Title: Trouble In Paradise
By: Jaxson K.
Pairing(s): Don/Jackson, Don/Jackson/Danny
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Trouble is brewing in the Flack household!
Warning(s): threesome, graphic sex, language, and adult situations.....
A/N: slightly AU...in here it is legal for men to be married to each other, and threesomes aren't frowned upon. This is a companion piece to "Everybody Wins".....


Jackson rolled over and swatted at the alarm clock. He reached over toward Don, but came away with a handful of blanket instead. He got up and padded to the attached bathroom, took a piss, and went to look for his missing husband. He walked down the hall toward the kitchen but stopped outside Danny's bedroom, which was slightly ajar. He saw Don and Danny tangled in the bedcovers and sighed. This was the third night this week that Don had spent with Danny, and it was seriously messing with the schedule they had all agreed upon back when all of this first started.

In the beginning, the three men had sat down and worked out a schedule that was flexible and ensured that everyone was treated fairly. Everyone agreed to it, and things were fine for quite a while. Lately, though, Danny and Don had been changing the schedule up and Jackson wasn't getting an equal amount of time with either man. With Danny it wasn't such a big deal, but Don was another story all together. Jackson wasn't getting to spend a lot of time with his husband, and it was starting to get under his skin.

Jackson went into the kitchen and started breakfast. While he was cooking, Don came shuffling in and yawned a good morning. He caught Jackson around the waist from behind and started to kiss him on the neck. Jackson pulled away and asked if Don wanted coffee. Don took his cup and sat down at the table. Danny came in and started toward Jackson for a morning kiss but was stopped by Don clearing his throat and slightly shaking his head. Danny got himself a cup of coffee and joined Don at the table while Jackson finished cooking. When the food was ready, Jackson sat everything on the table and left the kitchen.....
"What's with him, Don?"
"I'm not quite sure, Dan, but I think we need to tread lightly....."
"Why? We haven't done anything, have we?"
"I don't know, but until we figure this out, we don't need to piss him off.....remember what happened last time?"
"Yeah.....we sure as hell don't need a repeat of that....."

Jackson finished dressing and headed down the hall toward the living room. He stopped by the kitchen door long enough to tell his two partners he was headed to work. Don asked him to wait a second and got up from the table. Jackson continued into the living room to get his coat and scarf and Don stopped him by the door.....
"Baby, what's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong, Don, I just need to get to work....."
"Don't say nothing's wrong, babe.....I've known you too long....."
"Don, I really don't want to go into this right now......I gotta go....."
Jackson squeezed past Don and headed out the door. He was too far out of earshot to hear Don say, "I love you....."

Don closed the door and headed toward the bedroom. Danny came in and asked if everything was okay. Don told him that everything was definitely not okay, and that he really wanted to find out what was going on with his husband. Danny asked Don if he should try to find out what was wrong, and Don said that he could if he wanted to. Danny worried when Jackson got in one of his moods like he was in now. His friend had done so much for him, and had given him so much that he felt like he owed it to him to make whatever was bothering him go away.

Jackson was sitting at his desk at Groovy Gold trying to concentrate on his work, and failing miserably. The whole Danny/Don deal was weighing heavily on his mind. He needed to come up with a course of action, and he needed to do it soon because he was growing very dissatisfied with the way things were at present. He really didn't want to end the arrangement he had with Don and Danny, but something definitely had to give.

While Jackson was thinking things over, Don was thinking about his husband and what could be bothering him. He was truly concerned, but couldn't think of anything he had done to put Jackson in his present mood. He called Danny at the Crime Lab and asked him to meet for lunch so they could brain-storm a bit and try to figure this out. Danny agreed to meet him at the precinct as soon as he could.

Lunch time found Don and Danny at Pressman's Deli talking about the situation concerning Jackson. At first, neither man could think of anything out of the ordinary. They discussed several possibilities, and Danny commented that they should just leave things be and hope that Jackson came around. Don stated that he wasn't giving up on his quest for answers because, after all, this was Jackson they were discussing. The two men finished their meals and went their separate ways with a quick 'love you' and 'see you at home'.

