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Title: I want it... You need it...
By: Kez
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: AO
Category: Erm... well it's not first time, but it's not exactly established relationship either, as such... well I don't know read and make up your own mind I guess
Summary: DiNozzo comes to Gibbs after 'Bete Noir'...
Spoilers: Bete Noir I guess
Disclaimer: I don't own them...
Notes: This is my first ever try and NCIS, and please be gentle because I've only ever seen one actual ep to date... Blame Kel for this, she made me watch it, talk about it, its all her fault!
Also note, since 'Bete Noir' is the only ep I've ever seen and I have no idea what came before or went after, I'm just assuming there could have viably been other eps where things didn't go down so well that Tony could have come to Gibbs before, If not, well call it creative licence and suck it up.
Warnings: Erm... don't think so no
Word Count: 837
Beta: Nope, all mistakes are mine and mine alone.
Archiving: Erm... I guess, if you want it (well your nuts) but sure go ahead, just tell me where it's going.


Tony wasn't expecting to find himself outside his bosses house, much less was he expecting to find his boss where he did, in his basement, with a gun in his hand, and a picture of their escaped assailant - plus two bullet holes - on his wall.

"You know DiNozzo its generally considered polite to knock."

"I did. You didn't answer. What did the picture do, stare at you the wrong way?" Tony asked.

"Don't start, what are you doing here."

"Interesting question, one I'll be sure to answer as soon as I know why myself, seems I was worried about my pig-headed and stubborn boss, seems I wasn't wrong to be." Tony suggested, standing directly in front of Gibbs, between him and the picture.

"Tony, go home." Gibbs told him, he was tired, and if he'd never admit it to anyone else he could admit it to himself, his arm hurt.

"I don't think so." Tony took a step closer.

"Tony don't do this..." Gibbs said his tone warning.

"Why not... I want it... You need it..." Tony hovered ever closer.

Gibbs swallowed, he knew Tony was right, had been right the last four times he'd come here, like this, offering this, and Gibbs knew he was supposed to say no, it would affect their working relationship, it could break up the team, could... make him feel so damn good. Gibbs knew he was supposed to say no, but he knew he wouldn't be saying that.

Tony may have had a playboy attitude, and he certainly earned it, but right there it didn't matter, it was like it vanished completely and the only thing that was left was one slightly insecure man who had the ability to bring Leroy Jethro Gibbs to his knees... and no doubt would before the night was out.

Kissing... Gibbs had to admit, Tony was especially good at kissing... all types of kissing, from the slow, gentle, teasing almost pecks his started with, to the thrusting tongue and nibbling teeth that lead them to the bedroom, somehow without breaking anything.

Tony stripped him down, laid him out, paying particular care not to jostle his shoulder too much, and just sat over him, straddling his hips, still almost completely dressed, missing only his shirt, but not even topless, because of the t-shirt he wore underneath it.

"Lie still." Tony ordered him... and it was an order, and order if felt really good to obey, to let Tony take control, because Tony knew just how to make him moan, and groan, and *beg* for more, knew just the spots to tease and tickle, and just when to swallow him whole to make him go completely rigid with pleasure as the younger man took every damn drop he had and did a damn fine job of cleaning up after himself.

Gibbs knew Tony was probably desperate himself, and he was amazed by the sheer self-restraint his showed in this area, given how he lacked it in more than a few others, but Tony waited, waited until Gibbs couldn't clearly remember his own name, and how to say the alphabet, because his brain was still sluggish after Tony had damn near sucked it out through his dick, and Gibbs could move enough to return the favour.

He had to admit, his liked this, liked feeling Tony move, and writhe and buck under him, liked hearing the little whimpers, and mewls Tony made when he found an especially sensitive spot... like the place where he balls rested heavy under his dick, and Tony made the most curious and outright sexy sounds when Gibbs licked at them just so.

As outright submissive as he felt when Tony was doing this to him, it was nothing compared to the... power... he felt returning the favour, he held the cards, knew he could deny Tony his pleasure, knew he never would because that would be denying himself, but it still felt good to hold Tony on that edge, that fine line between pain and pleasure until Tony begged, and pleaded for more, and Gibbs gave it, took Tony whole, and lapped away all evidence afterwards, just as Tony had done for him.

They didn't talk, didn't have to... it wasn't any whirlwind romance, any ardent tale of love and passion, it was comfort, given, received and returned... simple... well probably not, it did have the potential to go horribly wrong somewhere down the line... but in this one night, it wasn't complicated, in any of the nights before it hadn't been complicated, and for all it would eventually probably become complicated, that eventually wasn't now, and Gibbs didn't want to think about it.

So he just lay there, pretending to sleep until he felt the soft shuffle of Tony leaving the bed, heard the rustle of clothes, and felt the gentle press of Tony's lips against his own, without returning it, his eyes staying closed the whole time until Tony was just a heat shadow beside him, and then he slept.



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