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Title: Dessert
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Summary: Tony, Gibbs, and chocolate sauce.


Tony grinned. "I never knew you had such an artistic side."

Gibbs snorted and continued to draw on Tony's chest with the chocolate syrup as he ordered, "Stop moving, you're ruining it."

"Hey, that stuff is cold you know," Tony complained. "And it's my chest. I did my part."

Bending forward to kiss him, long and deep, Gibbs agreed, "Yes you did. Thanks for shaving."

"I'm just saying. I mean, it's going to itch like a bastard when it grows back and mmph..."

Gibbs' mouth tasted good, chocolaty and sweet, and Tony groaned as his own mouth was devoured. It was too short, though, and Gibbs was back to drawing with his syrup. Shaking his head, Tony put an arm under his head to watch as the remainder of the boat took shape; at this point, just the sails. The dinghy, so to speak, had already sunk, hence the chocolate taste to Gibbs' kiss. The man just couldn't resist chocolate.

"I should take a picture," Gibbs told him, the grin returning. "I don't think anyone would believe you can stay still for so long."

"Very funny."

"I thought so. Oh! Forgot the anchor."

Tony groaned in aggravation and pulled the pillow onto his face, hitting it a few times. When he'd surprised Gibbs with the syrup and shaved chest, he hadn't really thought Gibbs was going to draw on him. Then he moaned as cold sauce dribbled over his aching cock to be immediately encased in Gibbs' hot mouth. An arm over his hips guaranteed that he wasn't going to be able to move. Of course he couldn't move. Moving would ruin Gibbs' masterpiece. All he could do was lie there as his lover sucked him hard and deep into the tight throat.

It stopped abruptly and he moaned, throwing the pillow aside to exclaim, "Don't stop!"

Gibbs chuckled wickedly and told him, "Just getting started, DiNozzo, deal with it."

From his spot between Tony's legs, Gibbs licked a path up to his stomach. Tony watched the nimble tongue slide and dip through the chocolate, getting harder from the show than he thought possible. Gibbs took his time, yet again, and Tony sagged back against the mattress, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get the man to go any faster. To his surprise, Gibbs continued moving up and simply rested upon him, messing the rest of the sauce between them as he took Tony's mouth in a hard, aggressive kiss.

Tony pulled his legs up and over Gibbs' hips, returning the kiss just as hungrily. Their cocks rubbed together, the chocolate not letting them get any friction which was frustrating, more than anything else. Groaning, he pulled his mouth from Gibbs and demanded, "Fuck me, already!"

"Well with an offer like that," Gibbs replied, smirking.

Shifting when Gibbs moved him, Tony lifted up for the remaining pillow to be pushed beneath his hips. Something cold drizzled between his ass and he demanded, "Tell me you're not using chocolate syrup as lube!"

Gibbs laughed out loud at that and answered by licking a broad swath over the hole where the chocolate had gathered. Tony pushed back on the tongue thrusting into him, gasping in pleasure as the syrup was licked and sucked from his body, then joined by slick fingers. He was opened fast and ruthless, which was just as well because Tony wasn't sure how much more stimulation he could take.

Then Gibbs' thick cock pushed inside and he moaned loudly as he was opened up further. He'd never been much for ass play until getting together with Gibbs. Then again, no one had ever eaten him out before Gibbs, either. The fucking, now that he was finally getting it, was hard and fast, his entire body jolting from the impact of his lover's body against his. He couldn't stop the gasps and groans for more, his mouth seeming to disengage all on its own to beg and plead for more, and harder, and deeper.

Gibbs did his best to oblige, humping and grinding into his hole until there was one too many lightening strikes to Tony's prostate and he came, jerking violently. Gibbs came only seconds after, filling his hole in several long shots and then collapsing on top of Tony.

They lay there, utterly wrecked, for a long time. Tony was far too comfortable and sated to even think of moving, despite the wet spot he was lying in. Hell, he thought, chuckling tiredly. The whole bed's a wet spot.

"I'm losing my touch if you're laughing at me," Gibbs grumbled, nipping at Tony's ear.

Stretching, Tony hummed in pleasure and assured him, "Not a bit. Just thinking what a damn mess the bed is."

Gibbs laughed softly at that and said, "Not as much as you think. Hold on."

There were a few minutes of disentangling, much to Tony's regret, and then climbing off the bed. He snorted, noting the towel placed on the floor beside the bed. With his usual efficiency, Gibbs stripped the bed to reveal it was encased in a cotton cover and then a rubber one beneath that layer. The mattress was still pristine. Shaking his head, Tony observed, "You are way to obsessed with cleanliness."

"Ex-marine," Gibbs replied, unapologetic as he brought the mess of sheets to dump over in the hamper. "Get your ass in the shower before you drip on the carpet."

Tony smirked and sauntered, slowly, over to the bathroom. Over his shoulder, he asked, "You coming?"

Gibbs smirked back as he moved to join Tony and answered, "Yeah. And I'll join you in the shower, too."