Jackson was pleased to be able to leave the shop early for a change. His new manager Lisa Bellamy had taken to learning the operations of the shop quite well, and had proven herself to be very capable. He told her he was leaving and set out for home, stopping at the market for ingredients for supper. He was hoping that maybe Don or Danny had cooked, but wasn't taking any chances. When he got home, Jackson found Don and Danny curled up on the couch making out while the evening news played in the background. The two men didn't notice his arrival as Jackson went through to the kitchen to put the groceries away. Little did Don or Danny know that things were about to get sideways.....

While Jackson was cooking supper, Danny wandered in and asked when supper would be ready. Jackson replied that it would be about 30 minutes. Danny made the mistake of whining about being hungry NOW! Jackson slammed a plate he was holding down on the counter hard enough to crack it and told Danny that if he could get supper ready any quicker, then feel free to do so. He brushed past Danny and headed down the hall to the bedroom he shared with Don.

When Don saw Jackson storm out of the kitchen, he froze. The look on his husband's face coupled with the tears flowing down said face scared Don. When he heard the bedroom door slam, Don headed to the kitchen to ask Danny what was going on.....
"Danny, what the hell???"
"Don, I swear all I did was whine a little bit about dinner taking so long, and he told me that if I could do it faster, then do so. He slammed a plate down and stormed out....."
Don started to ask another question, but was distracted by the slamming of the front door. He and Danny both ran into the living room and then Don went to check the bedroom. The bedroom was a shambles. Drawers pulled out every which way, the closet door was standing open, Jackson's duffle bag was gone. Don freaked and ran back toward the living room.....
"Don, what's going on?"
"Jackson's gone.....he packed his duffle and left."

Just saying those words turned Don's world upside down. The more Don thought about it, the sadder he got, but anger was brewing there also. What was so bad that Jackson couldn't talk to him. In their 15 years together, they had discussed everything together. Good or bad, it was talked out. Don's anger grew and he lashed out, kicking the coffee table across the room, and startling Danny in the process. Danny knew his best bet was to stay quiet and answer only if asked a direct question. He'd seen Don like this interrogating suspects at the precinct, and knew that Don was one very unhappy man at the moment.....
"Goddamnit, how could he just go like that? He should know that whatever is on his mind can be talked about with me....." Don paced the floor muttering.....then he said,"Danny, get your jacket. We're going to find him, and he's gonna tell me what the fuck is going on in the thick-assed head of his, even if I have to knock some sense into him to make him do it....."


While Don and Danny were searching for him, Jackson was sitting on a bench near the bluffs overlooking the East River. It was on the very bench Jackson was sitting on that Don told him he loved him for the first time. Just thinking of that made Jackson misty-eyed, and he turned his mind to other things, like what he was going to do now that he'd walked out. What was he going to do? Where was he going to go? All he had was questions, no answers. He needed some time to think and figure out what he wanted and needed.

Don and Danny were getting discouraged. They'd tried every place they could think of, but they had yet to find Jackson. Don was frantic with worry, and Danny stayed near tears. Jackson's cell phone was turned off, and that worried Don to no end. Each man returned to the empty apartment lost in his own thoughts. Don told Danny he was going to try and get some sleep and Danny wished him luck in that endeavor. Before Don went to his room, Danny asked Don if they could talk for a minute.....
"What's on your mind, Dan?"
"I've been thinking about Jackson leaving like he did, and everything that came before. I think I know why all this came down....."
"I'd sure like to hear what you've come up with, Danny....."
"Don, I think it's because of us...."
"What do you mean?"
"Think about it, Don.....we've been spending an awful lot of time together lately, and neither of us has spent any quality time with him. If I were a betting man, I'd say that Jackson was feeling neglected....."
"You really think so?"
"I really do, Don. I am ashamed for what I've done after everything he's done for me after taking me in, showing what it's like to really feel love and be loved, sharing you with me....." Danny had to stop for a minute because he had started to cry. Don sat deep in thought, tears pouring down his cheeks because he was thinking about his 'baby' and how much he had taken him for granted. Shame and sadness warred with each other in Don's mind.....

