Title: When
Author: Jaxson K.
Pairing: Adam/Don
Rating: PG
Summary: Adam wants to know when he will get over Don.


Adam sat on the couch, notebook in hand. He would write a few lines, tear the page out, and start over. He didn't have the nerve to try and talk to Don in person, so he felt that writing a note might work better. The only down side to this was he didn't know if Don would read it, much less respond.

When Don left, Adam figured that it would hurt for a little while and then he could get on with his life. All that turned out to be a fairy tale. It seemed liked the more time went by, Adam felt worse. Hence the note to Don.....


I know you probably won't read this, but I have to try anyway. When you left, I thought this broken heart would heal in time, and God knows time is one thing I've had plenty of. The thing is, even after all this time, there's been no real change. The thing is, I still love you as much as I always did.

I wonder when will I forget about you. I also wonder if I'll ever love again. When will ever learn to live without you? I guess I've rambled on long enough so I'll end this. I know you really aren't the person to ask this stuff, but I figured I'd try to ask anyway since you are the one who did this to me in the first place.....


Adam dropped the note in the mail on his way to work the next day. He wasn't too surprised when a few days later the familiar envelope was in his mail box with "Return to Sender" written in Don's familiar hand. He tore the note up and threw it away. After thinking it over, he came to the conclusion that Don truly was over him. He just wished he could say the say about himself about Don.