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Title: If Luck Runs Out
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Aiden Gillan
Fandom: Hannibal/Blood and Chocolate
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


They'd made it through the night.

Aiden breathed a sigh of relief, turning over in bed to stare up at the ceiling. He was glad that he'd awakened early; he needed some time to think about his situation.

He'd never meant to involve anyone else in his problems. He felt as though he shouldn't be here, as if he was taking advantage of Will's kindness and bravery.

But if he was honest with himself, he was glad that Will had offered to stand by him and help him. He didn't feel that he could face the loup garou alone any longer. He'd done it before, but he had failed miserably. And this time, if he tried, he would die.

Aiden was absolutely positive about that. There was no way that they would continue to let him live. They would keep playing with him, and then violently end him.

The thought made him shudder. He knew how they would kill him; they would tear him apart limb from limb, until his body was unrecognizable.

He didn't want to end his life that way, as a victim.

If he was going to die at the hands of those creatures, he wanted to be brave, to be taking a stand. He just didn't want to take Will down with him.

How could he have dragged Will into this? It wasn't Will's fight. He shouldn't have to risk his life for someone he barely knew, someone who had just come tumbling into his life with no warning. Though Aiden had to admit that he was grateful to will for doing so.

Will was becoming more to him than just a friend. He was starting to look at the other man in a way that he'd never thought he could ever look at anyone again.

After what he'd suffered through, he'd thought that he would never want to be physically involved with anyone again. But his feelings for Will proved otherwise.

Just thinking about being with Will made his heart leap, his body tighten.

Yes, he wanted to be with Will. He wanted the two of them to become one, to join themselves in the most primal way that two people could. He'd thought that he was done with that forever, that being attacked and raped had driven away any desire for that kind of closeness.

But he'd been wrong. He wanted Will in a way that he hadn't thought possible. He'd never been this attracted to anyone, and he doubted that he ever would be again.

There was just something about Will that not only made him ache with desire, but that made him trust the other man with all of his heart.

That was something else he'd never thought that he could feel again, after the way that Vivian had turned on him. He had believed that his trust was always misplaced, and that he would never again be able to count on anyone but himself. But Will had proved him wrong.

He trusted Will with his life. And with his heart.

Will was the kind of man he'd always dreamed of finding, a man who would give him everything and hold nothing back. A man who wouldn't judge him in any way.

Will was on in a million, the kind of man who anyone would want to stand by their side. Aiden knew that he was lucky to have found someone like Will.

No, not someone like him. He was lucky that he'd found Will Graham. And he couldn't help but wonder if Will felt the same attraction that he felt, if his heart sped up a little when he looked at Aiden, if he wondered about a possible future for them after this was all over.

Though a future was in doubt at the moment, as Aiden didn't know if they would both even survive what he knew was coming closer with each passing moment.

They could both die. Or only one of them might make it through.

His chest tightened with fear at the thought. He didn't want to think about losing Will, not when they had just found each other. He wanted them to have a future.

Even if they didn't get involved, he wanted Will to stay in his life -- though he was sure that simply being Will's friend would never be enough for him.

He wanted Will's heart -- just as Will already had his. That was a tall order, though, Aiden thought, heaving a sigh and shifting in the bed, putting his hands behind his head. He couldn't expect Will to feel the same way he did. Not after how they had met.

He was just lucky that Will didn't think he was some kind of lunatic. Anyone else probably would, but then, most people didn't have Will's kind heart and generous nature.

He'd been the luckiest man in the world to have stumbled onto Will Graham's front porch when he'd most needed someone to help him. He would never forget that.

But he had to stop thinking about the future.

What he had to concentrate on, Aiden told himself firmly, was taking things one step at time, and to live in the moment. He had to think about his immediate problems first.

And the largest of those problems was when and how the loup garou would attack them. For the had no doubt that an attack was coming, probably when they least expected it, and he wanted them to be prepared for any eventuality.

They'd made it through the night, but that was probably sheer luck. The loup garou were no doubt making their own plans, and they needed to do the same.

They couldn't be caught unprepared. That would be fatal.

All that they could do was prepare for the coming battle as best they could, and hope that their determination to come out on top would ensure that they did.

Sighing soft, Aiden kicked back the covers and got to his feet, realizing that he could smell coffee and bacon. Will must already be in the kitchen, making them breakfast.

He pushed the dark thoughts to the back of his mind. He'd focus on them later.

Right now, he just wanted to enjoy some time with Will before they had to face reality. They'd have to take a stand soon, but this morning, he didn't want to think about that eventuality.

He just wanted to be with Will, for them to spend some time enjoying each other's company. Was that too much to ask, in light of what they would have to deal with all too soon? Aiden grimaced as he pulled on his jeans and a t-shirt, then sighed and closed his eyes for a moment.

He would take these moments with Will while he could get them. After all, these might be the last peaceful moments the two of them had for a while.

If they were lucky, they'd come through this, and have their lives ahead of them.

He didn't want to think about what would happen if their luck ran out.