Title: New York Heart Break
Author: DennSedai aka Dennis
Feedback: Yes Please
Summary: Xander and Danny meet up once again, after a less than happy parting in the past. Madness, investigations, and loads of smut ensue. Eventually there will be a happy ending, after an angst-filled beginning.
Warnings: SMUT, yep huge honking smutty, slutty sex scenes. Several of which were inspired on a mailing list by the challenges of 1) Make Up Sex and 2) Toys *smirks* Oh yeah, the boys went there and then some. *sighs and rolls eyes* Yep the smutty, slutty sex fairies visited the muses. Small amount of profanity, nothing too horrendous. Yep multiple, graphic sex scenes. What the boys demanded, I answered, reluctantly.
Notes: Created in response to the photo manip by TexasAries over at Twisting the Hellmouth
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just playing with them…or the muses are playing with me…your choice. Don, Danny, and CSI: New York are owned by Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS, etc. I don't claim any type of ownership…which is a damn shame ;-) Buffy and company belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. *sighs*
Date: Begun 9/28/08, Completed 10/25/08

Setting down the burger he had been eating, Xander got up and went over to answer the knock at his hotel room door. He'd been expecting it for a while now, and had hoped that it wouldn't be till later. Still fate had a way of playing games with him that would leave him regretting it later on. 

Peering out the peephole set in the door, he fought down the sigh that he felt. Taking a slow, deep breath he opened the door at last. "Danny," he said. 

"Xander," was Danny's reply. "May I come in?" 

Gesturing with his free hand, Xander waited till his former lover walked in before closing the door behind him. 

Letting out a soft sigh, Xander followed him over to where he had been sitting down to eat. "Well I was having dinner, if you want I could order something for you from room service as well if you'd like. Not like the boss will complain." 

"Why…" Danny asked flatly, letting the question hang like that in the air between them.  

"Why am I here to help with the case? Or why am I staying at this hotel, or" 

"Really funny Xander, not. You know what I'm asking. Why did you leave and not even call me since then and then walk back into my life like this." 

Staring the older man in the eyes, Xander considered his options for a moment. The pain, hurt and betrayal as clear in those beautiful blue eyes as he'd expected. "I'm sorry Danny. More sorry than you could even begin to imagine." 

"Bastard…" Danny muttered softly. "Just tell me why, what did I do that you left me like that." 

Motioning over to the love seat, Xander slowly paced over there and sat down, waiting for Danny to follow suit. When he didn't after a tense minute, Xander let out a soft sigh. "I didn't have a choice Danny. If I could have, I would have stayed. You can't imagine how many times I started to call and hung up before I could talk to you. It's just not that simple." 

"What's so hard about it Xander? What happened," Danny asked doggedly. "You didn't even leave a note." 

"Danny, please sit. Let me try and explain, or at least tell you what I can," Xander said softly, a soft note of pleading in his voice. 

Letting out his own soft sigh, Danny stalked over and sat down facing Xander, "Fine, so tell me what was so important you left without a call or even a note." 

"Like I told you after the first few days, when my bosses call, I have to go. It doesn't matter if I'm on vacation or in the middle of something. They holler, I listen and do what I'm told. You more than anyone else have to understand what it's like." 

"Maybe, maybe not. I know you're not a cop or even a CSI like I am. So what the hell hold do your bosses have on you Xander? I mean, the case we're all working on is some kind of wacked out, screwy crap. So what does that have to do with you?" 

"Still the same concept Danny. With the type of work I do, with who I work for I have to jump when I get called. I also have to maintain the same type of confidentiality that a priest or a doctor would. I can't share a lot of what I know with anyone…" Xander said watching Danny closely. "I'll tell you what I can, but there's a lot I can only talk about in general or vague terms, if at all. I'm sure you've been there before." 

Letting out a soft sigh, Danny reluctantly nodded his agreement with Xander's statement. "But you're not a cop, or a doctor, or a CSI, or the like. So who are you protecting?" 

Xander shrugged helplessly at that. "I can't tell you that Danny. We all have secrets that aren't ours to share don't we? In this case, I can't betray the confidences that I've been given. If I do…well let's just say some truly horrible things could happen. Just like you can't betray the things that you learn at work, I can't betray the secrets I have from work. If I could tell you, believe me I would." 

Danny just snorted at that.  

"So what are you doing now to help us solve the case, since you can't talk to me about your job or your bosses?" 

Motioning to the laptop and printer that were sitting on the table, Xander spoke up. "For now, I've got a few different searches running through some obscure databases that most people don't even know exist, and would have to have special permission to access. So while those searches are running, I'm eating and thinking about what the various news papers have reported and what you guys have told me. Once those searches are done, and yeah there are several different ones running, I'll eliminate the ones that don't match. Since I'm having to search by one term at a time, I want to see what overlaps and then I can figure out what possible answers I'm looking at." 

"I guess that makes sense," Danny said reluctantly. "After all you have to have at least a partial idea of what you're looking for I guess. But you still haven't answered my original question." 

"I left because I had to Danny. My boss called and it wasn't something that could wait. I can't explain beyond that, you'll just have to trust me. I literally had just enough time to pack and walk out the door. From there I was off to the airport and catching a flight to where I was needed." 

"And where was that?" 

Xander shrugged again, unable to answer the question. He couldn't say that he'd been rushed off to deal with a near miss of an ascension. That he'd been helping a team of slayers and brand new watchers who should have known better, but hadn't. 

"I can't tell you that Danny. It's not my secret to share," Xander said gently. 

"Can't or won't?" Danny asked, before changing his mind. "Never mind, I can understand even if I don't believe that you have to keep that type of confidence." 

"Thank you for that much Danny. I swear to you, if there's any way that I can fill you in on things, I will. I can't make any promises though," Xander said hesitantly. "So how have you been?" 

Danny chuckled at that. It was an obvious attempt to change the conversation, but hell Xander deserved that much of a break. "The same as always, Mac's still riding my ass about things at work. I don't know why the hell I stay here, but what can I say, its home." 

"Yeah, I know what that's like…or at least somewhat like. Plenty of those I work with, I'd gladly beat but it's not worth the effort or headache." 

"Uh huh, at least you don't have an ex-marine trying to second guess every single thing you do." 

