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Title: Care
By: Kez
Pairing: Gibbs/Dinozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: FRM (for lang)
Series: Yup... this is the first part... in well other parts.
Category: Angst, Romance, First Time
Summary: Tony isn't dealing well with the events of Chained, but what's more, he refuses to see a shrink... leaving Gibbs to try and help him, not only with what happened in Chained, but an experience from his past... and Tony finally learns how much Gibbs really cares for him.
Disclaimer: I don't own em... duh if I did Gibbs would have hugged the stuffing outta Tony at the end of Chained!
Notes: SPOILERS!!! For Chained!!! This fic is sorta an answer to Nancy's request... althou there is no hot sex... not in this part anyway, but I have the starting of it. Warnings: This part is pretty safe, but later on there will be some discussion of abuse.
Archiving: Yeasureyabetcha
Beta: Nope. All mistakes are mine and mine alone.


Tony undercover always sent Gibbs into 'worry' mode, even if he would walk over hot coals before he admitted it, but this last case... the more they'd learned, the more Gibbs had worried, and when Gibbs had seen Tony, sitting in that car, head bowed... he couldn't remember a time he'd ever been that scared before.

Tony had looked up at him, his eyes deep blue, and filled with pain. "I really liked him." Tony had said. Gibbs had shrugged it of with a joke at the time, trying to stop himself from pulling the younger agent out of the car and in to the desperate hug he wanted to give him, but he'd seen the real pain there, and it scared him.

Kate did what Gibbs couldn't; after they'd taken Tony back to NCIS, Ducky had checked him over, because Tony hated Doctors and wouldn't go to the hospital, and Ducky had said he was fine, and Tony had showered, and shaved, and changed his clothes, but he still had the look of a haunted man in his eyes; and Kate had done what Gibbs couldn't let himself, and she'd hugged Tony, and told him to take care, when Gibbs gave him a few days off, and it wasn't much, but it was all Gibbs could offer.

Gibbs spent the three days Tony was gone trying not too call him, not to drive out to his apartment at 3am, and not to snap at everyone who dared to look at him... he only picked up the phone 7 times... and he only dialed once, hanging up before it was answered, he DID drive out to Tony's apartment, but he didn't go up, he only sat outside for 6 hours in the freezing cold, and well... he was Gibbs, people expected him to snap right?

The day Tony came back, Gibbs wished to God he was sitting outside Tony's apartment at whatever ungodly hour it was again, thinking that he was just worrying unnecessarily, because Tony looked like he hadn't slept the whole three days he'd been gone, and that sad look hadn't gone away.

Tony didn't tease McGee, or hit on the female NCIS agent from Norfolk who was assigned to work with them on their next case, Kate, Ducky, McGee, and Abby had all said that Tony didn't seem his usual self, but when Director Morrow called Gibbs to tell him Tony had requested a six month leave of absence, that's when Gibbs really started to get scared, because he couldn't imagine anymore what it would be like to wake up every morning for the rest of his life knowing he'd never see Tony again, because Gibbs knew as if he could see the future for himself, that if Tony left, he wouldn't be coming back.



Tony looked genuinely surprised to see Gibbs, and Gibbs could see why, Tony had already started packing, and boxes filled with books, CD's, and Tony's ever talked about movie collection were scattered around the living room.

"I'm putting it into storage, while I'm away." Tony said as if Gibbs needed the explanation.

"Your leave has been denied." Gibbs told him.

"What? Why?"

"Because Morrow needs your team leaders agreement to sign off on it, and I'm not giving it too him." Gibbs told him, making himself comfortable on Tony's sofa.

"You can't do that."

"Can. Did. Now you could try and quit, but you have a contract that says you have to give at least three months notice." Gibbs said.

Tony looked shell shocked. It was like he couldn't breath, and for a second he was truly afraid he was going to suffocate on the lump in his throat.

Tony fell back heavily on the sofa beside Gibbs, trying to think, to hold in his anger and to think of a logical way out of the situation.

"Tony..." and this time, the hardness that Gibbs voice had held while crushing Tony's hopes of getting away was gone, replaced by soothing tones, and gentle fingers on his neck, and Tony wanted to scream, wanted to blame Gibbs for ever sending him undercover, but it wasn't really Gibbs fault, because Tony had volunteered, but he'd never expected to like him, never expected to have to kill him... never expected it would hurt this damn much... and Tony did scream, scream so loud he had ringing in his ears, and he wasn't even aware of Gibbs arms around him, or the soothing noises being made in his ear, because he was sobbing so hard he could barely breath.


Tony couldn't remember going to bed that night, or the way Gibbs had gently washed his face with a damp cloth, or even the way Gibbs had held his hand until he'd finally fallen asleep, he barely even remembered Gibbs had been there at all, until he woke up properly, and realized his could smell bacon cooking, and hear the sounds of someone making breakfast in his kitchen, and then he had to wonder if he'd gone out and gotten drunk, bringing some woman home with him, but that idea was dispelled when Gibbs came in a few moments later, with coffee, and an order, because Gibbs never just asked, for Tony to get a shower before breakfast.

Gibbs could cook, Tony had to admit, although anything would have been a delight right then, because he couldn't remember the last time he'd eaten. Gibbs seemed to know this, because he made Tony eat until he was fit to burst.

Tony asked where Gibbs had gotten the food, because he certainly hadn't gotten it from Tony's kitchen, and had tried to insist on paying for it when Gibbs told him he'd gone to the 7/11 a few blocks away, but Gibbs had glared at him till he put his wallet away, and then poured him more coffee.

Tony also asked where Gibb's had slept, because Tony's sofa wasn't tall enough for him, and he only had one bedroom. Tony had balked when Gibbs said he'd slept on Tony's bedroom floor, and even more so when Gibbs admitted he wanted to be there in case Tony had any nightmares.

It was the closest Gibbs had come to admitting to caring about Tony in all the time they'd known each other.

Gibbs waited until Tony had finished eating before he told him he wanted him to see a shrink, and even if he was prepared for a fight, he wasn't prepared for just how truly vehement Tony's refusal was.

"Tony your not behaving like yourself, and everyone's noticing. You spent more than an hour last night crying and cursing. You need to talk to someone."


"I can order you."

"You could try..." and Tony was growling, and Gibbs had never seen him so angry, or so scared, and Gibbs knew without a shadow of a doubt Tony would cut his own tongue out before talking to a shrink.

"Well then you're left with two choices. Me or Kate." Gibbs told him. And Tony wanted to argue again, and he was damn prepared to fight until Gibbs gave up, but of course Gibbs didn't give up easily, and Tony could see the genuine concern in his eyes.

"I don't want to talk to Kate." Tony told him.

"Fine. Me it is then. I'll give you another two weeks off. And you will see me every single one of those days, and you will talk to me, and if you don't I'm gonna drop kick you so hard you're head will spin right before I drag your ass down to the phyc department and tie you to a fucking chair." Gibbs warned him.

Tony nodded glumly.

"Okay. Now come on get dressed we're going out." Gibbs told him.

Tony nodded, and noticed for the first time as he walked through the living room to the front door after getting dressed that Gibbs had unpacked all his stuff. And he felt like he should be angry at Gibbs for doing this, for making him stay, making him talk, making him feel like Gibbs cared, because Gibbs had never showed the slightest bit of concern before so why start now? But Gibbs was acting like the anti-Gibbs that day, as they took a drive out of the city and into the country, and stopped at a nice little mom n' pop style restaurant for lunch, and Tony felt the tension ease and for the first time since he'd pulled that damn trigger he didn't feel like he was suffocating inside.

Gibbs didn't drive them back into the city until it was already dark, and he stopped on the way to pick up Italian for dinner, and he made Tony eat, and Tony was sure Gibbs was trying to fatten him up because he'd had three very hearty meals that day, and when he went to bed he was full, and calmer than he'll been in what seemed like forever, and even if he didn't sleep through the night, because he woke up and spent the later half of it watching Gibbs sleep on the floor beside him, he still felt a dozen times better the next morning than he had since he'd first met Jeremy White.


Gibbs left him alone that day, going to work. Tony puttered around, playing games on the computer, watching TV, reading a little, but by lunch time he was itching to do something, anything.

Gibbs said he'd be around after work, and he'd be expecting dinner, and Tony hadn't got the first clue what to make, so maybe he could go shopping.

The market was crowed, but Tony loved it... this place was both the best and worst kept secret in Washington. It was hidden away from the main roads, but once a person did find it, they'd come back again and again, and tell their friends, and there was rarely a day when it wasn't packed.

Stalls with every kind of fruit and vegetable known to man. Herbs and spices scented the air. It was like having a little piece of a dozen counties all in one place. Tony's mouth watered as he walked around picking out food, stopping to talk a few minutes with the stall owners that he recognized.

His cell rang just as he was paying for some cinnamon.

Tony thanked the vender, and flipped open his phone when he saw Gibbs number on the screen.

"Hey. What's up?" Tony asked, moving through the crowds back towards the car.

"Where the hell are you?" Gibbs barked down the phone at him.

"Wha... I... getting food in what's..."

"I came back to see if you wanted to get lunch and you weren't here." Gibbs said, sounding really distressed.

"I just wanted to get some stuff for dinner, I was gonna make lasagna, my mom's old recipe." Tony explained, digging around for his car keys while his phone rested precariously between his ear and shoulder.

"I've got to get back to work, I'll see you tonight." And Gibbs hung up leaving Tony sitting in his car, confused.

Tony drove back to his place, keeping his speed slow as he tried to figure out what had Gibbs so distressed. Surely the fact that Tony had gone for groceries hadn't bothered him that much.

