Title: Twisted
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Don/Adam, mentions of other characters
Rating: NC-17
Summary:AU, You never know what someone is thinking...
A/N: This is not intended to offend, or freak anyone out.
Warning: dark themes, dark!Don


According to my co-workers and friends, I'm a damned good detective, and a pretty stand-up guy. But what they don't know is that I have some pretty fucked-up thoughts going on behind the "good guy" facade.

For instance, when I get in one of my "moods", I have fantasies regarding what I'd like to do to certain people around me. The truly fucked-up part is that hardly anyone is safe.

Usually, I start off with Mac. I'd like to subject him to some of the torture techniques I've read about and seen in the movies. That would bring his smug, superior ass down a peg or two.

Next up is Jo Danville. Sometimes when we are at a scene together, I'd like to grab her by the hair and smash her face into a brick wall a few times just to shut her up. That "Southern belle" accent of hers grates on my nerves.

Lindsey is next. I would dearly love to strap her into a chair in the A/V room, cut off her eyelids, and make her watch endless videos of me and Danny back when we used to fuck each other silly.

Speaking of Danny, he's my best friend, used-to-be fuck buddy, and a pretty decent guy. I don't wish Dan no harm mostly because I like the guy, and he's almost as twisted as I am.

Last, but not least, is my loving partner (Gag!) Adam. The main reasons I keep him around is because he cooks, cleans, does laundry, and is a fairly decent fuck. He really needs to learn how to suck dick, though. I'd like to ram my dick all the way down his throat, and do it repeatedly until he gets the hang of it. Hell, I might get Danny to teach him a lesson or two while I watch.

By now, you're probably shocked, or disgusted, but that's okay. These are just thought I keep buried and do my best not to let them show. It's all a part of being twisted.