Title: Talkin' To The Wall
Arthor: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don, past Don/Adam
Disclaimer: 'I own nothing, just visiting friends'

It was no good, and Don knew it. No matter what, he knew Adam wasn't satisfied. Don finally found it in himself to say goodbye, and to ask for a transfer so it would be unlikely they would run into each other.

He settled into the routine of living alone fairly quickly. He changed his way of thinking, the way he carried himself, etc. For once in a good while, he felt good about himself for a change.

All that lasted until one day when he ran into an old friend from his old precinct. The wiseass had nothing better to do than to ask about Adam. Don just smiled and said that he hadn't seen or spoken to Adam in a very long time, and that he hardly thought about Adam at all.

Don knew he was going to hell for lying because he did think about Adam a lot. There wasn't a day gone by that Adam didn't cross Don's mind at least once. That's why Don knew that trying to say he didn't miss Adam was like  talkin' to the wall.