While Danny and Don were having their talk, Jackson was lying on the bed in the hotel room he'd rented for the night. He was thinking about the situation at home, and how the guys must be frantic. He knew he should call, but he was trying to figure things out. He knew for a fact that he was going back to Don AND Danny because he loved them both so deeply. However, things were going to have to be different if this was going to work out. Jackson knew it wasn't going to be easy, but he was prepared.

The next morning found Don sad and lonely. He missed Jackson so much. Whoever said 'you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' sure knew what they were talking about. Don lay there with tears in his eyes, wanting his baby and knowing it was his fault that he wasn't there.
Danny wasn't faring much better than Don. He'd been up a better part of the night thinking about things, and as he got ready to face the day, Danny decided that he would do whatever it took to get his 'Jax' back home where he belonged.

Jackson woke up a bit disoriented. At first, he couldn't remember where he was until the events of the previous day came crashing in on him. He got up, showered, and quickly dressed. He called Groovy Gold and told Lisa that he wouldn't be in for a couple of days. They talked about business matters for a few minutes, and Jackson ended the call by asking Lisa not to tell Don or Danny that she had heard from him. Lisa asked if everything was okay, and Jackson replied that there was 'just a spot of trouble in paradise.'

Jackson got his things together and checked out of the motel. He knew that Don and Danny would both be at work by the time he got back to the apartment, or he was hoping so anyway. He wanted to spend the day getting everything he wanted to say firmly set in his mind so that when the guys came home, they could all sit down and talk things through.

Don had hell keeping it together at work. He went through the motions of interviewing suspects, tracking down suspects for questioning, and so forth, but his heart just wasn't in it. All he could think about was Jackson and how he had hurt him. He so wanted a chance to talk to him so he could tell him how sorry he was for doing the things that had driven him away, and to ask him to please come home.

Meanwhile at the Crime Lab, Danny was pretty much in the same boat Don was in. He moped around and thought about Jackson and how much he wanted to apologize. He decided to call Don to see if he had heard anything. He could tell Don was feeling about as low as he did when he answered the phone. Danny asked if Don had heard anything and Don said he hadn't. Danny felt so disappointed to hear those words since he was hoping for good news. Don told Danny not to worry, and that they would find Jackson. Both knew that not worrying was much easier said than done.

Jackson was getting antsy. Time seemed to slow down to a crawl, and he finally gave up wanting to surprise his boys. He found his cell and sent two text messages. The first one read: 'Donnie, I'm alright. Please come home as soon as you can.....Love, Baby' The second message read: "Doodle Bug, it's me.....please hurry home as soon as possible.....Luv, Jax' After sending the messages, he sat back to see how long the boys would take to get there.

Don was in the middle of working on some paperwork when his phone chimed alerting him that he had a text message. He opened his phone to read it and when he finished, he jumped up to go find Danny. He didn't have to go far because Danny was on his way to share his news with Don, and they met in the lobby of Don's precinct. Danny excitedly asked Don if he got a message, and Don confirmed that he had.....
"Don, he called me Doodle Bug....."
"He called me Donnie....."
"Don, do you know what this means?"
"What does it mean?"
"He's using his pet names for us, so that means that maybe he's wanting us home to work things out. Hell, he even signed mine 'Jax'. Nobody calls him that except me ....."
"I see what you meant now, Danny. He called me Donnie, and signed mine 'Baby'. We both know I'm the only one he lets call him that....."
"Don, what the FUCK are we doing standing here talking? We need to get home and get this worked out....."


Jackson heard a key turn in the door and he stood up from where he had been sitting in the sofa. Huge butterflies were gliding around in his stomach, and he got the shakes just like he always did when he was extremely nervous. Don came bursting through the door first, and Jackson met him halfway across the living room. Don swept him up and began smothering him with kisses. Tears from both men mingled and dripped down Jackson's chin. No words were said, but volumes were spoken. Danny stood by watching, trying unsuccessfully to hold back his own tears. Jackson turned to him and held out his arms. Danny hurried into them and heard Jackson whisper; "Hey, Doodle Bug....." This caused Danny to sob brokenly and he squeezed Jackson tightly.