He was no closer to an answer when he got home, or as he started cooking, it was only as he put a bottle of wine from the rack into the fridge to chill that it occurred to him.

"Gibbs was afraid I'd skipped town!"

Tony felt like it was a huge break through, because Gibbs was normally Mr. unreadable, and Tony had just read him, and if he wasn't mistaken, he'd read him correctly as well. Even if it had taken a few hours and the lives of a few unfortunate tomatoes.

By the time Gibbs arrived, Tony had begun a line of thought that both scared him, and titillated him.

Gibbs didn't comment on his lunch time phone call, but he did complement Tony on a delicious meal.

Tony wanted to say something, but he was still mulling over it all, when Gibbs insisted that it was time to talk about what had happened.

"He was gonna slit my throat, I shot him. End of." Tony said, being stubborn. He knew he'd agreed to talk to Gibbs, but he didn't have to like it.

"Okay fine, lets try something else. Why don't you want to see a shrink?" Gibbs asked him.

"Because I'm not fucking nuts." Tony growled.

"I never said you were DiNozzo. But you've got issues that need dealing with and I'm not qualified to help." Gibbs said.

"Who said I need someone qualified? Maybe I just need to be left the fuck alone. What has qualified got to do with anything anyway they..." and Gibbs barely had time to react before Tony was gasping for breath and clutching at his throat.

"Tony... Tony easy... calm down, that's it, nice and easy, breath in, breath out... easy..." And Gibbs found himself once again holding a shaking, sobbing Tony.

"Sorry..." Tony murmured, trying to shuffle backwards, but Gibbs kept a hold on him.

"Tony, this is much more than just a dislike of shrinks, what is it?" Gibbs asked softly.

Tony stiffened under his touch.

"Please Tony. Tell me." Gibbs said, running gently soothing fingers through Tony's hair as the younger man relaxed slowly.

"I can't... please... please God don't make me." Tony begged.

"Okay... okay... not today, but soon... I mean it Tony... your scaring me. I'm not good at dealing with all this emotional stuff. But I'm scared for you, and I don't know how to help you if you won't talk to me." Gibbs said. Swallowing his pride, swallowing every self-defense mechanism he'd ever built up, because he knew it was the only way to help Tony.

"Why are you helping me Gibbs... why isn't Kate here, or Abby... isn't this the sort of thing you usually send them to do?" Tony asked. He wasn't really taking a dig, but it stung Gibbs none the less, because he knew Tony was right, Gibbs wasn't there for his team when it came to dealing with the emotional stresses of the job.

"Because I want to be Tony." He asked honestly.

"I figured it out you know... I was so confused, didn't understand why you were so mad on the phone earlier. But I figured it out... you care about me." Tony said.

Gibbs had to physically restrain himself from pulling away from Tony, who was resting against the crook of his neck.

"Yes." Gibbs agreed his voice barely more than a whisper.

Tony moved, and if Gibbs thought he was going to move away he was wrong, because Tony moved closer, closer than Gibbs expected, so close that Gibbs could feel his breath against his face, and then even closer when he kissed him, a soft press of lips against lips, just holding there... just holding... waiting... and Gibbs wasn't sure this was a good idea, but Tony was kissing him, and he could no more resist this than he could voluntarily shot down a member of his team.

Gibbs felt Tony hum against him as the kiss deepened, and he barely had time to consider how damn good Tony's mouth felt, when he was getting a good idea of how damn good it tasted, as Tony pushed forward his tongue. And Gibbs was fully aware that this was probably the worse time ever for this to happen, but Tony felt so good, and tasted so good, and he was kissing Gibbs like his life depended on it, and maybe it did, Gibbs wasn't even sure anymore, but when Tony crawled onto Gibb's lap, the older man finally stalled him.

"Tony... wait... this... oh God..." Gibbs groaned as Tony's mouth attacked his neck.

"Tony... please stop." Gibbs said breathily.

"Why... I know you want this." Tony said, grinning, and Gibbs almost wanted to give in right there, because it was the closest Tony had looked to being like his old self.

"Tony... God yes I want this, but I'm too old for one night stands and meaningless flings Tony. I'm not interested in a buddy fuck, or comfort sex, if we do this right now I want it to be making love, I want it to be real, and to mean something. The way I fell about you... God help me but it's true love Tony, I swear to God I never thought I'd say that but there it is, and it scares the hell out of me, and it'd be real easy to just sleep with you, and move on but I can't do it, because as much as I want you... I want YOU. All of you, nothing less." And Gibbs had never in his life felt more honestly exposed than he did right then, because Tony's response could mean the end or the beginning of his life, and he wasn't sure which scared him more.

Tony sat, still straddling Gibbs, stunned. He'd never heard Gibbs say anything like that, he'd never heard *anyone* say anything like that to him, he never thought he would, he was too much of a player, people didn't want to settle down with people like him, he was good for sex, but that was all, but Gibbs didn't want just sex... he wanted everything, and Tony wasn't sure he had everything to give...


//Tony sat, still straddling Gibbs, stunned. He'd never heard Gibbs say anything like that, he'd never heard *anyone* say anything like that to him, he never thought he would, he was too much of a player. People didn't want to settle down with people like him, he was good for sex, but that was all, but Gibbs didn't want just sex... he wanted everything, and Tony wasn't sure he had everything to give...//

Tony couldn't help thinking back, he'd been so young then, barely more than a kid, but he remembered. 'You're nothing Tony, and no one is ever going to want you for anything more than the good little fuck toy you are.'

"I'm sorry... so... oh God..." Tony scrambled away from Gibbs, crawling on his hands and knees into the corner. Muttering over and over, sorry, sorry, sorry.


"Sorry, sorry, sorry..."

Tony just kept muttering it over and over, and Gibbs couldn't believed how small and fragile he looked, because even if Tony hadn't been himself lately, he'd never looked so innocent, so breakable, and Gibbs was afraid to speak incase the sound of his voice was too loud, and Tony would crack like the glasses in those old comedies, where someone would sing at a key so high the glass wear smashed in on itself.

Gibbs didn't know what to do, he was scared, for Tony, for himself, mostly for Tony, because Gibbs didn't know what to do, and there was no one else here who did.

"Tony..." and Gibbs tried to keep his voice as low as he could, and he tried to keep his touch as light as a feather, as he carefully rested his hand against Tony's leg.

Tony looked up at him, wide eyes, filled with pain, and fear, and for one heart stopping second Gibbs thought that fear might have been directed at him.

"Okay Tony, I'm gonna call Ducky." Gibbs said.

"No!" and Tony's voice was so adamant, but Gibbs could feel the fear radiating from him.

"Tony please I don't know what to do to help you, Duck can..."

"Please... please don't I... I'll do anything, please." And Gibbs knew he should call someone, but Tony was begging him not to, and he couldn't bare to hurt him more than he already was.

"Tony, you need to tell me why you don't want to see a shrink." Gibbs said, sitting in front of Tony, legs tucked under himself, waiting, watching.

"I was 15." Tony said, his voice trembling, and Gibbs had second, third and forth thoughts about forcing him to talk about this, but he had to, because Gibbs had a feeling that Jeremy White had just been the icing on the cake of Tony's emotional problems, and that if Tony couldn't tell him now, he'd never tell anyone.

"My best friend was killed in a car crash... Timmy... we'd known each other since kindergarten. I loved him. I was distraught. Mom insisted I go see a shrink, Dad wasn't thrilled, but went along with it, mostly just to get peace I think. I hated him from the first session, he was smarmy, and he kept looking at me... *looking* at me." And Tony didn't really need to go on, because Gibbs had the sickening feeling he knew what was coming, but he kept silent and let Tony talk.

"He asked me if Timmy and I had ever... touched... you know, like that, and I told him we had. I was 15, and my mom was a strict catholic, I knew she'd never forgive me if she knew, so when he started to... started to do stuff... I never said anything. I didn't have to see him for long, I got a girlfriend, started playing for the school team. My mom figured I was fine, and stopped making me see him. But before... in the last session, he told me if I ever told he'd tell everyone, and no one would ever want me, no one would ever want me except for sex."

"Bastard." And Gibbs knew he shouldn't have let Tony hear the anger in his voice, because Tony was still curled up into himself, and he looked scared at the sound of Gibbs curse, but Gibbs wanted so badly to find the bastard who'd hurt Tony and hide him where they would NEVER find the body.

"Tony... not all of them are like that, and I really think maybe you need to see someone professional." Gibbs said, trying to keep his voice gentle.

"Don't you think I know that! I just can't okay, I tried, I fucking tried, but I can't, every time I go, I freak out and I can't breath, and stop looking at me like I'm some fucking kid who needs a babysitter I'm not, I don't!" and Tony so angry he got up and paced... more like stalked, around the room.

"Why did you have to spoil it... why did you have to suddenly decide you cared? Why did I have too shoot him? Why... why didn't anyone ever want me?" Tony asked.

"Tony... look at me." And Gibbs made Tony look, made him watch Gibbs as he moved closer to him, as he reached out a hand to rest softly against Tony's cheek.

"I've always cared Tony, and maybe I didn't show it, and I probably should have, but I've always cared. Jeremy White was going to kill you. You did what you had to. And... Tony... keep looking at me... I want you. I've wanted you from the first day I laid eyes on you. Because your fully, and smart, and beautiful... here..." And Gibbs brushed Tony's cheek gently. "And here." He added resting his hand against Tony's heart.


"I don't know Tony. And I honestly don't care. I know I love you, and that I want to be with you, and that the thought of never seeing you again scares the fuck out of me... and maybe that's not enough but it's what I have, and it feels like enough. Let me in Tony... just let me in, and we can work this all out together."

