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Title: Look, Don't Touch
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gibbs gives Tony a taste of his own medicine, and then some.


"Stop.Right. There."

Tony froze, the icy fury in Gibbs' voice unmistakable. He swallowed nervously, but stayed where he was; the front hall of Gibbs' house. He'd known at the time that he'd been treading on thin ice, back at the club, but hadn't been able to stop himself. Not even the growled, "I'm watching you, DiNozzo!" in his ear had been enough to get him to back off ogling the women.

"I've been trying to think of a punishment that fits the crime," Gibbs continued. "Bedroom. Now. Strip when you get there and wait in position."

A thrill of lust went through Tony and he hastily obeyed. Once in the bedroom, which was lit only with candlelight, he stripped in record time and neatly folded the clothes, setting them on a chair. From there, he sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed and waited.

It was another five minutes before Gibbs walked in, probably to make Tony even more nervous and on edge than he already was. When he finally did walk in, Tony's mouth dried in pure, unadulterated lust. Gibbs was stark naked, cock hard and jutting proudly, though not yet leaking. He moved with the grace of an athlete, the silvered chest hair glinting in the candlelight. The flickering lighting hid more than it revealed, but Tony had his lover's body memorized.

Facing him from a short foot or so away, deceptively calm, Gibbs informed him, "Since you like to look so much, that's all you get to do tonight, DiNozzo. Just. Look."

Tony's mouth opened in protest, dismay and disappointment fast replacing the desire, but Gibbs held up a finger.

"One word, DiNozzo, one attempt to move or touch, any sign of disobedience, and we make it two full days of not touching. That means at work, too."

Tony whined a wordless protest, but didn't move or actually say anything. Gibbs was just pissed enough to enforce a threat like that and he didn't want to risk it. Every touch that he was given during the work day, even the smacks to the head, was a connection that he desperately needed.

"No touching, by the way, means yourself too. If you do, we up it to three full days."

Tony moaned in anticipated frustration.

"The next time I give you a warning, maybe you'll think twice about disobeying me," Gibbs said, satisfaction rich in his voice at Tony's reaction.


One of Gibbs' hands slid over his chest, fingers combing through the chest hair. Tony's eyes locked onto it, watching avidly as it caressed the firm muscle. Fingers played with a nipple and Gibbs sighed at the action. Then his other hand joined in, sliding down, capturing both Tony's attention and his own cock.

Tony groaned.

It was just a light teasing stroke, nothing serious. Tony knew the feel of that kind of caress, as well how good it was to touch the warm skin beneath it. He wanted to feel either just then, but the very real threat of only looking for the next three days kept him right where he was. Just in case, he locked his fingers together in front of him right where Gibbs could see them.

The stroking on Gibbs' cock grew stronger and Tony's breath hitched at the now wet sound. Gibbs was leaking pre-come, which helped his hand glide over the hard shaft. Tony's mouth watered in some kind of Pavlovian response, making him swallow and lick his lips, dying for a taste of cock or come.

"Feels good, Tony, but it would feel so much better if it was you," Gibbs told him, slightly breathless. "Your hands on me, your mouth, your body under mine. It would be so good."

Tony whimpered because he'd been thinking the exact same things.

Gibbs turned sideways as one of his hands moved to his ass. He rubbed it a few times, then slid his finger just a little into the hole and groaned. He spent a few minutes teasing them both like that before pushing it in all the way and fucking himself with it. The sight actually made Tony ache with need; Gibbs' arched body, the finger going in and out, the hand still stroking his all taunted him.

"What are you thinking, Tony? Are you wishing it was my finger in your ass, or yours in mine? Maybe both?"

Tony bit his lip to keep his mouth shut, remembering the order not to say a word.

Even masturbating and finger-fucking himself, Gibbs managed to look smug as he praised, "You're learning finally. Good, Tony. Very good."

Then he gasped and jerked as he clearly hit his prostate. The movements picked up speed and intensity after that. There was the familiar twist over the head of the cock as Gibbs jacked himself closer to orgasm, the harsh breathing getting faster, more shallow, the two fingers now shoving forcefully into his ass. Tony's own body was flushed with arousal at the incredible sight, his cock hard as iron and quivering with need as it jutted from his lap.  His hips moved in tandem with Gibbs,' subconsciously meeting his lover's the way it always did, even when so thoroughly denied.

