Title: Just Sex
By: Aiden
Pairing: Hawkes/Speed
Fandom: CSI: Miami/CSI: NY
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: It was just some meaningless sex.
Warning: Slash, language.
Beta: Carina Scott. *hugs* Thanks a bunches, you know for what. *grins*
Challenge: 50_Darkfics.
Prompt: #Anonymous.
Author's note: From Speed's POV.
Word count: 399.


I knock on the door, twice. A minute later someone opens the door, letting me in. I follow the man down the hallway towards a back room. Another man is waiting inside the room, waiting for me. I open the door and see him sitting at the window as always. After closing the door I walk up to him, taking off my clothes. "You're ready?" I ask him.

"Yes," he answers, standing up and stripping as well. He pulls me towards him, taking my mouth in a heated kiss, demanding entrance. I respond immediately, deepening the kiss. The man pushes me towards the bed without releasing my lips. We land on the bed, his delicious weight on top of me.

It's always like this. Hot and heavy. And meaningless. I know he wants more, but for me its just about the sex, nothing more, nothing less.

I had a lover before this; my boss Lieutenant Horatio Caine. I thought it was true love; that is until he shoved me aside for that snake. Natalia Boa Vista. I don't know how she did it, but one look and he was lost. I know Horatio is bisexual, but I never thought he'd leave me for that bitch.

The man, only introduced to me as Hawk, puts some oil on his hard cock and starts to prepare me. He only knows me as Speed, never Tim. He inserts two fingers inside me, stretching me. When he is satisfied that I am stretched enough, he enters me slowly. I tense for just a moment, but he doesn't stop. just continues his slow thrusts, stretching me further, relaxing me.

"Harder," I demand, and he complies; moving harder, deeper, and faster. It only takes us a few minutes to come. He pulls his soft and spent cock from my body, immediately checking me for injuries, any sign of blood.

"I'm fine," I tell him.

He gets off of me and starts to dress. I know what's coming; he asks the same question every time after we fucked. "What's your name?"

Before I can answer my cell phone goes off. "Speed speaking."

'It's me. It's done.'

That's all the man on the other side of the line says before he breaks of the connection. I just smile, and start to dress.

"Good news?" The Hawk asks.

"Yes, very good news. I won't be coming here any longer." He looks at me with sad eyes. "Sorry."

I turn away from his gaze, open the door and leave. Nothing can break my mood. The bitch is dead and soon Horatio will be mine once again. Just like it should be.