Title: Streetlight
Author: Stacy L.A. Stronach
Fandoms: NCIS/CSI:NY
Characters: Mac/Danny/Sheldon
Prompt: Streetlight
Rating: PG/FRT


The three men walked out of Sullivan's, pausing under the streetlight. Mac listened while Danny and Sheldon discussed whose place they'd go to tonight.

"My place is closer," Danny said.

"I've got a bigger bed," Sheldon replied.

"I've got better junk food."

Mac grinned at the old argument. A year ago, before this triad started, he'd never have imagined being comfortable with it but now...he couldn't imagine living without these two. He idly thought that they should get a place together; it would solve a few problems. For now, though, "We'll go to my place," he said, ending the argument.