TITLE: The Plan
AUTHOR: sexycazzy
FANDOM: all CSIs shows / NCIS
CHARCTER(s)/PAIRING(s): Mac Taylor, Tony DiNozzo, Tim Speedle/Horatio Caine, past Mac/Greg Sanders
GENRE: first time, romance
SUMMARY: Mac attends a collaring ceremony and meets Tony DiNozzo.
WARNING(s): BDSM, D/s, submission
SPOILER(s): none
DISCLAIMER: NCIS & all the CSIs shows and their characters doesn’t belong to me, they belong to the shows and its creators.
WRITER’S NOTE: This is a response to a prompt over at bdsm_fandom by azure_chaos . The prompt was: CSI:NY/(CSI,NCIS,Numb3rs or SGA), Mac/(either: Greg Sanders, Tony DiNozzo, Colby Granger, Ronon Dex, John Sheppard or Evan Lorne), Mac Taylor finds a new sub.
Beta~ed by the wonderful scripps who gave me brilliant feedback and this is the result, thank you!
All the other mistakes/errors are all mine! ~smile~ Any comments/feedback always welcome.

Mac Taylor gets ready to go out. He was invited to a collaring ceremony at a club called Jasper’s. A good friend of his is collaring a new submissive. He hasn't met the new sub but has heard many good things about him.

Mac begins to think about his previous sub, Greg Sanders. He had moved back to Las Vegas after the work exchange program ended. Greg came to New York, as a part of the exchange program and Adam Ross went to Las Vegas in his place.

When Mac discovered that Greg was a submissive, he hinted that he was willing to dominate him and to have occasional sessions, and after weeks of dropping hints, Greg finally got it and went to Mac’s apartment and officially asked him to be his Top while he was here.

It was a non-sexual relationship between them, but it worked well. They gave each other what the other needed; Greg to submit and Mac to dominate. Mac was sad when Greg left but he knew that Greg has learnt a lot from him and vice versa.

Mac smiles at the memory of Greg bending over a spanking horse, his ass up in the air, ready to be spanked. He shakes his head, and hopes that Greg has found a good Master in Las Vegas. He knows about his secret crush on Gil Grissom and is amazed that Grissom hasn't made a move on him. Greg would make a worthy submissive, and if Grissom wasn’t careful, he might lose Greg.

Mac arrives at Jasper’s and sees his friend on the stage, and gives a small wave. He makes himself comfortable at the back of the club, waiting for the collaring ceremony to begin.

Now, Mac is not the kind of person to go to clubs, and so, he doesn’t come to Jasper’s that often. He only comes here for special occasions, like tonight, for example. He looks around and sees that nothing much has changed since the last time he was here. The bar area is still the same, with the small stage at one end, and the bar on the opposite. He looks to the left, just off the stage and sees that the play area is still there, but notices that there is some new equipment; a new St Andrew’s  cross with leather-covered planks and some other new items.

He hears music playing and looks back to the stage. The ceremony is about to start. He sees his friend standing facing the audience, telling them about his new submissive. He watches as the sub in question comes onto the stage and kneels in front of his Master. He sighs heavily as he watches the boy’s face full of love and willing to submit to his new Master.

Mac wishes that he could find someone like him, to love and to look after. He feels that it is time to settle down, time to have a collared submissive, someone who would be willing to give himself up to him, to kneel in front of him and to allow him to take care of him.

Mac shakes his head in exasperation. Now is not the time to think about himself. It is a time of celebration and looks up to the stage once again and listens to the vows exchanged.

* * * *

The ceremony ends and Mac gets up to meet his friend and his recently collared submissive.

“Mac, I’m glad that you could be here,” the friend says.

“I had to come, Horatio,” Mac says. “Your boy seems like a good one, you’re lucky.”

Horatio Caine smiles and looks down to his sub. He puts a hand on the back of the sub’s neck and pulls him up gently.

“Speed, I want you to meet a good friend of mine, Mac,” Horatio says. “We were in the Marines together.”

Horatio’s sub looks up and smiles, “I’ve heard many good things about you, Sir.”

“And I’ve heard the same about you, Tim,” Mac replies.

Tim Speedle blushes and looks down. “Thank you,” he says, quietly.

