Title: PWP
By: alucardskitten
Pairing: Danny Messer/Tim Speedle
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash... don't like it... don't read it.


"We shouldn't do this." Danny muttered into the lips pressed against his. The other man was pointedly ignoring him as the lips covered his in a heated kiss once again. His protests, which were minimal at best, were forgotten as he sank into the kiss, winding his arms around his companion tightly. When the fiery kiss finally died down, Danny pushed him away.

"We could get in trouble." He whispered. The other man shook his head and caught his wrist, pulling him back to him and swooping in for another searing kiss. Danny sighed into it, exhilarated and worried. Once the kiss died down he stepped away again. "We have a case to work." He said and he wondered if his companion was always so negligent in his duties. The dark haired man sighed and turned to the microscope, giving it a bit of a cursory glance. Danny sighed a bit, seeing his companion was going to be petulant now.

"I didn't mean we shouldn't all together..." He said. The other man looked up at him, eyes going a bit soft. Danny's mouth opened but he couldn't remember what he was going to say so he licked his lips and looked down at the floor. His companion sighed a little bit and looked up at him. He touched his chin gently and smiled a bit.

"Come on." He said and he grabbed Danny's wrist, leading him out of the trace lab. He discreetly took him down the hall and pulled out his phone. He dialed his boss's number. "Hey..." He said into the phone. "I'm gonna take Detective Messer to his hotel for the evening and clock out..." He said and cocked his head. "Yes sir. Have a good night." With a flick of his wrist, he snapped his phone shut. He gave Danny a rather cocky grin and led him to the parking lot. The drive to his hotel was short, silent, and charged with sexual tension. Danny was surprised he managed to keep his hands off of his companion while they were in the elevator. They made it up to his room with little incident and Danny locked the door behind him tightly.

About two seconds after he had shut the door he was pinned against it, his companion's lips latched on to his neck and his hands skimming up under his polo shirt. He let out a surprised and pleased gasp.

"Oh god... Timmy..." He panted out. His eyes slipped shut as he gripped at the other man's shoulders. He started to undo Danny's pants, stripping him quickly. Danny returned the favor and soon both of them were naked. Tim ground against Danny hotly as they kissed. Tim grabbed Danny's thighs and pushed him against the door, holding him up as he kissed him. He reached one hand down and started to prepare him gently. He prepared Danny expertly and then slowly slid Danny on to him.

Danny gasped loudly and squeezed Tim's shoulder tightly as he slid in and out of him, hard and fast against the hotel room door. His fingernails were digging into Tim's shoulders and he started panting out something incoherently. Tim bit down on Danny's shoulder as he sped up. There was heat pooling into his stomach and he could feel his release getting closer and closer. Danny started panting out Tim's name as he felt Tim move against his prostate, making his entire body tingle.

"God... Timmy... I'm so close..." He moaned out. That seemed to spur Tim on as he pushed a bit harder. Danny swore he could see stars as his orgasm tore through him forcefully. Tim's release followed shortly after that and on shaky legs, he managed to set Danny down gently.

"Bed?" He asked and Danny nodded a bit dazed. Tim detoured to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, he wiped himself and Danny off and then collapsed into bed. He curled up close to Danny.

"Love you." He whispered against his ear. Danny smiled softly.

"Love you too."