Title: Release
Author: Dennis aka DennSedai
Fandom(s): Buffy The Vampire Slayer/CSI: NY
Rating: FRAO/21+
Pairing: ??/?? Revealed at the very end. But I do promise it's worth the wait and anticipation.
Disclaimer: Buffy and company belong to Joss Whedon, CSI: New York is owned by CBS, Paramount, etc. I'm just borrowing them to play with, I don't own them...or they'd get a lot more fun times
Warning: MAJOR KINK WARNINGS, I repeat MAJOR KINK WARNINGS. Semi-Con scene (sort of, you'll see), breath play, bondage, spanking, flogging, toys and toy play, BD, SM, Bareback (No Condoms used) sex. Extremely Graphic SMUT. Pure PWP, super hot and super naughty.
Important Authors Note: One I do not, I repeat, I absolutely do not endorse or condone the practice of unsafe sex. ALWAYS USE CONDOMS. I also would warn readers not to try out some of what's mentioned ala breath play and such without knowing EXACTLY what you're doing. It's a very dangerous thing, if not done with the absolute greatest of care. It can be done safely, but don't try it out without knowing what you're doing. Many people die every year of such foolishness.
Word Count: 2,122 Words

Looking down at his kneeling lover, he smiled ever so slightly. "You know your safe word?"

"Yes Master," the slave replied, not daring to shift an inch from how he'd been positioned. Head bent, facing the floor kneeling with his legs carefully folded up underneath him, arms behind his back, hands grasping the opposite wrist.

"You do know that you can end this at any time, you only have to say the safe word," the Master said gently. "There is no shame in that, as we're going farther then you have in the past."

"I understand Sir, I want it though...I...I need it. I need to be able to let go and just be made to surrender to you."

"Very well, it begins now, and ends only when I say, or you invoke your safe word," the Master said softly, knowing that his lover needed this release.  Picking up the velvet cat of nine tails, he gently trailed it teasingly across his lover's shoulders, before teasingly trailing it down his back, watching as he shivered under this gentle teasing touch. 

"Up, keep your eyes closed, or else I'll have to put the blindfold on you and give you an additional punishment." Waiting as his lover got up, he gently guided him over to the corner that he'd prepared for this. Grasping his lovers wrist, he spoke softly. "let go, time to be bound for my pleasure."

Noticing the shiver, he smirked ever so slightly. Taking the wrist, he brought the arm up and attached it to the restraint, before doing the same with the other arm, leaving just enough slack so that it wouldn't put too great of a strain on his shoulders, but other wise would keep him still, for the most part.

Leaning in he stole a quick kiss, smiling at the groan that provoked. "You'll get your reward later, behave for now."

Circling his bound lover on nearly silent feet, he contemplated the wonderful sight before him. He'd never expected to be in a relationship with another guy, but this one...they just understood one another so well. They fit perfectly together. They both had their share of secrets still, and pains from their pasts, as well as their present. 

When he'd first caught his lover looking at the bondage gear, he'd frowned ever so slightly, but they'd talked about it and tried it a few times, discovering that they both enjoyed it. But this was a bit further than he'd ever though to take it. Still if it was what was needed, he'd give it to him.

Drawing back his arm, he lightly began flogging his lover, making him shift and twist from the light sting that the velvet caused.

Picking up the pace, he brought the flogging to a harsher level, making his lover seriously pant, and groan. The pleasure still balanced with a small amount of pain, laying one final swat across his lower back, he paused to admire the fine, light pattern of red marks, that would quickly enough fade, as it wasn't something harsher being used.

Moving in close, he stood just behind his lover, nipping at his ear he spoke softly. "Not a bad start, still when I'm done with you, you'll be begging and pleading for me to take you, won't you?"

"Never," his partner said playing the defiant role. "I won't beg for anything."

The master chuckled softly at that. "Glad to see you're still so defiant my pet, I would hate to see you broken so easily." Running a hand gently through his partner's hair, he gently trailed it down his throat, before tightening his grip, making his lover gasp and struggle in his grip. After a few seconds, he released his grip. "Keep in mind, I'll break you completely to my will my pet."

"Never," he choked out, his breathing slightly ragged.

Letting his other hand join the other, he reached down, and gently ran them over a solid chest, before sliding teasingly over a flat stomach, before trailing upwards once more. Pausing he gently teased at the flat nips, quickly raising them to aching lumps begging for more affection. Taking them between thumb and forefinger of each hand, he pulled and twisted sharply, making his lover gasp in pain.

"Never can be a very long time," he said softly, his voice filled with silken menace. "Of course, I'll enjoy the time until then."

Giving them one final sharp twist, he released the nipples, one hand sliding up to rest on his boys throat, while the other tangled in his hair and forced his head back. Leaning in he claimed the beautiful lips in a crushing kiss, making his lover groan even deeper, as he tried to struggle and break away, he tightened his grip on hair and throat ever so slightly, resulting in a soft whimper.

Breaking off the kiss, he let go of his hold on the hair, keeping the light grip on his boy's throat though. "I think it's time we picked up the pace a little bit. You do seem to enjoy it rough and painful, which is fine with me," he offered with a husky chuckle. Releasing his grip on his lover's throat, he moved to the drawer of toys that they kept. 

Carefully, with loving care he picked out his choices for this nights play. A nicely padded set of nipple clamps, to keep those sweet little nubs, at attention, aching and begging for release. A cock and ball sheath, made of stretchable plastic rings, to keep his lover from coming too soon. A smallish, vibrating butt plug, to leave him aching with need for release. These were the perfect selection of toys. The ball gag, he ran his fingers over lingeringly, but passed on for now. He didn't want to frighten his lover that much...not yet at least. That would be for another time though.

