Title: Unlikely Pair
By: Julia
Permission to archive: Sure just let me know where
Fandom(s): CSI: NY
Rating: PG-13
Genre : Slash
Pairing/Characters: Danny/Hawkes
Rating: FRT
Summary: Danny and Hawkes reach a new level in their relationship.
Warnings: None
Notes: Some mention of 'sleeping with fishes' but no spoilers.

It had started out as something simple, once he was out of the morgue Danny had found out more about the former ME and liked what he found. When investigating the swordfish incident they had teased each other and joked about the fish, afterwards Hawkes had insisted on dragging him out for sushi. Danny had turned up his nose but in the face of the other mans determination had no chance. From then on it became a regular feature of their weeks to spend some time together.

Maybe two months after the fish incident Danny and Don had been having one of their basketball matches. Hawkes had been offered a chance to join in but had declined and was instead sprawled on the benches watching the two younger men. He was not quite sure who won or if it even mattered to the two friends, he mused silently on circumstances that would bring the son of a highly decorated police officer and a mobsters son together.

"Hawkes." Danny said as he collapsed next to him. His t-shirt was stuck to his chest by sweat showing a well-defined chest usually hidden by the suits he wore to work.


"What you thinking about?"

"Life and it's many strange turns." Hawkes said with a smile sitting up to face Danny only to find him much closer than he had thought. Both men froze staring at each other, Hawkes nervously licking his lips and seeing Danny's gaze focus on that gesture.

"Just kiss him for heavens sake." Don's voice said close by and with a laugh in it. Both Hawkes and Danny looked up blushing.

"Don." Danny warned

"Hey it doesn't bother me. What you two want to do is up to you and if it makes you happy then good luck." Don said before slinging Danny a bottle of some unnaturally coloured energy drink.

The three men sat there in silence for some minutes before Don glanced at his watch.

"I gotta go." Don said making a grab for his bag

"This is the hot date with Sarah in personnel." Danny said in a stage whisper.

"Ah. That's the woman our detective's getting all worked up about." Hawkes said with a smile.

"Laugh it up you two." Don said before hurrying for the subway.

Suddenly aware that it was now only the pair of them the silence became awkward, "You want to order in Pizza and see if there's a game on?" Danny asked.

"You sure?"

"Definitely" Danny said gathering his back and leading the way back to his apartment.

The lift was out in his apartment building so the two men walked up the four flights of stairs in relative quiet. Once inside Danny threw the phone to Hawkes and was told to order anything as long as there were no fish involved and went to take a shower and think.

Did he want to get involved with a co-worker? He had been interested in Mac but knew that was going nowhere, a spark of attraction to Aiden and now Hawkes. He was stunned to realise that he wanted that almost kiss, and to see if there was the potential for more there. Mind made up he got out the shower hurriedly pulling on boxers, jeans and t-shirt before walking into the living room towelling his hair dry.

"Pizza should be here in half an hour." Hawkes said.

"Cool. You want to see if there's a game on there? Fancy a beer?" Danny said wandering into the kitchen.


Two hours later the slightly uncomfortable silences between them had vanished, the pizza was gone and several beer bottle littered the table. They were comfortable together and when they turned to face each other there was no Don to stop the inevitable. The first kiss was tentative both making sure that this was the other wanted. The second was deeper tasting of beer and the pizza they'd eaten, and left both panting by the end of it.

"I should go." Sheldon said pulling away from Danny reluctantly.

"I want to do this right. Not rush things." Danny said making an effort to bring his breathing under control.

"You want this?"

"Definitely." Danny said a gentle kiss pressed to his lover lips as reassurance.

"Then I'm going. I have to be in tomorrow while you have the day off." Hawkes said looking for and pulling on trainers.

"Speak to you tomorrow?" Danny asked not liking the desperate quality to his voice.

"Definitely." Hawkes said and with a final kiss was gone leaving Danny standing among the rubbish of their meal and a silly smile on his face.