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Title: Furtive Tryst
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Will Graham/Matthew Brown
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Will Graham or Lee Fallon, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"Turn around and face the bars, Will."

Matthew's voice was very soft, but his words were firm; they weren't a request, but a command, and for some strange reason, Will felt compelled to obey them.

He did as Matthew told him, turning around and facing the bars of his cell, then leaning forward and reaching out to grab them. He was sure that he would need to hold on to something.

Behind him, Matthew stepped closer, and closer still, until Will could feel the heat of his body. Matthew was close enough to touch him, but he hadn't done so yet. Will could feel his muscles tightening, his skin tingling with anticipation, his breath coming faster.

When the touch did come, it was on his cheek, slightly calloused fingers ghosting over his skin in a touch as light as a breeze, making him shiver and ache for more contact.

Will could feel warm breath on the back of his neck; Matthew was standing close behind him now, their bodies almost touching, so close yet still too far away.

He needed Matthew's touch. Craved it with all of his soul.

Those long fingers trailed a path down his throat, then forward, to the zipper of the orange prison jumpsuit that was his constant attire. Will could feel his breath catch in his throat.

Matthew's fingers gripped the zipper, slowly starting to ease it down. Will closed his eyes, his hands tightening on the bars, catching his lower lip between his teeth. The zipper moved down agonizingly slowly; he wanted to grab it and force it forward, until it was all the way down.

But he didn't do that; he let Matthew ease the zipper slowly on its downward trek, wondering why the other man wanted to be behind him, rather than seeing his flesh as it was revealed.

As long as Matthew was undressing him, he wasn't going to argue.

All he wanted at this point was to be out of his clothes, his body exposed to Matthew's touch. He wanted those hands on his skin, touching him everywhere.

When the zipper reached the bottom, Matthew's hand moved back up Will's body, slowly, moving up one arm to rest on his shoulder before pulling Will back slightly. "Let go of the bars, Will," he whispered, his voice soft in Will's ear. "You've got to let the fabric slide off your shoulders."

Will nodded, swallowing hard and doing as Matthew said. He could feel the jumpsuit slide down his arms, pooling at his feet so that he could step out of it.

That was one good thing about the ugly uniforms that the prisoners here were forced to wear, he told himself. They came off quickly and easily when it was needed. He shivered as the cold air hit his nearly bare skin; standing here in only his underwear was colder than he'd realized it would be.

He'd always been more comfortable in boxers, but the prison forced its inmates to wear briefs. Will felt just as exposed in them as he would have if he'd been stark naked.

Matthew's hands moved down his sides, stopping at his waist.

Matthew was pressed against him from behind now; Will knew that the other man was still fully clothed, and he couldn't help but wonder if he would undress, too.

Somehow, he doubted it. He was sure that Matthew wanted to feel him, to touch his body, not to join the two of them together. That was for a later time; he'd have to wait for it.

At this point, he wasn't sure that was even what he wanted. But what he did want was to be touched; he craved the feeling of Matthew's hands on his body, and he almost moaned aloud with his need. But he managed to hold the sound back, and to stay absolutely still.

Matthew's fingers hooked into the elastic of Will's briefs, pulling them down in one swift motion. Without being told, Will stepped out of them as well, leaving himself completely naked and exposed.

He was trembling now; he didn't know whether it was with need, or with desire, or a combination of both. He just knew that if Matthew didn't touch him, he would go insane.

Slowly, Matthew's hand began to move back up Will's body, until his fingers tweaked one nipple gently. It was only then that Will let out the moan he'd been holding back, unable to be silent any longer. It felt as though that touch was going directly to his cock.

"You need this, don't you?" Matthew whispered, his other hand moving to Will's hip and stroking downward. "You need to be touched, don't you, Will? You need the intimacy."

Will couldn't bring himself to speak; he was sure that if he did, he would only moan out his need again, even more loudly this time. He contented himself with a nod of confirmation.

He could feel Matthew's satisfied smile; he didn't need to see it.

Will gasped aloud when those long, calloused fingers wrapped around his cock and began to stroke him; he had known it would feel good, but he hadn't expected such pleasure.

No one else had ever touched him in this way before. No one had ever been this intimate with him; no one had even seen him naked, other than impersonal doctors. This was a completely new experience for him in every way, both in the emotional sense as well as the physical.

He had to remind himself that he and Matthew had no softer feelings for each other. This was strictly physical -- wasn't it? He was beginning to wonder if the lines would grow blurred.

For him, they already were; he wanted more of Matthew than just being touched. Was he starting to look at this man as a lover, even though they hardly knew each other? Was the loneliness and isolation of this place getting to him that much, that he would throw himself into anyone's arms?

Will didn't want to think that he was so needy, but apparently he was -- and at the moment, he was going to give himself over to that need.

He had no choice, really, not with the way that Matthew was touching him.

That stroking hand had him gasping and writhing within moments, clutching the bars in front of him so tightly that his knuckles were white with the strain.

Matthew's other hand had moved to Will's buttocks, fingers stroking up and down the cleft. Will wanted to spread his legs and push his ass back against that stroking hand, but somehow, he forced himself to be still, to not give in to the need he had for more.

He would get more, eventually; a part of him knew that, and reveled in it. But he would have to be patient, and even though that wouldn't be easy, he'd manage to do it.

The hand on his cock stilled for a moment, then tightened, a finger teasing the tip.

Will couldn't hold himself back any longer; he let himself go with a soft cry, one that he couldn't have held back if his life had depended on it, a cry that came from his soul.

He wanted to fall backwards into Matthew's arms, but he had his doubts as to whether the other man would catch him or not. He didn't want to put that to the test.

Instead, he leaned forward, clinging to the bars, closing his eyes and breathing hard. He could feel Matthew stepping back from him; he was surprised to feel warm breath on his shoulder a moment later. He turned his head to see Matthew close beside him, a small smile on his lips.

"That was nice, Will," Matthew murmured, bowing his head to brush his lips against Will's bare shoulder. "Really nice. The next time should be even better, because you'll be more relaxed."

"N-next time?" Will couldn't keep the hope out of his tone; he wanted more than anything for there to be a next time, for this to turn into something more than mere touching.

Matthew nodded, his smile widening. "Of course there'll be a next time."

With those words, he slowly opened the door of the cell, slipping through the small space he allowed himself and then locking it behind him, never taking his eyes from Will.

Will slowly straightened up, keeping his own gaze on Matthew's face. He wanted the other man to look at his nude body; he wanted to see Matthew's desire for him in those dark eyes, wanted the assurance that Matthew would indeed come back for more, and that they would grow closer.

He wasn't disappointed; he could see desire flare in Matthew's eyes before the other man turned away to make his way out of the cell block before turning back to let his eyes sweep over Will's body.

"I can't wait for next time," he whispered, then he was gone.

Will bent slowly to pick up his briefs, putting them back on and then reluctantly pulling on the orange jumpsuit, zipping up the front before going to lie down.

His body was still tingling from Matthew's touch, and he knew that it would be for a while. And now, he was counting the hours until they could have another furtive tryst.