Title: Burst and Bloom
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Greg Sanders/Don Flack
Fandom: CSI: Vegas/CSI: NY
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Set pre-CSI: Vegas when Greg is still living in NYC.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Greg Sanders or Don Flack, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Don leaned down to kiss Greg, moving his hands down the young man's sides until they were resting on those narrow hips. He would have to prepare Greg before he could be inside his lover, but that wouldn't take too long, as aroused as they both were.

He reached for the tube of lubricant on the table by Greg's bed without having to look for it; he was used to where things were placed now, so much so that he knew where to find this by touch. And he didn't want to take his gaze away from Greg's face for one moment.

He loved how Greg looked when he was aroused; his lips were slightly parted, those dark eyes hazy with desire, a flush in his pale cheeks. Don had never seen anyone look so beautiful; he wanted to keep this vision of Greg in his mind's eye forever.

And in his heart, as well. Those words echoed through his mind before he could stop them; he didn't pause in his actions, though he felt started at himself for thinking along those lines. He hadn't realized that Greg had come to mean so much to him.

They'd been together such a short time; usually, it took him a while to admit that he had feelings for the person he was currently dating. And with men, he'd never gotten to the point where his heart was involved in more than a superficial way.

With Greg, everything had been turned upside down. He couldn't get the young man out of his mind; he wanted to be with Greg every second of every day and night, holding him, touching him, kissing him, making love to him. The hours that he spent away from Greg seemed like years.

No one had ever meant this much to him. He had never let anyone else get this close to his heart -- and it frightened him. He had never expected a man to take control of his heart and soul the way that Greg had; that knowledge almost made him want to turn and run.

But if he did that, then Greg would be out of his life -- and he would rather take small steps forward and deal with his fear of commitment than take the risk of not having Greg in his life. He couldn't live without knowing that he had Greg there, nestled close to his heart.

Popping the cap on the lube, he looked down at Greg again, feeling his heart turn over in his chest. This young man had trusted him so completely, surrendering his body in a way that no one else ever had. He owed it to Greg to give him more than just physical satisfaction.

They might not last forever, but they would last for as long as the two of them had deep feelings for each other, Don told himself as he bowed his head to brush a kiss against Greg's parted lips. That might be for a very, very long time to come.

Slowly, gently, he eased one finger inside Greg, then a second one. Within a few seconds, those fingers were probing deep inside the young man, stroking Greg's prostate, eliciting soft moans from the back of his throat and making him rock his hips against Don's hand.

"Put your legs over my shoulders, babe," he whispered as he sat back and let his fingers slip out of the young man. "We've never made it in that position before. I think you'll like it. I'll be able to push deeper inside you than I ever have. Don't worry, I'll go slow."

Greg nodded, letting Don raise his legs and drape them over his shoulders. "Just fuck me," he whispered, his hips arching up off the bed. "I need you inside me." His voice was husky, slightly breathless; Don could tell that he was in need.

"Your wish is my command, beautiful," he said softly, leaning over Greg and positioning himself at the other man's entrance. With a quick, smooth thrust of his hips, he slid inside Greg, moaning out his young lover's name as those taut muscles clenched around him.

Within moments, he had settled into a steady rhythm; each thrust inside Greg was harder and deeper than the one before; he could feel those slim thighs tightening with each movement he made, Greg's breath coming in sharp pants and gasps.

He loved seeing Greg like this, so completely abandoned to him. Their lovemaking was always intense; it had been from the first time, but this time felt as though they were literally melding into each other's bodies, becoming part of each other in a way that was more than physical.

When their lips met in a heated kiss that took his breath away, Don could feel the blood surge through his veins; he thrust harder and deeper into Greg, feeling like a sexual Superman. He could do anything, take them both as high into the clouds as they wanted to go.

He had captured Greg's wrists above his head, holding the younger man down under him; Greg was moaning his name, his slim body tightening with each thrust. Don knew that his young lover was close to the edge; he wanted to push Greg over that precipice.

And he would be there to catch Greg when he fell, to enfold this young beauty in his arms and protect him for the rest of their lives. The thought almost made him gasp and cease his rhythmic thrusting; he hadn't known until this moment that he wanted a lifetime with Greg.

He was in love with Greg. It was strange that he should realize that fact when they were in the middle of making love, but maybe that was indicative of who he was. He needed to repeat an experience a few times before he realized how much it meant to him.

Greg was the center of his world. He'd been trying to keep that knowledge in the back of his mind, not wanting to admit to himself that he could have fallen so deeply in love, that any one person could mean so much to him. But he couldn't hold it back any longer.

Tightening his grip on Greg's wrists, he looked down at the young man under him, feeling his heartbeats go into overdrive as he did so. Greg was so beautiful, so sexy -- and his. Greg Sanders belonged to him, heart and soul -- just as he himself belonged to Greg.

He thrust forward again, knowing that they were both close enough to the edge to fall over it together, each clasped in the other's arms. He wanted them to fall, to take that leap into thin air, to trust each other for safety and security as they fell to the ground.

One more thrust -- and then it was happening, his orgasm rushing over his body and making him gasp, the leap into space with Greg in his arms. The ground was rushing up to meet him, but he wasn't hitting it with a hard thud, but descending gently and holding onto Greg as he came down to earth.

He owed it to Greg to say how he felt, Don told himself, watching the young man's face as he gently eased out of Greg's body and lowered those long, slim legs from his shoulders. He should tell Greg what was in his heart, and ask if those feelings were returned.

But the words stuck in his throat. After what they'd just done, after the way that Greg had so obviously placed such trust in him since the first night they were together, how could he doubt for one second that Greg loved him? He didn't need to ask the question to know the answer.

He had no idea just when his feelings for Greg had become more than desire. But they had suddenly burst open and bloomed into life, and he wasn't going to deny them. He might not be ready to voice them aloud yet, but they existed, and that was enough for the moment.

Don rolled over onto his side, holding Greg close against him and running a gentle hand down the young man's side. Greg's eyes were closing; he was obviously tired after all that they'd done tonight, and Don just wanted to fall asleep with this beautiful man in his arms.

"Good night, baby," he murmured, brushing a soft kiss across Greg's cheek. "I'll see you in the morning." He was tired himself; he was ready to lie here and let Greg sleep in his embrace, while he thought about all the feelings that had suddenly become apparent to him tonight.

"G'night," Greg whispered, sounding sleepy and sated. He snuggled into Don's arms, obviously ready to fall asleep; in just a few moments, he was breathing deeply, Don's arms securely wrapped around him and keeping him safe from any possible harm.

He wanted to spend every night here with Greg, holding his lover in his arms, feeling that soft warm breath against his skin. He wanted to make love to Greg every night, to come home to him after a hard shift at work, to know that Greg would always be here for him.

That might not be what fate had planned for his future, Don thought with a yawn as he closed his eyes and let his body relax. But now that those desires had burst into his mind in full bloom, he wasn't going to let them go until he knew that they would either come true -- or fade away forever.