"Yeah well, I've got just as bad, even if they aren't ex-marines. Still, that's life I suppose. You deal with it and move on," Xander said gently, still trying to get a clear read on Danny's mood. "So you seeing anyone or still single at the moment?" 

"Nah…not like you can really meet anyone with the crappy hours that this job has. I suppose it's the same for you?" 

"Yeah, pretty much. Maybe a tiny bit harder, since I'm pretty much a roving trouble shooter for my job. Not like I can even really count on being any given place for a given time frame," Xander said with a sigh. 


Having signed in at the desk to the CSI unit, Xander waited patiently for Mac to come down and escort him up to their meeting room. The messenger bag slung over one arm held both his lap top as well as a number of folders, each individually labeled, that were the results of last nights research. He also had an additional folder that contained a master listing of the various rites, rituals, etc that he'd pulled up and which ones were most to least likely in descending order.  

After all some of the various elements were fairly common in a great number of rituals, while some of the elements were more obscure and only found in a few rituals. Of course it all depended on how 'reliable' the reference source was for the idiots who were doing this. If they didn't have reliable or accurate information then this was all useless anyways. 

"Mr. Harris," Mac said, interrupting Xander's train of thoughts. "So what information do you have for me today?" 

"Right now, I've got a lot of possible leads that need narrowed down further. But I'd rather brief everyone at once, if that's acceptable to you?" 

"I think we can manage that," Mac replied, "after all most of us are still here at the moment and we can fill in anyone who's out in the field at the moment later on." 

"That's fine then," Xander replied simply, he truly wanted to get this part of the investigation over with. The real work wouldn't be handled by the NYPD anyways, if it was what he thought. 


"So here's what we have at the moment. I've narrowed it down to around a dozen possible rituals or rites that they could be using." Xander said simply once they were all assembled save for Danny and Lindsey who were out in the field at the moment. "Now that's not to say that all of them are equally likely, those are just the one's that have an element or two in common. There are four different rituals that are the most likely and the remaining eight rituals are also possible, but I need more information to narrow it down to a definite ritual or rite that they are using." 

"So how do you know that it's one of these particular rituals instead of another one," Stella asked interrupting Xander's brief speech. 

"Probably the same way that you figure out who the most likely person is. It's a matter of taking the information and slowly narrowing it down by what we do know for a certainty," Xander said simply. "The organization I work for has spent countless centuries studying, gathering and organizing various sources of information, on things like this. We currently have a partial database of the information that can be accessed and researched. Of course access to the database is very tightly controlled." 

"I guess that makes some sense then," Stella said, not willing to commit fully one way or the other to the accuracy of Xander's information. 

"So what I need is more detailed information that either hasn't been released to the public at large to compare to the various sources I have, and/or I'll need to spend a fair bit of time speaking to people who are 'in the life' and deal with the occult and such." 

Stella rolled her eyes at that. "The last time we had to deal with any of the folks like that we ran into a stone wall most of the time." 

Xander just laughed at that. "I'm honestly not surprised that you guys would run into a stone wall. It's nothing against you personally, it's just that there's too much history there for those who really are in the life, to trust anyone in a position of authority like you guys are. After all even in today's world there are cases of witch hunts and burnings going on still." 

Stella's jaw dropped in shock at that, while Mac simply raised one eyebrow in question. 

"So yeah, while they would be far less likely to talk to you guys, I can take one of you with and provide a 'introduction' I suppose you could say that would serve in the future if you had need of it," Xander replied. "Personally, if it was my choice, I'd say either Danny or Sheldon. For the simple reason that you Mac are ex-military and likely to raise their hackles, Lindsey isn't going to be the type who can get along all that well with them and Stella, they generally don't care that much for people with attitude." 

Stella let out a most unladylike snort at that. "I only have an attitude if I'm getting given one in the first place." 

Xander shrugged at that. "It's up to you guys of course, but I do have my own credentials of sorts that would allow me to get in and reasonably talk to these people and get some answers. If I vouch for one of you guys, then that person will likely have a reasonable chance of being treated fairly in the future if you run into a case that touches on them. But I am putting my name and rep on the line for whoever I go and vouch for." 

"That's reasonable I suppose," Mac conceded after thinking about it for a moment. "Sheldon, are you up for going along with Mr. Harris or would you prefer Danny to do it?" 

Sheldon just shook his head. "I think I'll pass Mac. I already know more than I care to about this type of thing and I don't need to know more. I'm sure Danny will bitch, but hey could always be worse." 

Mac nodded his agreement at that. "All right then, so Messer will be going out with you to where ever it is that you have to check out for additional information. I'll also get you the additional information that you're cleared for since the Chief of Detectives has authorized partial, but not full access to the case information." 

"That's fine, give me what you are allowed, I can leave a copy with you guys of the information I've pulled up so far and then research the rest of it with the new information you have for me," Xander said, keeping his voice neutral. "Since I won't be able to hit any of the places that I need to check out till late afternoon at the latest, that should give me time to do some further research and I'll forward the results back to you guys once I have anything." 


Sitting down wearily on the couch in the suite that Xander was staying at Danny let out a pained sigh. "So you want to tell me exactly what we have managed to accomplish today?" 

"We've managed several things Danny. First we eliminated some of the potential suppliers from the list, second we also put a subtle message out there, that will get back to whoever is doing this that my employers are aware of what's going on and taking an active interest in the matter, and third we have helped establish some credentials for you and your department as well." 

"Hold up a minute, what does the second have to do with anything? Because that sounds more than a little suspicious to me Xander." 

Sighing softly Xander stretched where he was sitting. "It's simple Danny. There are a very limited number of organizations, as well as individuals who have exceptionally specialized knowledge about this type of thing." 

Danny sat there silently, waiting patiently for Xander to continue. 

"Fine, Danny. My employers have a certain, reputation within that community. I also have something of a reputation as well. So whoever is messing about with what they are doing will have heard of one or both reputations. So that may, either make them back off or make them worried enough to slip up somehow." 

"Uh huh, and like I said that sounds more than a little suspicious to me Xander. So level with me." 

"I can't Danny. There are lots of things that I can't tell you. There are secrets that aren't mine to reveal," Xander said softly. "Besides which, there's plenty of things that you don't want to know." 

