Title: Lessons
By: KirinaJ
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. No copyright infringements intended.
Rating: NC:17 Slash
Warnings: Semi- Non Consensual, m/m.
Pairing: Danny Messer/ Sonny Sassone
Summary: PWP Set 15 years ago after the events of the flashback in Run Silent. Danny runs into Sonny the day after. Total brain fluff! Just wanted to get it out of my head. I love Danny, don't know why I'm punishing him:(
Spoilers: Run Silent, Run Deep.

His face burned red at the memory. Louie still hadn’t come home.

He hadn’t been able to sleep, lying awake through the night watching
the sun come up through gap in his drapes his brother’s words playing
over and over in his head.

The day passed uneventfully and with no sign of Louie. Danny decided to
hit some bars and maybe he’d run into him.

He sat nursing his fifth beer of the night having finally settled in one
of Sonny’s dad’s bars downtown. He tore the plastic wrapper off a new pack
of cigarettes, his third of the day, the first two packs not sufficient to
calm his nerves and settle the sick feeling in his gut.

“Well look who it is!"

“Just mindin’ my own business Sonny.”

“Let’s step outside, you and me are gonna have a little chat Danny D.”

He tugs at Danny’s shoulders shaking his balance, pulling him off the barstool.
Danny follows too tired and drunk to resist or protest.

“So what d'you wanna talk about?” He can hear the words distort,
slurring slightly as they leave his mouth. He sways on his feet for a
moment before regaining his balance leaning against the cold rough stone of the
alley wall. Sonny grins his cocky grin baring his teeth, he tilts his head
to one side to look at Danny.

“Havin’ some trouble holdin’ your liquor there Messer?”

“Screw you Sonny.”

“You think you’re better than me Danny, Danny D. You’re brother should’ve let
you stick around last night. Maybe you would’ve learnt how to be a man
instead of a little boy.”

The alcohol is coursing through his system now, the cold air making his head rush,
he’s feelin’ dizzy and not at all like himself.
He weakly aims a fist at Sonny’s face. Sonny catches his wrist easily,
wrenches it round and twists it pulling it down holding it against Danny’s side.
He steps in to him close enough that Danny can feel his hot breath on his ear.

“You’re pathetic Messer you know that. Just a good for nothin’ kid.”

He tries to struggle against Sonny pushing forwards trying to push him over
but meets an unyielding body. He thinks he forgets to move away again his groin
now pressing into Sonny’s he’s too far gone to feel the obligatory mortification
when he feels a flutter in his cock. Only a distant panic as he hopes and
prays that Sonny hasn’t noticed the growing bulge in his jeans.

“Oh so that’s it. Danny D the faggot. Does you brother know about this?
Bet he’d be even more ashamed of you than he already is.”

Sonny’s free hand forces its way between their bodies over Danny’s groin
squeezing hard.
“Is that what you want Messer.”
He tries to hold back the groan but the alcohol has sapped his resistance
and his body betrays him as he pushes forwards trying to get more pressure
from the hand on his cock.

“Fuckin’ disgusting little faggot.”

He pulls at the top of Danny’s jeans opening the buttons and sliding the zip down.
He pushes Danny back into the wall and slides his hand into Danny’s boxers
taking a hold of the now rock hard and leaking cock.

“You useless good for nothin’ piece of shit.”

He tugged hard up and down and Danny tried not to cry out but his control was
gone and he let a gasping moan slide out into the silence of the alley.

“Now I know why you’ve been hangin around like a bad smell.“

He squeezed one more time and Danny spurted streams of hot cum into Sonny’s hand.
He felt the pressure on his dick ease as Sonny released him wiping his hand
on Danny’s jeans, smearing cum down them.

“On your knees.”

He stepped backwards grabbing a handful of Danny’s blonde hair with one hand
and gripping his shoulder with the other using them to pull and push Danny down.
His knees hit the concrete with a crack and he felt the cold even through the denim.
He heard the sound of a zipper being undone near his face and Sonny’s cock was
in front of him as hard as Danny’s had been a few minutes ago.

“What are ya waitin’ for? Suck it bitch.”

Sonny grabbed his hair again and pulled him closer. He felt his mouth opening wide.
Why the hell was he opening his mouth he wondered and then it was filled and
stretched as Sonny pushed inside him. He was unsure at what he was supposed to do.
He felt Sonny pushing deeper hitting his throat. He gagged and his throat tried
to push out the intruder. Sonny’s hold on his hair tightened and he pulled Danny
still closer. He pulled back and Danny felt relief flood through him only to be
replaced with more discomfort as he slammed back in. He set up a hard and fast
stabbing rhythm fucking Danny’s mouth and throat as Danny continued to gag
and choke on the long dick currently inhabiting his throat just trying his
best to keep his teeth covered so he didn't piss Sonny off more. After what seemed like
an age he felt hot bursts of sticky bitter fluid filling his mouth,
spilling past his lips. Sonny stood for a minute composing himself cock softening
in Danny’s mouth before he withdrew zipping himself back in and adjusting the
crotch of his jeans.

“See ya around Messer."