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Title: Admission
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Warnings: WiP, D/s
Summary: Gibbs has a natural authority, to which Tony responds. Tony has to fight not to submit...until told otherwise by Gibbs.


It came on him at the worst times. One minute he would be screwing around on the job, teasing McGee or locking horns with Ziva, and the next Gibbs would smack him in the head without warning. It was in the moments following the headsmack that Tony had to fight with himself not to drop to his knees. Thankfully, it only took him a second or two at most to grab hold of the urge and shove it down deep. Also fortunately, his mouth was able to engage with an appropriate response while he struggled to keep his knees locked and his attitude as independent as possible.

Sometimes he wondered if Gibbs knew exactly the affect such an action brought about in him and if the other man was trying to drive him to his knees on purpose. He wouldn't put it beyond the realm of possibility. The man was about as naturally dominant as a wolf and a hell of a lot smarter. Add to that nineteen years in the Corp and NCIS, and, well, you got someone who knew a hell of a lot about discipline and authority.

Not to mention someone not afraid to use either one.

Tony sighed as he rubbed at dry eyes. He'd been staring at the monitor for over an hour and not getting any work done. It had been a crappy week and he had even less resistance to the thought of sitting quietly at Gibbs' feet than usual. It was a damn good thing he was just about the only one left in the building at this time of night. Even Director Sheppard had gone home almost two hours ago.

The headsmack took him utterly by surprise, shocking a gasp out of him and jolting Tony to his feet as he spun to face his attacker. He was ready to rip into Ziva or McGee for messing with him, only to come face-to-face with Gibbs.

"I told you to go home five hours ago, DiNozzo," Gibbs reminded sharply.

Fighting that urge yet again to drop to his knees, Tony forced a grin and the flippant reply, "I did."

Gibbs snorted. "That meant to go home and stay there, DiNozzo, not come back like a bad penny a few hours later. You've been on duty for almost fifty-six hours straight. Do I need to drive you there personally and tie you to the bed?"

"No, Boss, course not," Tony managed, doing his damnedest not to sound strangled at the image that rose unbidden at the words.

There was a brief pause as Gibbs squinted at him and for one, terrified moment, Tony was positive the other man had sussed him out.

"Grab your gear, DiNozzo. Let's go."



Tony swallowed hard at the hard order, wondering what was going through Gibbs' head, but instantly obeyed, grabbing his backpack. Not waiting for him, Gibbs strode over to the elevator and stabbed at the hapless call button. Tony jogged to catch up and arrived just as the doors opened. When the doors closed and the ride down began, Gibbs hit the 'stop' button, jolting them to a halt. Eyeing Gibbs warily, Tony asked, "Something wrong?"

"You tell me," Gibbs countered, neutral.

Shit. I am totally not up for this, Tony thought. "Look, Boss, I'm fine, okay? Nothing sleep won't cure."

"If everything's fine, what would sleep cure?"

Realizing that he'd stumbled into a trap, and that he should've seen it coming a mile away, Tony recovered, "I just meant that I'm tired."

"So why aren't you home sleeping, DiNozzo?"

"Why aren't you?"

"I got a call from security that you were haunting the floor again."

Again? How many times have they called him, and why? Tony wondered, scowling.

Closing the distance between them seemed to suck all the air from the small space. Tony could only stare back into the pale blue eyes as Gibbs just stared at him, searching for something, but he had no idea what. It was impossible to hold that gaze for long and Tony's eyes dropped less than a minute later, perspiration breaking out along the back of his neck and his forehead.

Gibbs gripped his shoulder unexpectedly, thumb pressing hard into the flesh just above Tony's collarbone. Hissing as his breath fled, Tony's eyes flashed back to Gibbs, finding the man utterly unreadable as he continued to stare. That subtle, masculine scent he always associated with Gibbs filled his nose and even his mouth, giving him just a hint of the taste he'd coveted for so long.

Leaning in, Gibbs told him darkly, "When we get back to my house, you're going to sleep for at least eight hours."

Tony ached, absolutely ached, to obey him, but knew he wouldn't be able to and so whispered, "I can't."

"Why not?"

Right in his ear, so close that the hot moisture lingered and caused Tony to shiver.

Struggling to give voice to needs so long denied, Tony tried, "I can't...I"

"I know what you need, Tony," Gibbs told him, voice heavy with promise. "When you sleep in my bed, it will be at my feet. When you sit by my side, outside the office, it will be at my feet. When you come from now on, it will be only because I say you can."

Tony shuddered violently and almost came in his pants, then and there.

"Open your eyes, Tony."

In a daze, not having remembered closing them, Tony obeyed to find Gibbs devouring him with his eyes.

"You're under my complete authority now, Tony."

It was, and wasn't, anything new.