"So you want to explain to me exactly what the hell you were thinking and doing out there Xander," Danny asked, striving to keep his voice and gestures under control. All he really wanted to do right now was rant and scream, but that wasn't going to help the issue at hand. 

Taking a slow, deep breath Xander let it out just as slowly. "My job, Danny. One that I've done for far too many years and one that will in all likelihood kill me some day when I'm not fast enough or I make a fatal error of judgment." 

"Your job huh? Just what the hell was that thing anyways? Mac's jumping all over my ass, as are other people trying to find some kind of reasonable answer for something that can't be." 

"You want the truth or the answer that will at least let you sleep a little easier at night," Xander shot back bluntly. "Because believe me the truth will give you nightmares." 

"The truth, that way I can twist it however I have to, in order to satisfy the bosses. Not like I don't already have enough nightmares of my own. This is just adding on to them." 

Plopping down on the couch, Xander let out a pained sigh. "Fine, since you want the truth, I'll give it to you. Just don't blame me for the nightmares you get as a result. The short, simple version that was a demon. As for what the hell was I doing, I've spent more years than I care to admit to fighting things like that and worse. Satisfied?" 

"Hell no, Xander. You can't just say something like that and expect me to take it like it's an everyday thing. Details, so I can find some way of putting a spin on this that the bosses will accept and that won't get both of us locked up in the loony bin." 

"Fine, but I'm not going to do the whole long winded and overly complicated Watcher's Spiel on the 'Origin of the World'. So why don't you just ask questions and I'll fill in the details as best I can and then we'll cobble up some sort of story to suit your bosses, while I send a more honest report back to mine." 


Several hours later the two finally managed to come up with a reasonably satisfactory story to give for 'official' release. Xander just shook his head over the idiocy that people would believe. Then again look at what people in Sunnydale had been capable of believing.

"So are we done with this headache of creating an 'official story for your bosses to sign off on," Xander asked his voice clearly showing his level of exhaustion. 

Reaching up Danny took his glasses off and set them off to one side on an end table and wearily rubbed at his temples. "Yeah, if not I'm sure that someone will let us know. I still can't believe how freaking stupid you were though Xander. You're not a damn cop, you shouldn't have gone in like that." 

"Danny, we've been over this how many times now? If we had waited for the cops a hell of a lot more people would be dead, and possibly something worse would have been called up for us to deal with. Plus, not a bloody one of you knows how to deal with demons and the like." 

Danny growled at that. "That doesn't mean that you didn't nearly get killed. Can't you understand that point?" 

Looking over at the expression on Danny's face, the wheels finally started to click in Xander's brain. Slowly but surely it all started to suddenly make sense. The whole reason his former lover was so upset and pissy was because he didn't want to loose Xander, again. 

"Danny," Xander started off slowly, "that's not what's bothering you so much is it. You were scared that you were going to loose me again and this time for good." 

Closing his eyes Danny slowly let out a soft sigh.  

Shifting position slightly, Xander debated silently for a moment before leaning in to gently brush his lips against Danny's. 

Reaching up instinctively Danny let his hands tangle in Xander's hair, pulling him down and not letting go. Nipping gently at Xander's lip, Danny pushed his former lover to deepen the kiss, which Xander did with a groan. 

After a little while the two finally broke to catch some much needed breath. "Xander…" 

"I know Danny…" 

"Bedroom, now," Danny ordered, he wasn't about to let this opportunity slide by. 

Leading the way Danny considered briefly the sanity behind doing this, but quickly decided that no matter what he wanted it and needed it. It was fairly obvious that Xander did as well. Even if they didn't get to do this again…well at least they would have the memories. 

"Danny," Xander started to say when they got to the bedroom, only to be interrupted by the press of lips against his own, his words lost to a demanding kiss. 

"Trust me Xander," Danny said once they broke the kiss and had caught their breath. "We both want and need this. Even if it's only this one time, I need you. Now strip, while I get a few things out for us." 

Chuckling Xander gave in, and let Danny have his way.  

Watching as his lover stripped down, Danny quickly dug out the condoms and lube from the bedside table and made sure they were in easy reach. It always tended to break the mood to have to go hunting for such things in the middle of passionate love making. 

Quickly Danny stripped down himself, motioning to the bed and waited as Xander laid down on his back, in the center of the bed. 

"Nope, roll over sexy. Much as I want to take you fast and hard, I'm going to make sure this is memorable for both of us," Danny said, in a low husky tone of voice. "So I'm going to make sure it lasts and give you a lovely little massage to start things off." 

"You don't…" 

"I know Xander. I want to though, so just roll over and hush…or do I need to get that gag out for you again?" 

After waiting patiently for Xander's reply and not hearing anything, Danny considered that for a moment. "Never mind, I think I'll save that for later. I still have some of our old toys hidden away, even if they haven't been used since you left." 

Going back to the nightstand drawer, Danny dug out a bottle of unscented oil that he kept and used on occasion for giving himself or a lover a massage.  

Squirting out a small amount of oil into the palm of his hand he rapidly worked it into both hands before kneeling over Xander's lower back. 

Starting out with gentle, steady strokes tracing the path from Xander's shoulders down his back and up again.  

Gently he worked the oil in to the taught skin and slowly felt his lover relax under his gentle touch. Slowly he increased the pressure, he used feeling the tense muscles slowly begin to unknot under his steady touch.  

Slowly Danny shifted his own position, feeling his own erection growing harder from Xander's moan and feeling his lover underneath his hands. Moving a bit further down so that he could work the rest of Xander's back, he found himself pressed against Xander's firm rear end, eliciting a louder groan from his lover. 

"Just wait baby, patience is a virtue and by the time we both get what you want, you'll never forget it," Danny promised, fighting hard to keep from just taking Xander right then and there.  

"I know, but you feel so damn good Danny. It's been so bloody long and I need it." 

"Soon Xan, sooner than you think, but let me do this first." 

Grabbing the bottle of oil, Danny squirted some more oil in the palm of his hands, before reversing his position. 

Still sitting atop of Xander's tempting butt, he faced down towards his feet and began the process of slowly working the oil into his lover's legs, gently starting at the calves and slowly, teasingly working his way back up the legs. 

"Danny," Xander nearly howled in a mix of pleasure and impatience. As those magical hands teased his thighs, but skillfully avoided touching him more directly. 