When all three men calmed down enough to be semi-coherent, Jackson asked them to sit down because they had a lot to talk about.....
"First off, I want to apologize to the both of you for walking out like I did without saying anything. That was wrong of me, and I want both of you to know that it won't happen again. I know you guys were miserable and probably went nuts trying to find me, but I didn't want to be found. I was pretty damn miserably myself, and I needed some time to think. I left because I thought that you two were trying to squeeze me out of our arrangement, and I didn't like it one bit. It hurt to think that you two might do that to me, and I couldn't stand the thought that it might be true. I know now that I should have said something before, but I didn't want to face it. I feel bad for thinking of the two of you that way, and I hope you both will forgive me."

Danny and Don both started trying to talk at once. Danny managed to get the jump on Don, and he let him have the floor.....
"Jax, I want you to know that it's so good to have you back here, and it's me who should be apologizing to you. You've done so much for me, and shown me so much love and kindness and all I did was nearly destroy all that by being greedy. I didn't realize how badly I was hurting you because of my selfishness. If you'll still have me, I promise I'll do my level best to see that something like that doesn't happen again.....
Danny couldn't say anymore because he was crying. Jackson went over to him and took him in his arms. Danny cried even harder when he felt Jackson's arms enfold him and heard Jackson say,"Shhh, babe, please don't cry. I forgive you. And I promise you'll always be my Doodle Bug, okay?"
"You promise?"
"I promise....."
"So you will still be my 'Jax'?"
"Yes, I will....for as long as you'll have me....."
"Then that means forever.....I don't want to ever let you go again....."
Jackson leaned over and kissed Danny tenderly. Danny excused himself to go wash his face and Jackson then turned to Don.....

"Donnie, what are your thoughts about all of this?"
"Honestly, Baby, the truth is I fucked up. I got so wrapped up in being with Danny that I neglected you, and that something I never should have done. When I asked you to marry me fifteen years ago, I told you that I didn't want to live another day without you. I know I haven't shown it lately, but it's still the truth and it always will be. I promise I will do whatever it takes to prove it from now on....."
"Donnie, I'm glad you've seen the error of your ways. I know I should have talked to you about it, and I promise that if something like this comes up again, I won't hesitate to speak up....."
"I hope so, baby.....you know, you are the glue that holds all of us together. Without you, all of this would fall apart....."
"He's right, Jax, you do hold us together. While you were gone, Don and I were lost. Please say something if we fuck up and it bothers you, okay? We agreed when this started that we were all in this together, and that's the way it has to be, right....."
"Yes, Doodle Bug....."
"Good! Now, I'm hungry.....Can we please order out?"
"Yeah, squirt, we can....."
Danny beamed when Don called him by that nickname. Danny got on the phone and called out for some Chinese, Italian, and pizza. Jackson was standing by the windows and Don joined him.....
"Are you okay, babe?"
"Yeah, Donnie, I think I am.....I'm gonna go shower before the food gets here......"
"Okay, babe, take your time....."
"Donnie, I love you...."
"I love you, babe....."
"I love you, Doodle Bug...."
Instead of hearing 'I love you, too', Jackson found himself with two arms full of Danny Messer who just happened to be smothering him with kisses. Jackson laughed and told Danny he was going to go shower. Danny asked if he could go with, but Don told him he wanted some help getting ready for dinner. While Jackson was in the shower, Don told Danny he had a plan. He wanted to try and get Jackson out of the house for a while because he wanted Danny to get the big bedroom ready for Jackson's welcome home. Danny got on board with the plan immediately and told Don that it was a done deal.


Once dinner was over, Don decided he wanted some cookies. He asked Jackson to walk down to the corner store with him to get some. He asked Danny if he wanted anything, and Danny asked for some ice cream. Don and Jackson left the apartment and Danny sprang into action. He put the crimson silk sheets on the bed and lit several sandalwood candles. He loaded the stereo with some of Jackson's mixed CDs that were made for times like this and gathered several small bottles of flavored lube and the peppermint body lotion and put them on the night stand. He stood in the doorway and checked out his handy work. He was pleased with what he saw and went to take a shower.

