Title: Don't Make Me Now
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don/Adam
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just visiting friends.....

Don was suggesting things that he knew Adam wouldn't be able to bring himself to do on his own. He kept telling Adam that he had to, and Adam kept wondering what he was going to do next.

Adam didn't want to give in, but he was afraid that he would cave in anyway. He didn't want Don to force him, and was hoping to buy a little time, maybe a day or two.

It sure was hard to keep his wits about him when Don looked at him with those icy blue eyes. He always was a fool for those eyes. Adam knew he wouldn't question Don, he just hoped that Don would be a little understanding and let him wait.

He begged Don to let him wait because another day might find him in a more receptive frame of mind. Adam knew that if he did give in, it might be the end for him. Adam didn't know how he could just turn and walk away.

Adam wanted to cry, plead, beg, whatever it took. He simply looked at Don and said: "Don't make me leave, let me wait just one more day."

The End