Title: The Sound of Silence
Author: carinascott
Fandom: CSI: NY
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Mac Taylor/Adam Ross
Summary: The first time he wakes up after the accident, unable to hear anything, Mac feels like he can’t breathe.
Disclaimer: I don't own (but I'd definitely buy Adam if I could), no harm intended.
Warnings: hearing loss of major character
Author's Note: Written for a prompt over at comment_fic by sexycazzy: CSI:NY, Mac/Adam, Mac loses his hearing after an accident and is surprised when he finds out that Adam knows American Sign Language and teaches him. Fic title courtesy of Simon & Garfunkel.


The first time he wakes up after the accident, unable to hear anything, not even the annoying early-morning sounds of New York waking up, Mac feels like he can’t breathe. His chest is tight and it burns with the ache of this revelation. It isn’t until Adam’s hand brushes over his, fast asleep in the chair next to Mac’s hospital bed, that Mac finally finds the ability to take slow, deep breaths.

When Sinclair makes it clear to Mac that there is no way for him to continue on as head of the crime lab due to his inability to work in the field, Mac feels his world crumbling around him. Stella is a great replacement, Mac knows this, but it’s still hard to congratulate her and mean it. It’s later that night, safe and secure in Adam’s arms, that Mac finally let’s the tears fall.

One week later, having finally admitted to himself that his condition is permanent, Mac looks into local Sign Language courses. It isn’t until Adam sits him down in their living room, showing Mac his instructor’s license, that Mac realizes that Adam is offering to give him private lessons.

It’s just before the start of his fifth lesson, sitting in the living room as Adam gets the night’s lesson together, that Mac makes his decision. Grabbing Adam’s hand, releasing it when he lover finally looks up at him, Mac shows his lover just how well the lessons have paid off. But it isn’t until Adam looks at him, eyes wide and slightly moist, that Mac knows he got the signs right.

When Adam crosses over to him, straddling his lap and taking Mac’s head in his hands, Mac moans into the kiss Adam gives him. And even though he can only feel the brush of lips against his skin, no sound to accompany the words, Mac hears Adam’s declaration all the same.

“I love you too.”