to get no response. None.

Instinct had taken over, making him strip the other man as fast as possible and then hauling him into the bathroom and sticking them both under the bitter cold spray. Even so, it had taken a good three minutes for Danny to come around. He’d barely even felt the cold while slapping Danny in the face, trying to get him conscious. And then he’d been so furious that he’d known he had to get away before he did something they would both regret.

So he’d left Danny to put himself together while grabbing an old pair of jeans and a shirt from the drawer he’d preempted on one of their brief visits before. They didn’t go often, but Mac had wanted his things there as a pointed reminder for when Danny had to collect mail.

Hearing the pain and betrayal in Danny’s voice had cut deep. The guilt he’d been trying to ignore since the very first day he’d left had swelled up and threatened to overwhelm him. Going to London had sorted out one thing for sure; he could no longer pretend that this was just about sex and dominance. Every day he’d been with Peyton and her family had shown him that that kind of life, a ‘normal’ one, wasn’t something for which he was cut out for anymore. Every day, his thoughts lingered on Danny, wondering what he was doing, how he was doing.

You got that answer loud and clear, didn’t you? he thought sourly, glancing over at where Danny sat gingerly in the passenger’s seat.

Flack had left a detailed, and pissed, message for when he’d first checked his voicemail in London. The other man hadn’t appreciated in the least being the messenger for the ‘Dear John’ kiss-off Mac had pulled on Danny. He’d also said that if Mac wasn’t going to man-up, he’d be happy to take his place with Danny. And Mac hadn’t heard from him the rest of the trip.

He had, however, heard plenty from Stella. She was worried about Danny; it didn’t look like he was sleeping well. She was happy for Danny; he and Lindsay were finally getting it together. She was concerned that Danny was stretching himself too thin. She wondered if something might have happened with his family. He looked tired. He wasn’t eating. A suspect got the drop on him and he’d wound up with a sprained wrist. He worked too many hours. On and on, until Mac wanted to tell her to shut up before he changed his phone number.

They arrived at the lab without mishap, which was something of a miracle given his inattention to the road. Once there, Mac half-turned to Danny and gripped his thigh, squeezing tight as he warned, “No talking unless someone speaks to you first. We’re going to my office and then I’m going to see Adam.”

Danny nodded, blinking kind of dopily at him. It made Mac hide a grin, knowing the other man was high on endorphins from his strapping. He’d gotten that too-pale skin good and red, painful and hot, but not dangerously so.

He climbed out of the SUV and strode to the elevator, not looking to see that Danny was behind him, knowing that he would be. Sure enough, Danny stood behind him when he got to the elevators. They stepped inside and rode up to the lab level in silence. Once on their floor, Mac walked out and headed for his office, hoping not to run into Stella, but knowing it was inevitable.

As if on cue… “Danny! Mac! What are you doing here?”

Mac smiled as he stopped to return Stella’s hug.

“I thought you weren’t coming in for a few days?” she questioned, smiling broadly. “Defying jetlag?”

Shaking his head, Mac told her, “I’m not really here. Just wanted to see Adam and check in with Don about something.”

“Yeah, well, I’d be careful around Flack today.”

“Why’s that?”

“Suspect walloped him a good one. He’s got a very colorfully bruised cheek, surprised the bone didn’t fracture, and even more bruised pride,” she explained.

Mac made a note of that and said, “Thanks for the warning. I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll catch up.”

Stella nodded and then frowned at Danny. “You’re awfully quiet, Danny. Everything okay?”

Danny nodded belatedly and then said, “Yeah, just need to get some rest. Probably shouldn’t have come in, but I needed to see Lindsay about something. Followed Mac in from the garage.”

Which was true, just not the whole truth. Mac half-grinned as he thought, We all know how to lie.

Smiling briefly, Stella said, “I sent her home since she stayed last night. She was wiped.”

“I’ll give you a lift home, Danny. You look dead on your feet, too,” Mac offered easily. “You can hang out in my office and catch a few winks while I talk to Flack and Adam.”

Danny glanced sideways at him, as if he was going to say no, and Mac tensed.

Stella jumped in with, “That’s a great idea, Mac! You two have some catching up to do, too.”

Danny’s lips twisted and he agreed, “Sure. Why not?”