And Tony wanted to say no, felt like he should say no because Gibbs had to be crazy to want him, he'd never had a serious relationship in his life, and from the last day he saw that bastard shrink, till he kissed Gibbs earlier that night, he'd never let a man near him sexually. And Gibbs would probably regret it. Except Gibbs didn't seem to think he would, and Tony knew how good it felt when Gibbs touched him, and no he didn't really want to go see a damn shrink, and he knew Gibbs would make him, but when Gibbs had kissed him earlier he'd felt something there he'd never felt before, love. Real, honestly true, and scary love.

"I'm scared too Tony." Gibbs whispered like he was reading his mind. And yes Tony was scared, but Gibbs looked so sincere, and Tony could feel the truth in everything Gibbs was saying, and Tony knew damn well if he said yes, there would be a lot of bad for them to overcome before they got to the good, but maybe that wouldn't be so bad if Gibbs was with him.

"I'm tired." Tony said suddenly.

"Okay. Go on to bed, I'll sleep out here." Gibbs said, no pushing him.

"No... come with me... I... just to sleep." Tony asked, shivering like he was cold.

Gibbs nodded silently, and followed Tony into his room. Neither of them said a word as they got ready for bed, getting down to just shorts and t-shirts, and at first Tony lay perched as far away from Gibbs as possible, as if afraid of him, but Gibbs could see the need in Tony's eyes, and he pulled him forward gently.

"It's okay Tony." Gibbs whispered, holding Tony against him, feeling the tension slip away from the younger man as sleep took over.

And Gibbs knew he was lying, it was most definitely not okay, but maybe it could be, at least he hoped it could be, because he couldn't stand the thought of losing Tony... and if he was truly honest, he was hoping this would bring them together, not just sexually, but in every way. Because Gibbs hadn't been lying when he told Tony he wanted it all, and maybe if they could get through all this, maybe they could have it all.


//And Gibbs knew he was lying, it was most definitely not okay, but maybe it could be, at least he hoped it could be, because he couldn't stand the thought of losing Tony... and if he was truly honest, he was hoping this would bring them together, not just sexually, but in every way. Because Gibbs hadn't been lying when he told Tony he wanted it all, and maybe if they could get through all this, maybe they could have it all.//

*Three Days Later*

Tony had protested, but Gibbs had persisted, and after three days of arguing about it, Tony agreed to see a psychiatrist friend of Gibbs. Off the record. And only if Gibbs was there the whole time.

Tony hadn't left the house since he'd been to the market, and Gibbs wasn't quite sure if it was because he simply wasn't ready to face the world, or because he was afraid Gibbs would get mad at him again. Either way, he was extremely meek while following Gibbs to the car for their drive to the psychiatrist.

Gibbs kept quiet, but never released Tony's hand during the session. It took twenty minutes, and a good lot of stuttering on Tony's part, before he managed to tell the psychiatrist anything.

Gibbs was glad he'd booked two hours, because it took the last hour to get Tony to stop shaking after he'd finished telling her the story.

"Tony, I'll book for next week, go on out to the car." Gibbs told him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze before releasing it. And if Tony felt like a kid being told to wait in the car while his teacher talked to his parents... well that was just part of being under Gibbs care.

"Jesus Gibbs, that young man has been carrying that around all these years. And you telling me you never suspected anything was wrong until recently?"

"I'm tell you Jen, until the undercover case I told you about he was... fine... maybe not normal, I'm not sure Tony has ever been normal, but he was fine, at least, I thought so, I don't know, maybe I missed something, maybe he's been cracking up all along and I just didn't know it." Gibbs said.

"Jethro, it's not your fault. Listen I'm going to look into Tony's medical back ground see if I can find the..."

"No... Jen, believe me, that was my first thought, find the bastard and kill him, but Tony doesn't want that." Gibbs said, and it was true, Gibbs had very much wanted to find the bastard, but Tony had insisted he didn't want that, and Gibbs couldn't bring himself to cause Tony anymore pain, so he let it lie.

"Okay. I'll book you in again same time next week, I'll come over to you though, I think Tony might feel more comfortable on his home turf. In the mean time... take care of him Jethro, underneath the bravado, is pain, but I have a feeling that underneath that is a very special man, if we can just draw him out."

"Thanks Jen." Gibbs said, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he headed out.

Gibbs didn't tell Tony, but Jen had been his first wife's younger sister, and despite how his marriage had ended, he and Jen were still friendly, he was grateful to her for doing this.

"So what did the teacher say Dad? Do I gotta do homework." Tony asked as Gibbs got in the car.

"Tony it wasn't like that, Jen is gonna come see you again next week at your own place. I was just confirming that."

"Uh huh. Can we go home now?" Tony asked.

And Gibbs hated himself right then, because Tony was normally so vibrant and alive, and right now he looked for all the world like a scared little boy.

"Sure Tony." Gibbs said, backing out of the space he'd parked in, hitting the breaks when he heard a yelp.

Tony got out of the car before him, and by the time Gibbs had joined him at the rear of the car, Tony was kneeling on the ground, running his fingers through the hair of a scruffy brown dog.

"He's okay. I think you just scared him. He doesn't have a collar." And Gibbs knew when Tony looked up at him with his eyes big and wide, that he was going to have to buy new seat covers for the car, because the ones he had would be covered in dog hair.

Tony named the dog Lee. And promised Gibbs it wasn't a reflection on him honestly, he just liked the name.

Lee as it turned out was a girl. And as far as the vet could tell a sheep-dog crossbreed of some kind. The other... 'excellent' news, aside from that she was in good health, so were the puppies she was carrying.

Gibbs gave Tony a look, but Tony ignored it, and ruffled Lee's fur.

Gibbs was ready to have the dog muzzled after the first day, but Tony was besotted. When they were eating, Tony was feeding her scraps. When they were watching TV, Tony's arm was either over the edge of the sofa, stroking her, or she was on the sofa and he was stroking her. Tony insisted on walking her three times a day, and let her sleep at the foot of the bed... Gibbs supposed he should be grateful at least he didn't let her sleep IN the bed. Because Tony was still asking Gibbs to stay each night, and Gibbs really didn't want to share a bed with a dog.

Jen came around to see Tony once a week, and after the third session, Tony agreed to see her without Gibbs present. Gibbs took the dog for a walk, and when he came back, he was surprised to find Tony and Jen sitting on the sofa, legs pulled up, watching an old black and white movie. Apparently Gibbs and Lee weren't invited.

That night when Tony curled up to Gibbs, and just before Gibbs fell asleep, Ton brushed the lightest of kisses over Gibbs lips.

Gibbs okayed Tony to go back on light duty the next week. Kate hugged the stuffing out of him when he came in. Abby... well Gibbs was going to have to have words with her about making out with people in the lab. McGee brought Tony coffee. Even Ducky was not exempt from welcoming Tony back, but being British, and well... Ducky he settled for a friendly squeeze of the shoulder rather than an all out hug.

Tony and Kate bantered of each other all afternoon, and damned if Gibbs couldn't almost pretend everything was back to normal, but then a call came in, and Gibbs tried to ignore the look of pain in Tony's eyes as they left him behind to go to the scene.

Gibbs and the others came back to find Tony had already left, not really surprising, shift ended three hours before hand. He'd stopped at his house to pick up mail, and more clothes, before heading over to Tony's.

Tony was in the kitchen cooking, Lee predictably on the floor where he could toss her scraps.

"Hey." Gibbs said, leaving his bag on the floor.

"Hey." Tony replied not looking up.

Gibbs opened his mouth to say something, but he really didn't know what.

"It's fine boss. I know I can't go back on active duty yet, it's just hard seeing you all go out and... but it's not for long right? I've been seeing Jen, she seems happy with me... and I've been doing good... right?"

Gibbs felt his heart string tug.

"Oh Tony, you've been doing brilliantly." Gibbs promised him, hugging him from behind.

Tony relaxed into his hold.

"I couldn't have done it without you... I'm sorry you had to get stuck with such a terminal closet case." Tony murmured.

"Well you're my terminal closet case, and I'm glad you let me be stuck with you, can't think where else I might like to be." Gibbs said, gently kissing the back of Tony's neck. It was boldest move either of them had made since that first night when Tony kissed him.

Tony sighed, and Gibbs was quite happy to stand there, and just hold him, until the water in the pan started to boil over, and they were forced back to the immediate necessity of dinner.

Gibbs had to admit, Tony could cook. And he could cook really well. Oh Gibbs could put together a few meals, but Tony could cook things Gibbs couldn't even pronounce, and he moved around the kitchen with a skill Gibbs wouldn't have pictured in him at one time.

"I wanted to be a chef when I was younger. We... Timmy and me, we were going to open a restaurant. And he'd be the host, and I'd be the chef." And for the first time since Tony had first told him about Timmy, he was smiling as he talked about him.

"We were gonna call it Culture. Do dishes from all over the world. Timmy wanted to paint the inside red, but I wanted greens... I think he would have won. Our special dish was going to be Lasagna, my mom's recipe of course."

Gibbs listened as Tony told him all about the plans they'd have, grinning and laughing, and looking so like his old self that for a moment, Gibbs could almost be convinced the last few weeks had never happened.

"When Timmy was hurt... he was in hospital, and I went to see him, he made me promise I'd keep cooking. I did, but only for myself, I couldn't be a chef anymore."

"So you became a cop?"

"Seemed like a plan at the time." Tony said with a shrug, and a grin.

"Well I for one am glad of that. I can't imagine what NCIS would be like without your... unique... humor." Gibbs told him.

"Well that's easy. You and Kate in the elevator... between floors." Tony winked suggestively. Gibbs shuddered.