"Oh God, Tony, feels so good," Gibbs groaned, eyes closed and clearly caught up in the fantasy that it was Tony touching him.

The hand was a blur now, moving fast and hard. Gibbs' second hand shifted from ass to balls, grabbing and squeezing them. Tony's ass clenched in anticipation as Gibbs fucked his hand like he was doing Tony. Sweat trickled down Gibbs' chest, catching amidst the chest hair to gleam in the candlelight. His breath hitched and stopped as he arched suddenly, come spitting from his cock to hit Tony on the legs and abs.

Tony moaned as he leaned forward, fingers clutched so tight together that his knuckles hurt. He needed so bad to crawl over to the other man and lick him clean, needed to taste that skin, nose through the fine hairs all over his body, breathe him in. His entire body hurt with denial, going through a withdrawal of sorts. A sharp pain in his lip cut through the haze and he blinked in surprise as he realized that he'd just bit through his lower lip.

Gibbs' eyes finally opened as he drew in fast, shallow breaths. He stared at Tony for several long seconds as he came down from the orgasmic high and a slow, wicked grin spread over his face as he took in the want and need. "That's a really good look on you, DiNozzo."

If Tony could beg without words, he was sure that was what he'd be doing. Just a touch. Just one. That was all he wanted, all he needed to set off the explosion just waiting to happen in his body as it strained tight enough to snap.

Leaning forward, Gibbs glanced at his bleeding lip and whispered, "Let me take care of that for you," before licking the blood from his chin and then sucking hard on Tony's split lip.

Tony shuddered violently at the erotic slice of pain and came without once touching himself or being touched, save for the contact of Gibbs' tongue and lips. Panting, shaken by the quicksilver release, Tony found his mouth devoured in a hard, possessive kiss.

When Gibbs pulled back, he took Tony's hands and carefully pried them apart before bringing them up to kiss the faint bruises that were already darkening the skin. "These'll be hard to explain when Kate asks."

Though he wanted to speak, Tony wasn't sure his punishment was over and didn't dare. Usually there was a clear cut negation, but that hadn't happened yet. The kiss was resumed as Gibbs climbed onto the bed and pushed him slowly onto his back, straddling him. Bracing himself over Tony, Gibbs broke up the wet, nasty kiss into smaller ones until he was again sucking on the cut lip. Tony whimpered again and wrapped his hands in the blankets beneath him, keeping himself from touching Gibbs, as ordered.

Sitting upright, Gibbs stared down at him once more, then said, "The next time I catch you making yourself available, I'll do a lot worse than this. You can bank on that."

Completely thrown by the warning, not remembering making himself available in the first place, Tony opened his mouth to question the statement, then closed it again in frustration.

Gibbs smirked a little, but allowed, "You can speak now. Punishment's over."

"What the hell do you mean by making myself available?" Tony demanded, pushing up on his elbows.

"Did you forget that Kate had a camera in her glasses too?"

"Ah, no."

"Then you'll remember those moments when you were flirting with a guy in a dark suit," Gibbs growled.

Tony swallowed nervously at the dangerous glint in his lover's gaze. Not that Gibbs would ever hurt him, but his idea of punishment could be downright torture. He finally protested, "I just touched his shoulder to get by, Gibbs, I swear!"

"And then proceeded to catch the eye of every beautiful young woman in the club."

Oh. Well. That he couldn't really deny. "It was just flirting. I didn't mean anything by it."

Gibbs leaned forward and nuzzled at his throat before sucking on it and biting down hard enough to provoke a gasp from Tony. He whispered in Tony's ear, "The next time I catch you flirting like that, you're going to be begging for mercy for days, DiNozzo."

Shuddering at the promise, Gibbs never made a threat he wouldn't back up, after all, Tony closed his eyes as his lover started mapping out his body with his tongue...and wondered when the next opportunity to provoke Gibbs would come along.