Mac really wished he knew what Danny was thinking right then. Was he acting reluctant for Stella’s sake, or was he having second thoughts?

“Great! I’ll see you both in a few days.”

Danny frowned for real at that. “I’m on shift tomorrow.”

Stella denied, “Not anymore you aren’t. You really do look exhausted, Danny. I want you to go home and not come in until Monday. Back me up here, Mac, will you?”

Mac assumed a stern, concerned expression as he said, “Absolutely.”

Danny snorted, eyes twinkling as he met Mac’s gaze and replied, “If you insist.”

“Oh, I do,” Mac stated. He reached out to cup Danny’s shoulder and said, “C’mon. You can stretch out. We’ll see you on Monday, Stel.”

Stella hugged them both before taking her leave.

Once in his office, Mac closed the blinds and turned to find Danny on his knees before the last blind had even been closed. He walked over to the younger man and laced his fingers in the short, soft hair. Pulling Danny’s head back, he asked, “You came really close to talking back, bitch.”

Danny half-smirked and pointed out, “I had to make it convincing, right?”

Mac’s gaze narrowed at him and he barked, “Over the desk, now!”

Danny jumped to his feet and rushed to bend over the desk.

Leaving him like that, Mac locked his door and then moved to sit behind his desk. He took his time, going through papers left in his inbox and then checked his email, even responding to a few. A good half-hour passed before he deigned to look at Danny, who had that slightly dreamy expression in place again. Leaning back in his chair, Mac said, “I can see I’m going to have to work on putting you back in your place. We’ve lost a lot of ground while I was gone. I’m going to find Adam. Don’t move until I get back.”

Danny opened his mouth to respond and then shut it without saying anything, apparently remembering the order not to talk at the last second.

Mac stood and left the office, making sure he had his keys. He’d tested the waters with Adam before his impromptu leave of absence, but hadn’t really figured out on which side of the fence the young man would land. He knew the tech didn’t have much of a social life, but that didn’t automatically translate into fucking a convenient hole, especially with someone as sheltered as Adam seemed to be.

Then again, you do usually have to watch out for the quiet ones, Mac thought with amusement, entering the lab.

Adam sat at his desk, fingers typing away on the computer as though they had no other purpose, unbelievably fast. He looked completely healed, as though nothing had ever happened, but Mac knew it was the scars you couldn’t see that remained the longest and hurt the most. He stood there a full minute before Adam realized he was there, jumping in fright, blue eyes widening. Hand to his stomach, Adam exclaimed, “You scared the crap out of me!”

“Sorry,” Mac replied, smiling. “Just stopped in to see how you were doing.”

Wary now, Adam said, “I’m fine. Do you need something?”

Mac winced mentally and sighed. “I deserved that, I know. I really just came here to apologize.”

“For what?” Adam countered. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Walking over to him, Mac refuted, “I did. I left you and Danny at the hospital without even calling to check on you once everything was over and done with. I should have taken a later flight after I’d checked on the both of you. I truly regret having done that, Adam. You deserved better.”

Adam rubbed the back of his neck before managing a tentative smile and saying, “Thanks, Mac, that means a lot. But you know, it was really Danny who got us through it all. I was petrified. Completely useless. Danny’s the real hero.”

“You’re both heroes,” Mac said firmly.

Perking up visibly, Adam smiled a little easier and repeated, “Thanks.”

Mac smiled in response and told him, “I mean it. And if you have time for a break, I’ve got something to make it up to you, at least a little.”

Adam’s eyebrows went up. “You got me a gift? Mac, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving,” Mac said dryly. “You remember that hypothetical conversation we had a few weeks before the robbery?”

And just like that, Adam shut down again. He slouched a little and glanced around to make sure no one else was nearby before quietly saying, “Mac, that’s ah, it’s a little…out there for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but…I’ve never, ah, you know. Not like that. And, isn’t it…illegal?”

The last word was whispered, as if afraid that hidden microphones would pick it up. Mac didn’t smile the way he wanted to, figuring it would be taken wrong. He just shook his head and told Adam simply, “Consenting adults, Adam. Why don’t you come to my office and we can talk without worrying about being interrupted?”

Adam bit his lip, indecisive, and then nodded. “Okay. Um, sure.”

