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Title: The Closet
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Summary: Tony and Gibbs 'christen' the last room in the house.


Jethro walked into the quiet, dark house and frowned. There was no way that he should have gotten there before Tony unless something had happened to the other man. But he hadn't passed Tony's car on the way there, either, so that meant no car trouble. Not that Tony couldn't have taken another route, but when they'd gone four days without even seeing each other, they both tended to take the fastest route home.

"Tony? You here?"

There was no answer and he frowned, but then put aside the mild, nagging unease aside. Tony had probably just stopped to get food, since neither of them had been home in a week. The refrigerator had to be a science experiment by now. Sighing to himself, having fully planned to jump Tony the second they were both through the door, Jethro shrugged out of his jacket and opened the closet door.

Hands grabbed his shirt and yanked him into the small enclosure, shoving him against the wall and pinning him there. Jethro was disoriented only for a moment, and then he started struggling.

"Easy, Boss, just me," Tony breathed in his ear.

Surprise was fast replaced by irritation and he growled, "What the hell, DiNozzo?"

Tony chuckled, a wicked sound. "It occurred to me that this was the only room we haven't christened yet. I thought I'd fix that."

Jethro swallowed against a suddenly dry throat as he demanded, "Christen, how?"

"Oh I think you know."

And a second later, Tony was on his knees, face nuzzling against Jethro's crotch. A shudder ripped through Jethro and he sagged against the cushioning of coats and rain gear. His hands scrabbled at the wall for support as Tony sucked on his cock through the fabric, wetting it even through pants and boxers. "Tony!"

The suction stopped, to Jethro's disappointment, but then Tony unzipped him and pulled the pants and underwear down, freeing his half-hard shaft. Taking it into his mouth without pause, he went down on it like he was starving for it. Jethro shuddered violently as he was forced to complete hardness much too fast, and thrust uncontrollably into Tony's mouth. An arm pushed down on his hips, pinning him, and Jethro had to just accept the pace his lover set.

Then he heard the sound of hand on flesh and knew that Tony was jerking himself off as he sucked on Jethro's dick. Grabbing the slender threads of his control, Jethro waited until Tony was panting desperately around his cock to order harshly, "Don't you dare come."

Tony moaned, the vibrations nearly sending him over the edge, but Jethro pulled himself back.

"Make me come, DiNozzo, do it," Jethro gritted out, trying again to thrust.

Letting him this time was the signal Jethro had been waiting for. He laced his fingers tight in the short, thick hair and fucked the open, willing throat. Humping against Tony's face, it was only a few more seconds and swallows before he came explosively, eyes rolling back. Tony took it all, his hands clenched on Jethro's ass as he struggled unsuccessfully to breathe against the mouth of flesh. Jethro took pity on him and pulled out, listening to him cough and draw in gasping breaths.

Panting as well from the incredible release, Jethro slid down the wall to land on the floor and a boot. Grimacing, he lifted off and shoved the boot out of the closet. The light from the hall cast a fey illusion over Tony, like he wasn't really real, and Jethro hauled him in close, kissing him hard, tasting himself on the agile tongue. He devoured the pliant mouth and the needy gasps and groans for a few minutes before pulling back.

Satisfied by the utterly daze expression, Jethro chuckled and gripped Tony's hot, heavy shaft, whispering in Tony's ear, "Let's go, DiNozzo."

Jethro stood, kicking out of his pants as he did. It was Tony who shuddered violently this time when Jethro used his dick to lead him into the bedroom. He still had a few surprises up his own sleeves.