Title: What I’m Here For
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don/Adam
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Don watched the rain fall while waiting for Adam to come home. He knew that Adam had to stay late at the lab because of the case they were working on. Stella had called and given Don a ‘heads-up’ right before he left the precinct.

When Don got home, he changed the sheets on their bed and got out some sandalwood-scented candles and placed them around the bedroom. He got Adam’s favorite bath gel out and found some of Adam’s soft rock CDs for the stereo.

Once the preparations were done, Don grabbed a quick shower and a beer. His plan was simple. He would order some of Adam’s favorite take-out while Adam soaked in the tub. After dinner, Don wanted to give Adam a rub-down and some quiet time.

When Adam got home, Don set his plan into motion. He helped Adam put his things away and told him to get into the tub. Adam smiled when he entered the bedroom and saw the candles everywhere. As he soaked in the bath, he heard Don coming down the hall.

Don told him their dinner was on the way and offered to wash Adam’s back. When the doorbell rang, Don helped Adam from the tub and went to answer the door. After dinner, Don gave Adam his rub-down, and  just before Adam drifted off to sleep, he thanked Don for the evening. Don replied ,”Anytime, baby….It’s what I’m here for…..”