Mac did smile at that and motioned for Adam to precede him. They walked to his office without interruption and Mac unlocked the door, walking in and letting Adam in before relocking it.

“Holy shit. Danny?” Adam exclaimed.

Not surprised by the shock, he’d never mentioned Danny in their hypothetical conversation after all, Mac told him, “Danny’s having some quiet time right now. He doesn’t talk unless spoken to first and even then, only in a work situation. Or unless I tell him he can. Danny, say hello to Adam.”

Danny cleared his throat and obliged, “Hello, Adam.”

Adam gaped openly at the sight of Danny bent over the desk and stammered, “S-s-so he just, does what you want?”

Nodding, Mac confirmed, “Anything I want. You don’t have to do anything, Adam, I would just ask for your discretion if you choose not to have sex with Danny. It wouldn’t look good for him, people knowing he’s good with spreading his legs for anyone.”

“No, no, of course not,” Adam mumbled, unable to take his eyes from Danny.

Mac hid a grin and ordered, “Drop your pants, bitch.”

Danny instantly squirmed to shove his pants down without actually getting up from his position. His bare ass showed red stripes all over, crisscrossing and straight across.

“What did you…are those belt marks?” Adam practically squeaked.

Mac nodded and explained, “Danny needed to be punished.”

“Oh. Um, right.”

Moving up behind Adam, Mac rested a hand on the other’s shoulder and said, “You know, he could just give you a blowjob, if you want to work up to the main event. Or, I’m about to call Flack to have a turn. He sounds like he could use some cheering up after his day. You could watch Don screw him, instead.”

Adam’s face flushed beet red and his mouth opened, but nothing came out.

Chuckling, looking forward to what Adam would decide, Mac walked over to his desk and picked up the phone to call Don.

*  *  *  *

Adam could not take his eyes from Danny’s ass. His red ass. His red ass striped from being beaten, probably with a belt.

With Mac’s belt.

This is insane, he thought. You need to say thanks but no thanks and get the hell out!

But he still couldn’t move.

And then someone knocked sharply on the door and Adam jumped a mile, panic making his heart thump. If he was caught in Mac’s office with Danny looking like that…

The door opened all on its own with Flack stomping inside and relocking it behind him. He glared at Mac and snapped, “What the fuck, Taylor? You vanish without a single goodbye and then just think we’re going to pick up where you left off? Oh, hey Adam.”

Adam waved weakly and decided that staying put was probably a good idea.

Standing, Mac approached the other man and actually leaned on Danny, who whimpered at the contact to his ass. “Look, Don, I’m sorry about that. I was…I needed some time. You can get that, right? And come on. Like you didn’t use Danny while I was gone?”

“Don’t give me shit about that!” Flack exclaimed.

Mac’s hands went up and he smiled. “No, I have no problem with that at all, Don, honest. But I could use some help reigning him in a little.”

And here Mac’s expression hardened.

“I got to his apartment early this morning to found out he’d taken too many sleeping pills.”

Adam felt a new flush of panic, this time purely for Danny’s sake.

“Fuck! He tried to OD?”

“Not on purpose, no, but we all know the end result would have been the same.”

“Let me at him. No fuckin’ way he’ll ever do it again,” Flack snarled.

Mac’s hands landed on Flack’s shoulders and squeezed, “I’ve got his punishment lined up for that. I just want to wear him out so he has no trouble sleeping all on his own tonight, that’s all.”

Almost grim, Flack told him, “Oh, I can do that, no problem.”

Adam gulped at Mac’s smile, it turned so…wicked, was the only word that came to mind. Wicked and…really fucking hot…dirty, almost.

“Oh yeah. Why’s he here?” Flack asked, glancing Adam’s way.

Mac chuckled and said, “I owe him an apology for not checking on him in the hospital.”

“Ah. Yeah, okay. You were a jerk about that.”

“Thanks, Don.”

“Any time.”

And with that, Adam watched as Flack unzipped while Mac walked back around to his chair behind the desk. He’d actually never seen Flack’s dick before and was duly impressed at its length and girth. And then even more impressed as the tall man stroked himself hard, rubbing it up and down Danny’s crack, over the welts, and all over.

Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick, I’m going to watch gay sex live and in person, Adam thought, wondering why he was more turned on than appalled.