"Oh come on... you can't tell me you haven't thought about it." Ton said.

"She's an attractive woman DiNozzo, of course I have, but never seriously... too busy imagining how hot you'd look after me fucking you against the elevator wall."

Tony choked on his pasta.

"Oh... and how..."

"Very Tony... very, very, very." Gibbs told him.

Tony flushed, his tongue coming out to damp his bottom lip.

"I think Kate would die if we were caught doing it on the elevator." Tony said trying to sound casual.

"Well the idea DiNozzo is not to get caught." Gibbs said, a self satisfied _expression, when Tony couldn't think of a come back.

"Come on, we better walk the dog." Gibbs said.

Tony and Lee ran around the park, Tony throwing Lee's ball, her catching it, and then him fighting to get it back so he could throw it again. Gibbs walked along with them for a while before sitting down on a near by bench, at first he didn't even really notice the two men sitting there beside him.

"Nice Dog you have there." One of them commented.

"Oh he's not mine. The mut belongs to him." Gibbs said with an easy smile.

Truth be told, the dog had kinda grown on him, but he'd be damned if he'd tell Tony that.

"Nice young man you have there as well." The other one said.

Gibbs smiled and nodded.

"You two haven't been together long have you?"

"I don't know if you'd say we're 'together' now, but getting there maybe." Gibbs said.

"How can you not be? That young man looks at you with such affection, and it's clear to see how much you love him."

"It's complicated." Gibbs said with a shrug.

Why he felt the need to tell these two strangers anything was beyond him, but he felt easy around them, no threat assessment working through his brain. It was only after a few minutes he realized they were holding hands.

"We've been together for nearly 16 years young man. You can't tell us about complicated, we've lived it." The older one, who finally introduced himself as Edward, and his partner as Charlie.

"We work together. I'm an ex-marine, still in the reserves. Hell I've got three ex-wives." Gibbs said.

"Ex-navy, both of us. And Charlie here had three wives before I met him and two after." Edward told him.

"Oh you make me sound like such a hussy." Charlie joked.

"You are. But lucky for you I like you that way." Edward said.

Gibbs could see the easy affection between the two.

"You're very lucky." Gibbs told them.

"Well young man, I'll tell you the secret to our success... When we first got together, Charlie here had just divorced ex-wife number 5, he was in a hell of a depression for a while there, but one day, I just took him to bed, and loved him till he couldn't see straight to remember his own name. And every now and then, just for good measure, I leave him to boil a few days, and then I do it again."

"Bastards right too. After he took me to bed that first time, I didn't give a thought to my ex-wife for months. And by the time I did, it didn't seem like it matter much anymore, because I was already where I wanted to be."

And Charlie had such a look of contentment when he said it, that Gibbs almost wanted to hug them both.

"Hey... Jethro, what's doing?" Tony came over, slumping on the grass in front of him, the dog beside him, as Tony immediately started to ruffle her fur.

"Just having a chat with these two nice gentlemen Tony. Edward, Charlie, this is Tony DiNozzo... all around pain in my ass."

"So not true Gibbs... I'm a good boy." And Gibbs laughed out loud when Tony put on his most innocent face.

"I have every sympathy Jethro... Charlie has a very similar expression." Edward said.

Charlie and Tony both huffed a little, much to the amusement of the other two men.

"Well we best be getting along. My daughter comes around to see us on a Friday, and she's such a stickler for being on time. It was very nice to meet you both." Charlie said.

"Oh it was our pleasure. Here... this is my card, maybe we could have dinner sometime... Tony can cook, he wanted to be a chef before he was a cop." Gibbs suggested with a grin.

"Well now that sounds lovely. I'll get the old fuddy-duddy here to call you, I'm terrible on a phone, can't hear a thing." Charlie said talking the card.

"Old fuddy-duddy indeed." Edward grouched as they walked away, still hand in hand.

"They were nice." Tony commented.

"Yeah they were." Gibbs agreed, slipping his hand into Tony's. Maybe when they were older they'd be able to get away with walking around like Edward and Charlie all the time, but they weren't in that place just yet, so Gibbs settled for this for a few minutes.

"Come on mut; let's get your master home." Gibbs said ruffling the dogs fur in much the same way Tony did.

Tony grinned, and followed along with Gibbs. He knew Lee had grown on him. Just wait till the puppies were born, the vet said it should be any day now. He was still surprised Lee was as mobile as she was, most dogs in later pregnancy slept a lot, but Lee was as bouncy as ever.


//"Well young man, I'll tell you the secret to our success... When we first got together, Charlie here had just divorced ex-wife number 5, he was in a hell of a depression for a while there, but one day, I just took him to bed, and loved him till he couldn't see straight to remember his own name. And every now and then, just for good measure, I leave him to boil a few days, and then I do it again."//

Lee had her puppies while Tony was at work, much to the young man's disappointment. But they were cute, scruffy brown, just like their month, except that both of them had a black patch on their heads.

Tony was just as disappointed to see only two puppies, as he was that he'd missed their birth, but Gibbs if anything was glad, because he thought three grown up dogs was more than enough for anyone to have to deal with. Of course, Tony's apartment was no where near big enough.

"I'll buy a house." Tony said, when Gibbs put just such a suggestion to him.

"Well... you could." Gibbs agreed.

Tony cocked his head, and Gibbs was inclined to make a comment about how Tony had been spending too much time with the dog, but held it in.

"I'm going to ask this just once okay Tony. And if the answer is no, that's the end of it, no pressure, no feeling you have to say yes, just answer honestly that's all I want." Gibbs said.

Tony nodded, expression Solemn.

"I already told you how I feel about you, and that hasn't changed these last few weeks, if anything... if anything its grown. I told you I didn't want casual Tony, and I meant that. Do you want to be with me Tony? And I don't just mean right now, or even next week but I mean..."

Anything else Gibbs might have said was cut off when Tony threw himself at him, kissing him. Gibbs was in too much shock to do anything but kiss him back.

"Was that a..."

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yesyesyesyesyes." Tony repeated, eyes alight with humor... and with love.

It was shining there as bright as the sun shines in the day, and Gibbs couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it before.

"Tony..." Gibbs choked up on his own words.

"I love you Jethro. God help me, but I don't ever want to wake up again without you beside me. I'll even share with the boat, just as long as you're willing to share with the dogs." Tony murmured, laughing softly, and running his fingers along Gibbs jaw.

"You know, ex-wife number three is allergic to dogs. I think I could learn to like having them around." Gibbs said with a grin.

And it was settled. Just like that. And if Gibbs thought it was too easy, well who gave a damn, because Tony said he loved him, and Tony wanted to live with him, and Tony looks so damn beautiful, sitting there, a slow, lazy smile on his face, and love shining in his eyes.

Not one of the team questioned it. Although Abby made a point of ribbing Tony, as they packed up his apartment.

Lee, and her puppies, Jasper, and Tilly were already settled in over at Gibbs, in the garage. Tony wasn't THRILLED by that, but he went along with it, as long as they weren't outside.

Ducky helped Gibbs at his house, very soon to be their house, to clear space for Tony's stuff. This meant getting rid of his sofa, because Tony's was newer, and Gibbs had to admit, more comfortable. Getting rid of his double bed to make room for Tony's king size. And, getting rid of a LOT of clothes. Although Gibbs couldn't deny that most of them were seriously old and old of fashion anyway, he couldn't swear it, but the jacket Ducky had just thrown out looks suspiciously like the one ex-wife number one had bought them a few months before they split up.

It took the better part of a weekend, but come Sunday evening, when Tony cooked for them all, Gibbs house had definitely become THEIR house, and it was a nice feeling all around.

Gibbs had admittedly been worried about how the Director would react, and admittedly it could have gone better, but technically they were civilians, and there were no rules about NOT sleeping with a subordinate... it wasn't encouraged, but it wasn't directly forbidden. The Director had made it plenty clear though. Keep it out of the office.

"Oh noooooooo..." Tony whined when Abby deposited herself on his lap after dinner.

Gibbs who'd been in the kitchen, growled as he returned.

"Down boy." Abby grinned cheekily.

If it had been anyone else, Gibbs would have tossed their asses onto the floor, but it was Abby, and Abby was like the daughter he never had, so he just grumbled at little to make it look like he hadn't gone entirely soft, and sat down next to them.

"So does this mean we're gonna be hearing wedding bells?" Kate asked.

"Huh... no way." Gibbs said. "I have three ex-wives, I have no desire to have an ex-husband."

"Your planning our divorce and we're not even married?" Tony asked. His voice was teasing, but Gibbs saw the look in his eyes.

"Tony... I'm... I love you. I don't need some piece of paper to prove it. I'm closer to you than any of my ex's." Gibbs leaned closer and whispered in Tony's ear, but everyone around them could tell there was something serious being said.

"Love you too Jethro." Tony murmured.

Abby's 'awwwwwww' broke them up from the kiss Tony planted on Gibbs.

"Get over it Abby. You'd think you'd never seen two people kiss before." Gibbs grouched.

"I've never seen you two kiss before. It's cute."

"I am not cute, nothing I do is cute." Gibbs said.

"Uh huh. Sure 'Jethro'." Abby teased, jumping off Tony's lap, and onto McGee's on the other side of the room.

Gibbs growled, but he was smiling. Abby had won again... either that of Gibbs just didn't care because Tony had moved to rest his head on Gibbs shoulder, and looks perfectly happy to stay there, and fall asleep.

Gibbs eventually managed to convince Tony it was time for bed, and he saw the others out. Kate and Abby both kissed him on the cheek.

