Title: For Your Love
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Don Flack/Jordan Hester
Fandom: CSI: NY/Person of Interest
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Don Flack or Jordan Hester, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Don unlocked the door of his apartment, swinging the door wide and standing back to let Jordan enter first. The other man stood there looking around, a slight smile curving his lips as he took in the living room, the picture window at one end, the comfortable chairs and couch.

"Nice place you've got here," he said softly, his gaze shifting to focus on Don. "It suits you. It feels lived-in and comfortable, with all these personal touches, but it's not messy. Kind of like you," he added with a smile. "I've felt comfortable around you since we first met."

"I felt the same way about you," Don murmured, unsure of what else to say. He wanted to simply take Jordan into his arms and kiss him, then lead him to the bedroom. But that seemed awfully abrupt; he didn't want this man to think that he was only interested in sex.

If he was honest, sex was the primary goal -- at least for the moment. But that wasn't all he wanted from Jordan. He wanted to spend time with this man, to get to know him, to let their relationship bloom. But right now, he wanted them to be naked in each other's arms.

Would Jordan mind if he escalated things along that line? If he did, he could always back off, Don told himself. He shouldn't be hesitating like this; Jordan knew what Don bringing him home meant, and it was more than obvious that they both wanted the same thing.

Throwing caution to the winds, Don moved closer to Jordan, wrapping both arms around the other man's waist and pulling him close. One hand moved down Jordan's back, over the curve of his ass, molding his palm to that firm, rounded buttock and moaning as he did so.

His mouth was on Jordan's, his tongue exploring, tasting, discovering. No one's kiss had ever tasted as sweet as Jordan's did; he could stand here and drink this man in forever. But he had other things on his mind, things that required much less clothing.

He needed to have Jordan naked as quickly as he could; Don didn't want to wait longer than he had to for them to be next to each other with no barriers between them. He wanted to drink in Jordan's nude body with his gaze, then with his hands and mouth.

"Come on," he whispered, reluctantly moving away from Jordan and taking his hand. "Let's go to bed." He couldn't think of any other words to say; his brain didn't seem to be working properly. He couldn't form words, even in his mind; all he could was think of how much he wanted Jordan.

Jordan nodded, squeezing his hand lightly as he followed Don down the hallway to the bedroom. When they reached the doorway, Don turned to him, taking Jordan into his arms and kissing him again, this time with more passion, his desire coming to the forefront.

They moved as one towards the bed, as though the same idea was going through both of their minds at precisely the same moment. Don didn't doubt that was the case; he already knew that Jordan wanted him, or the other man wouldn't be here in his bedroom.

His hands moved over Jordan's body, tugging at the fabric of his clothes, loosening buttons, pulling down the zipper of his pants. He wasn't entirely sure just how he managed to get Jordan's clothes off; he only knew that within a few moments, he was touching skin rather than fabric.

Jordan's hands had been busy, too; he was naked as well, their bodies skin to skin, the touch electric. Don moaned Jordan's name, twining his fingers through the other man's hair as his mouth trailed fire down Jordan's throat, tasting the sweet tang of his bare skin.

It only took him a moment to roll Jordan over onto his back and lean over him, reaching for the tube of lube that he kept in the drawer of the table by his bed. Within seconds, he'd squeezed a generous amount of the thick, slippery fluid onto his fingers.

Jordan moaned his name when he inserted one finger, his hips arching upwards against Don's hand. That moan sounded sweeter than a choir of angels; somehow, Don knew that he would always feel a shiver of excitement down his spine whenever he heard that sound.

Quickly, a second finger joined the first; within moments, he was pressing both fingers deeply inside Jordan's willing body, stroking his prostate, stretching and preparing the other man. Their breaths were coming in ragged gasps now; neither of them could wait much longer.

Slowly, Don withdrew his fingers from Jordan's body, hoping that the other man was ready for him. He couldn't wait any longer to be inside Jordan's body; he had to take the other man, had to be one with Jordan, to know what it was like for their bodies to join.

Shifting his position slightly, he gazed down into Jordan's dark eyes, hoping that the man beneath him knew what he was trying to convey, and that Jordan was ready for him. If he wasn't, then this wasn't going to be all that Don hoped that it would.

