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Title: Bad Day, Good Night
By: Kez
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tony has had a bad day, when Gibbs takes him home, will his night improve any?
Disclaimer: Seriously, if I owned them, do you think I'd be posting this here? No you'd be watching it on screen! LOL
Notes: This started off life rather differently, but I tend not to question my muse much so if he says this how things went down, then this is how it went down, lol. Set sometime in S3 a few months after Twilight and refers briefly to what happened in Twilight and Kill Ari.
Archiving: Yeasureyabetcha


Tony cursed, kicking his car. It just wasn't his day. First he'd woke up late, no coffee in the house, only one clean suit that he hated, stuck in traffic... late by almost an hour leaving Gibbs really pissed.

Which okay, bad start to the day, but once he was there he was sure he could do better, except he couldn't, because everything he touched seemed to fight him.

His contacts weren't being at all useful, he hadn't been able to find the stolen car, he got knocked out by a *girl* half his size. And now, just to make sure his day was complete and leave Tony wanting to shoot himself in the foot, his car was dead. Deader than dead. The engine didn't even *twitch*.

Turning around Tony trudged back towards the elevator and the offices to call a cab. He'd arrange for a tow truck tomorrow, he was tired and his day sucked enough, he wasn't going to tempt fate, he just wanted to get home, before anything else went horribly wrong.

Scratch that... it was too late... Tony was almost at his desk when he realised Gibbs was still there, working by lamp light.

"Forget something DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, snapped. Tony winced. Gibbs was so not impressed with him today.

"No boss, just need to call a cab, my car won't start," Tony said, hoping he could get out of there quickly.

"You need a decent car, one that works, instead of just looking good," Gibbs said.

"Yes Boss," Tony agreed, picking up the phone.

"Put the phone down," Gibbs said without even looking up. Tony complied immediately.

"Why didn't you use your cell?" Gibbs asked.

"I ah..." Tony felt a little silly, he should have, he hadn't thought about it, the fact he had a cell in his pocket hadn't even entered his mind when he'd realised he'd have to call a cab.

"I'll take you home," Gibbs told him, closing over the folder he was working on.

"Ah, boss you don't have to do that," Tony said, not wanting to cause Gibbs any *more* trouble that day, he was still sort of hoping to survive the day and come out alive in the morning, causing Gibbs further irritation wouldn't help his case.

"No, I don't," Gibbs agreed, but he was still standing up and putting on his gun and jacket, pulling his car keys out. Tony didn't need to be told twice to follow him, putting on his best 'happy-go-lucky' face and grinning brightly at Gibbs as they entered the lift. Gibbs just glared, forcing Tony to back against the wall and stay there quietly until they reached the level of the car park where Gibbs parked.


Gibbs didn't speak for the first few minutes of their journey and Tony purposely stayed silent, feigning interest in what was going on around them, even thought his senses were focused solely on Gibbs.

"We haven't talked much since... since Kate died," Gibbs said a few minutes later.

"Been a crazy few months," Tony answered without missing a beat, like that explained it, maybe it did, maybe it didn't.

"I should have made the time," Gibbs said.

Tony turned his head to look properly at the older man. "You had more important things to worry about."

"Nothing is more important," Gibbs told him.

It sounded innocent but Tony flushed. He was sure Gibbs meant nothing by it, at least nothing like Tony might like him to think, but it still made his heart race a little. He didn't know what to say, so much so that he was silent, until he realised the car had stopped, not outside his own apartment building, but outside Gibbs house.

"Ahhh... Boss?" Tony asked.

"Yes DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, looking at him.

Tony felt himself flush more, sure even in the dim light, Gibbs would be able to tell. "Nothing... Nothing Boss," he said.

Gibbs smirked momentarily before it softened into just the hint of a smile. "Tony..."

"I'm sorry I screwed up today, it won't happen again, I'm not losing my touch or my mind or whatever else you think I'm losing since Kate died and..." Tony ran out of words before he ran out of air to say them with an the end of the sentence just came out as one long breath.

