Title: Short Fic Request
Author: stellaluna_
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Danny/Mac/Hawkes
Summary: Written for zekkass.
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. Characters are the property of Anthony Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, CBS, and Alliance Atlantis.


Mac kisses Hawkes on the mouth, angling him toward the bed, and Hawkes lets himself be guided after only the most token show of resistance. He does want this, after all, and why pretend otherwise? He stretches out on his back, and as he does, Danny moves between his legs, cupping his balls in one hand as he wraps his lips around the tip of his cock. Hawkes' groan of pleasure is half-lost as Mac lies down next to him and kisses him again.

Hawkes tips his head back, flicking his tongue against Mac's, and as he does, he realizes what's been bothering him this whole time. It's not sleeping with Mac or with Danny, because God knows he's done both of those things before; and it's not even going to bed with both of them at once, even though that's decidedly new territory. What's wrong is that Mac and Danny haven't touched or kissed each other, not once all night. They've barely even looked at each other. Hawkes has no objections at all to being the center of attention, he thinks as Mac kisses him harder and Danny keeps sucking on him, but this feels off-kilter. They may both want him, but they have to want each other, too, at least a little, or else they wouldn't be here.

"Danny," he says, tearing his mouth away from Mac's.

"Yeah." Danny lets Hawkes' cock slip from between his lips, licking his thigh. Mac keeps nuzzling into his neck, not looking up.

"Do me a favor." Hawkes sits up, pulling Mac with him. "Kiss him, would you?"

Danny raises himself on his elbows, frowning. "Doc -- " he begins, and then stops. Mac says nothing. Neither of them move.

"Go on." Hawkes slips his arms around Mac's waist, pressing his teeth firmly into his shoulder. "Show me."

Mac and Danny eye each other, and Hawkes waits. He doesn't mind being patient, especially when he suspects that it's going to be worth his while.