Title: Don't Ever Leave Me
By: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don/Adam
Rating: PG
Summary: Don finds himself comforting Adam.


Don stirred and reached for Adam. When he realized Adam wasn't there, he sat up. As he started to get out f bed, he heard a quiet sobbing coming from the living room. He headed into into the living room to find Adam curled up on the couch crying his eyes out. Don sat down on the sofa and gently began to rub Adam's back.....

"Adam, baby, what's wrong?"

Adam looked over at Don and cried even harder....

"Come on, baby, what's all this?

Adam sat up and turned to face Don....

"Don, please don't leave me....I promise I'll do better. I'll clean better, I'll cook more, I'll even learn how to make love better. Whatever it takes, I swear I'll do......

"Whoa, slow down a minute....Who said I was leaving?"

"I heard the end of your conversation with Danny today at work. You made the statement "if things don't get better, soon, I may have to find somebody else..."

Just repeating that to Don got Adam started crying again. Don gathered Adam up in his arms and started wiping the tears from Adam's face.....

"Baby, I was talking about the dry cleaner we've been using. They've been fucking up our clothes, and I decided it may be time to find another one."

"You swear?"

"Yes, baby, I swear. Do you actually thing I could walk away from the best damned thing that ever happened to me? Do you?"

"I kinda hoped not...."

"Adam, I love you more than words could ever express. I'd be lost without you. Don't you know that you complete me?"

Adam looked up at Don with tears in his eyes. He reached up and touched Don's cheek. Don kissed Adam's fingertips when Adam said, "Don, you are my whole world. I don't think I could make it one day without you. I swear I'll do anything it takes to keep you in my world. I would be nothing if it weren't for you"

Don stood up with tears in his eyes. He reached for Adam's hand and they walked to the bedroom. Once they were settled in bed, Don pulled Adam into his arms and held Adam close. Don knew he was in for a few days of extra attention for Adam, but it didn't matter to him. Anything for Adam....