"Soon Xan, trust me baby. It's going to be well worth it." 

"Please, I'm going to explode if you don't do something soon…" 


Looking down at his lover Danny just shook his head, and resisted the impulse to say anything. Not that Xander had, had any objections. He'd actually jumped at the idea of using some of their old toys from that brief time they'd been together before. 

Xander was a truly beautiful sight, laying there on the bed, wrists bound with soft leather cuffs that had short chains that led back to the head board, enough give to keep him comfortable, but not enough for him to really do much else. A black silk blindfold over his eyes, and a matching pair of cuffs with a slightly greater length of chain attached to the footboard and kept his legs held down in place. 

A simple cockring kept Xander from coming before Danny wished for him to have release, and a delicate chain stretched across his boy's chest, attached to the rings that Xander once again wore in his nipples. 

Further down, and not obvious under normal circumstances lay the final piercing upon Xander's body, a variant on the classical buried treasure lay hidden except with the cockring in place it was rather obvious. 

Licking his lips Danny considered briefly where to start. He knew where things would end eventually, and wanted to take his time getting there. He still remembered many of the joys that the two of them had shared during the months that they had been together before Xander had unexpectedly left.  

Leaning in close, he gently reached out and let one finger trace Xander's lips, fighting back a yelp when Xander sucked the digit in. 

"Oh so you're eager are you boy? Well, since that's the case who am I to refuse," Danny said softly, his voice holding just a hint of danger that Xander seemed to love so much.  

Purring around the finger that he was sucking on, Xander teased it with some gentle teasing swirls of his tongue. 

Gently Danny pulled his finger out of Xander's mouth, and reached down to stroke his partner's semi-hard nipples with it, first one and then the other, teasing them up into full hardness, before withdrawing again. 

Whimpering, Xander arched up, as much as he could, desperately seeking the touch of his lover. 

"More baby? Only if you're good and lay there. After all, you're the one who said you wanted to play this way, so enjoy it," Danny said teasingly.

Shifting over so that he could lay sprawled out full length beside his lover, Danny leaned in and gently brushed his lips over Xander's, lightly and teasingly. Shifting away each time Xander tried to deepen the kiss.

Letting his hands trail over Xander's chest, Danny gently teased and pinched already swollen nipples making Xander beg and moan for more. 

"Shhhhh, trust me baby, this is all about trust and pleasure. You trusting me, and me giving you more pleasure than you can imagine," Danny whispered softly in Xander's ear before nipping gently at it. 

Reaching over the side of the bed, Danny grabbed the first of several toys that he'd placed in a bowl of warm water to heat up a little. By feel he identified the smallish vibrator and pulled it out of the bowl. 

"My, oh my, what do we have here," Danny asked, knowing exactly what it was but enjoying the chance to tease Xander with out him being able to know what was next. 

Taking the still moist vibrator, he gently used it to trace the outline of Xander's lips, letting out a small chuckle when his lover sucked it in. 

Slowly and gently he teased Xander's lips with the vibrator not bothering to switch it on, just yet. Finally he pulled it away, leaving Xander blindly seeking for it.  

Reaching down between his partners's spread legs, he gently teased at his lover's hole with the slightly slick toy, before gently working it in, drawing a gasp from Xander. 

Flicking the switch, he smirked as Xander nearly jumped off the bed, as the vibrations kicked in. 


Danny just shook his head silently, this was a great deal of fun for him so far, and he wasn't going to rush into anything. Especially not with how much he was enjoying Xander tied up and helpless before him. 

Leaning in close yet again, Danny stole another kiss, before shifting his attention to lay a trail of kisses down Xander's throat and chest, pausing briefly to tease both nipples one at a time. 

Slowly working his way further down, he paused a moment to tease Xander's belly button, before resuming his journey further south, deliberately avoiding his lover's weeping cock for the moment. 

Pausing he gently took the piercing, which Xander had gotten after their one month anniversary as a surprise for him, between his teeth and tugged ever so slightly. Resulting in Xander bouncing wildly and bucking underneath him. 

Shifting his attention, he went to work, licking and sucking at Xander's nuts, making his lover squeal and beg for relief, even as one hand slipped further back to begin teasing him with the small vibrator that he'd been leaving alone till now. 

Gently he slid the vibrator part way out, before just as slowly slipping it back in, varying his pace to keep Xander constantly on the edge. 

"Dannnnnyyyy," Xander managed to moan, clearly nearing the limits of what he could handle. 

"Soon Xander, not quite yet but soon you'll get what we both want," Danny whispered softly, as he reached up to gently caress his lover. 

Slowly Danny slipped the vibrator out of Xander's tight ass, and let it gently trail forward before shutting it off and setting it aside. 

Reaching over, Danny blindly felt for the other toy that he'd set aside earlier to warm up and grabbed it.  

This one was a little larger but still not huge, plus it had the advantage of a 'thumb' as well as the main vibrator. It would definitely keep Xander begging for more. 

Gently he teased Xander's tight hole, circling around and nudging forward before pulling back with the larger toy. After a few minutes of playing like this, he finally slid it in slow and steady, before finally pushing in the last little bit, he flipped the switch and set the vibrator to motion. 

"Dannnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy," Xander said, letting out a long moan and gasp as it hit all the right places. 

"Trust me baby, you can't imagine how good you look like this. Such a naughty sight, and all mine to enjoy," Danny said in a husky tone of voice, finding it hard to keep from indulging himself. 

Shifting his position ever so slightly he leaned in and blew the gentlest puff of breath over Xander's cock, before slowly sticking out his tongue to lick and tease at the head. 


"Soon baby, for now, let me enjoy this," Danny said, going back to teasing Xander, slowly, gently licking up and down the length of Xander's bound cock, before finally taking the head completely into his mouth. 

Sucking on just the head of Xander's cock, Danny swabbed it gently with his tongue before slowly swallowing more of it till he was half-way down. 

Humming deep in his throat, Danny slowly backed off till just the head remained in his mouth, before slowly working his way down again, getting a little more than halfway down before starting all over again. 

After a little bit of this he was soon deep throating Xander like he'd used to do all the time. It had been a while, but he still remembered how to do it and Xander's enthusiastic groans and moans were providing plenty of encouragement and pushing him to do more. 