"Have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't!" Abby called cheerfully. Gibbs almost pointed out there wasn't Abby hadn't tried at least once, but thought better of it, he was afraid she might suggest a few things she hadn't yet tried, and that scared him.

"Come on Tony... bed time." Gibbs helped the younger man up. They were both tired, it had been a busy weekend.

"Hmm... Jethro."


"You really wouldn't want to get married? I mean if we could?" Tony asked.

"Tony listen to me okay. I've been married, and I thought it meant forever, but it didn't. It just added a whole lot of complication. I don't need a piece of paper too tell me we're forever, and I don't need to stand in a tux, looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people I don't normally see from one year to the next, and have them 'confirm' that we're forever. I know it. I know it because if we ever end, I'll be dead. No two ways about it, I can't lose you ever, and I won't. If you really want a piece of paper, then yeah we could do it, but does it really make a difference? As long as we know it in here." Gibbs touched Tony's hand over his heart.

"You know Gibbs, I think that might be even more sappy than the first time you told me you loved me."

"Get ready for bed DiNozzo." Gibbs growled. It was okay, Tony understood, a piece of paper couldn't change things for them, they were solid, no other option in it, neither of them could bare the thought of being apart now.

Tony was still in the bathroom when Gibbs got into bed, the bathroom door was only about four steps from the bed, so Gibbs just turned of the light.

He felt Tony slip in beside him, and turned to face him, ready for Tony to take his customary place in Gibbs arms, but when he did Gibbs was very aware, that Tony wasn't wearing anything.

"Ahhh Tony..."

"Hush. Just to sleep, I want to feel *you* against me. Take of your clothes." Tony murmured.

Gibbs was all set to say no, but Tony kissed him, soft and gentle.

"Please Jethro. I know we're not ready to go *there* yet, but I want to feel you against me, skin to skin." Tony pleaded.

Gibbs sighed, he knew damn well he was going to give in, but what he didn't know was if he could keep things... down... when he did.

Tony had improved in leaps and bounds, Jen was so pleased with him she'd cut the sessions back to once a month, but on the provision Tony could call her anytime he needed. But Gibbs still didn't think he was ready for 'that'. What Edward had said in the park crept back into his mind.

"Just took him to bed, and loved him till he couldn't see straight to remember his own name"

A nice idea in theory, but Gibbs wasn't ready to put it into practice and risk hurting Tony.

How Gibbs survived that first night he'd never know, but however he did it, he did, and he had to admit, it felt wonderful to feel Tony's skin against him, head to toe, even if he was having to picture McGee and Ducky doing it in the morgue to keep things at bay below decks.

Tony would have died of laughter if Gibbs ever told him, not that Gibbs ever planned to... it was bad enough he'd had to think the thoughts, he wasn't about to share them... but they'd done the trick at the time, and he certainly couldn't think of anything more disturbing.

The day Tony first came back into the field with them, Gibbs was nearly sick with anticipation. Would Tony be okay? Would Gibbs be able to keep himself in control, and not treat Tony differently on the job? Would Gibbs go crazy if he kept thinking himself around in circles like this?


Warnings: Erm... well I don't think so, maybe a little for character death... maybe... cuz technically we don't KNOW that he's dead... yet, maybe... oh it's complicated, just read it and go with it.

Tony was the only one who didn't seem the slightest bit concerned by their new status as a couple, when it came to work. He flirted with the girl who delivered their mail, and with Abby, and even with Kate between the sibling like snipping matches.

Gibbs it seemed had little to worry about though, because while Tony flirted, and played, and generally acted like Tony... maybe little more mature, maybe a little more stable, but still like the Tony everyone knew, and cared about, in the evenings when the shifts were over, and they went home, Tony snuggled into Gibbs arms, like he never wanted to move again.

It was a routine. It was comfortable... and maybe that sounded boring but it wasn't, it was just... well it worked for them.

Tony took the dogs out in the morning, Gibbs went to work early, because he was Gibbs, and well he may have liked staying at home with Tony, but he was still a workaholic under it all.

Kate was in the office second, then McGee, and then Tony. Tony was nearly always the last to get in, but he was never 'late'... somehow he always managed to balance on the right side of nine.

Gibbs had gone to Abby's lab that particular morning, and he'd been expecting to see Tony at his desk when he got back up, but Tony wasn't there, and he hadn't called. Gibbs forced himself to ignore the niggle at the back of his mind, and get on with work. It was 10 before he called home, and the phone rang exactly 6 times before the answering machine clicked on.

"Tony... where are you? Your late for work, get in here!" Gibbs barked, putting down the phone.

Tony wasn't there by lunch time, and Gibbs was close to frantic...well for Gibbs anyway. He'd called four more times, left four more messages, and still no Tony.

He pulled his car up to the house, Kate, and McGee getting out of the car as well. Gibbs knew Kate had insisted on coming along for backup. Partly incase Tony needed protecting from Gibbs, and partly incase something had happened to Tony and Gibbs needed protecting from Gibbs.

Lee bounded up to the side of the car, barking, and jumping around like mad. Jasper and Tilly weren't to be seen.

"Lee what the hell, how did you get out?" Gibbs asked, trying to direct the dog back towards the house, but she wasn't having it.

*woof, woof, woof*

"Gibbs maybe she's trying to tell us something." Kate suggested.

"She's a dog Kate, she doesn't talk in case you didn't notice. Tony!!!" Gibbs called as he entered the house. Every room was empty, Gibbs even checked the basement, Tony wasn't there.

"Gibbs the dog is still outside; I really think she's trying to tell us something." Kate said.

"Fine. Lee... Lee! Where's Tony?" Gibbs asked the dog.


Lee bounded of in the direction of the park, and Gibbs, Kate, and McGee followed.

Gibbs felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up, Lee was leading them towards the trees on the left side of the park... why would Tony have gone into the trees? Had he fallen? Couldn't walk? Why hadn't he taken his cell phone, or had he and he was unconscious and couldn't use it. Or maybe he'd been trying to get through when Gibbs was calling him, and he'd been bounced back to voice mail, and of course Gibbs hadn't checked his voice mail.

*woof, woof, woof*

Gibbs followed the dog, until he saw Jasper, and Tilly... they were both okay, but they were as agitated as their mother.

"Lee girl... come on, where is Tony?" Gibbs asked, kneeling down near where the dog had stopped.


Lee ran off again, and Gibbs had to be grateful he was in pretty good shape, because it was hard keeping up with her.

The trees were fairly dense, but he was able to follow her barking, he knew the others were just behind him, but he didn't care, he had to find Tony.


Gibbs wasn't even aware the scream had left his mouth, as he dropped down to the ground where Lee had led him, Tony was pale, and his eyes were closed, and Gibbs could see the blood pooling and soaking into the ground around him.

"Tony... please God don't do this, don't you dare die!" Gibbs ordered him, shaking him.

"Gibbs... Gibbs."

Kate sounded breathless, and he could hear McGee behind him asking for an ambulance. Gibbs couldn't take his eyes of Tony, he was so still...


//Kate sounded breathless, and he could hear McGee behind him asking for an ambulance. Gibbs couldn't take his eyes of Tony, he was so still...//

Kate checked Tony's pulse, but Gibbs already knew, there probably wasn't one. Tony's chest was still, he wasn't breathing.

Gibbs marine training told him he should be trying to resuscitate him, but he couldn't seem to move, watching, almost as if he was watching a movie unfold on TV... completely unable to interact as Kate did what he couldn't.

The EMT's seemed to take forever, or maybe only a few minutes, Gibbs couldn't have said if his life depended on it. Gibbs didn't really care anyway, without Tony, he was already dead.

"Gibbs... Gibbs come on, we've got to follow them to the hospital, McGee is going to take care of the dogs and call Ducky... come on." Kate lead him away from the clearing, and back through the park.

He had no idea what happened between the park, and the hospital, he was only vaguely aware of Kate's presence. Nothing seemed to be moving, or happening at the right pace, it seemed like decades passed, and all Gibbs could do was wait.

Wait and try to erase the picture of Tony bleeding, and dead from his mind.

"Agent Gibbs, and Todd?" a Doctor wearing hospital scrubs came out to see them. Gibbs couldn't look at him, seeing the red blood staining him.

"Doctor?" Kate stood up.

"Agent DiNozzo is stable. We lost him on the table, but you did everything right, if you hadn't found him when you did, I have no doubt he'd be dead. It's still touch and go, the next 24 hours will be the most crucial."

Gibbs didn't hear anything after 'stable'. He was too busy trying to hold in the tears of relief.

Kate held him. Holding his head against her stomach. To anyone looking it probably looked like an intimate gesture between lovers, but none of the team made comment on it when they arrived, it was a gesture of friendship, of deep respect, and yes love, in a purely platonic way, and Gibbs was immensely grateful.

Ducky made a pest of himself with the doctors, and nurses, until the Doctor agreed that they could see Tony, so long as they were quiet.

Gibbs paled considerably at first site of the younger man. Tony was hooked up to heart monitors, several tubes coming in and out of him, providing blood, and liquids, and drugs, and getting rid of things the body didn't need. He had an oxygen mask on, and the room was filled with the constant whine and buzz of the equipment.

The only thing in the room paler than Gibbs, and the sheets on Tony's bed, was Tony himself.

Gibbs placed himself beside Tony's bed at Ducky's urging. Taking one oh Tony's hands in his own, trying to ignore how cold his young partner felt to touch.

The doctor came in a while later, to tell everyone to leave but Gibbs obstinately refused to move. Ducky quietly took the doctor aside.

"Doctor, I'm well aware of the rules of practice in a hospital, but these men are not simply friends." Ducky told him.

