Title: R is for Rakish
Author: stellaluna_
Rating: PG
Pairing: Danny/Hawkes
Summary: Written for neviditelny.
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. Characters are the property of Anthony Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, CBS, and Alliance Atlantis.


"Hey, doc," Danny calls out. "Doc, wait up."

Hawkes recognizes the teasing slide of Danny's voice. He stops to let him catch up, reminding himself, as Danny jogs toward him, that he's not going to fall for whatever he's about to propose. At least, he's not going to fall for anything that's not work-related.

"What can I do for you, Danny?" he asks.

"I had a thought about the Hopper case," Danny says. "Can I show you something over in ballistics?"

"Sure," Hawkes says, and he falls into step beside Danny. As they walk, Danny veers closer and closer until their hips are bumping.

"Can I show you something else?" Danny says softly.

Hawkes doesn't even look over at him. He knows that, if he does, Danny will be flashing him a big, toothy smile and will be all but batting his eyes. If he's really feeling the need for some extra attention, he'll also be licking his lips.

"Absolutely not," Hawkes says, keeping his eyes straight ahead and trying to sound disapproving.

"Oh, why not?" Danny asks. He bumps Hawkes' hip with his again, and brushes his fingers over his arm. "You think I don't know all the places to go and not get caught?"

"I'm sure you do. Not interested." One of these days, Hawkes thinks, he's going to turn the tables on Danny and show him some of the secret nooks he knows about, and won't Danny be surprised then?

"Since when?" Danny says.

"Since we're at work." They're almost to the lab now, so Hawkes risks a glance over at Danny. As he expected, Danny's smile is wide and almost disconcertingly sweet. "Anyway," he adds, "what makes you think you have anything I want to see?"

"Oh, burn," Danny says. He stops where he is in the middle of the hallway and clutches at his heart. "You wound me, doc, you really do."

Hawkes goes into the ballistics lab without looking back, determined not to let Danny see him smile.