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Title: Cuddles
By: nancy
Pairing: Abby/Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Summary: Abby reflects on cuddling. R - m/f/m, threesom.


One thing that had surprised the hell out of Abby at the beginning of all this, was that Gibbs knew how to cuddle. In public, he was all Marine-to-the-end and touch-me-and-die, but at home, he gave a really good snuggle. Could be in bed, but didn't have to be. They'd spent plenty of time on the sofa with her head on his lap as he watched tv and she'd typed away on the laptop. It was a seriously good way to spend a rainy day.

Of course, the cuddling in bed was beyond good because usually it was either after mind-blowing sex, or led to mind-blowing sex. Body-blowing sex, too, come to think of it, Abby mused with a grin.

"What're you grinning at?" Gibbs murmured, tweaking a pony tail.

Giving him an innocent look, she answered, "Just thinking about how this new program's going to blow McGee's mind."

The look he gave her in return said that he totally wasn't buying it, but was going to let it go.

"Hey Boss! I finally got the financials for Forden," Tony announced, also entering the lab. "You wouldn't believe what this woman's been up to. I mean, people assume that it's always the man who's screwing around but ow!"

Abby giggled at the head smack, then tried to look innocent again when Tony sent a hurt look her way. It was always a fine line between truly hurt-Tony, and mock-hurt-Tony, and she wasn't sure which this was, yet.

"Spare us the commentary, DiNozzo, and get to the point," Gibbs ordered.

There was a mildly reproachful expression on Tony's face now that told Abby the head smack had been ill-timed and she quirked an eyebrow at Gibbs while Tony ran down the stats. Gibbs flashed her a brief grimace, acknowledging the damage to the most sensitive of their trio, then turned his full attention back to Tony's report.

"So, and not that I mind or anything," Abby said when Tony had finished. "But is there any particular reason for the powwow taking place here?"

"To hear your dulcet tones?" Tony teased.

Abby gave a distinctly unladylike snort and replied, "You'll be waiting a long time then."

"I was going to ask you, before DiNozzo interrupted, about the trace Officer David found."

Ooh, someone's feeling snippy and officious, Abby thought in surprise, opening her mouth to tease him about it when the lab door opened yet again. This time, it was the Director and Abby changed her response to, "DNA indicates two females, no relation to the vic, and just to give you a booby prize, it was mixed with something I haven't been able to identify yet."

"How is that a prize?" Director Sheppard questioned.

Putting on her best, fake smile, Abby answered, "Because it means that it's secondary trace, ma'am. DNA doesn't come standard mixed with anything else."

"Did you need something, Director Sheppard?" Gibbs cut in, physically stepping between the woman and actually placing a hand on the Director's elbow.

Diverted by the physical contact, which Abby could totally understand, it took a few seconds for the other woman to reply, "I need to speak with you about something, Jethro. In private?"

"Let's step into my office."

Abby barely refrained a giggle at the exasperated look the Director gave him on being guided towards the exit. Turning to Tony, she caught the way he stared after Gibbs and sighed a little, moving instantly to tug him into her arms. "You know he loves you."

Tony sighed and wrapped his arms around her as well, answering, "I guess."

"He does and you know it," Abby countered firmly. "Work is work, and home is home, and never the twain shall meet. You know that, too."

Tony squawked in surprise when she pinched his ass, jerking free with a minor glare.

"Well, almost never," Abby amended, grinning.

*  *  *  *

The very best thing about cuddling, was giving one, Abby decided later that night. More often than not, it was Tony who wound up monkey-in-the-middle, and she didn't begrudge him the spot whatsoever. It was hard to remember, during the day, that his brash exterior covered up a whole host of insecurities and neediness. Not until they were home and curled up together in bed did that part of him come out, and usually only unless coaxed.

Gibbs would kiss him soft and sure, holding him loosely while Abby watched from some distance. There was something that Gibbs gave Tony that she couldn't and again, it wasn't something that bothered her. It was in the kisses that the words would start, snippets of them that revealed just how hurt or upset something during the day had made him. Not until he was clinging to Gibbs, the kisses fully stopped, did Abby join them, surrounding Tony from behind and nuzzling at his back or throat or ear.

They would either pile up on the sofa together, Abby sprawled over them both, or move to the bedroom for more. If it was left up to Abby, they would always move to the bedroom for more, but Tony was a focal point and a pretty big one, at that.

Tonight was no different than the rest of the nights they'd spent together in that it followed the same pattern. Tony was upset about Gibbs cutting him down more harshly than he'd felt was necessary, and Gibbs apologized without saying a word, just as he always did. Having been present for one of the cut-downs, Abby had to side with Tony on this one, and stayed aloof slightly longer than was really needed, giving Gibbs a pointed look before joining them.

Strong fingers laced with hers and Abby made a face at Gibbs over Tony's shoulder before accepting his kiss and slowly opening to it. Tony made a soft sound of contentment, wedged between them, and when the kiss broke, Gibbs murmured, "Let's take this to bed."

They went about nightly routines first, getting undressed, a shower for Tony, brushing teeth, climbing into bed. By the time Tony was done getting ready for bed, she and Gibbs were already going pretty strong, with her on top. He climbed onto the bed beside them, curling up over Gibbs from the side. Abby groaned in pleasure as she watched Tony worship Gibbs with his mouth, and then twisted between them to take one of her breasts in a gentle, sucking action.

Everything felt so slow and surreal, so heavy and filled with a strange, sensory input that wasn't usually present that Abby wondered if someone had slipped her something in her food. The thick cock inside her, the mouth on her breast, tongue on her nipple, hands gripping her ass hard enough to bruise, all of it imprinted on her in a way that was new and incredibly good.

The orgasm, when it came, completely blindsided her. Tony had straddled Gibbs in front of her, hands on the wall over Gibbs' head while the other man took his cock deep into his throat. Abby couldn't stop moaning as she thrust down hard on her lover's shaft, biting into the tempting, broad back within reach. She bit hard enough to provoke a gasp from Tony, who jerked violently, coming down Gibbs' throat. Gibbs slammed up inside her on just the right angle as he came, probably triggered by swallowing down Tony's come, and that in turn sent Abby wailing over the edge.

Still panting, Abby protested sleepily when Tony shifted off Gibbs, taking away her support. He grinned tiredly at her as he slumped down on the bed beside Gibbs, who wore a distinctly satisfied expression on his face. The grumpiness wasn't quite enough to displace the satiation, though, so she pulled off Gibbs and rolled over Tony to land on the other side of him. Gibbs took care of the condom and then it was jostling each other to get under the covers.

When the lights were out and everyone settled down for the night, Abby sighed in contentment and kissed Tony's back, one leg hooked over his hip. Tony was sprawled over Gibbs, encircled in both their arms, and already fast asleep.

"Night, Abs," Gibbs murmured in the dark.

Abby smiled and answered, "Night Gibbs," and tightened her arms around Tony and thought, Definitely the best part of cuddles.