"I had guessed as much Dr. Mallard, but the fact remains that hospital policy..."

"Doctor. One medical man to another... Anthony and Jethro have been through a great lot these last few months, they have only just recently found each other. It would be in no ones best interests to separate them. Gibbs will not leave the hospital; he'll sleep on the floor in the hallway if he must. And having Tony wake up alone will only serve to frighten him." Ducky said.

"Very well Doctor. I'll allow him to stay, but the rest of you can't. If Agent DiNozzo has stabilized further then perhaps you can all see him again tomorrow."

Ducky thanked the Doctor, and told Gibbs he'd bring him a change of clothes. Gibbs was barely even aware of the fact he was wearing trousers stained with Tony's blood.

Gibbs wouldn't leave Tony's side. He'd expected orders from the director to get back to work, but when Morrow had come to see Tony after he'd been moved from ICU to his own private room, he'd told Gibbs to take all the time he needed. Gibbs was grateful, he couldn't have imagined how he'd work now anyway.

Tony had been in a light coma for almost two weeks. The doctors were confident there was no brain damage, but only when Tony woke up could they be entirely sure. And Tony wasn't it seemed in any hurry to wake up.

Gibbs left the hospital once a day for exactly 47 minutes, the exact amount of time it took him to get home, shower, change, and get back.

One of the others always sat with Tony while he was gone. On day 12 Gibbs took 58 minutes. Kate gave him a quizzical look, but he apparently didn't feel like sharing, because he just took his seat beside Tony again.

Tony had come off the oxygen, and there were now only two tubes, the Doctor's kept telling them he was improving every day, but the bullet had pierced an artery and the blood loss, mixed with the loss of oxygen from those first vital minutes, had been a strain on his body, he needed time to heal.

Gibbs didn't really care; he just wanted Tony to open his eyes.

After Kate had gone, and Gibbs was once again let alone in Tony's company, he dug into his pocket.

"You know Tony, when I said I didn't need any piece of paper to say we were forever... well I meant it, but these nurses in here... well they keep looking at you like they could eat you, and I want everyone to know they can't have you, because your mine... so I got this. It's not much Tony, but I want you to wear it."

Gibbs wasn't sure Tony could hear him, or feel when he slid a simple gold band onto his left hand, and Gibbs knew that his line about the nurses had been utter bull, and maybe he had no really good reason why Tony should be wearing the ring, but Gibbs wanted him to anyway.

Gibbs was asleep, resting his head beside Tony's hand, fingers twined with Tony's. Abby was there. She'd come a while before, but Gibbs looked like he needed the sleep, so she sat as quietly as she could and read the book she had with her.

"Uggg." Abby looked up and the sound, and she wasn't the only one, the second he heard the noise Gibbs was awake.



"Easy... easy... hush... it's okay, you're okay. Abby get the Doctor."

Abby wasn't sure he'd even been aware of her presence, but he didn't look up from Tony at all as he instructed her to get the Doctor.

"Well Mr. DiNozzo, you seem to be in fairly good shape considering. Although I wouldn't get too eager about escaping, I'm going to keep you in at least another week or more, depending on how well you follow instructions." The doctor told him.

Tony was still weak, and he can't even sit up, but he's awake, and Gibbs is just thankful he can finally see his lover's eyes.


"Hey... easy... it's okay Tony I'm not going anywhere rest." Gibbs said lightly.


"Yeah. It was my dad's wedding ring." Gibbs told him.

"I... can't..."

"You can. I want you to wear it Tony. I love you. Just rest now, we'll talk when you're feeling stronger." Gibbs said, kissing him gently on the cheek.

Tony ended up staying in the hospital another two weeks. He finally convinced Gibbs that he should go back to work, and to actually sleep at home. But between end of shift, and when Tony finally sent him home to sleep, Gibbs was found at the hospital.

"Well I'm going to release you on the provision that you continue to rest at home. No work for at least another week, and then only light duties. Under no circumstances are you allowed back in the field until I personally give you a clean bill of health... is that clear Agent DiNozzo?"

Tony whined, but Gibbs growled.

"Crystal Doc." Tony said, pouting.

"I'm not an invalid Gibbs." Tony snarled.

"I never thought you were DiNozzo, now quit your bloody whining and sit the fuck down on the sofa, you're not exactly light you know." Gibbs retorted.

Tony had been home for two days. Gibbs had been driving him nuts. And he'd been driving Gibbs nuts. At this rate, Tony wasn't sure who had the better odds of living out the week, but he was sure most bets weren't on him.

"I'm sorry." Tony said softly.

"I know... it's okay. I'd be the same if I was you. Just... I need to look after you okay, you scared the hell outta me."


"S'ok. Come 'ere." Gibbs said, moving Tony so he could slip in behind him, both lying on the sofa, feet dangling over the edge, Tony's back to Gibbs chest.

"God this sucks." Tony moaned.

"Thanks." Gibbs said, grinning.

"Not this... this is nice. I like being here with you, just this... all. It seems like every step we take forward someone pushed us two steps back." Tony said.

"I know. But we'll get there. No rush." Gibbs told him.

"I wish we could be like Eddie and Charlie, ya know, just be together, none of this... stuff... in the way."

"We could move to Hawaii." Gibbs suggested.

"Oh please, you wouldn't last a day. You'd be bored out of your mind."

"I could think of a few things to pass the time." Gibbs said, kissing the side of Tony's neck suggestively.

"I bet. No. I love it here, I love our friends, our jobs, I just wish sometimes it wasn't so hard."

"Me too babe." Gibbs agreed.

Gibbs guessed they must have fallen asleep, but he woke with a jolt, unsure what had pulled him from sleep.

"Hello Jethro..."

Gibbs froze. He knew that voice. He heard the safety on the gun being turned off. And he looked up into cold blue eyes.


"I told you I'd see you again Jethro. I keep my promises... just like my promise to make you pay... I rather enjoy the first installment... I admit, I had my doubts the boy would live long enough for a second, but he's stronger than he looks... pity he'll be dead before sun-up."


//"I told you I'd see you again Jethro. I keep my promises... just like my promise to make you pay... I rather enjoy the first installment... I admit, I had my doubts the boy would live long enough for a second, but he's stronger than he looks... pity he'll be dead before sun-up."//

"Jethro..." Tony woke up, eyes bright with sleep.

"It's okay Tony." Gibbs said. His hand protectively on Tony's hip. He was trying to figure a way out of this, but his gun was in his ankle holster, and he knew he couldn't get it before the 9mm pointed right at him and Tony had the chance to fire.

"Oh now Jethro, the boy is going to die, don't you think a little honesty is in order? You'd like him to be honest with you wouldn't you... Tony... hmmm... Jethro isn't very honest you know."

Tony didn't say anything.

"Leave him out of this, it's me you want."

"No Jethro... oh no, I don't want you dead. Dead is too good for you. To easy. You'd be getting off lightly. I want you to suffer... to watch your pretty boy here bleed and die in your arms, and then maybe... maybe if you really beg me, I'll kill you."

Gibbs felt his blood boil. He was looking at a face he hadn't seen in over ten years, a face he'd hoped he'd never see again, and worse... Tony was between them.

"If you hurt him..."

"You'll what Jethro. Hunt me down and kill me? Please spare me."

"I won't kill you Andrew... not for a long time." Gibbs promised quietly.

Tony was still confused, but Gibbs was holding him in place. A silent order. Don't move. He had no idea who this 'Andrew' was, or what he wanted, but he assumed it wasn't good.

"Threats Jethro. Hardly your style. But lets dispense with the idle chit-chat shall we. And get down to why I'm really here. Will you tell him, or will I?" Andrew asked.

Gibbs tensed up even further.

"I'll take that to mean I should tell him... oh but where to start hey Jethro? Shall we start with how my brother trusted you?" Andrew said.


"Oh no Jethro, you don't get to join in, you weren't willing to tell him a moment ago, now you'll be quiet, while I tell him... and before you get any ideas about being a hero, I'll kill him before you can blink." Andrew sneered.

"Where was I... Yes... Jethro, he trusted you."

"Who?" Tony found himself asking.

Andrew twitched, like he was considering shooting Tony for voicing his question, but he seemed to relax a second later.

"My brother. James. He and Jethro here were in the Marines together. James came home one weekend, and all he talked about was Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs. Thought he was some kinda hero. Paid for it though didn't he Jethro. Paid for it when your precious lover left him behind to die!" Andrew spat the last word out.

Gibbs took his chance. Andrew was distracted. For a single split second...

It was like everything was in slow motion. Gibbs rolled Tony forward, praying that his landing on the floor wouldn't put back his recovery. He jumped forward, sending Andrew, himself, and the gun to the floor.

Andrew recovered quickly. Gibbs called on his marine training. Andrew hadn't been a marine, but he's obviously been training.

Tony watched, trying to keep track of the gun, but everything was moving too quickly, it was like time had slowed to a trickle, and then propelled forward at a speed beyond comprehension to the human eye.

The coffee table went first, when Andrew landed on it after Gibbs landed a particularly vicious blow. Tony saw the cell phone fall from his jacket when Gibbs was knocked into the coat rack.

He tried to ignore the pain in his chest, desperately struggling to try and reach the phone, and keep his eyes on Gibbs.

Tony looked away from Gibbs, to the phone, just a few meters... just a few meters and he'd be able to call for help.

Speed Dial #3. Kate.

Tony was trying so hard to concentrate through the pain in his chest, just pick up the phone, press three, scream like hell and hope Kate knew it was him.


"Kate... Kate... get here now!" Tony said. Teeth clenching and unclenching... he was sure his stitches had come undone he could feel the blood soaking his shirt.


