Title: Benefits of a Fireplace
Rating: FRAO
Author: Bj Jones
Disclaimer: I think we all know I don't own them and the reasons why. They are owned by various executives, producers, writers and studios that have more lawyers than I want to mess with. I'm not making any money just borrowing them for a bit and promise to return them
Summary: Stepping off the plane reminded Speed why he left – he hated the cold.
Beta: Kay
Warning: Slash – if you don't like it – don't read it
Author's Note: If you know me you know that….That episode didn't happen. As far as I'm concerned Speed I alive and well. Crossover with CSI: New York.
100 Challenges: [info]slash_100 – Timothy Speedle
Pairing: Speed/Danny
Prompt: #46 - Winter
Word Count: 1649


Speed stepped out of the airplane and into the walkway and shivered. "Damn." He pulled his jacket tighter and headed for the terminal. He had forgotten how cold New York got in January. What the hell was he thinking coming here in the middle of winter? Maybe had something to do with his childhood friend begging, pleading, and the 'I'll make it worth your while' on the phone.

He grabbed his bags from the baggage claim and headed for the exit. He stopped just outside the terminal cursing silently again, why did he have to come to New York? Speed was severely tempted to turn around and go back to Miami. He grumbled, tightened his jacket around him, and got a cab.

He swore the cab was colder than outside. Heaters he guessed were optional or cost extra. Considering it’s a good thirty-minute cab ride from JFK to Manhattan, it was a long, cold cab ride and by the time he pulled up in front of Danny's place he was considering homicide. If criminals could blame the heat, he could blame the cold.

He tramped up the three flights of stairs growling. He dropped his bags in front of the door and knocked, okay he pounded. He was freezing.

The door opened to the sight of a grinning Danny. "Speed, get in here. You must be cold."

"Understatement of the year, Danny," he grumbled trying to get warm. "Why did I agree to come to New York in the middle of January?"

"Cause you miss me." Danny dropped the bags by the door. "Let me take your coat."

Speed slid off the coat and handed it to him. He whipped off the gloves and hat to go with it. "You could have come to see me in Miami. It's a nice sixty degrees and that’s considered cold."

"I had to finish that case," Danny said as he headed into the kitchen. "I've got a fire going."

Speed shivered from the cold. "Wow, that must have set you back in rent."

"Well you know how it is." Danny walked back out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee.

"Luxuries that no one knows about?" Speed took the offered coffee cup, warming his hands on them.

"Yeah." Danny walked into the living room taking a seat on the couch in front of the fire. "The problem is if anyone at work found out they would think my family is paying me to cover for them."

Speed rolled his eyes. "It's not your fault Papa Messer is a hood. If they did their research they would find out Grandpa Messer was a hard working Italian man, who would rise from his grave and smack the shit out of Papa Messer if he could."

"I would pay to see that," Danny snickered, setting his coffee down on the end table. "So does Miami know papa Speedle owns two the top restaurants in Manhattan?"

"Hell no," Speed grinned. "Though you would think they would wonder how the hell I can afford a Ducati."

"Your need for speed," Danny laughed. He noticed Speed shivering. "Are you still cold?"

"What do you think?" Speed leaned over, resting his cold hand on Danny's cheek.

Danny pulled away. "Damn, that's cold." He then leaned forward, taking the hand in his own. "Maybe I can warm you up?"

Danny took Speed's hand and slipped it under his shirt. Speed looked Danny in the eyes. "What do you have in mind?"

"I can show you the benefits of a fireplace," he grinned as he slipped onto the rug laid out in front of the cozy fireplace.

Danny reached up and pulled the dark haired man into a deep kiss, his tongue dueling with Speed's. Speed was pulled down onto the rug. He moaned in pleasure as his body became flush with Danny's. He pulled back when he felt able hands begin to unbutton his shirt. He straddled the younger man. "Danny…"

"Sh…" Danny ran a hand up and under Speed's shirt. "Please, Speed, I need this."

Speed dipped down and took the young man's mouth into a deep passionate kiss. He sat back leaving Danny panting. With a grin he ripped off his own shirt then attacked Danny's sweater with a vengeance. Speed tossed the sweater to the side as he took one erect nipple into his mouth. The younger man moaned, arching into the touch his hands slipping into the dark hair. Speed lavished attention on one, and then moved to the other. He had Danny shivering with need in no time. He took the blond's mouth in a deep kiss before sitting back up.

