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Title: Returning the Favor
By: sandersyager
Pairing: Abby Sciuto/Tony DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Prompt: 32. Sunset
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.


"What are we doing?" she doesn't think to ask until they're standing outside.

"C'mon," he crosses to the park, she shrugs, along for the ride. He stops suddenly, pulling her back against his chest. She doesn't protest. Why would she? He smells good and he knows how to hold her.

"Pretend for a second that we're people who don't deal in death and blood and crime."

"But, TonyŚ" he covers her mouth, and continues whispering in her ear.

"Shh. Just imagine it, Abs. And look," he turns her west, toward the pink sunset and she smiles beneath his hand.