TITLE: Favorite Way To Greet The Day
AUTHOR: Jaxson K.
DISCLAIMER: "I own nothing, just visiting friends"
SUMMARY: Just a little smut.....

Don woke to the delicious sensation of Adam's tongue working up and down the length of his hard shaft. This was one of his most favorite ways to wake up and greet the day. It made him very happy that his honey liked waking him up this way.

When they first got together, Adam had a hard time giving Don a blow job because Don has a rather large cock. But Don was very willing to let Adam practice as much as he wanted so he could blow Don properly. It didn't take long until Adam was blowing Don like a pro.

Now Don know that he will be in for a good time whenever Adam decides he wants to treat Don to his favorite way of waking up. That's why Don looks forward to the feel of Adam's tongue on his cock. As he lays there catching his breath he wonders if somebody could OD from this.....