“Speed works with me at the lab,” Horatio explains. “It is how we met, actually.” Horatio and Tim are crime investigators like Mac, but they work in Miami.

Mac turns to Horatio and asks what made him to decide to do the collaring ceremony here instead of in Miami.

“Jasper has been good to me,” Horatio smiles, fondly. “He taught me how to be a good Dom, and because Jasper is too ill to come out to Miami, I decided to bring the collaring ceremony here.”

Mac nods in understanding. Jasper has been a mentor to Horatio when he was starting out in the lifestyle, and has helped Horatio through the bad times. Although Horatio have had submissives before, Mac is aware that Tim Speedle is the first submissive that Horatio has collared and will be the last.
Mac sighs heavily, once again. He looks to Horatio and Speedle and feels a little jealous of the loving and deep relationship between them. He could see it on their faces. He wants the same.

Horatio apologizes to Mac, saying that he has to greet other people. Mac waves the apology off and tells his good friend that he understands. He watches Horatio making his way through the crowd, Tim on a leash following behind him.

Suddenly, Mac feels at a loss. He is unsure what to do or where to go now. There are a lot of people here that he doesn’t know, since most of them are from Miami. He decides to go back to the bar.

Mac sits on a stool at the bar, thinking about Greg and their times together when someone comes up behind him.

“This seat free?”

Mac turns and is about to gesture for him to sit down, when his heart is stopped at the sight of a beautiful and handsome man wearing a suit which looked expensive, standing in front of him, smiling.

“You okay, sir?” the man asks, concerned, when Mac doesn’t reply.

Mac shakes himself off and forces him to look into the man’s eyes and smile. “Yes, of course. This is free, yes.”

The man sits down and introduces himself as Tony DiNozzo.

“Nice to meet you, Tony,” Mac says. “Mac Taylor.” They shake hands, and Mac is startled by the electricity spark between them and looks up at Tony.

Tony looks rather taken aback and takes his hand away quickly. Mac sits up straight and tries to not think about his hands on the boy’s body.

“You on the Master’s side or the sub’s?” Tony asks.

Mac blinks and laughs at the joke. “I’m on the Master’s side. You?”

“Sub’s – I knew Tim from when we were at college together,” Tony answers.

Mac nods. “Horatio and I were in Marines together.”

“A Marine, eh? My boss was a Marine,” Tony says.

“Oh? What squad he was in?”

“Erm...I’m not sure, I never asked,” Tony shrugs and puts a hand up. The bartender comes up. Tony orders a glass of lemonade and turns to Mac to ask if he wants anything when Mac holds his glass up.

“Okay, just me then,” Tony smiles at the bartender. He turns to Mac and asks what he does for a living.

“I’m with the CSI here,” Mac replies. “I’m the head investigator. You?”

“Senior Special Agent in the NCIS, Sir.”

“NCIS is a good agency,” Mac smiles but is a bit startled at how Tony says ‘Sir’ which is starting to turn him on.

They begin to talk about things which interest them. For Tony, it’s sports and movies. For Mac, it’s sports as well but he also likes to read.

“I read books occasionally,” Tony says. “There are some good books out there.”

Mac nods in agreement. They sit in silence for the next few moments, before Tony speaks up.

“Please tell me to keep my nose out of your business,” Tony says, and Mac frowns, puzzled.

“But, are you a Dom, Sir?”

Mac stares at Tony, who holds the gaze. Mac realizes that Tony felt the electricity spark earlier when they shook hands.

“Listen, boy, I’m looking for long-term,” Mac says, sternly but he secretly hopes that Tony wants the same. “So if it’s not what you are looking for, then you better leave now.”

Mac holds his breath and waits for Tony to leave, but Tony stays where he is and looks at Mac. Mac lets out a deep breath.

Mac stand and put a hand on Tony’s back and rubs it gently. “We should find somewhere to talk.”

Tony shivers at Mac’s touch but nods and gets up to follow Mac out of Jasper’s.

Horatio and Tim watch them leave and turn to each other.

“So our plan worked?” Horatio asks, surprised.

“You should trust me more often, Sir,” Tim says, resting his head on his Master’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I should,” Horatio laughs.