Title: A Knightly Matter
Author: Lil Jei
Fandom: NCIS/CSI: NY X-Over
Pairing: Tony/Mac
Rating: PG 13
Wd Ct: 600+
Summary/A/N/Disclaimer: Stream of Tony’s consciousness while on a “rack”. I know it’s odd but that’s how my muse wanted it. Oh yeah and it’s totally just spell checked---sorry. The shows and men aren’t mine just the “perversion”.

Tony gasped in surprise. His master had come up from behind and snapped him a bit. But he couldn’t help it he couldn’t concentrate. His stomach was all aflutter and he was having problems getting breath in. He felt amazing. Like he hadn’t felt this in years, as if he was all new, inside and out.

The moment made him feel drunk, but a darker more sinister but sexy intoxication. But that’s how he knew he had really needed it. After the boat, after the cases settled, and his life cleared up and he could breathe he had called him. He had been prepared to beg for it, for him. But that hadn’t happened. His master had sounded just as desperate for him; of course, it had been a controlled desperation.

But Tony understood. He always had. Through the years of long distance, loving and other relationships Tony had always understood. And now neither of them had to wait. He’d taken off a few days, hell he had the time and now his master had his pleasure. Freedom from everything but his master’s hand was a heady thing and it was upon him now and Tony had never felt so blissful. On the outside, there were some whimpers and grunts but deep down all he was a purr and sigh.

He had to shake his head a little. He’d lost track and hadn’t been paying attention. But it had been so long and felt so long. God did it feel wondrous. Just letting go and hanging there. He knew his master would make him feel it and that his ass would be feeling it more later. All those months at sea had really caused such a back up within him that he’d never been happier to see his master grimace or smile.

For so long on that godforsaken boat Tony had dreamed of this moment. Not even the audience mattered to him now. Only his master. Only ever his master. At least when he wasn’t being Gibbs bitch back home. But no matter, Tony was letting it all go now. With just a little wiggle Tony tries to get back into that mode, the one that pleased both slave and master. He wanted that last little touch to last forever.

After so many years playing together, both of them knew how much they could take and dish out, or so they hoped. After nearly a year without the game and being together Tony knew he was a little too anxious and had a lot of impatience. But that’s why he and his master worked out so well. 20 years off and on of playing together had brought them to many a brink and impasse. But Tony was more mature and his master more patient. They were no longer the inexperienced college jock or the embittered combat vet. They were two seasoned men that knew what they wanted and sometimes longed for it just a bit too much.

It was that burning connection and lusty sizzle that had always gotten to the both of them. They had a lot of miles under the belt now. And while Tony felt his age every now and then, he had never lost his youthful and lofty love for his master. They’d both become a bit more tarnished over the years but that didn’t bother either of them. Tony still knew that just like 10 years ago his master was there for him.

And after Tony’s tears and cum drops had dried he knew his master would pull him down and hold him. His master would whisper in his ear as he wiped him down and stood him up. And Tony like always would look up at his master and still see the same man. His master, his hero, his tarnished knight, his love, Mac.