Title: Redemption
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing(s): Don/Mac/Danny & Don/Danny/OMC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Don gets a shot at redemption.
Warning: mentions of mpreg.....


Jackson sat on the fire escape having a cigarette in the early evening breeze. Things weren't going so great at the moment, and he was trying to figure out just what the problem was and what to do about it. Don and Danny were both acting a bit odd and Jackson couldn't figure out why. All the three had done in the last few days is argue with each other, with Don usually siding with Danny against Jackson. It had gotten to the point that Jackson dreaded to see the two men come home in the evenings because he didn't know what was gonna happen next.

Hearing the front door close, Jackson went back inside to see what was going on. He could hear Don and Danny laughing and talking and he went to the living room door to greet his two lovers......
"Hey, guys......"

Jackson knew he'd made a mistake because it was as if a switch had been turned off. Don turned quiet, and Danny's face turned to stone. Jackson immediately turned and left the room knowing his presence wasn't wanted.
He could hear the conversation resume as he made his way down the hall to the bedroom. He lay down across the bed and tried his best not to cry even though his heart was breaking.

When he woke up a few hours later, the apartment was quiet. Jackson got up and made his way to the kitchen for a glass of water. He checked the spare bedroom on the way, and found no sign of Don or Danny. The same for the kitchen and the living room. Evidently the guys had gone out. This wouldn't be the first time something like this had happened in the past month or so, and Jackson knew it would do no good to ask questions.
Jackson decided that enough was enough! He was tired of not knowing what was going wrong, what he'd done wrong, and why Don and Danny were treating him the way they were. He went to bed determined to get some answers!

The next afternoon, Jackson left his shop early so he could have dinner ready when the guys got home. He had a nice meal ready and was hoping that he could get through this with a minimum of problems. Don and Danny came in as usual, and both seemed to be in a fairly decent mood. Jackson greeted both men, and for once, they engaged him in a bit of conversation. Jackson instinctively knew something was up, but wasn't going to rock the boat until he had some answers.

The semi-decent mood lasted until after dinner. The three men were in the living room when Don made the statement that they needed to talk. Jackson felt a finger of dread run down his spine but kept his cool. Danny kept all his attention on Don as he began to speak......

"I know things have been really bad between us lately, and there's reason for that. I think it's time I explained what's going on......"

Jackson froze in his seat. He was about to get some answers to his questions, but he knew he wouldn't like what he was about to hear.....

"Here's the deal: Danny and I have met someone, and we want him to be with us. Now, before you get pissed Jackson, we wanted to tell you, but we wanted to make sure this was what we wanted. After careful consideration, we decided that we do want him, and we think it's time for you to go....."

"You've found someone else? Who is he? Furthermore, who are you to decide whether I should go or not?"

"Like it or not, Jackson, that's how it is...."
"Nobody asked you, Danny!"

"Jackson, please understand..... this was a hard decision to make......"

"It doesn't seem do hard for you, Don.....what's this guys' name?"

"His name is Darren, and he's someone we work with....."

Jackson couldn't take another revelation. He got up and headed to the bedroom to pack a bag. As he headed back toward the living room, he could hear Danny trying to soothe Don because he was crying softly. Jackson felt nothing as he set his bag down by the door. He told Don he would call so he could come and get the rest of his things. Don simply nodded. Danny started to say something, but Jackson silenced him with a look.

Jackson was waiting for the elevator when he heard Don's voice calling to him. He looked up to see him headed down the hall toward the elevators. Don told Jackson he was sorry about all of this, and that if he ever needed anything, just let him know. Jackson just looked at Don, rolled his eyes, and got in the elevator.


EPILOGUE: One Year Later

Jackson smiled listening to his son giggle as they made their way to the little park near their apartment. The two enjoyed outings like this several times a week. As Jackson was getting the stroller park under a tree, he heard a very familiar voice call his name. He looked up to see none other than Don Flack walking toward him. His first instinct was to put himself between Don and the stroller, but Don was there before he could put that thought into action.

Don had stopped still and was looking down at baby Nicholas with a mixture of awe and fascination on his handsome face. He looked up at Jackson with questions in his eyes, and Jackson decided to put him out of his misery.....

"Before you ask; yes, Nicholas is your son. I was pregnant when you and Danny told me about Darren, but didn't say anything because I was so hurt over that deal. Nicholas is 9 months old, and we do quite well for ourselves....."

"I can't believe it.....I have a son. Jackson, I want you to know how sorry I am about the way things happened. If I had only known......"

"It wouldn't have changed much, Don....I would have left when I found out about Darren anyway. By the way, how did you know I would be here today?"

"I live a few blocks from here and I come to the park to run sometimes....."

"What about Danny and Darren?"

"We're not together anymore......Danny and Darren left me about six months ago. Danny got in trouble at the lab and when I wouldn't help him cover it up, he got pissed and left. Darren helped him clean up his mess and God only know where the two of them are now....."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Don....."

"I'm not.....I got what was coming to me. Karma really is a bitch! Anyway, tell me more about Nicholas....."

"He's great! I know I should have told you about him, but at the time, that just wasn't an option. We've done okay, though....He's smart, good-natured, and looks just like his dad......."

"He looks just like some of my old baby pictures. It's amazing......Jackson, I have a question....."
"Before you ask; no, I'm not seeing anyone. Don't looked so surprised, Don. Remember, I know you!"

"Okay, you got me! Is there any chance......"

"I don't know, Don. I might let you be a part of the baby's life because he deserves to know about you, but as far as you and me, I can't say......"

"I understand.....I'll accept any terms you say regarding Nicholas. As for anything else......"

Baby Nicholas started to fuss and Jackson lifted him from the stroller. He glanced over and saw the look of longing on Don's face.....

"Would you like to hold your son, Don?"

"Would it be alright?"

"Sure it would.....here....."

Jackson hand Nicholas to Don and stepped back. Nicholas immediately stopped fussing and stared up at his father. Don looked down with tears in his eyes and immediately started talking to his son. The sight brought Jackson to tears and he knew that Don definitely needed this in his life. The three spent a good bit of the morning together and when it was time to go, Jackson gave Don his new address and phone number with an open invitation to come by and see Nicholas anytime. Don thanked him and they went their separate ways. Don was excited at the fact that he had a son, and Jackson thinking he'd done the right thing......