After a few minutes of this though, he pulled off reluctantly. Not that he wasn't enjoying himself, but he was edging closer and closer to coming himself and that wasn't in the plans, at least not just yet it wasn't. 

"Please," Xander said with a whimper as Danny broke off what he was doing. 

Getting up from the bed, Danny got the other cockring that he'd set aside and slowly, reluctantly slipped it on himself. After all he wanted this to last a while before they finally got to both explode. 

Returning to the bed, he straddled Xander's waist, so that he could easily lean down and capture his lover's hands, as he leaned in to kiss him once again.  

At first he just gently brushed his lips over Xander's teasing him, knowing how crazy that drove Xander, before increasing the pressure and gently nipping at his lover's lower lip, and letting the kiss deepen at it's own pace. 

Grinding his cock hard against Xander's he grinned even as Xander moaned into the kiss the two were sharing. 

Breaking off to catch his breath, he gently laid a kiss on Xander's forehead. "I want you so much Xander," Danny whispered softly. "I want to fuck you till you scream and beg to come, I want to feel you swallowing me deep, even as I slam into you. I want it all, baby, your mouth, your ass and everything in between. I want to drive you as crazy as you make me." 

"I'm all yours Danny, anything and everything you want, just don't keep me hanging on the edge forever, please," Xander said just as softly. "Or else, once I'm loose I'll have to return the favor with interest." 

Danny just chuckled at the veiled threat that Xander had made. It was just like old times. "Promises, promises baby. That's if I let you up at all…" 

Shifting slightly, he ground even harder into Xander, drawing out a deep groan of pleasure at the pressure of their two cocks grinding into one another, along with the vibrator teasing away at Xander's still fairly tight hole. 

" Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeee eeee," Xander said with a long drawn out moan. "Neeeed you so baaaaaaad." 

Pulling back, Danny slowly shifted his position till he was straddling Xander's chest. Reaching down, he grabbed hold of his own swollen cock and leaning in closer still brushed the head of it just over Xander's lips. 

Danny fought back a deep groan, as Xander opened his lips wide and swiftly gulped his cock down, faster than he could react. Before he knew what was going on Xander had managed to take almost all of him in.  

"Fuck…Xander…" Danny muttered, fighting to regain the control that he had lost, which so far was a loosing battle. It was also apparent Xander had learned a few new tricks since they'd parted. 

Giving up on the idea of winning this fight, Danny decided to turn the tables on Xander. Pulling back, he swiftly changed position so that he could tease Xander back just as badly, as he was being teased. He hadn't had many lovers since then, but there had been a few. 

With Xander once again, sucking madly at him and swallowing him down to deep throat him, Danny worked on returning the favor, knowing that this couldn't last forever, even with the cockrings that they were both wearing there were still limits to mortal flesh. 

Slurping down on Xander, Danny returned the favor of deep throating him, even as he gently teased the piercing that Xander had in oh so gently with the lightest of touches, drawing increasingly louder groans from his partner. 

Reluctantly Xander backed off, knowing how close he was to coming, if Danny kept doing what he was doing. 

"Danny…" Xander managed to get out, fighting to remain coherent, "I'm going to come, if you don't stop. Even with the ring on." 

Reluctantly Danny stopped what he was doing. He knew how close he'd been and how painful that would be to come even with the ring on. 

Giving the head of Xander's cock one final swipe he slowly withdrew from the treat he'd been enjoying. 

"Fine, I was damn close too. So now, it's on to the main even lover mine," Danny said, reaching down to slowly withdraw the still going vibrator, before turning it off and tossing it to one side. 

Oh so slowly Danny got up and straightened up to stand, on less than steady legs beside the bed. Grabbing the lube he slowly lubed himself up slightly, before working the condom on and adding a larger dollop of lube. 

Moving back to the bed, Danny knelt slowly between Xander's restrained legs. Moving gently, he slowly took a tiny dollop of the lube and slowly brushed it over Xander's hole that was still fairly tight. Gently, with the greatest of anticipation he worked it slowly in. Watching as Xander shivered at the cool temperature of the lube. 

Blowing gently, he watched as Xander shivered even more, letting out a low chuckle. "Like that huh, baby. It's going to get better." 

Gently he slowly worked first one, and then a second finger in. Gently he scissored them back and forth, wanting to relax and gently ease Xander partially open, but not all the way.  

Pulling back slowly Danny slowly straightened up, from his bent position. Reaching off to one side he grabbed the towel he'd left at the foot of the bed earlier and wiped his fingers off. Setting it off to the side, he gently ran his fingers down Xander's leg, teasingly as he knew how ticklish his lover was.  

Reaching the cuff, he slowly undid the chain, to let the one leg go, while the other would remain chained in place. It wouldn't do to give his lover too much room to move, but he didn't want to hurt him, when he took him either. 

Reaching down, he gently shifted Xander so he was positioned just right, before kneeling down once again between his lover's spread legs.  

Gently, oh so carefully, he pressed the head of his cock against the oh so slightly loosened up hole, before pushing just hard enough to breach the barrier and let the head of his cock slip past and froze there, at his lovers sudden gasp. 

"More…god Danny, fuck me please," Xander begged. Need clearly filling his voice, as he pleaded eagerly for more. 

Oh so slowly and gently Danny inched in, torturing both of them with the slow pace, till he was fully sheathed, and then sliding back out just as gently till only the head of his cock remained sheathed. 

"Told you, I'd be making you beg lover," Danny teased, as he slowly slid in, pausing once he was halfway there, before pulling out oh so gently and slowly once again. 

"Please, god Danny, take me harder…please I need you…fuck, I can't take this," Xander said babbling away, as Danny slid in and out oh so slowly, teasing the both of them. 

Shifting angles ever so slightly, Danny slid back in, biting back his own groan as Xander clamped his muscles down on him, as he hit that sweet spot, making Xander yowl. 

"Oh yeah, like that hmmm," Danny asked teasingly, "Well get ready Xan, cause I'm going to make you scream." 

Pulling out just as slowly, Danny slammed back in hard, making Xander squeal in a mix of pleasure and pain as he hit the prostate dead on. Picking up his pace, steadily, he drew an increasingly louder mix of moans, groans and pleas from his lover. 

