Title: Raindrops
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Danny/Jackson
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP, smut!


Danny hurried along the sidewalk trying to dodge the fat raindrops as they fell harder and faster. He was relieved to see the townhouse in the distance because that meant he was almost home. He couldn't wait to get there so he could catch a hot shower, get into some dry clothes, and spend some more quality time with Jackson.

Once inside, Danny called out for Jackson but got no response. Curious, he went in search of his lover and found him in one of the deck chairs on the enclosed back porch. That in of itself was no big thing. What caught and held Danny's attention was the fact that Jackson was stretched out completely naked! When he heard Danny open the back screen, he turned his head and Danny could not mistake the look of pure lust in Jackson's eyes.

With speaking, Danny walked over to where Jackson was and licked a raindrop from Jackson's erect nipple. When he did Jackson moaned and arched his back seeking more of Danny's tongue on his flesh. Encouraged, Danny began exploring leaving little kisses and nips here and there, all the while becoming more aware of swelling in the front of his jeans.

He stood to ease the pressure on his swollen cock and Jackson stood with him. He took Danny by the hand and led him to the bathroom. While Jackson was readying the shower, Danny stripped and was standing there fondling his half-hard member. When the shower was ready, Jackson reached for Danny's hand and gently tugged him toward the tub. Jackson washed Danny's hair and then began lathering his entire body. Danny did the same to Jackson and the kissed and groped each other until the water began to cool.

The two lovers dried each other with soft fluffy towels and , with Jackson's considerable erection pointing the way, they made their way to their bedroom and the huge king-size bed awaiting them. The two fell across the bed hungrily kissing and touching each other. Jackson scooted up the the head of the bed while Danny got down between Jackson's legs and began giving him a blow job. Between Danny's talented tongue and Jackson's arousal, it didn't take long for Jackson to begin getting close to the edge.

Jackson gave Danny the signal to stop, and the men switched places. Danny's cock was a sight to behold as Jackson stroked it. Nine thick inches of pure heaven! He began sucking it and licking Danny's nuts. Danny began to moan his pleasure, and Jackson took that as his cue to take things up a notch.
He reached under the pillow and got the lube. He greased himself open and in two quick moves had Danny's cock greased and was lowering himself onto it.

Danny lay still until Jackson gave a small nod giving Danny permission to move. He started slow and gently and as Jackson felt the heat building in the pit of his belly, he began to match Danny thrust for thrust. Danny began to go faster and before Jackson realized it, Danny had rolled them over in one fluid motion never missing a beat. Jackson began to moan as Danny thrust deeper and Danny began a stream of sexy dirty talk that he knew drove his Jackson wild.......
"Oh, yeah, baby......you got such a sweet tight ass....it feels so good wrapped around my cock.....you like that????"
"Danny, please....."
"Please what, baby?"
"Please fuck me harder...... it's so good....."
"That's my boy......I'll give it to ya any way you want......"

Danny picked up the pace and soon both he and Jackson both were teetering on the edge. Jackson came first without even touching himself, his belly coated with cum. Danny pulled almost all the way out and then slammed his thick cock back into Jackson's ass, shooting his load deep inside. Both men lay exhausted and spent, floating on a post-orgasmic high. Soon Jackson got up and came back with a warm cloth so Danny could clean himself up. When Jackson settled himself in the bed again, he kissed Danny and told him he loved him. Danny returned the sentiment and the two lovers were lulled to sleep but the gently falling rain.