"I want you to be sure," Speed panted.

Danny looked up at him; Speed's eyes were dark with lust. "I'm sure. I will always love you, Tim."

"And I you." Speed sat back, his hands unbuckling Danny's pants. He pulled out the hard leaking cock and stroked it softly, his thumb caressing over the head. Danny jerked his hips up, looking for more friction. Speed's other hand held the blond's hips down. "Patience, Danny."

"Don't tease," he moaned.

"Don't worry, baby." Speed leaned down, his mouth hot against Danny's ear. "I'll make you scream."

"Speed…." Danny whined. "Please…"

Speed stripped Danny of his pants and underwear and then shredded his own clothes. He grinned when he reached under the couch and found supplies. "Danny…" he chuckled.

Danny smirked. "I'm always prepared."

Speed's eyebrow rose. "How prepared are you?" He spread Danny's legs, apart his finger finding his entrance. Carefully, with a lubed finger he entered him. Danny moaned and arched into the touch. "It's been a while?" Speed asked before slipping in a second finger.

"Since last time," Danny answered his blue eyes dark.

Speed nodded as he added a third finger. His other hand began stroking the hard member. He took his time to making sure Danny was ready for him, begging for him. He pulled his fingers out wiping them off on their discard clothes. He slipped on a condom, lubed up, and knelt between Danny's legs. "Are you ready?"

"Get. In. Me. NOW!" Danny growled spreading his legs further apart.

"Demanding, aren't you?" Speed positioned the blond's legs on his shoulders and slid slowly into him. "Oh God… Danny…"

"More…" Danny thrust upward, taking more of Speed in. "That's it…"

Speed pulled out slightly and thrust back in, burying himself balls deep. He groaned at the tight heat surrounding him. He set a slow, leisurely pace, drawing out the pleasure for both of them. They were both panting, sweat pouring off of them. Danny whined and moaned with each thrust, tears in his eyes as Speed made love to him.

"Harder…please, oh God… Speed…" Danny groaned.

Speed took Danny's mouth in a passionate kiss as he began to thrust harder. Shifting slightly, he changed angles, hitting Danny's prostate with each thrust, causing the young man to scream out in passion.

"Stroke yourself," Speed demanded.

Danny loosened his grip on Speed's arm, taking his hard aching member in his hands and jacking himself off in time with Speed's thrusts. The only sounds in the room were their heavy breathing, the sound of skin against skin as Speed pounded into Danny, his balls slapping against the tight ass, and their twin moans of pleasure.

Speed knew he was close; he grabbed Danny's hips, angling them as he thrust even harder. He looked down at Danny through sweat soaked bangs. "Cum for me."

Danny arched up, pulling Speed further in and came with a shout. Speed buried his face into Danny's shoulder and stilled as he came. Panting slightly, he slipped out of the trembling younger man. He took care of the condom and got a warm cloth to clean the two of them up. When he was done he tossed the cloth back into the bathroom, grabbed a blanket, and curled up with Danny by the fireplace. Danny faced the fire; Speed spooned in behind him.

"How long?" Speed asked.

Danny sighed. "Since I laid eyes on him."

"Does he know?" Speed kissed his temple.

"No." Danny settled in Speed's arms. "He doesn't trust me. He thinks I'm nothing but a lousy Messer that ran with the Tanglewood boys."

"You should tell him the truth, everything," Speed suggested.

"What about you?" Danny shifted onto his back and looked at Speed. "The bullet might not miss next time." Danny traced the scar on the shoulder. "Don't you think he has the right to know?"

Speed sighed. "I can't. He's in love with someone else."

"Are you sure?" Danny asked.

"He pines over her." Speed leaned down and kissed Danny on the lips. "This would be so much easier if we were just truly in love with each other."

"Yeah," Danny smiled. "But no we have to make our lives difficult."

"And fall in love with our bosses." Speed pulled Danny close.

The two watched the fire dance on the logs. It couldn't help but remind Speed of fiery red hair, while Danny thought of piercing blue eyes that held a fiery passion within.

~ The End ~