"God, you feel so bloody good Xander, so fucking tight, just like always. God, I can barely hold on, but I'm not going to let you off the easy way, oh no." Danny said, reaching down, he gently tugged at the chain that was bouncing as he slammed in and out of Xander, tugging it hard enough to add yet another sensation to Xander's nearly overloaded senses. 

Letting go of the chain, he let his fingers trail southward once again, this time he slowly, carefully undid the catch on the cockring that he'd placed on Xander earlier, releasing it.  

Slowly Danny pulled out coming to a complete stop, so that he could carefully remove his own cockring, as he couldn't hold off much longer either. 

Tossing the two cockrings off to the side, Danny quickly lined himself back up, before slamming hard into Xander once again, reaching down to tease his lover, wanting Xander to come before he did himself. 

Gently he stroked Xander's cock, encouraging his lover to blast off before he lost it himself, he heard Xander's shout, at the same time he felt him shudder underneath him. Feeling the release rocking through his lover's body, Danny slipped over the edge himself, and was soon blasting shot after shot off of his own. 

Laying sprawled on top of his lover, Danny gently kissed him on the lips. Not caring for the moment about the sticky mess that they had become. "Love you Xander, always have and always will," he whispered softly. 

Shifting ever so slightly, he lay his head on Xander's shoulder and just lay there waiting to catch his breath once again. 


"Danny," Xander called softly, "you awake there sexy?" 

"Hmmmm," Danny replied, snuggling in even closer to Xander. "What…" 

"Time to wake up sleepyhead, much as I'm enjoying you cuddled up to me, we both need to clean up," Xander said in a slightly more insistent voice. "So that means you have to let me out of these cuffs." 

"Don't wanna…" Danny said, still half asleep. "Gotta keep you with me." 

"I'm not going anywhere," Xander said, his voice pitched soft and low. "But we both need cleaned up, plus I'm sure we can take a shower together." 

"Mmmmmm," Danny groaned at that thought. "Slippery…." 

"Yep, you and me, slippery and wet in the shower together, plus a bit more fun," Xander said teasingly. "Just got to get up and let me loose first." 

"Nuh uh, don't want you to go," Danny replied sleepily, nuzzling at Xander's neck. 

"I'm not leaving, I promise you Danny," Xander said firmly. "But it's time to get up and get cleaned up." 

"Give me five…" 


Grabbing the shampoo, Xander shot a reasonable amount into the palm of his hand and slowly worked it into Danny's hair, gently working up a lather. 

Leaning back into Xander, Danny just let his lover continue what he was doing. It was the small things like this that he missed the most after they'd parted ways so unexpectedly. The gentle touches, the small gestures, plus the fantastic sex. 

"Xander," Danny moaned, as Xander's fingers slowly worked their magic, having shifted from his scalp to the back of his head, and then slowly, teasingly worked on his neck as well. 

"What, I love the feel of you under my fingers, lover mine," Xander replied. "Plus, it's my turn to tease you and drive you mad." 

"Oh really," Danny replied, before squirming under Xander's grasp, to twist around and face his lover. Reaching up he gently pulled Xander closer and kissed him with all the skill he had. 

Xander let Danny keep the control of the kiss, even as he let his own hands slowly glide up and down Danny's back. Gently they traced the line of his spine, before one slid back up to tangle in Danny's soapy hair, and the other slipped down to grasp firmly at the toned rear end. 

After a long period of mutual groping, and passionate kissing the two lovers broke off, to pant heavily as they fought to catch their breath.  

Leaning down a tiny bit more, Xander nipped gently at the juncture of neck and shoulder, even as he let his fingers, slide ever closer to Danny's tight hole. "Mine, he whispered between nips and kisses to Danny's neck and shoulder. "Now and forever Danny." 

"Yours," Danny replied with a gasp as one soapy finger breached his hole. "Just as you're mine, now and forever as well." 

"Always Danny, no matter what," Xander replied softly. "Just like you'll always be mine." 

Slowly Xander went back to teasing Danny's tight hole, gently with just the one finger, even as he stole kisses in between gasps and moans of pleasure from his lover. 

Shifting his position slightly, Xander backed Danny back against the wall of the shower, before finally letting his finger slip fully free of his partner's tight hole. 

Reaching to one side, he rinsed his hands under the spray from the shower head, before shifting it so that it wouldn't interfere too much with what he had planned. 

"Xander," Danny started to say, before he got cut off with a sudden, demanding kiss. Reaching up between them, Xander let his fingers rest on Danny's chest, before slowly reaching to tease the nipples on that chest. Knowing how much that would get to Danny. 

Groaning into the kiss Danny, melted under Xander's gentle, sure touch. Having forgotten at least a little how skilled his lover was at taking advantage of him this way. 

Slowly, reluctantly Xander broke off the kiss before sliding down to his knees to kneel in front of Danny, with his arms stretched up to keep on teasing at his lover's nipples. Even as he went to work on the main course before him. 

Leaning in close, Xander stuck out his tongue, to just lick and tease at Danny's bobbing cockhead, before slowly taking just the head in to lick, suck and tease.  

Danny groaned at this assault on his already rock hard cock, fighting hard to stay standing, with legs that wanted to just collapse. 

Looking up at Danny expression, Xander slowly went to town, licking, sucking and finally deep throating Danny's cock down his throat teasing him just as mercilessly as he had earlier that night. 

"Xander," Danny groaned, as his lover hit all of his hot buttons, pushing his control to the limit. "Please…." 

Xander just chuckled at that, making Danny shiver even more at the feeling of the vibrations around his cock, which was fully lodged inside of Xander's throat. 

Giving Danny's nipples one final hard tweak, which drew an even louder groan from him, Xander let them slowly slip down his lover's side, and slowly slid them around from the hips, to cup the tight ass of his partner. 

"Fuck," Danny moaned, fighting hard to keep from blowing his load right then and there. "Xander, I'm so fucking close…" 

Reluctantly Xander backed off, he had plans yet for Danny, and letting him come just now wasn't one of them. Slowly he straightened back up. 

"Turn around sexy, time to finish getting you cleaned up," Xander said, his voice low and husky with desire. "I figure I can return the favor and then some for you." 

