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Title: Made For
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs/Abby
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Warning: 3some = m/m/f, language, BDSM, m/m sex
Summary: Tony is made for this.


The best part of being in a threesome was that you didn't always have to participate, in order to participate. At the moment, Abby was sprawled over the pillows watching as Gibbs fucked Tony hard enough to move the other man's body with his thrusts. Tony, of course, was bound in place and couldn't really go anywhere. Wrists and ankles were cuffed to each corner of the bed, his left arm crossing over Abby's breast, and he was face down into the bedspread, muffling his groans with it. She was all hot and wet just watching Gibbs own Tony in the most visceral way, but was sore enough from her own fucking that she was happy to watch.

This time.

Gibbs sped up, thrusting harder to make his balls slap against Tony's ass with a wet sound that sent a shiver of arousal through Abby. Tony was rock hard and had been since the night before. Two nights ago, really, because he hadn't been allowed to come at all since he'd so recklessly put himself in danger on the job. His ass was a nice, deep red from the paddling he kept receiving as Gibbs reinforced his punishment at least three times a day. A few seconds later, Gibbs lunged deep inside Tony as he came, jerking hard into the yielding flesh and collapsing on top of him with a groan.

Stretching languorously, Abby hummed and commented, "Very nice, Gibbs."

Gibbs undulated inside Tony a bit as he lifted his head and asked, "You want another round?"

"Did Ducky slip you some little blue pills when I wasn't looking, Gibbs?" Abby teased.

Pulling free of the tense body in which he was buried, Gibbs chuckled and knelt over him to kiss Abby, deep and nasty, owning her just as easily as he did Tony. He bit her lip sharply when he broke the kiss and admonished, "Smart-mouthed girls get punished."

Abby gave him an appropriately chastened look and murmured, "Sorry, Daddy."

He kissed her again, briefly, and replied, "It's okay, baby girl. Why don't you go on and take a shower while I get this one ready for the day?"

Lighting up with curiosity, Abby asked, "What're you going to do to him?"

Gibbs' hand landed heavily on Tony's ass, provoking a gasp of pain, and he answered, "I'll think of something."

Abby giggled a bit before crawling out from under Tony to head for the bathroom. She would call Tony into the lab later to see what Gibbs had decided on.

*  *  *  *

Tony shifted uncomfortably on his chair, perched on the edge of it as he tried not to jostle the plug that was lodged deep inside him. It was both thicker and longer than he'd taken before and on top of that, Gibbs had spanked him once more before breakfast, just to... "make sure you're good and warmed-up for the day." the evil bastard.

He spent the morning going over cold cases, grateful that the whole team was on down-time. They'd been going non-stop for weeks now and it had partially led to his making the wrong judgment call three days ago. Gibbs wouldn't listen to his excuses, though, which was really for his own good in the long run, but his cock had been hard for two days straight, his ass hurt like hell, and every time he moved just so, there was a zing to his prostate that made him even harder.

It was shortly after lunch that Abby called and asked for some forensic reports to complete her own files. He grimaced at the thought of walking all the way to the lab, but only answered, "Be right there, Abs," and hung up. It took a few more minutes to put the files together and he hissed in pain when he sat down a little too hard.

"Problem, DiNozzo?"

Cold-hearted bastard, Tony silently griped. Out loud, he merely smiled and replied, "Nope. Abby just needs some files, Boss."

Gibbs grunted, but didn't really respond, so Tony picked up the files and tried not to limp as he walked to the elevator. That was when he noticed the "Temporarily Out of Order" sign on it and groaned, thinking about how he would have to take the stairs. With a resigned sigh, Tony walked to the stairs and carefully climbed down them, literally taking them one at a time. It took a good ten minutes for him to get to the lab and he plunked the files down on her desk with another groan.

Abby grinned at him. "Poor baby. Did you have to take the stairs?"

Gaze narrowed at her, Tony demanded, "Did you have something to do with that?"

"I may have," she teased, hopping up on her desk. "I have been awfully bored the last few hours."

Tony licked his lips when her legs spread, wondering if she wasn't wearing any underwear again.

"You going to be a good boy and take my mind off my boring job, pet?"

"He's sure as hell not getting anything done upstairs."

Tony jumped at Gibbs' dark declaration, swallowing nervously as he turned to face his master. Not that Abby couldn't be scary in her own right, but Gibbs was to be feared above all. The sheer deviousness of the man allowed for terror to now and again creep up Tony's spine.

"You got the blanket going, Abs?"

Abby nodded emphatically, her pigtails bouncing as she answered, "Just before Tony got here."

Tony watched as Gibbs shut and locked the door behind him, shuddering in arousal at the thought of what might come next. Abby had some kind of electrical think that blanketed all the security footage of the lab, replacing it with a loop of her doing boring lab stuff. It could go for hours, and had been known to do so on one distinct occasion.

"Strip, boy. Abby, get comfortable."

Tony shucked his clothes without hesitation, folding them and putting them on the computer table.

Gibbs came right up behind him, squeezing an ass-cheek, and ordered, "I want you to suck her off, Tony, and you'd better do it in the next five minutes, or you won't get to come tonight, either."

Which meant that Gibbs was planning to let him come tonight, if he did get Abby off in the next five minutes.

"No hands. Just your mouth."

Tony groaned silently at the restriction, but moved into position. Abby had hopped off the counter and skipped over to the back room where a cot waited. She was stretched out on it, legs spread, and her pussy already gleaming with anticipation through the neat, dark curls. It was kind of an awkward spot, but Tony knelt on the floor and put one of her legs over his back to get at the wet juncture.

The musky scent was overwhelming and enticing and Tony started out slow, knowing that no matter how ready Abby was, she liked that whole 'getting acquainted' period. Despite the fact that they knew each other's bodies better than their own. Long, slow licks up the main center alternated with light tickling of the clit that had her squirming almost right away. He was so lost in his task that the first strike of the paddle took him completely by surprise and he yelped, looking back over his shoulder.

Gibbs was impassive as he stated, "Four and a half-minutes."

Oh God, Tony thought before returning to his task.

The paddling was hard and steady, setting his ass on fire and shifting the plug inside him to stimulate his prostate. He was so close to coming without permission as he ate Abby out, making her sigh and jerk with his tongue. Delicate fingers finally latched into his hair, signaling that she was close to coming, and Abby cried out softly, pulling him in so tight to her cunt that he could barely breathe. Thrusting his tongue as deep into her as he could, Tony yelped again at a particularly hard slap from the unyielding wooden paddle. Thankfully, that sent Abby over the edge with a loud cry and her hips jerking spasmodically against his face.

When he pulled back, breathing hard, Tony looked over at Gibbs to find the faintest of smirks on his face.

"Fifteen seconds to spare, DiNozzo. Get your ass dressed and back upstairs. You've got work to do," Gibbs ordered, leaving the small room with the paddle in-hand.

Collapsing against the cart, Tony licked the sweet come from his mouth and smiled happily as Abby combed her fingers through his hair with a sated smile.

This, was what he'd been made for.