Danny moaned when Flack shoved in without any apparent prep and Adam winced in sympathy. He wouldn’t want that cock in his ass without a hell of a lot of lube and foreplay. But Flack just went for it. Long, hard thrusts. Balls slapping against Danny’s upper thighs. Grinding in deep and moving around. Fucking fast and then slow. The air seemed to be sucked out of the very room as Adam just stood there and watched Flack screw his way in and out of Danny without any kind of mercy whatever.

And the words. The words got to Adam in a way he’d never expected…

“Fucking bitch. Fucking cunt. That’s it, you take my cock. Take it and feel me in your gut, you slut. You like it? You want more? Squeeze my cock good, yeah, fuck yeah, just like that. Come on, talk to me, bitch, tell me what you want!”

“Please, oh God, please fuck me harder, please let me come,” Danny moaned like some kind of porn star.

Mac’s hand hit the desk and he snapped, “No coming, bitch!”

Danny sobbed just as Flack slammed in rapidly before sealing to Danny’s ass with minor jerks and shudders.

And all Adam could think was…Holy. Fuck. Don Flack just came in Danny. Without a condom… I wonder what that’s like?

Because he was a good, responsible man who’d never in his life had sex without a condom.

“Shit that was good,” Flack sighed, pulling out and slapping Danny on the ass a few times.

Danny yelped at the first slap, but stayed quiet at the others.

Mac looked at Adam and quirked an eyebrow at him. “Well? You want seconds?”

Licking at dry lips, Adam asked, “Um, so…really?”

“No. Me fucking Danny was a figment of your imagination,” Flack teased, smirking.

Adam flushed and retorted, “Excuse me if this is a little outside my realm of anywhere near normal.”

Mac chuckled again and said, “He’s yours if you want him, Adam. It’s up to you.”

If Adam had only had sex recently, he’d probably not be so tempted.

“Do it, Ross, c’mon,” Flack urged. “Man, he’s so God damn tight, you wouldn’t even believe it. It’s like nothin’ you’ve ever had.”

“Suck Adam off, bitch,” Mac ordered unexpectedly.

There was no seeming reluctance as Danny pushed off the desk and dropped gracefully to his knees. Adam watched in both shock and rising lust as the other man undid his belt and then pulled down pants and boxers in one move. He gasped when Danny licked a broad swath up his dick and then went down on him. Pure sensation drove through him and his hands gripped Danny’s head for balance as much as just a need to touch.

Suddenly at his ear, Flack murmured, “He’s got a great mouth, doesn’t he? I’ve seen him go down on Mac for hours while we watched a game. Didn’t even try to make him come. Just wanted to suck him.”

Adam groaned at the image that put in his head, leaning back against the taller man.

Flack continued, “And his ass is even better. You need to try him out, Adam. Once you get a taste of that ass, man, you’re never going to want anything else.”

Shuddering, Adam’s fingers tightened on Danny’s head, looking down to find his dick partially in the other man’s mouth. It was bizarre and obscene and really frickin’ hot. The combination of Flack’s dirty words, his own lack of sex, and a sudden need to prove himself to the other two men had him ordering, “Get back on the desk.”

Danny released him and actually winked at him before obeying.

Adam moved behind him, lightly running his hands over the hot skin and then trailing his fingers over the welts. Goosebumps erupted all over Danny and Adam grinned, feeling a lot like he was trying out a new toy. His cock was still hard from Danny’s mouth and with Flack paving the way, so to speak, it was fairly easy to push forward into the pliant man’s hole. It felt…strange…but really damn good. Tight, like Flack had promised, and hot, too. So hot, he groaned in pure pleasure.

“We have liftoff,” Flack quipped.

Adam snorted, but then forgot about him as he started pumping slowly in and out of Danny. He got into a rhythm in short order and gasped whenever Danny’s ass just squeezed around his dick. His body urged him to go faster, but he didn’t want to hurt the other man.

No, you just want to fuck him when he can’t say no, an inner voice sneered.

Adam faltered at that.

“No, Adam, please don’t, don’t stop,” Danny groaned, pushing back against him. “Fuck me harder, shit please, just do it as hard as you can!”