"I know," Gibbs said, eyes twinkling, even in the dull light of the car, Tony could see them. "I didn't bring you here to chew you out," Gibbs told him.

"Then why?" Tony asked.

"Why don't we go inside..." Gibbs suggested.

"I..." Tony stuttered, feeling like his day was going to get a whole lot worse.

"I told you, I'm not going to chew you out for having a bad day DiNozzo," Gibbs said. His voice snappy again, making Tony relax. Snappy Gibbs he knew how to handle.

"I heard you, that day in the morgue, talking to Kate," Gibbs said.

Tony didn't have to ask what day, what talk, he knew, he remembered it vividly.

"I'm gonna miss you Kate, who else will put up with me, listen to me about... Gibbs. You were my confidant, my secret keeper... my best friend."

And Tony knew Gibbs *knew* what he meant, what the secret was Kate kept for him.

"Boss..." Tony paused, mouth still open, but no words coming out because he just didn't know what to say and it was difficult to speak as it was when his mouth was filled with Gibbs tongue.

Tony gasped and gave himself up without hesitation. Crazy as it was, little sense as it made, he wasn't going to miss this chance, might be his only one and he grabbed it with both hands. Both hands clasping, pulling Gibbs closer, holding him, breathing him in, trying to remember every little detail until Gibbs broke of the kiss leaving him breathless, his heart racing and his trousers tight.

"Inside Tony," Gibbs said, his voice rough, eyes practically black in the dim light.

"Boss maybe... ah..." Tony stuttered to a stop. He had no idea what he was going to say, but he needed to understand this before it went to far, he didn't think he'd survive having Gibbs for a night and then being cast aside in the morning.

Gibbs glared at him, but Tony wilfully kept his gaze steady until Gibbs smiled softly. "I want this Tony. I've tried not too, for... 3 years, I've tried not to, but I did and I do and Kate... *fuck*... she didn't deserve to die, it was supposed to be me..."

Tony shook his head. "Boss..."

"Let me finish! It was suppose to be me, Ari told me that... I can't change the past, but I don't want any more regrets in my future, I've got too many already. Life's too short. I'll screw up, I guarantee you, I'm set in my ways and I'm not good at learning new tricks but I can promise to try," Gibbs said.

Tony looked at him in the dim light of the cars interior. He'd *never* known Gibbs to talk like that.

"Tony..." Gibbs said, looking just slightly worried.

"Yeah. Yes. I mean... I'm... I'll probably screw up sometimes too, but trying is... I want to," Tony managed to say eventually.

"Inside?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah. I'd like...yeah." Tony agreed.


Tony had been in Gibbs house before of course, not often, but a few times, it was neat, uncluttered, sometimes Tony thought it looked desolate and lonely, he hated that look, because as a trained investigator he was always taught that a home teaches you something about the person that lives there.

"I'm not lonely anymore," Gibbs said, like he was reading Tony's mind as he slipped his arms around him from behind, kissing the side of Tony's neck.

Tony shivered, partly from pleasure, partly from fear. Gibbs was being so... he didn't know how to handle this Gibbs. He was use to the Gibbs who'd slap his head not... a Gibbs who took to the idea of *them* like a duck took to water.

"Have you been with a man before Tony?" Gibbs asked quietly.

"Yes," Tony nodded.

"How long?" Gibbs asked.

"I... not since I came to NCIS," Tony admitted.

Gibbs teeth scrapped across the soft skin just below his ear. "Hmm... do you want this Tony?"

"Yes..." Tony hissed.

"Bedroom, much as it's tempting to just fuck your ass right here against the door, I want this to be done right," Gibbs said.

Tony didn't need to be told twice, following Gibbs, who was already pulling of his jacket as Tony entered the bedroom. Tony started to do the same, before Gibbs stopped him.

"No. I want to enjoy this... I'm going to make you see stars," Gibbs promised with a kiss even hotter than they'd shared in the car, leaving Tony hard and whimpering with need.