Tony's eyes flew to the other side of the room. Gibbs and Andrew were both standing, clutching at each other, the gun between them. Tony couldn't see Andrew's face, but he could see the pained shock in Gibbs expression.



// Tony's eyes flew to the other side of the room. Gibbs and Andrew were both standing, clutching at each other, the gun between them. Tony couldn't see Andrew's face, but he could see the pained shock in Gibbs _expression.


Tony felt the pain searing his chest, but in that instant he couldn't have said if it was from his still all to recent gunshot wound, or not.

Time was standing still, or maybe it was just moving so slowly that the human eye couldn't see it. Tony didn't really believe in time slowing down, or speeding up, but it was like that was what was happening.

Gibbs staggered back, blood soaking the front of his shirt. Still Tony sagged with relief when he saw the gun was in Gibbs hand.

Andrew hitting the floor, seemed to snap them out of whatever weird time bubble they'd be trapped in, and Gibbs was at his side in a heartbeat.

"Tony... fuck, your stitches. I'll call an ambulance."

"Kate... I called Kate." Tony said, grabbing onto Gibbs, with no immediate intent to let go, he didn't give a damn about the blood, or the pain, he was too busy being relieved.

"It's okay Tony." Gibbs promised.

Kate arrived, gun pulled, she must have called McGee, because the younger agent was hot on her heels, along with an ambulance, and Ducky.

"I'm fine." Tony insisted as the EMT's patched him up, because he point blank refused to go back to the hospital.

"Fine is a relative term with you DiNozzo." Gibbs growled. But the affection in his words wasn't missed.

"Mother hen." Tony teased.

Kate offered them a bed at her place. Until their place had been cleared up.

"Yeah... guess we can't stay here. You know, crime scene tape really doesn't match this sofa." Tony said, grinning through a wince as the EMT's finished with him.

Gibbs grabbed clothes, and anything else they might need, including Tony's meds, and sent Tony off with Kate.

"You know Jethro, young Anthony will likely want an explanation about all this." Ducky commented helpfully as they waited for the body to be taken to his morgue.

"Andrew told him I left James behind to die. What am I suppose to tell him Ducky? That it's true?"

"You did no such think Jethro. James death was never your fault."

"Maybe. I don't know. It's been so damn long since I've let myself think about him. Tony reminds me of him sometimes." Gibbs smiled a little.

"I had noticed there were similarities." Ducky agreed.

"That's not why I'm with Tony, I'd never..."

"I know Jethro. I see the love you have for Tony every time you look at him. But you will have to explain all this to him."

"I know Ducky... I'm just not sure where to start... how to tell him. Oh well, my problem, I'll see ya in the morning Ducky." Gibbs said.

"Jethro. If you need to talk anymore, you know where I'll be." Ducky said gently, giving Gibbs a pat on the arm.

"Thanks Duck."

"He's in the spare room. Think he's asleep." Kate told Gibbs when he arrived at her house. He'd never been there, strange really, so he followed her lead on where to go.

Sure enough Tony was found sleeping curled up among Kate's white and green guest bedding.

Gibbs paid absolutely not attention to the fact Kate was still there, slipping of his shoes and climbing in beside Tony. The younger man gladly curled into him.

"Thanks Kate." Gibbs said, smiling gently.

Kate smiled back, and nodded. No need to say anything. They were a team, it was understood.

"Jethro..." Tony murmured sleepily.

"Yeah. It's me."

"Hmmm... good. Where'd Kate go?"

"Bed probably, it's late. Sorry I woke you."

"S'ok I didn't mean to fall asleep anyway, but Kate made me take my pills." Tony moaned.

Gibbs grinned, and kissed Tony gently. "Good. You're supposed to Take them. Go back to sleep, we'll talk in the morning." Gibbs said.

"Kay. Jethro."

"Hmmm... yeah?"

"I love you." Tony murmured, before he drifted back into sleep.

"I love you too Tony." Gibbs murmured, planting a kiss in Tony's hair, and trying to blink back the tears in his eyes.

Gibbs hated waking up cold. He'd become very accustom lately to waking up next to a warm Italian.

"Where's DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned Kate when he went down stairs.

"He's not in? I just got up, I assumed you guys were still in bed, didn't bother to check." Kate said.

"Damn!" Gibbs grabbed the cell phone from his jacket, but it only took a few seconds to realize Tony hadn't taken his cell, when they heard it ringing from the sideboard.

"Maybe he just went for a walk with the dogs." Kate suggested.

"There still in the back yard." Gibbs said, looking out the back window to see three scruffy brown faces looking back at him, from where they were chained on Kate's back porch.

"Well maybe..."

Any further maybe's were cut of when the man in question came through the front door.

"Where the hell were you?" Gibbs demanded.

"Nice to see you too. Morning Kate. Nice day don't ya think?" Tony asked, seating himself across from her.

Kate looked at him like he'd grown a second head.

"DiNozzo..." Gibbs voice was warning.

"I was at work. And before you go off on one, I just went to pull a couple of files, and I came straight back. I took my meds. Oh and Abby said Hi, and something about bringing her a caffeine fix when you go in." Tony said.

Gibbs gaped. Tony had just told him off. Maybe not in so many words, but Gibbs was hearing the 'quit fussing' quite plainly.

Kate excused herself to shower, and quickly left the room. Smart woman Kate was... she knew when not to be around.

"You're supposed to be resting."

"I know, I'm fine. I was just checking out some stuff."

"Such as?"

"Such as James Broderick." Tony told him.

"Jamie... why?"

"Because I knew you'd feel like you have to tell me, and I know you... whoever or whatever else James was he meant a lot to you, I could tell by your face when Andrew mentioned him. I didn't want to put you through the extra grief of having to go over it all again, so I pulled some files, and spoke to Ducky."

"What did Ducky tell you?" Gibbs asked.

"Nothing that wasn't already in the files. But I didn't really need him to tell me you and James were lovers."

"I guess I underestimate your detective skills. Yeah we were lovers." Gibbs confirmed.

"And he died when your unit was in Afghanistan. Most of it's classified. His death certificate lists cause of death as unknown."

"He went down when we were retreating. I wanted to go back, but the Commander kept pushing us forward. For a while, I kept hoping maybe he'd just been taken prisoner, but then another Marine who'd been caught as a POW and set free told us he'd been on burial detail... he'd buried Jamie, had his dog-tags. A lot of the POW's on burial detail kept the dog-tags of the men they buried, to give to families if they ever got out. Andrew always blamed me."

"It wasn't your fault Jethro." Tony said gently.

"That's what I kept telling myself."

"Well it's time you started believing it. People die in war. It sucks, but it's just how it is. I know James meant a lot to you, but it wasn't your fault."

Gibbs nodded.

"Have I mention lately how damn lucky I am to have you?" Gibbs asked.

"Not in the last half hour, but I could stand to hear it again." Tony grinned.

"I'm damn lucky to have you DiNozzo." Gibbs said, smacking Tony's head.

"Oww... no fair, beating up on the injured man. Kate help!" Tony shouted, laughing.

"And I thought Gibbs was supposed to be the high school principal to our teenage 'discussions'." Kate said, trying to hide a smile.

Gibbs growled, but smiled good naturedly. He was okay with all this, really he was, and well if he took a few minutes at lunch to go visit one of Ducky's 'guests' who was to be any the wiser?

Still though, he really did feel okay, he just wished Tony hadn't been hurt in the process of all this.


//Still though, he really did feel okay, he just wished Tony hadn't been hurt in the process of all this.//

"Oh Jethro when will you learn, you can't take the blame for everything that happens. Anthony is a big boy. The job sometimes involves getting injured, it was not your fault." Ducky shook his head.

"This was. Andrew wanted to get at me. He used Tony to do it."

"Anthony doesn't blame you."

"I know... Probably a good thing. I'm doing a fine enough job of blaming myself." Gibbs said.

"One of these days your going to learn that the world doesn't revolve around what you want."

"I know that Ducky." Gibbs growled.

"Really? Then answer me this, if an old enemy of Tony's came here today, and shot Kate, would you blame Tony?"

"Of course not! That's different I..."

"Are no more responsible for Andrew Broderick's actions than Tony would be in the same circumstances. Jethro if you push young Anthony away because of this you'll be doing you both a great disservice."

"Push him away? Are you kidding me? I can't stand to have him out of my sight, I think I'm driving him crazy... Kate practically had to force me into my car this morning."

"As I said, pushing him away."

"I am not... how do you figure that?" Gibbs asked his friend.

"Do you really think Anthony will appreciate being treated like a child? Followed around? Having his hand held when he crosses the road? He'll allow it for a little while because he knows your just trying to make up for the guilt you're feeling, but it won't be long before he tires of it. He's a grown man. A man who has spent the better part of his adult life working in law enforcement, he can take care of himself." Ducky said.

"I know. Damn it Duck why did I have to fall for him?"

"Because he's a very special person Jethro. And because you finally realized that red-heads really don't work for you." Ducky added the last part with a smile.

Gibbs smiled despite himself.

"You know Ducky, one of these days you're going to be wrong."

"Perhaps, but not today... now if you'll excuse me, I have a dinner date this evening."

"Sure Ducky. Have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't."

"Jethro my dear if that were the case, I wouldn't do anything."


"You are not the only person to whom I've lent an ear."

Gibbs if he'd been the blushing type, would have blushed then. Tony had been talking to Ducky? About their sex life? Or he supposed more accurately their lack of. Talking to Ducky??? Kate... Kate he'd almost understand, but Ducky?

Tony was on the couch when Gibbs got in. The TV remote hung loosely in his fingers, the 'idiot box' flickering, providing the only light in the room.