Hmmmm the heaver flogger of suede would do wonder though, as would the oak paddle board. He knew how his lover thought, the guilt he felt needed to be assuaged by being punished, before he could accept the reward of love and being ridden senseless.

"Going to keep your eyes closed, or do I need to blindfold you lover?"

Silence was his only answer, so he considered. "You may open your eyes for one minute, and you'll close them when I say," the Master said softly. "After all, you should have an idea of the toys, or some of them that I'll be using on you."

Staring at the selection of toys, the bound man let out a soft groan. 

"Now time to close your eyes lover, you'll find out soon enough what's first, as you'll feel it. Until then, you can just anticipate it in silence."

Moving in closer, the master gently, laid a trail of kisses and nips down the throat of his lover, nibbling at that oh so sensitive juncture of neck and shoulder before biting down a little harder, knowing how much that drove his lover mad. "Please....god...."

"Told you you'd be begging and pleading by the time I'm done with you," he whispered softly. 

Backing off he returned quickly with both the nipple clamps and the cock sheath. Kneeling down in front of his bound lover, he licked ever so lightly, like a cat lapping at cream, at the head of his lovers aching, swollen cock. Moving slowly, with the greatest of care he slowly fitted the sheath in place making his lover groan. Moving just as gently he hitched the final ring locking his partners balls up as well. 

Straightening up, he gently teased as the swollen nips, before attaching the clamps first one then the other, attaching the chain between them last.

"Mine, oh so beautifully decorated and all mind precious."

"Nooooooo, not giving in....god....please...."

"Mine," he repeated, tugging ever so gently on the chain, making his lover groan and shiver. "Now and always, you're mine."


Moving back to his selection of toys he considered briefly before picking up the suede flogger. It was heavier than the velvet one he'd used earlier, but it wouldn't leave any serious or permanent marks. Still it would hurt, which was the point.

Moving back, he teasingly trailed it over his lovers chest and stomach, letting the strands of suede tease over the bound cock and balls as well. "Naughty little boy, well I suppose, I'll just have to punish you some more." Moving to stand behind his lover, he gently trailed the flogger over neck and shoulders several times, before pausing at last with it trailing down over his lovers chest.

Nipping at an ear, he licked at the edge of it, producing a tiny shiver. "I always get my man lover, and you're going to be mine," he said with a growl before reaching down to grasp the strands of the flogger, pulling it up and slowly tightening it against his partners throat, making his gasp and struggle for breath, holding that firm grip he kept a very careful count and released it before he could hurt his lover. "Give in, save yourself the pain. let me give you pleasure like you can't imagine."

"No...never giving up....," his boy said between gasping breaths. "Not....yours...yet."

"Oh but you will be, your body screams how much it wants me, you ache for my touch, and beg for me to take you, though you won't admit it."

Letting out a groan, his boy shook his head ever so slightly, even while he shivered at that breathy whisper at his ear.

"Very well then, I'll have to break you the rest of the way," the Master said softly, with an evil chuckle at the thought of doing so.

Shifting back a few steps, he began to lay out a steady pattern of swats across his boys back, ass, and upper legs, drawing out soft at first whimpers, then louder gasps and soft sobs.

Never hitting the same spot twice in a row, he kept the pattern completely random, increasing the intensity and speed as he went on, knowing by the shivering how close his boy was to giving in. Knowing how much he was fighting to not give in, he picked up the pace even further.

"Please....god....please....Master...." he gasped out at last, as a final hard slap of the flogger hit his tender ass. 

Dropping the flogger, he moved in and released his boy's wrists, drawing him close, whispering softly, soothingly, as he held him. "Come on baby boy, we'll lay down together, it's all right..."


"Please..." Don said gasping, as he felt his lover slamming in and out of him, unable to reach down to touch his own aching cock, his wrists still bound to the head of the bed. "God....let me come...please....."

"Not yet Don," Graham said softly, "I'm going to make sure you don't ever forget that you're mine." Slamming in harder, he leaned down, his fingers teasing and toying with Don's aching, swollen nipples, even as he claimed equally puffy lips for another kiss.

Groaning as he felt himself slide over the edge, Graham, pinched down hard, making his lover squeal in turn.

Pulling back, Graham threw back his head as exploded in a mind blowing climax.

Panting hard, after a few minutes, he finally pulled out of Don, and reached down to undo the sheath holding back Don's climax, and grinned as he exploded with the last right undone.


"I know lover, but we have to make the most of these times," Graham said with a smile. "So let's enjoy the afterglow...then maybe we can get washed up," he offered with a wink and a grin.

"You're going to kill me, you know that don't you?"

"Not hardly. You're just as hard on me and I'm still going...though where you find all those kinky ideas..." Graham offered with a smile filled with love. "You're going to wear me out."

"Uh huh, and whose idea was what we did the other week," Don asked with a grin of his own, as Graham blushed. "Yeah, that's what I thought lover mine. Still, we have the moment, even if I don't know what you're doing the majority of the time...and I probably don't want to know, do I?"

Graham sighed and shook his head. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, applies to more than just you and me Don. If I could...well I probably wouldn't even if I could. Some things you just don't talk about. The same as you don't about your cases."

Don just sighed and nodded at that. "I know...we've both got our secrets...maybe one day..."

"Yeah, maybe some day," Graham said softly, his eyes filled with pain and silent regrets.

The End