Danny shivered upon hearing that. In their relationship Xander usually preferred to bottom before, and he'd preferred to top. Granted they occasionally had switched roles and it had been fun. Especially when Xander took on a more aggressive role. 

Slowly, almost reluctantly Danny shifted, knowing that he could trust Xander, but still it had been a very long time since anyone had topped him. 

Reaching up Xander redirected the showerhead, so that he could use it to gently rinse Danny out, before he got on to the rest of what he had planned. 

Once he was done rinsing Danny clean, having rinsed him, soaped him up a second time and rinsed him twice more, Xander shifted the showerhead so that it was once more out of the way. 

Kneeling down behind Danny once again, Xander gently spread his lover's butt cheeks, before leaning in close and gently blowing a soft puff of air at the tight hole before him. 

"Fuck," Danny muttered, as Xander teased him back there with the breath of cool air teasing his hole and making him jump. 

Leaning in closer, Xander got to work on teasing Danny's tight hole with his tongue, finding it just the tiniest bit loose from his earlier fingering, and capitalizing on that. Slowly and steadily he teased Danny, slipping a single finger in occasionally to give his tongue a break. Not that he needed much of a break. 

Pulling back, Xander grabbed some of the waterproof lube he'd grabbed earlier and gently slicked two fingers up before returning to teasing Danny's still fairly tight hole. 

" Xannnnnddddddeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr rrrrrrr," Danny said nearly howling, as he felt the two fingers slide in to him, and hit his prostate dead on. "Gooooooooooddddddddddd, please, baby…" 

"Soon Danny, trust me," Xander replied, slowly drawing back from teasing Danny's prostate and slowly working on loosening him further, with slow, steady scissoring movements of his two fingers. 

"Xaaaaannnnnnn," Danny said, the waves of pleasure rolling through him. 

Reluctantly, Xander pulled back and grabbed the lube once again, carefully he slowly slathered a generous amount of the lube on his own painfully hard cock, before grabbing for the condom he'd set up out of the water's reach earlier, and managed with a little difficulty to finally slip on.  

Lathering up with a little more lube, he shifted closer to Danny and rubbed the extra lube over Danny's hole.  

Gently he nudged at the still tight opening with the head of his cock, before finally pressing forward, to the accompaniment of groans and moans from Danny, he managed to get the head of his cock in and paused there for a moment, not wanting to rush Danny. 

Danny nearly screamed, as he felt Xander finally breach him and then stop. Biting his lip, he decided to take the initiative, and bucked backwards, letting out a very loud groan, as he felt Xander's shaft fill him the rest of the way up. 

Xander fought back a groan, as he felt Danny shove back and take him in completely in one swift move. Reaching down, he grabbed Danny's hips and used his weight to push him further forward into the shower wall, smiling as he saw him reach out to brace himself against it. 

Slowly, Xander pulled back out, pausing at the halfway point, before he slammed back in full force, bringing a startled yip from Danny, slowly, he repeated that building his pace up, oh so torturously slowly, wanting to drive his partner as mad as he'd been driven. 

Finally having gotten up to speed, he slid one hand around Danny's waist, while he let the other slide up to once more start teasing at his lover's nipples, alternating between the two. Gentle caresses, were mixed with sharp pinches and other teasing movements, as he leaned in close to nip at his lover's ear. 

"So tight Danny, you've got such a sweet, tight ass baby," Xander whispered in his lover's ear, knowing how much it drove him nuts to be talked dirty to. "Such a nice boy, and oh so dirty just for me. Aren't you baby, you're such a slut for me." 

"God yes. Please, fuck me harder sir. God, I need your cock up inside of me," Danny said, falling swiftly under the spell of Xander's words. "I need it sir, please…" 

"Oh yeah, such a dirty little slut, and all for me," Xander said, pinching even harder, and making Danny yelp. "Yes, such a sweet tight ass and the only one who get's it is me. No one else gets you do they baby boy?" 

"I'm all yours, and only yours. Please sir…" Danny said breaking of in a groan, as Xander shifted the angle of his thrust slightly and managed to hit his sweet spot dead on. " Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseee eeee." 

"Oh yeah, like that do you slut, all mine," Xander said, letting his hand slip further up and briefly rest on Danny's throat in a possessive gesture, before letting two fingers rest against his lover's lips. 

Danny instinctively sucked the fingers rest on his lips in, making Xander groan in pleasure. 

Letting go of his grip on Danny's hip with his other hand, he reached around and began to jack Danny off in time to his thrusts, his tempo increasing as he neared the edge. 

"Oh yeah, come for me baby, come for me my little sweet boy." Xander chanted in Danny's ear before he switched back to nipping at it again, fighting hard to hold back, wanting to push his partner over the edge first. 

Hearing that groan rising from deep in Danny's throat, Xander picked up the pace yet further, pounding away furiously at his partner's tight ass, even as he paused in jacking him off to tease the head of his lover's cock with his thumb. 

Feeling Danny clamp down on him as he suddenly started to spurt, was enough to push Xander over the edge, his own orgasm, hitting seconds after he felt the first spurt erupt from Danny. 


"So where do we go from here," Danny asked hesitantly. 

"I wish I knew Danny," Xander replied softly, simply enjoying the moment curled up with Danny in his bed. "Now that you know a lot more about what I do, it's one less thing that I have to hide, but there are still things that I can't tell you about. Plus, like you I can't just quit my job." 

"I guess I can understand that. Although it looks like yours is a hell of a lot more dangerous than mine is," Danny said pointedly. Reaching over he just held Xander's hand in his own. "I don't suppose you could cut back on the work that you do so we could spend more time together?" 

Xander closed his eyes as he considered that. "I don't know Danny. As much as I'd like to step back from a lot of what I do, if I don't who would pick up the slack and do what I do?" 

Danny let out a soft sigh at that. 

"I'll see what I can do Danny. That's the best that I can promise you. Maybe I can fall back to a position for the bosses where I do more research and less action. After all, this fiasco made it rather obvious that they need someone here in New York. Even if I do step back like that, I'll still be on call for the bigger emergencies." 

"You'd do that for me," Danny asked, shocked beyond belief. "I mean, not that I'm asking you to, but you would?" 

Shifting slightly, Xander leaned in and stole a quick kiss. "Yes." 