They couldn't get to the bed fast enough, Tony groaned with overwhelming sensation when they finally did, skin against skin, Gibbs pressed down on top of him, both of them hard, pressed against each other, lips diving, kissing, licking, nibbling at every available piece of skin. Tony wouldn't say it was the most inventive or even the most physically stimulating sex he'd ever had, but it was shaking him up inside, making him crazy with the need for more.

"Please... please boss..." Tony panted.

"Jethro, you're in my bed Tony, you use my name," Gibbs growled, kissing him.

"Yeah... *fuck* yes... Jethro," Tony wiggled trying to get more from Gibbs, secretly loving that he got to use his first name.

"Do you want me inside you?" Gibbs asked.

Tony nodded. "Yes... God... yes."

Gibbs grinned, feral, eyes dark and almost dangerous but Tony wasn't afraid, only even more turned on as Gibbs kissed him, deep and needy, tricky, as Tony was so distracted he didn't even realise what Gibbs was going until he felt one slicked finger pressing inside of him.

"Wha... oh..." Tony hissed. It had really been way to long. Where did Gibbs get lube?

"I was a scout, always prepared," Gibbs whispered, making Tony laugh as he bucked upwards, his bodies silent plea for more.

Neither of them spoke anymore as Gibbs prepared him, taking far longer than Tony would like, but being so damn careful Tony could make himself ask for more, not when Gibbs was being so gentle. He was certain there would be times he'd demand Gibbs just *do* it, that he didn't need to be handled like fine china, he could take whatever Gibbs had to give, but tonight, he remained silent, just savouring it, telling himself, that had nothing to do with the lingering thoughts of how the harsh light of day might change Gibbs mind.

"I love you Tony," Gibbs murmured as he finally sank into Tony's body, hot and hard, but his eyes were tender and full of truth and Tony nodded, nodded because he couldn't speak, because he hadn't prepared himself for those words. Gibbs would never have said that if he didn't 100% mean it.

Tony groaned deeply as Gibbs moved, so tortuously slowly, never missing a beat, how he managed it Tony didn't know, he'd never have been able to show that level of control, but Gibbs did, until Tony cried out his name as without even being touched he came.

"Please... please..." Tony begged, hands clutching at Gibbs shoulders, waiting, waiting until he felt Gibbs shudder and come inside him, pulling the older agent down and kissing him, swallowing a growl of passion.

"I love you too boss..." Tony said, still panting heavily as he pulled back from the kiss.

"Jethro," Gibbs corrected with a smile that touched his eyes and touched Tony's heart.

"Jethro," Tony agreed against Gibbs lips as he kissed him again.


Later, after Gibbs had forced him up and into the shower; Tony grumbling every step of the way, until Gibbs had dropped to his knees and made Tony forget his own name, let alone why he was grumbling; they curled up in bed, Gibbs against Tony's back, warm and comfortable.

"It won't be easy," Gibbs murmured.

"Worth it," Tony replied softly.

Gibbs smiled against Tony's neck, kissing him there. "Yeah. But we know I'm a bastard sometimes and..."

"I knew you were a bastard when I... when I fell in love with you. I'm not the easiest person to live with either, but we know that, we can work on it," Tony said, interrupting him.

"When'd you get so smart?" Gibbs asked.

Tony sighed. "Kate told me once, we'd make a good couple because we both knew our flaws and would work together to get around them. I didn't believe her, I didn't believe when she told me you... you cared about me too..."

"I *love* you too," Gibbs murmured the correction softly.

"She said it but I never believed it," Tony said.

"Believe it now," Gibbs told him.

"I do, I really do. This is why we're going to make this work, because Kate was right. Although if we meet her in the afterlife, I'm so not admitting *that* to her," Tony joked.

"You're secret's safe with me," Gibbs promised with a chuckle.

Tony smiled peacefully, shuffling backwards, until he was as close to Gibbs as he could possibly be, the other mans hand resting on his stomach, stroking lightly, a touch of comfort, not arousal, helping Tony drift off to sleep, with Gibbs softly murmured, 'Good Night,' in his ear.