Title: Dancing in the Rain
Author: carinascott
Genre: Slash
Fandom: CSI: NY
Pairing: Mac/Adam
Summary: He'd always loved the rain, and after the unbearable heat wave that had swamped New York for weeks, he couldn't help basking in the much needed break from the heat.
Disclaimer: I don't own, no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: Written for a prompt over at comment_fic by sexycazzy : CSI:NY, Adam/Mac, dancing in the rain


"Come on Mac!" Adam called to his lover, breathless with excitement as he twirled around in the middle of the sidewalk.

"It's raining Adam."

"I know! Isn't it great?!"

That wasn't how Mac saw it, preferring the dry heat that had blanketed the city until now over the miserable humidity that would likely come after this midday storm. But seeing his lover so happy and carefree as he enjoyed the rain, Mac couldn't help but smile, laughing outright when a few of the neighborhood kids joined Adam in the impromptu celebration. Shaking his head, Mac agreed, "Yeah Adam, its great."

By the time the rain slowed, the kids having run to the dry safety of the recreation center on the corner, Adam was drenched, his zany tee shirt sticking to his chest. Joining his lover under the safety of the awning over the steps leading up to Mac's apartment, Adam couldn't contain his happiness. He'd always loved the rain, and after the unbearable heat wave that had swamped New York for weeks, he couldn't help basking in the much needed break from the heat.

"Come on, let's get you dried off before you catch pneumonia," Mac admonished with a shake of his head, smirking slightly as Adam practically bounced up the stairs to the apartment building. As they rode the elevator up to Mac's floor, Adam talking animatedly to Mac's neighbor Mrs. Rosenbaum, Mac reached out to grab Adam's hand, lacing their fingers together. The blinding smile he received in response made his heart swell with pride. Even though it was somewhat of an open secret at the lab, at least amongst their team, Mac and Adam still had to be very discreet when it came to public displays of their affection. But on occasion Mac was willing to throw caution to the wind, putting his desire to show Adam how he felt above all else. Besides, Mrs. Rosenbaum adored Adam, often dropping off baked treats at Mac's with the express instruction that they were for Mac's 'young man'.

Exiting the elevator hand in hand, waving politely to Mrs. Rosenbaum, Adam and Mac walked down the hall towards Mac's apartment. Mac quickly unlocked the door and hustled his lover inside, feeling the minute shivers coursing through Adam's body as the cool air conditioning swept across his lover's dampened skin.

Helping Adam strip off the wet clothes, Mac hurried down the hall to start his lover a warm shower, feeling that it was the quickest way to warm him up. Adam joined him just as the water reached the appropriate temperature, "Come on Adam, this should warm you up."

Smiling through his shivers, Adam moved closer to Mac, wrapping his arms around his lover's neck. "I know something that could warm me up even quicker."

"Really? And what's that?"

"Take off these clothes and I'll show you." Adam replied, rubbing his naked body against Mac, smiling when Mac groaned at the contact.

Leaning in to kiss Adam, Mac didn't even try at a token protest when Adam began to unbutton his jeans. Breaking their kiss, Mac stepped back to strip off his own shirt before moving in for another kiss. Adam moaned into Mac's mouth, arching against his lover as Mac ran his hand over his lover's ass.

After making out for several minutes, both men stepped back, skin flushed from far more than the steam permeating the bathroom. Mac quickly finished undressing before joining Adam beneath the warm spray of the water.

Pushing his lover against the warmed tile of the shower wall, Mac took Adam's lips in another passionate kiss, enjoying the way Adam moved against him. He'd never had a lover so responsive to his touch, and Mac practically craved the feel of Adam's skin beneath his fingers. Reaching between their bodies, Mac stroked Adam's half-hard cock, chuckling evilly when Adam moaned and arched into his hand.

"Like that huh? You love it when I touch you like this, don't you?" Adam shuddered with arousal, hating Mac for playing him so easily by pushing his hotspots, yet loving him for all the same reasons.

Nibbling at his lover’s ear lobe, Mac moved in closer, lining their cocks up, before wrapping his hand around them both. Adam began thrusting into Mac's hand, causing Mac to groan at the sweet friction, pulling his lover closer so he could kiss him deeply.

It didn't take long for their passion to push them towards climax, both men shuddering with pleasure as they sought and finally found their release.

Smiling down at his lover as Adam opened lust-laden eyes, Mac leaned in for a slower, deeper kiss. Reaching over for the soap, he thoroughly washed his lover, before switching positions so Adam could rinse the soap from his body.

Once Adam deemed himself clean, soap completely rinsed from his slightly pale skin, he turned to his lover to return the favor. Mac loved how Adam was after they made love, the shyness and bashfulness that had initially attracted him to the younger man coming back to the fore, especially when Adam took it upon himself to take care of Mac, as he was doing now. Adam washed Mac with a gentleness that often surprised Mac, not really expecting such tenderness from another man. But Adam had pretty much surprised him daily since they'd moved their relationship to a more intimate level, and Mac truly hoped that that fact didn't change any time soon.

Smiling at his lover as they once more switched positions so Mac could rinse the soap from his own body, Mac leaned over to turn the water off before stepping out of the shower. They dried off in companionable silence, stilling the occasional kiss or touch, before heading down the hall towards the bathroom.

As they got dressed in sweats and tees, neither planning to go back out for the evening, Mac glanced at his lover, "You wanna watch a movie? What's that movie you were telling me about the other day?"

"The A Team. But it's still in the theatres. Maybe we could watch something else. What movies do you have?"

Smiling, knowing his lover was teasing him with the question, Mac replied, "Since I don't really have a movie collection, I guess we can watch one of the DVDs Danny left the last time he and Don came over. I keep meaning to return them, but I always forget."

"Sounds good. What movies are they?"

"I have no idea. But you can go check, they're on the coffee table."

"Okay." Adam replied as he pulled his tee over his head before disappearing towards the living room.

Pulling his own tee and sweats on, Mac followed his lover down the hall, stopping in the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. After that he walked into the living room, and seeing that Adam was still occupied with choosing a movie, he walked over to the window and opened it. The smell of rain, as well as the potted hyacinth flowers from Mrs. Rosenbaum's patio, wafted into the room immediately.

Settling on the couch to watch whatever movie Adam chose, Mac smiled when his lover joined him on the couch. Leaning against Mac, Adam snuggled to his lover with the remote in hand. But instead of starting the movie, as Mac had expected, his lover spoke, "You know, when I was a kid, my mom loved the rain. She was the first person that showed me what dancing in the rain was all about. And when it would rain she would open all the windows in the house, and the smell of the rain would just waft in. She used to tell me that the rain was God's way of giving the world a bath. Washing all the grit and grime away, leaving everything nice and clean. And for the longest that's what I thought about every single time it rained. Then I started working for the crimelab an that all changed. All I could think about were all the crime scenes that were being contaminated or ruined, and all of the murderers that would go free because the evidence was compromised or whatnot. But sometimes, like today, I can let go of all that, and remember those rainy days with my  mom, and I'll find myself hoping that maybe somewhere, the rain is washing away the grit and grime, and leaving someone's world a little more nice and clean. And if not, I hope they have someone they love to share the day with, so that it won't matter anyway."

Feeling his heart constrict at his lover's words, Mac leaned down to kiss his lover when Adam glanced up at him. Grabbing the throw blanket from the back of the couch, draping it across them to ward off some of the cooler air from the open window, Mac relaxed against the sofa with his lover draped over him.

They never did watch that movie.