Relieved, Adam redoubled his efforts and was rewarded by Danny’s moan and hitched breath. Orgasm hit him suddenly upon seeing Danny sucking on two of Mac’s fingers, his tongue working around the long fingers and then his cheeks hollowing as if giving Mac a proxy blowjob. His dick exploded and he rabbitted into Danny, grinding down as deep as he could, letting himself go as he spilled come into someone else for the first time ever without a latex barrier.

Adam panted as he rested on Danny’s back, dick still buried in the other man. It took a few minutes to get himself back together enough to straighten up and pull out. And then he grimaced, looking around for a tissue to clean up.

“Oh, Danny will clean you up.”

Danny again dropped to his knees and this time, he efficiently cleaned Adam and then Don, whose impressive length still hung outside his pants.

Tucking himself back into his boxers and pulling up his pants, Adam looked at Mac and said, “I honestly have no clue what happens now.”

Mac actually grinned at him. “Just say I’m forgiven and go back to work. And maybe some night you’ll actually come to watch a game with me and Don now?”

Looking at Danny, who had returned to his position over the desk, come glistening at his hole, Adam nodded and agreed, “Yeah, yeah, count me in. And you’re definitely forgiven.”

On the walk back to his lab, Adam thought, This is by far the strangest fucking day of my life.

And then he grinned.

*  *  *  *

The heat in his ass from being well used mingled with the utterly spent sensation of having come in a way that totally blew his mind. Not Flack fucking him, though that was just as incredible as it had been every time before. Sucking Adam and then the tech fucking him had been beyond anything Danny could have imagined. Who knew the usually shy computer nerd had so much going for him?

Danny couldn’t help grinning as he followed Mac out of the lab’s elevator and to the SUV. It didn’t matter that he expected a serious whipping when he got home and whatever other punishment Mac thought he deserved for nearly OD’ing on sleeping pills. Embarrassment ran through him at the thought. Danny hadn’t meant to go so far, hadn’t thought anything of taking so many since he hadn’t taken them all at once. Just because he’d done it before with no ill effects didn’t mean he could do it again and have it come out all right, especially with how run down his body had been lately.

Climbing into the passenger’s side, Danny hissed as he carefully lowered to the seat. Sitting the next few days was really going to suck, but at least at home he wouldn’t have to worry about the cringes; it was back at work that would really be a pain. Literally. And then he thought, Home. I’m going home. With Mac.

The nightmare of being alone again was over. Mac had come back for him and this time, he wasn’t going to go anywhere. Peyton was history. Thinking about the Englishwoman reminded him of Lindsay and he winced, wondering if he should risk further pissing Mac off by bringing her up just then.

“Something wrong?”

Danny looked over at Mac, but the other man’s gaze was back on the road. Being asked a direct question negated part of the problem at least. Risking it, Danny said, “Um, Mac, what about Lindsay?”

“What about her?”

“We’re, well, when you left, we sorta got together. We’re dating now.”

“Not anymore you’re not,” Mac practically growled. “You’ll break things off with her next week when we’re back at work.”

Relieved that Mac had taken it so good, Danny let out a sigh of relief and relaxed against the seat. The rest of the ride went in silence, but it didn’t matter. Everything between them was right again. Mac had actually apologized for what he’d done which, if Danny had let himself imagine a reunion, probably wouldn’t have been in his imagination. It proved that as well as he knew the other man, he didn’t know everything about him yet.

It was both too short a time, and not soon enough, that they were in Mac’s apartment for the first time in months. Danny immediately stripped, even before the door had completely shut and Mac had locked it. He was moving at about half-speed thanks to the spanking and fucking, his muscles protesting the unexpected use, but he neatly folded his clothes and set them on the table by the door to be put away later.

Kneeling on the floor by the door, Danny waited for instructions, but they didn’t come. After a few minutes, he finally dared to look up and found Mac just looking at him. Flushing, though he wasn’t sure why, Danny’s gaze lowered to the floor again and he waited.

“In the bedroom. Take your clothes with you.”

Danny grabbed his clothes and awkwardly crawled with them to the bedroom. The cage waited beside the bed and something deep inside untwisted when he saw it gleaming and with fresh bedding. It looked like Mac had bought all new cushions and pillows inside it, maybe even before coming to Danny’s apartment.

He put the clothes in the hamper and then crawled towards the cage.

“Get ready for bed.”

