Title: Hello Mr. Sanders
By: it-glitters
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: R
Series: 1) Bewilderment, 2) Take Me Home, 3) Cynics, 4) Blood Spatters
Warnings: violence
Summary: A new piece of evidence arrives.


Greg awoke to cool liquid dribbling down his chin. He was still bound to the chair and now he was blindfolded. He opened his mouth and swallowed the water gratefully.

"That's good, Mr. Sanders. Drink up, we don't want you to go into shock," came a disembodied female voice. The glass was taken away and replaced with another this time it was orange juice.

"There you go honey, drink it all down, you lost a lot of blood there we cut a little deep." Greg drank until the cup was empty. He felt a hand run through his hair, but he was too afraid to speak.

"You're such a pretty little thing." The hand moved down his face and over his lips. "Do you have anything to say, pretty boy?"

A moment's hesitation was followed by a blow to his face. Greg felt his mouth fill with blood as his teeth cut into his tongue.

"Do you know why you're here, Mr. Sanders?" Greg didn't know what would bring another blow a response, or lack thereof.

"You have two seconds to respond, Mr. Sanders." The voice was dangerously close now.


"Really, Mr. Sanders? No idea?"


The woman was sitting in his lap now, rubbing her hands over his face. "It's been so long since I've been with a man."

The hands moved down to his chest. "I could use you like she used me."

She pressed her lips to his. Greg kept his mouth closed as tightly as he could against her probing tongue drawing in jagged breaths through his nostrils. There was noise from beyond the door and the woman broke the kiss.

"Uh oh, honey. I gotta go deal with some things. But while I'm gone, I want you to think about why you're here." She pulled off the blindfold. "My name's Kelly Gordon."

And then she was gone. Greg knew that if help didn't come soon he wasn't going to make it out of that room alive.


Nicked waited impatiently in the DNA lab with the rest of the CSIs. Catherine grabbed the paper as soon as it came off the printer. "Jesus, it's all Greg's. That's a lot of blood."

Nick tried to keep his head together, but found himself grasping at straws. He knew that leaving the group out of the loop about him and Greg would only hinder the investigation. Nick looked to Grissom; "They need to know we need as many minds going on this as we can get."

They went back to the break room so Nick could tell everyone what he had already told Grissom. When he was finished he prepared himself for a barrage of homosexual related questions, but they never came.

"So it would make sense if it was connected to the Gordon case someone wanting to get back at Nick by hurting Greg," Catherine said, toying with her pen.

"Griss, have you talked to Joe?" Nick asked, turning to look at him.

"Yes, and it leads me to believe that Greg wasn't necessarily a target. Joe said that Greg hadn't been in for a while, but last time they spoke Greg didn't mention anything out of the ordinary. He did say that he thought Greg would've called him if there was anything bothering him."

"I spoke briefly with his parents." Catherine interjected, still playing nervously with her pen. "They didn't have much to say. Said last time they spoke with him he had mentioned Nick's kidnapping, but nothing else. They didn't seem particularly upset when I mentioned that their only son was missing."

Sara looked at Catherine. "Well, remember when the lab exploded? They were no where to be seen and Greg never mentioned them."

"What about the grandparents he's always talking about?" Grissom asked.

"Not much they could tell me either. They seemed a little more involved in Greg's life and they're really upset about his disappearance, but they can't come out because of their health. Said we should call if we find anything or if we needed to know anything we don't already know about Greg. They said the last time they talked to him was about a week ago." Catherine answered.

"So basically we got jack shit!" Warrick yelled throwing his chair. "We got a lot of blood and some chloroform. At least when they took Nicky we could see him they asked for a ransom we fucking knew what they were up to! All we're doing here is sitting around or running down dead-end leads!" He kicked a chair. "Fuck!"

Nick knew exactly how he felt only with the added guilt of it being his fault.

/Paging CSI Stokes to the front desk/

"What the hell?" Nick asked rhetorically as he got up and started off for the desk, with Gil hot on his heels. Sitting on the desk was a manila envelope with his name on it.

"Judy, who dropped this off?" Grissom demanded.

"I don't know sir, it was here when I got back from the supply room."

"Call security and get them to pull the surveillance tapes," he said, pulling out a pair of gloves from his pocket. "Did anyone touch it?"

"No sir, I don't think so," she answered, picking up the phone.

"Have them get the tape to Archie," Grissom said, gingerly lifting the package. "Nick, send someone to help me process this and then I want you with Archie going over the tapes. Just because I can't have you collecting evidence doesn't mean you can't be of use."

Nick sent Catherine in with Gil and asked Warrick and Sara to go over everything again just in case. Nick settled down with Archie, trying to get a glimpse of the person who had come in.


Grissom opened the envelope after the outside had yielded no prints and he sent Catherine with a sample of the glue to DNA in hopes that whoever had left it had been stupid enough to lick the seal. He carefully tipped the envelope to allow a single photograph fall out. It was Greg, blindfolded and tied to a chair with a huge bloodstain on his shirt.

Across the bottom someone had written in black marker: Sorry CSI Stokes, but he's got to pay for what happened with you.


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