Title: I've Got To Have You
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don/Adam
Rating: PG
Summary: Don makes his feelings for Adam known.



You came into my world smiling softly, slipping in quietly. Before I realized it, I found myself staring deeply into your beautiful eyes. Somewhere in their colors, I saw promises of things I'd never seen before, and I was hooked.

Before long, I found myself thinking that just talking to you, not really saying anything to betray my true feelings was enough because I didn't want to lose the chance I might have with you. I hoped that one day I would hold you in my arms, knowing if I did, that no one else would every feel the same in your place.

Waking in the morning to the tenderness of holding you in my arms while you slept became a very real need for my soul. Thinking of the sound of your voice, soft as a whisper on my cheek, as you made your want and desire known to me has literally consumed me.

Adam, I don't quite know what to make of these feelings. Hell, I don't even know if they constitute Love because I don't think I've ever know what love is. All I know is that what I feel is confusing, to say the least. I do know that it's enough. It is definitely enough! I can't help it, Adam, I've got to have you.....


Adam folded the letter and put it back into its' envelope. It smelled faintly of cologne, cigarettes, and coffee. Don's scent, without a doubt. Adam smiled softly to himself and reached for the phone to dial Don's number.....