A bit startled by the simple order, Danny nonetheless crawled to the bathroom and took care of his nightly routine. When he returned to the bedroom, the lights were on and Mac had opened the trunk where he kept the ‘toys,’ rifling though it for something.

“Stand up and face the wall.”

Danny did so and waited, anticipation tensing through him.

Mac walked up close behind him and hissed, “If you ever do something that stupid again, this will feel like a walk in the park in comparison to what I will do to you, bitch. Assume the position.”

Instantly, Danny put his hands on the wall and spread his legs.

A whine through the air was the only warning he got before fire kissed his back in a long stripe and a crack of noise. Danny cried out, fingers trying to dig into the wall as he panted with the unbelievable pain. It had to be the bullwhip. He’d seen it in the chest, but Mac hadn’t used it on him. When the second mark landed, Danny’s knees buckled in reaction, barely keeping upright. The spasm of pain cut right through him, twitching his bladder in such a way that if he hadn’t just gone, he would’ve pissed himself.

Mac gave him time to rest between each lick of the whip over his body, but it wasn’t long before Danny was sobbing with the pain and begging for it to stop. Not in the way he did with a spanking or other kind of erotic punishment, but for real. There was nothing erotic about this beating. The only thing that kept him in place was knowing how much more pissed off Mac would be if he moved.

Danny didn’t know how many more stripes he’d gotten before his knees actually did give out and he landed in a heap on the floor. He lay there, chest heaving, his back on fire, tears and mucus staining his face and completely unable to move. A facecloth wiped over his entire face, warm and soothing, and then Mac manhandled him upright to haul him to the bed, lowering him facedown.

Shivering and unable to draw a complete breath because he was still crying, Danny clung to the pillow and tried unsuccessfully to calm down. Something ice-cold drizzled over his back and he moaned at the contrast, his already fried nerves spinning that much further out of control. Every touch, no matter how gently given, provoked a whimper of pain.

Finally done, Mac stretched out on the bed beside him and combed his fingers through sweaty hair. Danny turned his head to look at the other man and found a strangely pained expression on Mac’s face.

“Don’t make me do that again,” Mac whispered, leaning in to kiss his forehead. “I didn’t enjoy that, Danny, but I’ll do it again if you endanger yourself like that again. Understand?”

Danny’s breath hitched in a smaller sob and he nodded, still unable to speak.

Mac continued to comb his fingers through Danny’s hair and murmured, “Close your eyes, baby.”

Doing so made all the pain more intense and he whimpered.

“Concentrate on my voice and my hand,” Mac said softly, firmly. “Relax. Breathe slower. Let the pain fade away. Just feel your breathing, in and out, that’s it. Calmer. Slower. That’s good. I know it hurts, I know you won’t be sleeping any time soon, but just rest. Know that I love you. I’ll do anything to protect you and keep you safe.”

It took several minutes before Danny’s breathing returned to normal and his heart no longer thundered in his chest. Mac’s voice echoed through him as if from a distance, his body heavy with exhaustion and a throbbing pain that said he wouldn’t be able to move in the morning.

And then Mac ordered, “Danny, come up for me a little. Open your eyes.”

It was a struggle, but Danny finally pried his lids open and found Mac smiling at him. He smiled back automatically and mumbled, “Tired, Master.”

“I know, but you need to take these.”

Danny opened his mouth without asking what ‘these’ were, knowing they would be some kind of pain reliever. Mac had taught him a lesson, no doubt about that, and had reverted to the carrot portion of it.

Mac kissed his forehead again and then commanded, “Down at the foot of the bed, bitch.”

Groaning, Danny forced himself to move, more than happy when Mac helped him settle into place, lying on his side. The air felt unusually warm to his bare skin, which meant that Mac had turned up the heat so he wouldn’t get cold during the night. Once Mac got settled, Danny immediately hugged Mac’s feet to his chest. The familiar weight of them soothed him further and Danny drew in a long, deep breath before letting it out the same way.

Kissing the arch on each of the bare feet, Danny whispered, “Thank you, Master.”

For coming back. For loving him. For punishing him. For keeping rules. For everything.

A big toe wiggled against his nose, making Danny grin through his exhaustion, and Mac echoed, “Thank you, Danny. My bitch. Always.”

Danny hugged the feet tighter briefly and closed his eyes again, smiling.