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Title: Becoming Gibbs
By: Stacy L.A. Stronach
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: PG
Summary: Challenge response to the "Becoming Gibbs" Challenge. Yes, I'm very literal sometimes!


Tony DiNozzo adjusted his tie, before taking one last look at his
reflection in the mirror. Suit looked good, tie was straight, hair was
fine. He had started away from the mirror but looked again. His hair...
his hair was NOT fine. It was heavily streaked with grey and the cut
looked a little off. He ran his fingers through it, tilting his head
to catch the light. Damn, he hadn't noticed the grey when he'd first
styled it this morning. He'd gone grey overnight.

Briefly, he considered not going in today and calling his hairdresser
to get an appointment to dye his hair. Tony couldn't though, Gibbs was
away at a two-day conference in New York and Tony was in charge.
Damned if he'd let a little grey hair get in the way. Tony looked at
his watch and knew if he didn't get going, he would be late.

In the car on his way to work, Tony found the usual rock station he
listened to was beginning to irritate him, as were the other drivers
in the rush hour who were going way too slow. He scanned the radio for
another station, stopping on the country music station. Frowning at
the traffic, he turned off onto a side road, taking a shortcut would
get him to work faster. He floored it once he was on the side road.

Arriving at NCIS HQ ten minutes later than he would've had he stuck to
the main road, Tony grumbled as he parked his car. He couldn't
understand why he was in such a lousy mood now, he'd been his normal
perky self when he woke up. Another agent walked past Tony, the smell
of her coffee wafting through the air and Tony took a deep breath.
Coffee, coffee, yes that was a good idea. He wanted good coffee, so
took a few minutes to stop by the coffee shop Gibbs always went to.
Rather surprisingly, he found himself ordering the same black sludge
that Gibbs always drank. Normally, he found just the smell of it
overpowering but today, when he sipped it, the coffee was like
ambrosia, food of the gods. Sighing in satisfaction, Tony made his way
to the elevator.

When he walked into the office, he almost went and sat behind Gibbs'
desk but at the last moment diverted to his own desk. Setting his
stuff down, he noticed McGee and Cait standing staring at McGee's
monitor. Moving to stand behind them, he saw what they were looking
at; recipes for muffins. He swatted McGee on the back of the head.
"Hey, no personal stuff on work time, Probie!"

McGee blinked at the blow, then rubbed the back of his head and
pouted. "We were just looking at some of the last websites the victim
looked at."

Cait turned to say something to Tony then smirked when she say his
hair. "Forgot your hair colouring appointment his month?" she jabbed.

Tony frowned, actually, he glared at her, "I've got more important
things to worry about than my hair," he growled. "And I would think
you do as well, Cait."

Cait looked at him in shock. He sounded so Gibbs'-like, she
immediately went back to work without even thinking about it. As Tony
headed for the elevators, Cait glanced at McGee. "You were right, he
really does become Gibbs when the boss is away."

After picking up a Big Gulp for Abby, Tony got in the elevator
punching the number for her floor. He shifted uncomfortably, his
clothes didn't seem to be sitting right on his body. Using his free
hand, he tugged at his jacket, trying to get more comfortable. He
sighed, he'd have to have a word with his tailor, Victor, about making
sure things really did fit.

Walking up behind Abby, he held the pop out for her, saying, "What've
you got for me, Abs?" in a quiet voice.

"Jesus! Tony, you snuck up on me! Scare a girl to death, why don't
you?" she complained, swatting him on his shoulder. She did a double
take, "Man, you're hair is really grey, I never noticed before!"

Tony frowned and stared at her. Abby stared back, but looked away
quickly. "You must've been practicing, Tony, you've got the stare down
and everything!" she said.

"Abs, do you have _anything_ for me yet?"

"Nope, but I should have in an hour, maybe two. You'll know right after I do."

"Okay, thanks Abs," Tony said, giving her a smile before he left.

As she bent her head to the microscope, Abby realised that Tony's
normally hazel eyes had seemed very, very blue today. She shrugged,
figuring she was having Gibbs flashbacks or that Tony was so good at
becoming Gibbs, he'd made her hallucinate.

Heading to the washroom, Tony felt tired, like he'd aged 15 years in
the last 15 minutes. He really, really had to go to the bathroom. Must
be that coffee I drank, he thought as he barged into the men's room.
Going over and using one of the urinals, Tony sighed as he relieved
the pressure in his bladder. He frowned as he zipped up, his hands
looked...old. Shaking his head, wondering if maybe he was coming down
with yet another nasty disease, Tony walked over to the sink to wash
his hands. They still seemed weird.

As he finished washing his hands, Tony smiled as he looked at himself
in the mirror. Then he stopped, mouth opening in a silent scream, as
his hands came up to grasp the sides of his face, like that kid in
Home Alone. He found his voice as he looked in the mirror to see
Gibbs' face staring back at him. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he
yelled, closing his eyes, terror racing through his body. He looked
again, just to be sure, yes, he had become Gibbs, what evil was going
on? He didn't WANT to really become Gibbs. "NOOO!! I'm not, I'm not,
nooooo!!!" he continued yelling as he backed up against the wall, and
slid to the floor. He was going crazy, that was the only

"DINOZZO!! Wake up!"

The sharp command from Jethro Gibbs woke Tony. He was grabbing his
face, finding himself not in the bathroom at work, but in the bed he
shared with his lover.

"Are you okay, Tony? You were screaming like a banshee..." Gibbs stopped
as Tony hopped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. He followed,
worried Tony might be sick. "What's wrong?" he asked coming up behind
Tony, who was standing in front of the mirror, hands trailing across
his face and he tilted his head, like he was looking at his hair.

"Oh, thank god," Tony said. He looked at Gibbs. "I had a horrible
nightmare. I was turning into you. Literally," he added.

Gibbs mock-frowned. "And that's a bad thing?"

Turning around and smiling as Jethro wrapped his arms around his
waist, Tony said, "Wouldn't you think it was a nightmare if you dreamt
YOU were turning into ME? Besides, I like being _in_ you...I don't want
to be you!"

Jethro laughed. "Good point," he said, before capturing Tony's mouth
in a hard, hot kiss. When he broke for air, Jethro whispered, "How
about letting _me_ into _you_ now? Since we're both awake..."

Moving so their erections brushed together, making both men groan,
Tony managed, "Sounds like a great idea, lover."

//**the end**\\