Tony was snoring softly. More gentle snuffling than actual snoring. Gibbs found it sort of endearing.

It had been a week since Gibbs had shot Andrew. They'd been at Kate's all that time, but Tony had called Gibbs that afternoon. The house was clear, he was gonna go back, and he'd see him tonight. Gibbs almost had to physically restrain himself from going home first to check the place out, but he knew it was safe, and he had work to do. Still didn't stop him wishing he could have checked the place out first.

Gibbs was distracted from his Tony watching, when Tony woke up. Stretching, and giving a little wince at the pain in his chest.



"Good day?" Tony asked.

"Paperwork. Abby says Hi... she misses you and your flirting, apparently McGee just doesn't do it as well." Gibbs said with a smile.

"Well it's understandable. I'll be sure to call her for a flirt... unless your gonna let me back to work anytime soon, then I could do it in person.

"Not on your life. The doc said another week. Besides, it's kinda peaceful without you around at work."

"Oh charming." Tony pouted.

Gibbs gave a smirk smacking the back of Tony's head lightly as he sat down next to him.

"I want you back at work too Tony... but I also want you healed first."

"Mother hen."

"Probably." Gibbs agreed.

He was just about to kiss Tony when he remembered what Ducky had said.

"You know Tony, I know you don't need looking after... just, sometimes I want to... if it's really too much just tell me, but..."

"It's okay Jethro. I get it. I got shot. You got a guilt trip. We're one very screwed up couple... but I wouldn't have it any other way." Tony assured him, pulling him down for a kiss.

"Now, be a good mother hen, and go make me dinner, I'm starving." Tony grinned, and Gibbs gave him another whack on the head even as he stood up to go sort out dinner.

"You know that's not very motherly Gibbs, you could give me brain damage." Tony called.

"Your implying you have a brain DiNozzo." Gibbs said, grinning at Tony's pout. Tony knew he didn't mean it, it was all in good humor.

Gibbs felt surprisingly relaxed sitting with Tony on the couch after dinner. He thought he'd have been more... on edge after everything, but somewhere between his conversation with Ducky, and Tony's understanding, and the gentle humor and affection...

Well Gibbs wouldn't forget Andrew in a hurry, and he doubted he ever stop feeling guilty when Tony got hurt, but he could relax, because Tony didn't blame him, and Tony understood, and that was a nice feeling.

"Jethro. Stop thinking." Tony ordered him, hiding a yawn.

"I will, once we're both asleep. Come on, I'm tired."


"Prove it." Gibbs grinned, pushing Tony gently towards the bedroom.

Tony was right though, Gibbs wasn't tired, and long after Tony had gone to sleep, Gibbs stayed awake watching him.

It felt like years, but it had only been a few months since all this started. Since Jeremy White set of a chain of events that Gibbs could never have imagined. It was all damn crazy, but lying here with Tony like this, Gibbs wouldn't change a single moment of it, not if this is what it all came down to... to these precious moments, of just watching Tony sleep.

"I love you Tony." Gibbs murmured to the sleeping man, making a silent promise to himself that once Tony was better he'd take him away, somewhere nice, where no-one could disturb them.

No work, no people shooting at them, no one and nothing, but the two of them, and Gibbs would spend the whole time showing Tony just how much he cared, just how much he loved him.

It was a promise he didn't intend on breaking.


//"I love you Tony." Gibbs murmured to the sleeping man, making a silent promise to himself that once Tony was better he'd take him away, somewhere nice, where no-one could disturb them.

No work, no people shooting at them, no one and nothing, but the two of them, and Gibbs would spend the whole time showing Tony just how much he cared, just how much he loved him.

It was a promise he didn't intend on breaking.//

"Tony hurry up!" Gibbs double checking the locks on their suitcases... suitcases, plural... two of them... for a weekend. Gibbs felt like he was married again, who needed two suitcases seriously? And that wasn't even including the carry-on case.

"I'm ready. Calm down, we don't have to be at the airport for another hour."

"It's a Friday evening Tony. Traffic is going to be hellish."

"Stop worrying. Geez... Vacation remember. You are supposed to relax."

"I'll relax when we land, until then I'll be quite happy to be as grouchy as I like."

"Remind me why I am with you?"

"Because I've got such a sunny disposition." Gibbs smirked.

Tony shook his head, there was just no telling Jethro Gibbs anything.

"Well come on sunshine, hustle, hustle." Tony grinned, pushing Gibbs out the door.

"Huh! *mutter*"

"What did you say dear?" Tony asked, the picture of innocence.

"Nothing." Gibbs replied, making sure the door was locked.

"All set?"

"Yup. Checked and double checked luggage, dogs are in the safe custody of Abby, Ducky has the number of the hotel, cell phones are fully charged, and I packed my green suit... you know the one Kate says shows of my ass nicely." Tony winked, and Gibbs shook his head. He would never understand Kate and Tony, not if he lived to be a hundred.

Gibbs had organized everything, he hadn't even told Tony until a few days before. Tony was due back in the field on Monday, finally having been cleared by the doctors.

It had been 4 months since the night Gibbs had gone to Tony's apartment that first time, to stop him leaving. 7 Weeks since Andrew had shot him. 4 since Gibbs had shot Andrew. Lots of dates in Gibbs head, that he knew he'd never forget, but none of them were important this weekend.

This weekend was going to be about them, and Gibbs intended to take the advice of two of the wisest men he'd met in a long time. He was gonna take Tony to bed, and love him until he couldn't remember his own name.

"*Whistle* Niiiiice..." Tony whistled looking around the suit they had for the next three days.

"Bathroom is through there, and that door over there leads to the bedroom. Dial 9 for all outside lines. Room Service is extension 1-500 on the telephone, and extension 1-100 for all other internal services." The bellboy informed them with a pleasant smile plastered on his face.

"Thanks." Gibbs said, handing him twenty dollars.

"I hope you enjoy your stay." The young man said, before leaving them in peace.

"Twenty bucks? Who are you and what did you do with my lover." Tony asked.

"I just wanted to get rid of him." Gibbs growled softly. The sound was full of gentle affection though, there was no anger there.

"Oh... you wanted me alone huh? Planning on having your wicked way with me?" Tony asked, eyes dancing with mirth.

"Better believe it." Gibbs grinned, pulling Tony into a kiss.

"Well you know, you didn't have to go to all this trouble, I'd have let you have your wicked way at home." Tony told him.

"I've no doubt. But I wanted to do this. This weekend is just for us Tony, no one else, and I plan on taking advantage of every minute." Gibbs said, smiling softly.

"Damn old man you're getting soft." Tony grinned.

"But I'm still hard in all the *right* places," Gibbs suggested with something akin to a leer on his face.

Tony laughed so hard he almost fell down.

"Oh God, Jethro... that was... beyond corny." Tony continued to laugh.

Gibbs joined him, until they were forced to sit down or fall down.

"It really was bad wasn't it?" Gibbs asked with a grin.

"Yup. Even I've never used that one." Tony agreed.

"I'm surprised. You've used every other one." Gibbs said, pulling Tony closer so he could bite his ear.

"I...oh... well, I have standards... oh that's... nice."

"You were saying?" Gibbs asked.

"I have standards, very high standards, standards I'm sure no one else in the world but you could meet." Tony moaned when Gibbs moved from his ear to bite his jaw gently.

"And I'll be glad to meet them Tony. After dinner."

"What if I'm not hungry?" Tony asked.

"Well I am. Besides, you'll need the energy."

Tony groaned. "God your terrible... how the hell did you end up with three wives? Your chat up techniques are... they have no technique."

"Maybe I'm just really good in bed." Gibbs said, his voice husky.

"I'd be happy to test that theory."

"After dinner." Gibbs said, kissing him soundly.

"Get your suit on... the charcoal, not the green... I don't want anyone but me checking out your ass." Gibbs said.

"Note to self: buy Jethro green colored contacts."

"Smart ass."

Gibbs had asked the hotel to make reservations for them at a near-by restaurant. It was a very classy Cantonese restaurant, with prices that left Gibbs wallet feeling significantly lighter, because he was insistent, this weekend was all on him.

The walk back to the hotel was nice, stopping to look in shop windows, and talking, it was just nice to do this, to get away from everyone and everything, and although they both loved their jobs, and their friends, they needed this.

Tony sneakily asked for a few things to be delivered to the room while Gibbs had been distracted asking the doorman about other tourist spots.

"Go on, take a shower, I'm not going anywhere." Tony told Gibbs, planting himself casually on the sofa, and flicking on the TV.

"Figures." Gibbs smirked, tossing his jacket at Tony, and laughing when it landed covering Tony's head.

Tony smiled, hearing the shower running, and answered the door as quietly as possible when the things he'd asked for arrived.

He set up as quickly and quietly as he could, keeping one ear on the bathroom. He'd just finished pouring the champagne when he heard the shower switch off.

"Sneak." Gibbs accused with a smile when he came out, towel wrapped around his waist.

"Learned from the best." Tony grinned, kissing him as he handed over the champagne.

"Hmmm... gotta say DiNozzo, didn't much picture you for the champagne and strawberries type."

"Well I'm not, but I have... plans... and I needed a few supplies."

"Plans?" Gibbs asked with a raised eye-brow.

"Yup... did you ever get a champagne blow job?" Tony asked with a smirk.

Gibbs nearly choked on his drink.

"That's a no then... oh well, guess I'll have to teach ya." Tony winked cheekily, and kissed Gibbs soundly.

Gibbs let any plans he'd considered about sight seeing so the way of any plans he had for sitting down on Monday morning. With luck neither he nor Tony would be able to... and he found he didn't mind that thought at all.