Title: Give Me Tonight
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Greg Sanders/Don Flack
Fandom: CSI: Vegas/CSI: NY
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Set pre-CSI: Vegas when Greg is still living in NYC.
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Greg Sanders or Don Flack, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Don looked around him as he entered the club; from what he could see, the usual people were there. He'd long since given up looking for new blood here; it was simply a place where he came to drink, and, if he was lucky, he might find someone who seemed interesting.

Of course, the men who he met here never held that interest for more than a few days at most. It had been a long time since he'd met a man who he wanted to be with for any significant amount of time; at this point, he'd more or less given up looking.

Glancing around, he slid onto a barstool, wondering if he should just have a drink and leave, head to a place where there seemed to be more life. But just as the thought hit him, his attention was caught by someone he'd never seen in this place before.

Could the young man he was looking at even be of legal age to be drinking in a gay bar? Don didn't think so, but looks could be deceiving. He was good at discovering fake IDs, and if this young man had one, he'd haul him in. But he could be legal.

And if he was .... Don could feel his heartbeat speeding up; when the bartender approached him, he casually asked what the young man curled into one of the large leather chairs in the corner was drinking. It didn't take long for him to have to drinks in his hands.

He cleared his throat as he approached the corner, sitting down carefully before handing the rum and coke to the object of his interest. "Thought you could use another," he said, raising his voice slightly to be sure that he was heard over the music.

Fortunately, it wasn't overly loud tonight; Don smiled inwardly at the thought that he could sit here and talk to this attractive young man without having to shout to make himself heard. "You look at little young to be drinking in here by yourself," he continued, arching an eyebrow.

The younger man returned his questioning look with a glance of his own; shrugging, he shifted his position slightly, reaching into his back pocket to pull out his wallet and flip it open to his ID. "Check it if you want," he said, sounding defiant. "I just turned twenty-one last month."

Don took the wallet from him, studying the picture on the driver's license that was presented to him. "You even took a good picture," he remarked, handing the wallet back to its owner. "So, Greg Sanders, what are you doing hanging out here all by your lonesome?"

Greg shrugged, a small smile curving his lips. "Nothing, really," he admitted, shaking his head. "I could say that I was waiting for somebody, but that would be a lie. I don't really known anybody here. I just wanted to get out of my apartment for a while."

What Don wanted to do was to get this beautiful young man back to his own apartment -- or to spend time in Greg's, whichever option seemed more feasible. He hadn't been this aroused by anyone at first meeting for years; his heart was beating triple-time, his senses almost reeling.

All it had taken was one glance at Greg to know that this was what he wanted for the night. Maybe even several nights. There was no reason to fear that Greg was too young -- and if he had a boyfriend, then he wouldn't be here alone on a Saturday night.

"So you don't have any plans for the rest of the night?" he asked, trying to sound casual. He didn't want his eagerness to show -- and he didn't want Greg to slip away from him if he thought some older guy was trying to pick him up for a one-night stand.

"Not a thing," Greg said softly, his gaze meeting the other man's. Don could feel his heart surge in his chest; there was a frank sensuality in Greg's gaze that he hadn't expected to see in someone so young. Just how experienced could this young man be with being propositioned?

Greg couldn't be a pro. He would have recognized the signs -- and there was a kind of sweet innocence about this young man, even with the way he was looking at Don. No, Greg wasn't someone who was used to being hit on in gay bars. Don was sure of that.

"I probably shouldn't be asking this, but .... is there anybody at home waiting for you?" His voice was softer than it should have been to be easily heard, but it wasn't something that he wanted to say too loudly -- just in case there was a boyfriend nearby.

"I'm as single as the day is long," Greg told him, the smile flashing again. "Or the night. Whichever you prefer." Don couldn't but smile back at the words; it was obvious to him that Greg was trying to cop to a badass attitude that wasn't normal for him.

"You know, you don't have to try to impress me with how raunchy you can be," he said, reaching out to take the young man's hand in his own. "I already wanted you when I first saw you. Even if talking like that might just make me want you even more."

"I don't have a problem with that," Greg told him, his steady, intense gaze holding the older man's. "Where do you want to go? Your place or mine?" He almost sounded like a pro when he said those words; Don had the strange feeling that he was the one being propositioned.

It took him a moment to realize that Greg was putting on a front; the young man's hands were shaking, his body almost seeming to shrink into the soft leather of the chair that he was curled into. It wasn't just his imagination; Greg was scared.

All right, maybe not scared, but definitely nervous. He had no idea of how he could alleviate the young man's jitters -- other than by taking him to bed and relaxing him in the best way possible. And he was more than ready to do that.

"Why do I get the feeling that this is new for you?" he asked, his gaze not leaving Greg's face. "You don't seem like the guy who goes out to pick up one-night stands. I've even got the feeling that you might not have been with that many guys."

Greg looked down, a pink flush spreading over his cheeks. In that moment, Don knew that his surmises were right -- it was more than obvious that Greg was putting on an act, and that this wasn't the kind of situation he was used to being in the middle of.

"Only a couple," he answered in a low voice. "It's not like I go around letting guys take me home and fuck me .... I just .... I'm tired of being alone." He looked up at Don as he spoke the last words; the expression on his face was so wistful that it broke Don's heart.

"This isn't exactly the kind of place to come looking for a relationship," he said softly, wishing that he had more to offer Greg than a brief fling. But he had long ago given up the idea of having any kind of lasting relationship with a man -- it simply wasn't in the cards.

"I'm not looking for anything that's going to last for the rest of my life," Greg said hastily, shaking his head. "But it'd be nice to have somebody to care about, you know? Even if it's just for a little while." Again, the wistful look, the dark eyes locking with his.

"I might not be able to offer you much, but I hope you'll still give me tonight," Don told him, his gaze not wavering from Greg's face. "I'm not going to push you, Greg. If you want me to get up and leave, I will. But I think we'd both be givng up something that could be great."

"If you think I'd be great, you might be fooling yourself," Ryan told him, looking away. "I'm not all that experienced. You might end up being really disappointed." Don was touched by the uncertainty in Greg's voice; somehow, he didn't think this young man would disappoint him in any way.

"I don't think you're going to disappoint me in the least," he said, squeezing Greg's hand gently before letting go. "So, beautiful, which is it? Your place or mine?" He gave Greg what he hoped was a reassuring smile; he almost didn't want the young man to see his eagerness.

He wanted to get Greg home -- or to his own place, whichever they chose to go to -- and get him out of those clothes. He wanted that slim body in his arms, wanted to let his mouth and hands roam over that firm flesh. He wanted to take Greg in every way possible.

"Mine?" Greg asked, sounding hopeful. "I'm kind of more comfortable there," he added, looking apologetic. Don laughed, nodding as he rose to his feet. If that was what Greg wanted, he had no problem with being at this gorgeous boy's apartment all night.

"Then let's get out of here and go someplace where we can be alone," he murmured as Greg got up to stand beside him. The sinuous movement of his body made Don's throat constrict; if he could move like that just to stand up, what would he be like in bed?

Oh, he was looking forward to this night more than he could put into words, Don thought as he and Greg left the club. He placed a hand on the small of Greg's back, as if to ward off any man who might have ideas about speaking to Greg as they headed for the door.

This young man was his for the night, Don thought, a proprietary smile on his lips. And who knew what would come of that? Maybe this wouldn't last forever -- he didn't expect it to -- but he had the feeling that Greg was going to be much more to him than just a one-night stand.