But Jordan's eyes showed no fear, no hesitation. All he could read in those dark depths was desire, the same desire that he felt coursing through his own veins. His desire was answered in kind; he had no doubt that Jordan wanted him just as badly.

"Take me," Jordan whispered, spreading his legs wider to give Don better access to his body. "I need you, Don. I want you. Now." Those words were a mere whisper of sound in the quiet of the room, but Don could hear them as loudly and clearly as if Jordan had been screaming.

He closed his eyes, thrusting his hips forward, gasping when he was surrounded by a tight heat that he wouldn't have thought was possible in his wildest dreams. He'd never felt anything so pleasurable; it was as though he was thrusting into a velvet vise.

Jordan's body seemed to have been made for him; nothing had ever felt so right, so comfortable. It was as though he and Jordan were two puzzle pieces that had finally come together, interlocking in a way that proclaimed they would never be separated again.

Jordan's impossibly long legs were wrapped around his waist, those arms around his neck; Jordan's body was wrapped around his own, clinging to him, seeming to draw him in even deeper. He couldn't have pulled away now if he'd wanted to -- which he definitely didn't.

He wanted to thrust into this man forever, to have this rapturous joining of their bodies never end, to feel as though he was one with Jordan for the rest of eternity. He knew that couldn't happen, but he would make it last for as long as he possibly could.

Even as that thought went through his mind, Don knew that he couldn't keep this up for much longer; he was already careening too close to the edge, and he was sure that Jordan felt the same. Their desire for each other ran too hot, too high, for them to make this first coupling last.

He was so close to the edge that he could almost taste the sweetness of his release; all he wanted to do was to let go, to leap from that precipice, to let the pleasure sweep over his body and overtake him. But he was going to make sure that Jordan came first.

His hips thrust forward again, harder, deeper this time -- and he could feel Jordan's inner muscles tighten around him, hear the other man's soft cry, and feel the warm rush of Jordan's release between their bodies. There was no need to hold back now; he could let himself go.

Don did so, his own soft cry joining Jordan's. He collapsed on top of the other man, rolling to the side slightly so that his weight wouldn't press down too hard on Jordan. He wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling Jordan close against him, burying his face in the other man's dark hair.

He could feel Jordan's heart beating, feel the warm susurrus of the other man's breath against his skin. He wanted them to stay like this for as long as they could, curled here together, basking in the afterglow of the first time their bodies had come together.

"That was incredible," Jordan whispered, raising one hand to stroke Don's cheek. "I never thought sex could be that good. This sounds like a stupid old cliché, but you've spoiled me for all other men. I don't ever want to even think about being with anybody else."

"Neither do I," Don told him, his voice soft and husky, a little breathless. "I'd move mountains for your love, Jordan. This isn't just about sex for me. It's about being with you -- only you. It's about letting myself fall in love with you like I've never fallen for anybody before."

"I'm falling for you, too," Jordan answered, his voice very soft, the words so full of wonder that they almost brought tears to Don's eyes. How had he gotten so lucky as to fall for this man -- and to know that Jordan's feelings were a match for his own?

Don took Jordan's hand in his own, bringing the other man's fingertips to his lips and kissing them. "I'd do anything for your love, Jordan," he whispered, his gaze meeting Jordan's without wavering or turning away. "Not just anyone's love. Yours. Only yours."

"I never thought I'd ever find anyone who'd love me the way you do," Jordan whispered, his dark eyes filling with tears. "I thought I'd always have a dark cloud hanging over me, because of the whole identity thing. But you .... you've changed the way I look at everything."

"I hope I keep changing things for you -- for the better," Don told him with a soft smile. "I plan to be a part of your life for a really long time, Jordan Hester. You're stuck with me now. Better get used to it. And better get used to being loved all the time -- in a lot of different ways."

"I think I could live with that," Jordan replied, laughing softly at Don's words. He leaned forward slightly to brush his lips against Don's, the contact sending a tingle down Don's spine. Once he got his second wind, he intended to show Jordan how much he was loved for the rest of the night.