Title: Nothing Between Us
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairings: Don/Jackson, Danny/Mac, Don/Mac
Rating: R
Summary: Sometimes things aren't what they seem...


Jackson sat in the back of the courtroom watching the proceedings. His heart went out to Danny as the judge handed down the final divorce decree dissolving Danny and Mac's marriage. He had gone through this very process not two months before when he and Don divorced. Jackson tried hard, but his mind took him back to how everything came down to where they were today.....

Danny stopped at Jackson's shop one afternoon wanting to know if they could talk. Just one look at his friend told him that something serious was up so he closed his office door and told Danny to have a seat. Danny sat down and Jackson asked what was on Danny's mind......

"Jax, something's going on with Mac. I think he's seeing somebody else....."

"What makes you say that, Dan?"

"Well, lately at the lab, he finds fault with nearly everything I do, and at home, it's even worse. He picks fights, we argue way more than usual, and he won't touch me in the bedroom....."

Jackson didn't trust himself to speak right away because Danny, in describing his home life with Mac, had just described what was going on between he and Don at the moment.......

"It's funny you should come to me with this, Danny....."

"Why's that?"

"I'm having some of those very same problems with Don....."

"Really? That is weird...... "

"How long has this been going on?"

"It got really serious about a month ago..... all told it's been about six weeks give or take. How long for you and Don?"

"About the same length of time.....we've been arguing non-stop for the past week. It seems the only peace I get is here at the shop. It's gotten to the point that I'm relieved when he gets called out to a scene after hours....."

"I know what you mean....."

Little did either man know that at the very moment they were discussing their problems with their husbands, Mac was on his knees giving Don a very sexy blow job. Don kept up a steady stream of dirty talk that kept Mac hovering close to the edge of his own orgasm as he teased one from Don. As things grew more intense, Don felt his orgasm building to the point of no return and was unable to give Mac much warning. Mac swallowed as much of Don's seed as he could, and pleasured himself at the same time. When it was all over and each man had righted himself, the two kissed and headed in opposite directions to go back to work.

Time moved on with Mac and Don sneaking around to be together, and Jackson and Danny commiserating about their problems with their mates. The two guys spend quite a bit of time together going out to lunch or dinner, sometimes for coffee until rumors starting swirling around that Jackson and Danny were a couple! The two men assured everyone that they were wrong and that just because two friends spent a lot of time together didn't necessarily mean anything else was going on.

One afternoon after work, Jackson and Danny were at Jackson's apartment talking when Don came home. Danny could see that Don was in a foul mood and told Jackson that they could talk later. Jackson saw Danny to the elevator and headed back to the apartment to see what Don had on his mind.....

"What the hell was Messer doing here?"

"He just stopped by to visit..... what's the big deal?"

"You two sure do hang out a lot...... it's enough to make me think something might be going on....."

"Don, you should know better! Danny's never been anything more to me than a friend and you know it. Besides, why are you so worried about it? You haven't come near me in weeks, and all we ever do anymore is argue. What's wrong with having a friend to talk to?"

"I guess you're pouring your heart out to my best friend about our problems now....."

"I'm not going to lie about it...... we've discussed how things are between you and I....."

"That stops now!"

"That's enough, Don..... you're acting like a child!"

Don's cell began to ring as he stormed out of the room and Jackson heard Don's tone soften immediately when he started his phone conversation. Jackson crept down the hall and waited outside the bedroom door. He heard Don call Mac by name and tell him to meet him at their spot in an hour. As the phone call was nearing its' end, Jackson crept away from the door and went to the kitchen for a beer. He was confused, hurt, and more than a little angry. He decided then and there what he had to do.

Don found Jackson and told him that he had to go out to a scene and to not wait up for him. Jackson just nodded and watched Don leave. As soon as the door shut, Jackson called Danny and asked him to meet him, and to bring his video camera. Danny agreed and Jackson began preparing to put his plan into action.

They found the spot where Don had told Mac to meet him, and found the two men enjoying each other immensely. Danny was too upset to film the action so Jackson took over and got everything on tape they needed to use against Don and Mac. They left quietly and Jackson managed to calm Danny down so that he wouldn't give the game away. They had coffee and talked about what to do next. It was agreed that copies of the tape needed to be made and Danny said he could take care of that. Jackson told him that he was taking the day off so he could find a divorce lawyer. Danny said he thought he should do the same and Jackson told him that it was his choice. The two friends parted ways and went about their business trying to forget what they had just seen and concentrating on what all they had to do to move forward.

The next morning, Jackson made an appointment with a lawyer recommended to him by a regular customer at the shop. At the meeting, Jackson explained what had taken place and told the woman that he had proof of Don's infidelity. She told him not to worry about a thing and sent him on his way. Once back at the apartment, he found Danny waiting for him with a copy of the video. Danny kept him company while he packed Don's things. When Don made it home, Danny was still there. He wanted to see the look on Don's face when Jackson confronted him . Jackson came out of the bedroom with two large suitcases and Don wanted to know just what the hell was going on.....