When Don and Jackson returned they found Danny wrapped in his favorite plush throw watching television. Don asked if he wanted his ice cream, and Danny said he thought he would save it for the next day. Don winked at him and went to put the cookies in the kitchen. He then went in for a shower. While Don was showering, Danny and Jackson talked and laughed about a guy he and Don saw on the way to the store. Danny said he remembered the guy because he busted him a few times when he was on patrol. A few minutes later, Don called out to Danny and asked him to come to the bedroom. Danny looked at Jackson and shrugged his shoulders. Jackson sat there feeling the old familiar hurt start to well up when he heard Danny AND Don call out to him. He got up and headed to the bedroom, not knowing what to expect.

Jackson opened the bedroom door and what he saw before him simply took his breath away. Don and Dan were both one the bed nude with yards of crimson silk tastefully arranged to cover the 'naughty bits'. The gentle scent of sandalwood permeated the air from the candles around the room, and there was music playing softly in the background.
Don beckoned for Jackson to come closer as did Danny. Don rose from the bed and walked over to his husband. He languidly kissed him and whispered, 'you're a bit overdressed, baby.' Jackson smiled and let Don start undressing him. Danny came over and helped Don with the task at hand. Both men lavished him with feather 僕ight kisses and soft caresses. They moved Jackson toward the bed and gently laid him down.

Don took over and began kissing Jackson in the special way he knew his husband liked. While doing so, he ran his hands down Jackson's body exploring as if he were touching Jackson for the very first time. He kiss, nipped, and licked at the tender flesh of Jackson's throat and as he worked his way down, Jackson moaned as Don's expert tongue found his nipples and went to work. While Don was working Jackson's torso over, Danny climbed up on the bed to watch. Jackson could see the desire in Danny's eyes and saw the clear fluid leaking out of the end of his rock hard dick. Jackson reached over and stroked Danny's cock a couple of times causing him to whimper and thrust his hips. Jackson looked up into Danny's eyes and whispered, "C'mon, Doodle Bug...it's okay...." Danny molded himself against Jackson's side and began giving him long slow kisses.

Don reached up and began stroking Dan's cock while enveloping Jackson with his mouth. Jackson gasped into Danny's mouth when Don did this and thrust his hips up craving more. Don pulled off Jackson's cock and laughed darkly. He licked at Jackson's sack while continuing Danny's hand job. Danny had to push Don's hand away because he was getting too close, and didn't want to cum just yet. He scooted down on the bed and started sucking Don's cock to get him ready for Jackson. While Don licked Jackson open, Danny continued his ministrations to Don. Once Don was satisfied that Jackson was ready, he got the cherry lube and slicked Jackson up. Danny pulled off Don's cock so he could lube up and slowly ease himself into his husband's opening.

As Don slid home, Jackson motioned for Danny to position himself over Jackson's cock. Jackson found the pineapple lube and slicked up two fingers. He began fingering Danny open and worked on Danny's cock at the same time. Don slowed his thrusts so Jackson could ease into Danny. Jackson gave him the signal, and Don picked up his pace. The three men coordinated their movements to receive maximum movement and pleasure. Danny's sweet little ass coupled with Don's thick cock proved to be Jackson's undoing. Danny was getting close and he began bouncing on Jackson's cock faster. Don slammed his cock into Jackson and hit his 'sweet spot'. He continued to hit it with every in-stroke and Jackson barely had time to warn Danny before his cock exploded inside Danny. When Don felt Jackson's opening start to spasm, it sent him over the edge and he shot wads of hot cum inside his baby. Everyone collapsed into a big pile and lay there catching their collective breath. Danny got warm cloths to clean everyone up and came back to say goodnight.....
"Where do you think you're going, Danny?"
"I'm going to bed....."
"You sleep in here with us now, Doodle Bug...."
"Really? But why?"
"I think he's trying to tell you that he wants you near all the time, squirt....."
"That's right.....will you?"
"Hell yeah!" Danny climbed into the king-sized bed and plastered himself to Jackson's side. He thanked him and snuggled up to settle in for sleep. Don reached over and turned off the bedside lamp. He turned and plastered himself to Jackson's other side and settled down to go to sleep. Jackson kissed the top of Danny's head and said,"I love you, Doodle Bug..." He then turned and did the same and said, "I love you, Donnie...." Jackson laughed when the two men replied, "We love you, too....."