"I…Xander, I couldn't ask you to give up a job that obviously means so much to me. I do understand that, even if I don't like it." 

"Danny, I've been thinking about it for a long time. Doing this type of thing… it wears on you. The longer you keep doing it, the more it costs you in ways that aren't easily understood or explained," Xander said softly, a small shiver running down his spine. "Besides which, I've been getting pointed hints from some of my co-workers that they'd like me to step back." 

"Oh?" Danny asked curious as to what that was about. "Why's that?" 

"Let's just say it's an old, old issue and has to do with certain people's attitudes," Xander said, stiffening slightly as he recalled those old arguments. "Maybe…just maybe they're right. But that doesn't mean I'll completely step out of the game, just step back." 


Xander looked at Danny, as they sat down and ate breakfast, several days later. "Danny, I hate to say it but I am going to have to deal with my bosses soon. Which will mean leaving for a little while." 

"Uh huh, and how can I be sure you'll be back?" 

"Because this time, I'm telling you before hand, and because if push comes to shove, I'll hand in my resignation," Xander said quietly. "I'm hoping it won't come to that, but I will if I have to." 

Danny could see that this thought was tearing Xander up, it clearly showed in his eyes. Reaching across the small kitchen table, he took Xander's hand in his own.  

"That's an option of last resort. IF you feel you have to quit, it's your call," Danny said just as softly. "But don't do it because you think you have to for me. Do it because you feel it's the right choice." 


Epilogue One

Reformed Watchers Council Headquarters 

Xander looked at his fellow Scoobies gathered together for a private conference. It had taken a little while for them to finally arrange a time when they could all be here in person and resolve the issue that was before them. 

Taking a sip of his soda, Xander waited till the rest of the gang was settled in comfortably. Letting out a soft sigh, at last he cleared his throat and began. "I know everyone is curious as to why I asked for this meeting with all of us present. So I might as well just say my piece and then you can all voice whatever complaints you have." 

Slowly Xander got up and started to pace back and forth. "I came to an important decision after the recent case in New York," Xander began, his voice reasonably steady. "I've decided that the time has come for me to take a step back of sorts. I'm not leaving you guys entirely, but I'm going to step back from taking such an active role. Several things happened during that time and it made me reconsider things." 

"Ahhh, I see," Giles said, the first of the gathered group to speak up. "May I ask what prompted this decision?" 

Xander took a deep breath before replying. "A few different things. The fact that there is such a diverse occult and demon community means that we need someone to keep a much closer eye on the area is one reason. The other reason is a bit more personal, and I'll just say that I ran into someone who I had known before. I didn't really have any right to hope that we could be more than socially polite to each other, because when I'd last seen them, I'd had to leave rather suddenly." 

"So who is she," Dawn interrupted, curious as to who could mean so much to Xander, that he'd never told the rest of them about. "I mean, it's obvious that whoever it is, is seriously important to you." 

"Dawn, hush. If Xander wants to tell us, he will," Buffy said. "Right Xander?" 

"Yes well that's not important. I had to leave without leaving so much as a note because of that near miss ascension that you guys yanked me to handle. But after what all happened on the case…well we reconnected," Xander said simply. "We spent a lot of time talking things over, and since they ended up finding out about a part of what I do, well they were able to finally understand in part why I had to leave so suddenly." 

"Well, you still haven't told us who this person is," Willow said. "I for one intend to meet her, so I can have the shovel talk if she hurts you or even thinks about hurting you." 

"Not happening Willow, or you Buffy, or Dawn," Xander said pointedly. "IF, and I emphasize if, I choose to introduce you to the person at some time in the future, there will be no threats issued or warnings made." 

Giles let out a sigh at the side discussion that was threatening to take over the meeting. "Ladies, and Xander let's leave that matter to the side for now. The more important issue is Xander's desire to take a less active role and keep a closer eye on New York." 

"But Giles, we have to be sure that this person isn't anything like Anya, or something worse," Buffy shot back. 

"Buffy, the person is nothing like Anya. So let's drop that side of the discussion. It's not important," Xander said rapidly growing annoyed with this side discussion. "I'm taking a step back from such an active field watcher role. I'll still be around for any major emergencies and such, but only if absolutely needed." 

"Which is a reasonable attitude Xander," Giles said quickly before Buffy or Willow could cut him off. "And I do have to agree with your assessment that New York needs a closer eye on it. It may be best if we assign a slayer or two to the city and they can report back to you, as well as have you keep an eye out for any major issues." 

"Thanks Giles, I'm glad that you at least are supporting my decision," Xander said pointedly, glaring at both Buffy and Willow.  

"Well I for one want to meet this person who's so special," Dawn said, moving to cut off the argument before it could erupt. "After all, I have to make sure they're worthy of you Xander." 

Xander just shook his head, and let out a soft sigh. "Maybe Dawn. For now, my main focus is going to be on finding a place to live there and fixing it up, if needed." 

Epilogue Two

Several Months Later 

Looking around the house that he had purchased and finished renovating and updating on his own, Xander let out a soft sigh, it was all finally done. 

He still remembered the 'discussion' that he'd had with Buffy, Giles and Willow. Buffy and Willow had been oh so supportive of his decision to 'step back' from the action. Giles had been uncertain at first, but was quickly persuaded by Willow and Buffy that it was for the best. 

It had taken a fair bit of arguing about the fact that he'd decided to 'retire' or at least partially retire to New York City. Although it had been readily agreed that someone needed to keep a better eye on that area. After all there was a fairly large demonic population, mostly peaceful in the area.  

Xander took one last time to wander through the house and make sure that everything was ready. Danny had managed to talk him into having an unofficial housewarming of a select few friends. As well as allowing the rest of them a chance to get to know Xander a bit better. 

Don had been the first one to really know about Danny and Xander being together followed closely by Sheldon, Stella and Sid. 

Mac had finally gotten the clue, after he'd walked in on the two of them at Danny's apartment one night when they were having some alone time. It had taken him a little while to process and deal with it, but all in all it had worked out. 

Danny was still keeping his own apartment for the moment, but had partially moved in with Xander. It wasn't being 'officially' noted as there were some concerns about various folks in the PD not being as open minded and accepting about 'gay' officers as they should be. Still, they were happy together and those who needed to know, did know. 

The End

There may be a sequel but no promises.