"What the hell is all of this?"

"What does it look like, Don?"

"It looks like you're trying to leave....."

"No, Don..... it's the other way around.....you're the one who's leaving....."
"What? Why the hell would I be leaving?"

"As if you didn't know....play the video, Danny....."

Don watched horrified as he saw himself and Mac having sex. Once the clip finished, he looked from to Jackson to Danny and back again.....

"I can explain......"

"I don't think Danny nor I are interested in anything you have to say. I've contacted a divorce lawyer and set a divorce in motion. You should be served with the papers soon....."

"What am I gonna do? Where am I gonna go?"

Danny piped up and said; "You can always stay with Mac!"

Don just glared at Danny and turned to gather his things. Jackson told him to leave his key on the way out and that made Don grumble and curse. Once he was gone, Jackson turned to Danny and was puzzled by the look on his face.....

"What the matter with you?"

"I was just thinking how I wish I could see Mac's face when Don tells him that we know....."

"I'd pay good money to see that myself...... Danny, what are you gonna do about Mac?"

"I guess there's not much to do..... I know I have to face him about this, and I need to go get my things. Is it okay if I stay with you for a while?"

"Sure! I don't see what it would hurt.....after all, everyone thinks we're screwing anyway....."

"Will you go with me to get my things?"

"Yeah, I'll go with you.....when do you want to go?"

"Now would be a good time I guess....."

Jackson and Danny went to the apartment Danny shared with Mac. Neither man was surprised to see Don sitting on the sofa. Mac told Danny that he didn't want any BS, and Danny promised there wouldn't be. He went on to tell Mac that he was just there to get his things. Mac followed him to the bedroom and closed the door.....

"Dan, I can explain....."

"Mac, I really don't want to know..... what I saw on the video explains everything.....all I want to know is this: when were you going to tell me?"

"I planned to do it soon, but I just couldn't find the courage to face you with this....."

"Surely you knew I would find out sooner or later, didn't you?"

"I really don't know....."

"Well, let me tell you what I know.....I'm gathering my things, and I'm filing for a divorce. The lawyer will contact you with the details....."

"Danny, I really am sor....."

"Save it, Mac! I know you don't really mean it....."

Danny closed his suitcase and headed to the living room. Once there, he asked Jackson if he was ready to go. Once they were in Jackson's car, Danny broke down. Jackson found a place to park and Danny slid across the seat. Jackson put an arm around his friend while he cried things out. After a while Danny had himself under control and they continued on to Jackson's. They ordered take-out and spent the rest of the evening talking about things and trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

A few weeks later, Jackson's lawyer called to inform him that Don had been served, and had signed the divorce papers. He went on to say that Don didn't contest it and that the final decree should be handed down in about a week. Jackson thanked him and told Danny what he had been told. Danny smiled and said that he hoped to hear from his lawyer soon. Jackson asked Danny if he would go to court with him when the final decree was issued. Danny promised he would if Jackson would do the same for him.

The following week found the two friends in the courtroom where Jackson was to face Don one final time. Danny sat in the back, and it was a comfort to know he was there. The judge spoke to Jackson and Don and then signed the papers freeing the two from each other. Jackson signed the decree as did Don and then it was over. Jackson headed to the exit with Danny in tow and when they were on the courthouse steps, Jackson heard Don call out to them.....


"What do you want , Don?"

"I just wanted to....."

"Skip it, Don.....There's not much you have to say that I want to hear. You know, you've really got some nerve to stand here in front of me after stabbing me in the back and try to apologize. You know, you and Mac deserve each other....."

Danny stormed off and sat on a bench smoking a cigarette. Jackson turned to Don and asked what he wanted.....

"I just wanted to say that I deserved this....."

"Don, I really don't want to hear this. It's all over and you're free to be with Mac so just stay out of my life and leave me alone....."

Jackson walked down the step and over to Danny. Don watched the two walk away and called Mac so they could go out and celebrate.....

Three weeks later Danny got the call for he and Mac to go before the judge for their final decree and that's how Jackson found himself setting in the back of the courtroom thinking back over all that had brought them here. He was brought back to the present by the sound of Danny's voice......

"Hey, Jackson....."

"Is it over?"

"Yeah, let's go have a drink....."

The two men stopped in at Clancy's Bar and Grill and were having a beer when Adam Ross from the lab walked up to the table. Jackson could see Danny tense up because Adam was a bit drunk, and had been one of the people responsible for spreading the rumors that Danny and Jackson were a couple.....

"What do you want, Adam?"

"I just thought I'd stop by and join the celebration....."

"What the hell are you talking about, Adam?"

"No need to get snotty, Messer.....everybody knows that your divorce became final today. I just wanted to find out when you and Jackson were going to take the final step and get married....."

"Adam, we aren't getting married....."

"Why not? There's nothing in the way.....no Don, no Mac, no wedding bands, nothing.....so what the hell is stopping you?"

Danny looked fondly at Jackson and said: "There's nothing between us....."